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Packages beginning with letter M

m4-1.4-10 GNU Macro Processor Linux/i386
macutils-2.0b3-7 utilities for manipulating Macintosh file formats Linux/i386
mailcap-1.0-7 Defines multimedia helper applications for various programs Linux/noarch /bin/mail - the "traditional" way to mail via shell scripts, etc Linux/i386
make-3.76.1-3 GNU Make Linux/i386
man-1.5d-1 manual page reader Linux/i386
man-pages-1.19-1 System manual pages from the Linux Documentation Project Linux/noarch
maplay-1.2-7 Plays MPEG 2 audio files in 16 bit stereo Linux/i386
mars-nwe-0.99pl6-3 NetWare file/print server that runs under Linux Linux/i386
mawk-1.2.2-8 Mike's New/Posix AWK Interpreter Linux/i386
mc-4.1.33-2 Midnight Commander visual shell Linux/i386
mcserv-4.1.33-2 Midnight Commander file server Linux/i386
metamail-2.7-11 Collection of MIME handling utilities Linux/i386
mgetty-1.1.14-2 Smart getty replacement for data and fax modems Linux/i386
mgetty-sendfax-1.1.14-2 Support for sending and receiving faxes via a faxmodem Linux/i386
mgetty-voice-1.1.14-2 Support for modems supporting voice mail Linux/i386
mingetty-0.9.4-7 a compact, console-only getty Linux/i386
minicom-1.81-4 TTY mode communications package ala Telix Linux/i386
mkbootdisk-1.0-2 Makes an initial ramdisk Linux/i386
mkdosfs-ygg-0.3b-6 Creates a DOS FAT filesystem on a device Linux/i386
mkinitrd-1.8-2 Makes an initial ramdisk Linux/i386
mkisofs-1.11.2-3 Creates a ISO9660 filesystem image Linux/i386
mktemp-1.4-3 mktemp - a program for safely making tmp files Linux/i386
mkxauth-1.7-8 Red Hat X Authority Utility Linux/noarch
mod_perl-1.11-3 mod_perl - an Apache module to embed PERL within HTML files Linux/i386
mod_php-2.0.1-3 PHP/FI - a powerful apache module Linux/i386
modemtool-1.21-2 configuration tool for /dev/modem Linux/noarch
modutils-2.1.85-4 Module utilities and kerneld Linux/i386
moonclock-1.0-11 traditional oclock with moon phase hacks Linux/i386
mount-2.7l-3 Programs for mounting and unmounting filesystems Linux/i386
mouseconfig-2.6-2 Red Hat Mouse Configuration tool Linux/i386
mpage-2.4-4 places multiple pages of text onto a single postscript page Linux/i386
mt-st-0.4-5 Control magnetic tape drive operation (mt) Linux/i386
mtools-3.8-2 programs to access DOS disks w/o mounting them Linux/i386
multimedia-2.1-10 A CD player and audio mixer for X11 Linux/i386
mutt-0.91.1-2 The Mutt Mail User Agent Linux/i386
mxp-1.0-8 X11 Mandelbrot set generator and explorer Linux/i386
mysterious-1.0-4 Brian Howarth's Mysterious Adventure Series Linux/noarch

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