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libuuid1-2.33.1-lp152.5.3.1 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 updates for i586

Name: libuuid1 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 2.33.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.5.3.1 Build date: Thu Aug 20 02:39:24 2020
Group: System/Libraries Build host: lamb71
Size: 30136 Source RPM: util-linux-2.33.1-lp152.5.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Library to generate UUIDs
A library to generate universally unique IDs (UUIDs).






* Tue Jun 02 2020 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - blockdev: Do not fail --report on kpartx-style partitions on
    multipath (bsc#1168235, util-linux-blockdev-report-dm.patch).
* Mon May 25 2020
  - nologin: Add support for -c to prevent error from su -c
    (bsc#1151708, util-linux-nologin-su-c.patch).
* Wed Apr 15 2020 Ignaz Forster <>
  - Add libmount-Avoid-triggering-autofs-in-lookup_umount_fs.patch:
    Avoid triggering autofs in lookup_umount_fs_by_statfs
* Fri Nov 29 2019 Martin Wilck <>
  - mount: fall back to device node name if /dev/mapper link not found
    * Add patch: util-linux-canonicalize-coverity-scan.patch
* Tue Aug 06 2019 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Issue a warning for outdated pam files
    (bsc#1082293, boo#1081947#c68).
  - Fix comments and unify look of PAM files that were just changed
    (login.pamd, remote.pamd).
* Mon Jul 22 2019
  - Fix /etc/default/su comments and create /etc/default/runuser
  - Remove /etc/default/su migration from coreutils.
* Tue Jul 09 2019
  - De-duplicate fstrim -A properly (bsc#1127701,
    util-linux-fstrim-A-1.patch, util-linux-fstrim-A-3.patch,
  - Do not trim read-only volumes
    (boo#1106214, util-linux-fstrim-A-2.patch,
* Tue Jul 09 2019
  - libmount: To prevent incorrect behavior, recognize more pseudofs
    and netfs (bsc#1122417, util-linux-libmount-pseudofs.patch).
* Mon Jul 01 2019
  - Fix license of libraries: LGPL-2.1-or-later and BSD-3-Clause for
    libuuid (bsc#1135708).
* Tue Jun 18 2019
  - raw.service: Add RemainAfterExit=yes (bsc#1135534).
* Fri Jun 14 2019
  - agetty: Return previous response of agetty for special characters
    (bsc#1085196, bsc#1125886,
* Thu May 02 2019
  - Fix problems in reading of login.defs values (bsc#1121197,
  - Perform one-time reset of /etc/default/su (bsc#1121197).
* Mon Mar 04 2019
  - Integrate pam_keyinit pam module to login
    (boo#1081947, login.pamd, remote.pamd).
* Fri Feb 01 2019 Martin Wilck <>
  - libmount: print a blacklist hint for "unknown filesystem type"
    (jsc#SUSE-4085, fate#326832), and add documentation
    * add libmount-print-a-blacklist-hint-for-unknown-filesyst.patch
    * add Add-documentation-on-blacklisted-modules-to-mount-8-.patch
* Tue Jan 22 2019
  - Update to version 2.33.1:
    * agetty fixes (drop util-linux-agetty-smart-reload-10.patch,
    * Other minor fixes and documentation updates.
* Mon Dec 10 2018
  - Drop rfkill-block@.service and rfkill-unblock@.service that
    functionally conflict with systemd-rfkill@.service
* Mon Nov 19 2018
  - Update to version 2.33 (FATE#326844):
    * choom: new command to adjust and display the current OOM-killer
    * libsmartcols has been improved to differentiate between
      numbers, booleans and strings in JSON output.
    * fstrim(8): trim all mounted filesystems from /etc/fstab
      (-A|--fstab), new command line option --dry-run.
    * hwclock(8) new command line option --delay.
    * mount umount, libmount allow to mount and umount filesystem in
      another namespace.
    * rename(1) new command line option --interactive.
