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k3b-17.04.2-10.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE leap updates for 42.3 / oss / armv7hl

Name: k3b Distribution: openSUSE Leap 42.3
Version: 17.04.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 10.1 Build date: Sun Jan 28 15:35:25 2018
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/CD/Record Build host: armbuild24
Size: 15478079 Source RPM: k3b-17.04.2-10.1.src.rpm
Summary: CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burning Application for KDE
Featuring a simple, yet powerful graphical interface, k3b provides various
options for burning a CD, DVD, or BD (Blu-ray disc). Various types of optical
projects are supported including (but not limited to) audio and data, video
projects for DVD and VCD, as well as multi-session and mixed-mode discs. k3b
also has the ability to erase re-writeable media and can perform more
complicated tasks such as audiovisual encoding and decoding.






* Fri Jan 26 2018
  - Removed bcond's for libmad, lame and ffmpeg to allow k3b to build
    against these libraries and silence the warning that mad isn't
    available. See boo#1077728
* Fri Dec 01 2017
  - Add k3b-fix_extbins_segfault.patch and k3b-blank_BE.patch
    to avoid a segfault when refreshing the external programs list
    and to be able to rewrite on Blu-Ray discs respectively.
* Sat Aug 12 2017
  - Add Fix-creating-DVD-video-image.patch to fix creating Video DVDs
    (boo#1051338, kde#383011)
* Wed Aug 02 2017
  - Add Add-forceCheck-for-ManualCheckSystem.patch to make the manual
    system check work again after the previous fix
* Tue Aug 01 2017
  - Add upstream patches to not show the system configuration
    problems dialog if disabled (kde#381368, boo#1051368)
    * Fix-do-not-show-again.patch
    * Add-readCheckSystemConfig.patch
* Wed Jul 26 2017
  - Add Don-t-suggest-to-install-libburn.patch to not suggest to the
    user to install libburn on startup. The message is actually
    misleading as k3b would actually use cdrskin which is packaged
    separately in openSUSE. But let's stick to prefer the proven
    cdrecord for now, people can still install cdrskin if they'd
    prefer to use it. (boo#1050715)
* Mon Jun 12 2017
  - Add Re-enable-transcode-support.patch to add back transcode
    support to rip DVDs, Packman's version seems to work fine
* Wed Jun 07 2017
  - Update to 17.04.2
    * New bugfix release
    * For more details please see:
  - Changes since 17.04.1:
    * None
* Tue May 23 2017
  - Only use the %kf5_find_htmldocs macro on Leap 42.3 and higher,
    this should fix the build for 42.2 on Packman
* Wed May 17 2017
  - Update to 17.04.1
    * New bugfix release
    * For more details please see:
  - Changes since 17.04.0:
    * None
* Sun Apr 16 2017
  - Update to 17.04.0
    * New feature release
    * For more details please see:
  - Changes since 17.03.90:
    * tests: Use QTEST_GUILESS_MAIN
* Wed Apr 12 2017
  - Update to 17.03.90
    * New bugfix release
    * For more details please see:
  - Changes since 17.03.80:
    * None
* Sun Mar 26 2017
  - Update to 17.03.80
    * New feature release (KF5 based)
    * For more details please see:
  - Changes since 2.0.3:
    * Too many changes to list here
  - Dropped patches (upstreamed or no longer applicable to the KF5 version):
    * building-docs-once-is-enough.patch
    * initial-preference.diff
    * fix-dvd-transcoding.patch
    * k3b-ffmpeg3.patch
    * k3b-2.0.3-gcc6.patch
* Thu Dec 08 2016
  - Revert kde4_runtime_requires change
* Wed Nov 30 2016
  - Obsolete k3b-codecs, the additional codecs are part of the main
    package now
* Tue Nov 29 2016
  - Restore conditionals for lame and libmad
* Tue Nov 29 2016
  - Expand macro kde4_runtime_requires only when its available
    to fix quilt setup
* Mon Jul 25 2016
  - Build with ffmpeg unconditional
  - Remove unused ffmpeg pkgs
* Sat Jun 25 2016
  - Add k3b-ffmpeg3.patch from arch linux to fix build against
    ffmpeg 3x
* Wed May 25 2016
  - Add k3b-2.0.3-gcc6.patch: Fix build with GCC 6. Patch copied from
* Mon Jan 04 2016
  - Use the internal ffmpeg package to build.
