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Packages beginning with letter G

gated-3.5.9-3 GateD daemon for 2.0.x kernels Linux/i386
gawk-3.0.3-3 GNU utilities text processor. Linux/i386
gcc- GNU C Compiler Linux/i386
gdb-4.17-2 symbolic debugger for C and other languages Linux/i386
gdbm-1.7.3-17 GNU database library for C Linux/i386
gdbm-devel-1.7.3-17 development libraries and header files for gdbm Linux/i386
gecko-1.5-0 newt-based linuxconf front end Linux/i386
gettext-0.10-5 Libraries and utilties for program national language support Linux/i386
getty_ps-2.0.7j-3 getty and uugetty Linux/i386
ghostscript-3.33-8 PostScript interpreter and renderer Linux/i386
ghostscript-fonts-4.0-5 Fonts for the GhostScript interpreter Linux/noarch
giflib-3.0-3 GIF-manipulation code library in C, plus tools Linux/i386
giftrans-1.12.2-2 converts and manipulates GIFs Linux/i386
gimp-0.99.28-10 The GNU Image Manipulation Program Linux/i386
gimp-data-extras-0.99a-9 The GNU Image Manipulation Program Linux/noarch
gimp-devel-0.99.28-10 GIMP plugin and extension development kit Linux/i386
gimp-libgimp-0.99.28-10 GIMP libraries Linux/i386
git-4.3.17-3 GIT - GNU Interactive Tools Linux/i386
glib-1.0.1-2 Handy library of utility functions Linux/i386
glibc-2.0.7-13 GNU libc Linux/i386
glibc-debug-2.0.7-13 glibc with debugging information Linux/i386
glibc-devel-2.0.7-13 Additional libraries required to compile Linux/i386
glibc-profile-2.0.7-13 glibc with profiling support Linux/i386
glint-2.5-2 Graphical Linux INstallation Tool Linux/i386
gnome-core-0.13-9 GNOME core programs Linux/i386
gnome-graphics-0.13-9 GNOME graphics programs Linux/i386
gnome-libs-0.13-9 GNOME basic libraries Linux/i386
gnome-libs-devel-0.13-9 Libraries, includes, etc to develop GNOME applications Linux/i386
gnome-linuxconf-0.13-16rh GNOME linuxconf front end Linux/i386
gnuchess-4.0.pl77-5 Computer chess program Linux/i386
gnuplot-3.5-9 GNU plotting package Linux/i386
gpm-1.13-6 General Purpose Mouse support for Linux Linux/i386
gpm-devel-1.13-6 development libraries and headers for writing mouse driven programs Linux/i386
groff-1.11a-6 GNU groff text formatting package Linux/i386
groff-gxditview-1.11a-6 GNU groff X previewer Linux/i386
gtk+-1.0.1-2 The Gimp Toolkit Linux/i386
gtk+-devel-1.0.1-2 GIMP Toolkit and GIMP Drawing Kit Linux/i386
guavac-1.1-2 Java -> JVM compiler written in C++ for high performance Linux/i386
gv-3.5.8-4 Enhanced frontend for ghostscript Linux/i386
gzip-1.2.4-12 GNU gzip file compression Linux/i386

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