    * setarch(8) does not require architecture when modify
      personality like ADDR_NO_RANDOMIZE. The architecture argument
      is optional now.
    * command su(1) new command line option --whitelist-environment.
    * setpriv(1) new command line option --reset-env and --pdeathsig.
    * fdisk(8), sfdisk(8): print disk model name to simplify device
    * column --table-empty-lines" allows to use empty lines in
      formatted output.
    * wipefs improved to postpone BLKRRPART ioctl until all magic
      strings are wiped.
    * script(1) extended to store more information about terminal
      size and type to the typescript header. New command line
      option --output-limit.
    * libblkid provides BitLocker and basic APFS detection now.
    * lsblk is possible to execute against /sys and /proc dumps with
    - -sysroot is specified.
    * agetty(8) reload issue only if it is really needed
    * cal(1) has been improved and extended.
    * libblkid has been extended to support LUKS2, Micron mpool, VDO
      and Atari partition table.
    * rfkill(8) has been moved to /usr/sbin.
    * dmesg(1) provides better support for multi-line messages, new
      command line option --force-prefix.
    * fallocate(1) --dig-holes is faster and more effect now.
    * fdisk(8) provides access to Protective MBR accessible from main
      menu. Sun label support has been improved.
    * lscpu(1) provides more details about ARM CPUs now
    * lsmem(1) supports memory zone awareness now (FATE#324252,
      drop util-linux-lsmem-memory-zone-1.patch,
    * lsns(8) provides netnsid and nsfs columns now.
    * rtcwake(8) waits stdin to settle down before entering a system
    * Many fixes and improvements, see
      (drop util_linux_bigendian.patch, util-linux-cramfs.patch,
      util-linux-sysfs-nvme-devno.patch, util-linux-lscpu-loop.patch,
  - agetty: Fixes for reload issue only if it is really needed
    (bsc#1085196, util-linux-agetty-smart-reload-10.patch,
  - agetty BEHAVIOR CHANGE: Terminal switches to character mode when
    entering logname; echo is generated by the agetty itself.
    (In past, logname echo was generated locally by the terminal,
    using the canonical line editing mode.)
* Fri Oct 26 2018
  - Fix runstatedir path (to /run) (boo#1113188#c1).
* Fri Oct 12 2018
  - Create empty /etc/issue.d for the new agetty feature.
* Tue Jul 03 2018
  - Switch python-libmount to python3-libmount.
* Tue Jun 19 2018
  - Fix local vulnerability using embeded shell commands in
    a mountpoint name (bsc#1084300, CVE-2018-7738,
* Tue May 22 2018
  - Do not run rfkill-block@.service and rfkill-unblock@service as it
    is just template without parameter bsc#1092820 bsc#1093176
* Thu May 10 2018
  - Fix lscpu and chcpu on systems with >1024 cores
    (bnc#1091164, util-linux-lscpu-chcpu-new-cpu-macros.patch).
  - Fix CPU count in chcpu
    (bnc#1091164, util-linux-chcpu-cpu-count.patch).
* Thu Apr 19 2018
  - Backport three upstream patches:
    * Fix crash loop in lscpu
      (bsc#1072947, util-linux-lscpu-loop.patch).
    * Fix possible segfault of umount -a
    * Fix mount -a on NFS bind mounts (bsc#1080740,
* Thu Apr 12 2018
  - Integrate pam_keyinit pam module (boo#1081947, su-l.pamd,
    runuser-l.pamd, runuser.pamd).
* Wed Apr 04 2018
  - su.default: Set ALWAYS_SET_PATH default to "yes" (bsc#353876#c7);
    add one-time wrapper forcing ALWAYS_SET_PATH on upgrade.
* Tue Mar 20 2018
  - Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
* Fri Feb 09 2018
  - Fix lsblk on NVMe
    (bsc#1078662, util-linux-sysfs-nvme-devno.patch).
* Wed Jan 31 2018
  - Update to version 2.31.1:
    * blkid: Add support for LUKS2 and new LABEL attributes.