    This would prevent to swap k3b with the one from packman to have
    mp3 support
* Thu Dec 24 2015
  - Added Requires(post/un) hicolor-icon-theme since it's needed by
* Wed Dec 23 2015
  - Updated initial-preference.diff so it applies without any offset
* Fri Nov 06 2015
  - Cleanup with spec-cleaner
  - Use buildorig syntax instead of with/without conditionals
  - Remove icons magic that is not needed anymore
* Fri Oct 30 2015
  - Add fix-dvd-transcoding.patch: Fix transcoding of DVD titles
* Sun Oct 11 2015
  - Added building-docs-once-is-enough.patch: Fix build when CMP002
    policy is set to NEW
* Fri Jun 05 2015
  - fix solid actions symlinks
* Sun May 17 2015
  - Symlink solid actions into place known to Plasma 5
* Tue Mar 31 2015
  - Remove unnecessary Requires: cdparanoia-devel, this was added
    as a workaround for a bug in the 2.0.80git version (kde#328769),
    but this is long fixed and never was present in the stable 2.0
    branch anyway
* Tue Nov 11 2014 Led <>
  - fix bashisms in post/postun scripts
* Tue Nov 04 2014
  - Drop ImageMagick BuildRequires together with adjusting png's as
    they are fixed upstream
  - Drop version checks for ancient openSUSE versions
* Tue Nov 04 2014
  - Update to 2.0.3:
    * Fixed crash in MetaItemModel on submodel item removal
    * Fixed Solid predicates for AudioCd and VideoDvd media.
    * Set error status when CDDB query fails.
    * Prefer growisofs to wodim for DVD/BluRay burning.
    * Fixed improper track number in CDDB track edit window title.
    * Fixed crash on detecting writing speeds. kde#272427
    * Fix problem with HL-DT-ST BH10LS30. kde#268307
    * Fixed compilation with new FFMPEG. kde#274817 kde#300731
    * Allow using CD-R90 and CD-R99 media to full capacity.
    * Refactor the FreeBSD SCSI/CAM interface.
    * Fix crash on dvd ripping
    * fix sox detection with sox >= 14.4.0. kde#301544
    * Support more media types. kde#261652
    * Fix file system detection. kde#325616 kde#262607
    * Surround output filename for transcode with double quotes.
    * Fix FILE name and type detection for cue sheet images.
    * Rip audio tracks in ascending numerical order.
    * Upstream patches from NetBSD.
    * Make paranoia lib detection better.
    * Don't preview if called process failed. kde#268680
    * Fix Crash while remove songs in "Mixed mode CD proyect".
    * Use QElapsedTimer to calculate remaining time.
      kde#330239 kde#315463
    * Fix crash in lsof wrapper. kde#340515
  - Drop patches merged upstream:
    k3b-set-error-status-when-CDDB-query-fails.patch and
* Thu Aug 14 2014
  - Use kde4-macros for filelists, k3b uses kdelibs4 buildsystem
* Sun Jun 22 2014
  - Add Requires: cdparanoia-devel to make copying of a CD work
* Tue Feb 19 2013
  - Replace recommended package dependencies with file dependencies
* Mon Dec 17 2012
  - Add various bugfixes from upstream 2.0 branch
    * k3b-dont-count-used-capacity-twice.patch (kde#276002)
    * k3b-fixed-crash-on-detecting-writing-speeds.patch (kde#272427)
    * k3b-fixed-improper-track-number-in-CDDB-track-edit-window-title.patch (kde#276681)
    * k3b-fixed-solid-predicates.patch (kde#265819)
    * k3b-increase-tolerance.patch (kde#276002)
    * k3b-prefer-growisofs-to-wodim-for-DVD-burning.patch
    * k3b-set-error-status-when-CDDB-query-fails.patch
* Wed Jul 25 2012
  - Fix build with ffmpeg 0.11. Took from Packman.
* Sun Apr 15 2012
  - update buildrequires (taglib->libtag)
* Wed Aug 31 2011
  - Add k3b-short-trackinfo.patch: Too short track info dataLen
    returned at least on HL-DT-ST BH10LS30 , bko #268307
* Sun Aug 14 2011
  - Add k3b-2.0.2-ffmpeg08.patch to allow it to compile against the
    new ffmpeg versions.
* Wed Apr 27 2011
  - Spec file updates:
    * Changes based on rpmdevtools templates and spec-cleaner run.
    * Cleanup in Buildrequires: entries.
    * Added /usr/bin/readcd in Requires:.
