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Packages beginning with letter C

cabaret-0.5-2 Text-mode File System Configuration Tool Linux/noarch
caching-nameserver-5.1-1 installs the config files to start your own caching namserver Linux/noarch
cdecl-2.5-6 Translator of English <--> C/C++ declarations Linux/i386
cdp-0.33-9 full screen text mode program for playing audio CD's Linux/i386
chkconfig-0.9.3-2 Updates and queries runlevel information for system services Linux/i386
christminster-3-4 text adventure game for use with xzip Linux/i386
cleanfeed-0.95.5a-1 INN spam filter Linux/noarch
cmu-snmp-3.5-3 CMU SNMP agent Linux/i386
cmu-snmp-devel-3.5-3 CMU SNMP development libs and headers Linux/i386
cmu-snmp-utils-3.5-3 CMU SNMP utilities Linux/i386
colour-yahtzee-1.0-8 colour tty yahtzee Linux/i386
comanche-0.4-2 COnfiguration MANager for apaCHE Linux/noarch
control-panel-3.7-2 Red Hat Control Panel Linux/i386
cpio-2.4.2-7 GNU cpio archiving program Linux/i386
cproto-4.4-6 C Prototype Utility Linux/i386
cracklib-dicts-2.7-2 Standard dictionaries (/usr/dict/words) Linux/i386
crontabs-1.7-2 root crontab file Linux/noarch
ctags-2.0.3-2 Exuberant ctags -- C cross-reference tool Linux/i386
cvs-1.9-5 Concurrent Versioning System Linux/i386
cxhextris-1.0-9 color X11 version of hextris Linux/i386

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