    * move rfkill to /usr/sbin (boo#1076134).
    * fsck.cramfs: Fix bus error on broken file system.
    * hwclock: add iso-8601 overflow check
    * libmount:
    * Allow MNT_FORCE and MNT_DETACH at umount
    * add nsfs between pseudo filesystems
    * lscpu: Treat read failure on Xen Hypervisor properties as
    * sha1: endian fixes (affects util_linux_bigendian.patch)
    * documentation updates
    * other fixes and improvements
  - Fix regressions in 2.31.1:
    * sha1 on s390* (update util_linux_bigendian.patch)
    * fsck.cramfs on ppc64le (util-linux-cramfs.patch)
    * fincore/count (disable, util-linux-fincore-count.patch)
* Sun Jan 21 2018
  - Combine %service_* calls again.
* Thu Jan 18 2018
  - Provide /usr/sbin/rfkill from rfkill package (boo#1076134)
* Tue Jan 16 2018
  - Add util_linux_bigendian.patch solve two failing tests on ppc64
    (sha1, uuid/oids)
* Fri Jan 12 2018
  - Integrate rfkill-block@.service and rfkill-unblock@.service from
    rfkill package (boo#1074250#c4).
  - Remove unneeded release based conflicts and obsolescences
  - Remove sysvinit requirement.
* Mon Jan 01 2018
  - Fix Obsoletes for rfkill (boo#1074250).
* Mon Dec 18 2017
  - Update bash completion conflict to cover rfkill file conflict.
* Mon Dec 04 2017
  - lsmem: Add support for zone awareness (bsc#1065471, FATE#324252,
  - Drop util-linux-losetup-Add-support-for-setting-logical-blocksize.patch.
    Different implementations exists in the new kernel, and it has
    a conflicting implementation in util-linux.
* Mon Nov 20 2017
  - Update to version 2.31:
    * New utilities: uuidparse, rfkill.
    * su has been refactored and extended to create pseudo terminal
      (new option --pty, CVE-2016-2779, bsc#968674). This new
      EXPERIMENTAL feature provides better isolation between root's
      terminal and an unprivileged su.
    * libuuid: Improved to match
    * libuuid, uuidgen: support hash-based UUIDs v3 (md5) and v5
      (sha1) as specified by RFC-4122. Provide UUID templates for
      dns, url, oid, or x500.
    * libblkid: Extended support for DM-integrity, HPE (aka
      extended-XFS) and UBI superblock. New API to hide already
      detected signatures.
    * libfdisk: New API to modify grain, make possible to completely
      disable dialog driven partitioning.
    * libsmartcols: New API to move columns.
    * column: --table-header-repeat to repeat table headers.
    * libfdisk: Use BLKPG ioctls to inform the kernel about changes.
    * fdisk: Improved ^C and ^D behavior.
    * cfdisk: Dialog to resize partition.
    * look: Follow the WORDLIST environment variable.
    * losetup: Added support for --sector-size (FATE#319010).
    * script: Follow the usual semantics for stop/continue signals.
    * setpriv: New command line options --ambient-caps and
    - -init-groups.
    * hwclock: Reduce system shutdown times, log --systz when using
    * Other bug fixes.
  - Drop upstreamed util-linux-use-tinfow.patch.
  - Refreshed make-sure-sbin-resp-usr-sbin-are-in-PATH.diff.
* Thu Sep 21 2017
  - Update RPM categories and summaries.
    Do not ignore errors from useradd.
* Tue Sep 19 2017
  - Link against tinfow instead of tinfo
    (bsc#1056171, util-linux-use-tinfow.patch).
* Fri Sep 15 2017
  - Ensure libreadline usage as well as _GNU_SOURCE
* Tue Sep 12 2017
  - Fix prerequirement of groups tty and uuidd (boo#1057937).