    * Recommend normalize, sox, transcode and vcdimager packages.
    * Fixed rpmlint warning for Provides/Obsoletes of kde4-k3b.
    * Updates in Url:, Summary: and %description.
    * Added description for the patches based on openSUSE Patches Guidelines.
    * Changed k3b-devel Group: to "Development/Libraries/C and C++".
    * Compile the package with "-fno-strict-aliasing".
    * Added "AudioVideo" to the Categories entry of k3b.desktop file.
    * Remove some more locales for openSUSE < 11.4.
    * Moved english help files in the main package.
    * Updates in %files section (also removed support for openSUSE < 11.2).
    * Minor other updates.
  - Fixed some rpmlint warnings.
* Tue Apr 19 2011
  - Fix type in spec-file
* Thu Feb 17 2011
  - call update-mime-database in pre/post install scripts
* Fri Jan 28 2011
  - Since using option -DK3B_ENABLE_HAL_SUPPORT=OFF, HAL is not required
* Sun Jan 16 2011
  - Update to 2.0.2:
    * Changes:
    - Added K3B_ENABLE_HAL_SUPPORT option to the build configuration.
      It allows to disable any direct calls to HAL (bko#253388)
    - Using Oxygen sounds for events (bko#242395)
    * Bugfixes:
    - Crash on start when checking device capabilities (bko#246822)
    - Search paths on "Programs" options are not saved (bko#248648)
    - Crash on generation of DVD previews in DVD ripping list
      (bko#249941, bko#253639)
    - Crash on closing dialog after succesful audio CD ripping
    - Crash on device detection (bko#249371)
    - Crash when showing settings window (bko#238819)
    - Fixed playlist sort order (bko#249395)
    - Show K3b also in "System" category in KDE launch menus
    - Crash when multiple instances start at the same time
    - Crash after track splitting (bko#261188)
    - Inline editing of tracks in CD ripping view no longer works
* Thu Dec 30 2010
  - Add a few mimetypes to the desktop file for better integration in
    GNOME (bnc#661777)
* Sun Nov 28 2010
  - Device detection crash fix
* Fri Oct 22 2010
  - Fix crash entering settings dialog with qt47 (upstream
* Tue Aug 31 2010
  - Recommend instead of require lang package since it's not mandatory.
* Tue Aug 17 2010
  - update to 2.0.1: several bugfixes
* Fri Aug 13 2010
  - Drop unneeded libnjb-devel BuildRequires.
* Tue Jun 29 2010
  - Update to final version of 2.0.0:
    * fixed german translation, no code change
* Fri Jun 18 2010
  - HAL is required for K3B to work (bnc#613898)
  - make the default handler for .iso files instead of Ark
* Thu Jun 17 2010
  - Update to 1.93 (2.0rc4)
    * Moved K3b Handbook to
    * Improved checking/unchecking items using Space key. Previously to do that the current item had to be in first column.
    * Cannot choose between cdrecord when both cdrecord and wodim are installed (bko#239861)
    * Crash when files have been removed right before burning the project (bko#240398)
    * Crash when moving a file into a directory with Shift key pressed (bko#239075)
    * Invalid parameter to cdrecord for non-integer burning speed (bko#240310)
    * Crash when burning CD Audio project with tracks from another CD (bko#240450)
    * Crash when turning off the drive (bko#235743)
    * Crash when importing previous session (bko#235734)
    * Various crashes during manipulation of eMovix project view
    * Hang before verification (bko#156684)
    * Crash when "Waiting for medium" dialog is closed (bko#232148)
* Wed May 26 2010
  - fix build for <= 11.2
* Tue May 25 2010
  - update to 1.92 (2.0rc3)
    + Bugfixes:
    * In some cases medium doesn’t get accepted for multisession burning (bko#230742)
    * Data files in VCD ripping view are not listed
    * Show “Modify Permissions” button in System Problem Dialog only when it makes sense (bko#230706)
    * Crash after “Cancel” was clicked while adding audio files to AudioCD project (bko#231348)
    * Error window at the start when a place on the left pane is not accessible (bko#230194)
    * Incorrect minimum size of welcome widget (bko#231939)
    * Hangs while ripping AudioCD with data tracks (bko#231174)
    * Crash when auto-removing non-existing files from a project before the burning (bko#236005)
    * Empty Blu-ray medium not detected properly (bko#236069)
    * eMovix project cannot be burned (bko#236823)
    * M3U playlist not read properly (bko#237654)
