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Packages beginning with letter B

basesystem-4.9-2 Skeleton package which defines a simple Red Hat system Linux/noarch
bash-1.14.7-7 GNU Bourne Again Shell (bash) Linux/i386
basic-1.20-9 BASIC interpretor Linux/i386
bc-1.04-5 GNU bc Linux/i386
bdflush-1.5-8 System Cache flusher Linux/i386
biff-0.10-2 Biff mail checker client and comsat mail checking server Linux/i386
bin86-0.4-5 Real mode 80x86 assembler and linker Linux/i386
bind-4.9.6-11 BIND - DNS name server Linux/i386
bind-utils-4.9.6-11 DNS utils - host, dig, dnsquery, nslookup Linux/i386
binutils- GNU Binary Utility Development Utilities Linux/i386
bison-1.25-5 GNU parser generator Linux/i386
bootp-2.4.3-5 bootp/DHCP server and test programs Linux/i386
bootparamd-0.10-5 RPC server which provides boot information to diskless clients Linux/i386
bootpc-061-5 bootpc, a client to get networking info from bootpd Linux/i386
bsd-games-2.1-3 miscellaneous BSD games package Linux/i386
byacc-1.9-7 public domain yacc parser generator Linux/i386
bzip2-0.1pl2-1 Extremely powerful file compression utility Linux/i386

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