* Thu Jul 20 2017
  - Update to version 2.30.1:
    Bugfix release, more details at:
  - Drop upstreamed patch
* Mon Jul 03 2017
  - Make sure group tty is defined
* Sun Jun 11 2017
  - don't conflict with sysvinit-tools in Tumblweed anymore. Needed for Leap 15
    which wants to use a different release number scheme (lp150.x which produces
    lower numbers than the conflict).
* Thu Jun 08 2017
  - Update to version 2.30:
    * Many changes and improvements, most notably:
    * The libblkid library has been improved for hybrid CDROM/DVD
    * The deprecated command tailf has been removed. Use "tail -f"
      from coreutils.
    * blkzone -- NEW COMMAND to run zone commands on block devices
      that support Zoned Block Commands (ZBC) or Zoned-device ATA
      Commands (ZAC).
    * fincore -- NEW COMMAND to count pages of file contents in
      core (memory).
    * lsmem -- NEW COMMAND to list the ranges of available memory
      with their online status.
    * The command fallocate -- supports an "insert range" operation
    * The command "column -t|--table" has been modified to use
      libsmartcols. It now provides nearly all of that library's
      functionality from the command line.
    * Security issues:
    * hwclock - no longer makes any internal permission checks. The
      System Administrator must set proper permissions to control
      user access to the RTC. It is NOT recommended to use SUID.
    * CVE-2016-2779 - This security issue is NOT FIXED yet.
    * More details at:
  - Drop upstreamed patch
  - Refreshed patch
  - fix compiler warnings for mkzimage_cmdline
* Thu Jun 08 2017
  - When when hypervisor_decode_sysfw fails continue with other
    detection methods (bsc#1042991, bsc#1039360, bsc#1033718)
    + util-linux-lscpu-cleanup-DMI-detection-return-codes.patch
* Wed Apr 12 2017
  - Prefer sysfs exported SMBIOS3 tables in lscu (bsc#1033718)
    + arm64-lscpu-use-sysfs-for-table-access-if-available.patch
* Thu Apr 06 2017
  - To cover release numbers of both SLE12 SP3 and Leap 42.3, relax
    release based conflict with bash-completion from 13.1 to 10.
* Tue Apr 04 2017
  - fix util-linux-losetup-Add-support-for-setting-logical-blocksize.patch
    - -logical-blocksize was behaving like --nooverlap
* Fri Mar 17 2017
  - Conflict with old systemd-presets-branding to ensure correct
    preset migration (boo#1029775, bsc#1012850).
* Thu Mar 16 2017
  - Drop "codepage" fstab migration needed for SuSE Linux < 9.1
    (bsc#51950 (suse#36950)).
* Tue Feb 28 2017
  - Keep dependency on insserv and fillup for compatibilitiy reasons
    in Leap 42.3. Too many poorly written packages depend on it.
    (Marked as "sysv compatibility hack".)
* Wed Feb 22 2017
  - Update to version 2.29.2:
    * su(1) security issue CVE-2017-2616 (bsc#1023041)
    * minor bugfixes and enhancements
* Fri Feb 10 2017
  - presets are managed by the branding presets package (bsc#1012850)
    The default activation state is defined by the branding preset
    This also get rid of the only use of the rpm preset macros so we can
    kill them.
* Wed Feb 08 2017
  - Merge SLE12 SP3 changes to make the package compatible with
    Tumbleweed, SLE12 SP3 and Leap 42.3.
  - Drop patch tests-script-race-on-force-only.patch from SLE12 SP3
    and Leap 42.3. Upstream has a different workaround.
  - INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE for SLE12 SP3 and Leap 42.3:
    losetup -L changes its meaning from SLE12 SP1&SP2 specific
    - -logical-blocksize to the upstream --nooverlap).
    - -logical-blocksize can be used only with long option
  - Include SLE12 + Leap 42 exclusive feature, implemented by
    * losetup: Add support for setting logical blocksizes
      (bsc#931634, FATE#319010)
      + util-linux-losetup-Add-support-for-setting-logical-blocksize.patch
    SLE12 & Leap 42 specific changes:
    * Fix for SLE12: bsc#956540, SLE12 SP1: bsc#953691, Leap 42.1:
      boo#954482, was obsoleted by the systemd update, and skipped.