    * K3b overwrites iso ignoring user choice on dvd copy with option “only create image” checked (bko#185251)
    * Compilation fails with FFmpeg version SVN-r23001 (bko#236036)
    * Crash when waiting for reload the medium
* Wed Mar 17 2010
  - fix file list
* Wed Mar 10 2010
  - update to 1.91 (2.0rc2)
    + New:
    * K3bSetup ported to KAuth framework
    + Bugfixes:
    * Crash on start of Audio Ripping Dialog (bko#226595)
    * Incorrect ordering of files added to Audio Project (bko#224649)
    * Too wide Image burn Dialog when file path was long (bko#225735)
    * Crash when creating image files for AudioCD project (bko#219500)
    * Crash when manipulating VCD project items (bko#227855)
    * Mixed-up metadata in files created with external encoder (bko#227927)
    * Cannot edit time values in "Split Audio Track" and "Edit Audio Track"
      dialog (bko#229042)
    * Empty Bly-ray mediam not detected properly (bko#227339, bko#229039)
    * Crash during splitting/editing audio tracks
    * Entry fields doesn't work in burn window when "Only Create Image"
      option is checked (bko#220970)
    * Layout issues in settings window (bko#227733)
* Tue Feb 09 2010
  - update to 1.70 (2.0 Beta 1)
    * Added Blu-ray support
    * Added "Options" button to file browser toolbar with view options menu
      (e.g. "Show Hidden Files") (bko#196992)
    * Image and project files can be opened directly from K3b file browser
    * Using Oxygen icons (many thanks for Oxygen Team!)
    * Fixed visual glitch when panes are in "locked" state.
      Patch by Craig Drummond <>
    * Fixed hang up when "Create Image" option is checked (bko#217301)
    * "Hide main window while writing" option is working again
    * "Show OSD progress" option is working again
    * Improved message when ISO with incorrect size is detected (bko#216812)
    * Improved consistency: K3b now uses system-wide
      Positive/Neutral/Negative colors where possible instead of
      hard-coded green/yellow/red
    * Fixed incorrect default value "4gb." in "Custom Size" dialog (bko#215539)
    * Fixed usability issues with project size menu:
      "Custom..." and "From Medium..." menu entries are non-checkable now (bko#215539)
    * Show correct message at the end of CD-RW erasing (bko#207972)
    * Fixed issue with too small configuration dialog for external encoder (bko#218613)
    * Track number is now stored in ripped MP3 files when using lame (bko#218614)
    * "Defaults" button in encoder configuration dialogs are working now
    * Fixed usability problems of audio project list
    * Fixed linking error on Windows
    * Fixed crash during verification process (bko#219962)
    * Fixed crash in external encoder plug-in
    * Brought back SOX encoder configuration dialog
    * Fixed checking free space in temporary folder
    * Fixed videodvd:/ KIO slave
    * Fixed hang-up for mixed projects after reloading medium for verification
    * Converting audio tracks from audio project is working again
    * Fixed burning bootable discs
    * Custom widgets are now properly rendered for Right-to-Left languages
    * Progress bar in image writing dialog is shown again
    * Fixed crash while analysing invalid medium (bko#223362)
    * Acquire lock also on storage interface. This prevents HAL from
      polling medium during burning which might disrupt burning process.
    * Fixed bug in external programs detection (bko#221638)
    * Improved usability: don't show popups when clicking on DVD, VCD or
      audio discs. Added appriopriate actions on toolbars instead.
    * Fixed crash while analysing invalid medium (bko#195436)
* Sat Nov 28 2009
  - update to 1.69 Alpha 4: Even more bugfixes
* Sat Oct 17 2009
  - update to 1.68 Alpha 3: many bugfixes
  - updated translations from SVN
* Sun Oct 04 2009
  - updated translations from SVN
* Tue Aug 11 2009
  - update to r1009369, add documentation & translations (bnc#529600)
* Thu Jul 30 2009
  - apply trunk diff (r1004480) when building on 11.2
* Thu Jul 23 2009
  - apply trunk diff (r1001450) when building on 11.2
* Wed May 27 2009
  - update to 1.66 Alpha 2: many bugfixes
* Sun May 03 2009
  - Add support for Musepack/MPC
  - Disable K3BSetup
* Thu Apr 23 2009
  - rename to k3b, update to 1.65.0 Alpha
* Sat Mar 21 2009
  - update to 4.2.1.svn942189



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