    * Remove --enable-ncurses that is intended to force non-wide
      ncurses (boo#978993).
    * Make release-dependent conflict with old sysvinit-tools SLE
      specific, as it is required only for SLE 11 upgrade,
      and breaks openSUSE staging builds (boo#994399).
    * Obsolete these patches, now upstreamed:
    * Drop upstreamed patches
      util-linux-loop-reuse-01.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-02.patch,
      util-linux-loop-reuse-03.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-04.patch,
      util-linux-loop-reuse-05.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-06.patch,
      util-linux-loop-reuse-07.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-08.patch,
      util-linux-loop-reuse-09.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-10.patch,
      util-linux-loop-reuse-12.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-13.patch,
      util-linux-loop-reuse-14.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-15.patch,
      util-linux-loop-reuse-16.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-17.patch,
      util-linux-loop-reuse-18.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-19.patch,
    * Refreshed patches
* Tue Feb 07 2017
  - Update to version 2.29.1:
    * lscpu: add aarch64 specific names
    * lubmount: Disable disable ro/rw mtab checks (bsc#1012632)
    * More details at:
* Tue Feb 07 2017
  - Replace raw initscript by a systemd service doing the same thing.
    Based on previous work of (FATE#321122).
* Thu Jan 05 2017
  - don't install bash-completions for uninstalled binaries (chfn,
    chsh, newgrp, pg)
  - for now remove procps dependency  which is only needed for tests
    because it pulls systemd
* Thu Dec 15 2016
  - Replace pkgconfig(libsystemd-*) with pkgconfig(libsystemd)
    libsystemd-* libs were deprecated and are gone now.
* Wed Dec 07 2016
  - Remove no more supported --enable-libmount-force-mountinfo.
    There is --enable-libmount-support-mtab, disabled by default,
    exactly as we need.
* Tue Nov 08 2016
  - Update to version 2.29 (FATE#322090)
    * cal: possible to specify month by name (e.g. "cal January
      2017") and use relative placeholders (cal "+1 month")
    * fdisk(8) allows to wipe newly created partitions; the feature
      is possible to control by new command line option
    - -wipe-partitions[==auto|never|default].
    * findmnt --verify: the command scans /etc/fstab and tries to
      verify the configuration.
    * mount(8) now rejects requests to create another device and
      mount filesystem for the same backing file. The command
      `losetup --nooverlap` reuses loop device if already exists
      for the same backing file. All the functionality calculate
      with offset and sizelimit options of course, so it's fine to
      have multiple regions (partitions) in the same image file and
      mount all of them in the same time. The restriction is that
      the regions should not overlap.
    * lscpu supports the "drawer" topology for IBM S/390.
    * sfdisk: Support for deprecated --show-pt-geometry (bsc#990531).
    * libmount: various issues with cifs mount
      (bsc#982331, bsc#987176).
    * libblkid: Prevent infinite loop DoS while parsing DOS partition
      tables (bsc#988361, CVE-2016-5011).
    * More details at:
  - refresh make-sure-sbin-resp-usr-sbin-are-in-PATH.diff
* Wed Sep 07 2016
  - Update to version 2.28.2, bugfix release, see
* Thu Aug 11 2016
  - Update to version 2.28.1, bugfix release, see
  - Remove util-linux-libblkid-wipe-offset.patch (upstream)
  - use the new configure option --enable-libuuid-force-uuidd
    instead of sed'ing
* Thu Aug 11 2016
  - Install klogconsole with read permissions (bnc#990837)
* Mon Jul 11 2016
  - BuildIgnore util-linux: it's part of VMInstall, hence part of
    every package build. util-linux itself can be built without its
    own presence though. Helps with some rare bootstrap issues (when
    librtas changes soname for example).
  - Drop usage of gpg-offline: this has long been migrated to a
    source service that checks signatures on checkin already (osc
    service lr source_validatory).
* Mon Jun 13 2016
  - Do not BuildRequires bash-completion: this is tempting, but it
    pulls bash-completion and its entire dependency stack into Ring0,
    which is inacceptable. Pass the correct path
    (%{_datdir}/bash-completion/completions) via
    - -with-bashcompletiondir to configure.
* Thu May 19 2016
  - blkid: Wipe corect area for probes with offset (bsc#976141,
* Tue Apr 26 2016
  - Remove incorrect --with-bashcompletiondir that breaks
    bash-completion, use path in bash-completion.pc instead
* Fri Apr 22 2016
  - Add librtas-devel to BuildRequires on Power platforms. Needed for
    proper function of lscpu (bsc#975082).
* Wed Apr 13 2016
  - fix build for openSUSE >= 13.1 (inclusive SLE 12)
  - drop build for openSUSE < 13.1
  - remove old build conditions: sysvinit_tools, enable_su and
  - cosmetics: reorder configure options
* Wed Apr 13 2016
  - Update to version 2.28 (bsc#974301):
    * Many changes and improvements, most notably:
    * Now cfdisk, sfdisk and fdisk wipe all filesystem and RAID
      signatures when creating a new disk label in interactive
      mode. See --wipe[=auto|never|always].
    * lsns -- this NEW COMMAND lists information about all
      currently accessible namespaces or about the given namespace.
    * The command sfdisk supports new operations --delete,
    - -move-data and --reorder.
    * The command blkdiscard supports a new option --zeroout to
      zero-fill rather than discard a specified area.
    * The command cal supports a new option --span to span the date
      when displaying multiple months.
    * The command chrt supports the DEADLINE scheduling class and
      the new options --sched-runtime --sched-period and
    - -sched-deadline.
    * The command logger supports RFC 5424 structured data through
      the new options --sd-id and --sd-param.
    * The command losetup supports a new option --direct-io.
    * The command lsblk allows to sort output by unprinted columns.
    * The command mount applies the nofail mount option to
      ENOMEDIUM errors.
    * The commands nsenter and unshare support a new option
    - -cgroup for work with cgroups namespaces (CLONE_NEWCGROUP).
    * The library libmount has been improved to properly detect
      already mounted btrfs subvolumes (bsc#947494, bsc#972684).
    * The library libsmartcols has been massively improved to print
      table ranges, multi-line cells, table titles and to support
      continuous printing.
    * The package build system and code have been improved to be
      more portable to non-Linux systems (BSD, OSX).
    * The package does not provide fallback solutions for
      openat-family functions anymore.
    * The python binding for libsmartcols is available in separate
      project at
    * Other bug fixes (bsc#970404, bsc#975082, FATE#318444).
    * Security issue: CVE-2016-2779 is NOT FIXED yet.
  - Remove old util-linux-noenc-suse.patch
* Tue Dec 01 2015
  - enable last binary
* Wed Nov 11 2015
  - Update to version 2.27.1, bugfix release, see
    (fixes bsc#950778, FATE#320552).
* Wed Nov 11 2015
  - Change condition for known fail markers from test for armv6 and aarch64
    architecture to test for qemu user-space build
* Wed Sep 23 2015
  - Update to version 2.27:
    * Many changes and improvements, most notably:
    * lsipc: new command
    * unshare provides a new option --propagation=
    * mount(8) supports read-only binds in one (not atomic) step by
    * GNU readline support in fdisk and sfdisk.
    * JSON support in libsmartcols and findmnt, losetup, lsblk,
      lslocks, sfdisk and lsipc.
    * script has been massively improved to be more robust and less
      complex (bsc#888678, bsc#930236).
    * sulogin supports locked root accounts by --force
      (bsc#968733, bsc#963399).
    * colors support by default. It is possible to change this
      with --disable-colors-default.
    * more information in cfdisk
    * fdisk provides new commands 'F' and 'i'
    * cal supports the new options --twelve and --months <n>
    * rtcwake supports a news option --list-modes and --date, no
      support RTC_ALM_READ and RTC_ALM_SET fallbacks any more.
    * Many fixes, most notably:
    * fsck: now supports -r {fd} (bsc#923777, bsc#903738)
    * Fix fsck -C {fd} parsing (bsc#923777, bsc#903738)
    * better handling of multi-path devices
      (bsc#880468, bsc#924994)
    * flock: improve timeout handling (bsc#926945)
    * lsblk: display mountpoint even for top-level device
    * colcrt: fix buffer overflow (bsc#949754, CVE-2015-5218)
* Wed Aug 19 2015
  - Add licenses.
* Tue Aug 04 2015
  - Add %systemd_preset_pre and %systemd_preset_posttrans that will
    do one shot presetting of uuidd.service on upgrade.
    (bnc#900935#c46, FATE#318949, FATE#317727).
  - Remove one shot presetting hacks.
* Mon May 25 2015
  - Build with --enable-libmount-force-mountinfo the rationale is
    identical to the following commit message -->
    The default behaviour is undesirable and fragile when using
* Fri May 01 2015
  - Update to util-linux-2.26.2:
    * many fixes, most notable for logger, *fdisks and mount
    * (lib)mount, add support for MS_LAZYTIME
  - disable libmount/lock test to avoid random timeouts
  - socat is needed for logger tests
* Fri Mar 13 2015
  - Update to util-linux-2.26.1:
    * cal(1): do not segfault when TERM is not defined or wrong
    * logger(1): major fixes and enhancements
    * agetty(8): support /usr/lib/os-release too
    * some more fixes, mostly minor ones, see ReleaseNotes
  - re-enable fixed tests (fdisk/bsd, ppc64le)
* Wed Feb 25 2015
  - Update to util-linux-2.26:
    * based on the git master branch of util-linux, remove backported
      patches (util-linux-libblkid-unsafe-chars.patch,
    * zramctl(8): this NEW COMMAND allows to control /dev/zramN
    * agetty(8): supports new option --reload to force already
      running agetty processes to reprint the /etc/issue file
    * cfdisk(8), sfdisk(8) and fdisk(8): support sfdisk-compatible
      scripts; it's possible to save your partitioning layout to text
      files and (re)use it in all fdisks
    * fdisk(8), sfdisk(8): support new command-line option "--output
      <list>" to specify output columns for --list or print commands,
      do not abort when fdisk -l when device cannot be opened
      [bnc#886790], [bnc#893712], [bnc#890351]
    * nsenter(1): has been updated to work with the latest kernel
      changes in user namespaces supports new command-line option
    - -preserve-credentials
    * unshare(1): has been updated to work with the latest kernel
      changes in user namespaces supports new command-line option
    * swapon(8): supports new command-line option "-o <list>" with
      the same semantics as -o for mount(8); it's now possible to
      specify swap options on the command line by the same string as
      in fstab
    * fdformat(8): supports new command-line options --from and --to
      to specify tracks and --repair for broken floppies
    * getopt(1): has been updated to the latest version (originally
      maintained outside of util-linux) and refactored
    * ldattach(8): has been improved to support GSM0710 and intro
      modem commands
    * logger(1): supports new command-line option --id= to specify
      PID (or another ID) allows to specify --rfc3164 or --rfc5424
      syslog protocols
    * lscpu: recognizes Unisys s-Par as hypervisor (FATE#318231)
    * libfdisk: the library is distributed as a shared library with a
      stable API and a standard header file
    * libmount: provides a new simple API to monitor mount-table
      changes (including changes in userspace mount options)
    * libmount: Fix mount point lookup (and mount -a) if the path
      contains // (bsc#931955).
  - Fix lack of I18N support in util-linux-systemd (mis-compilation).
* Sun Feb 22 2015
  - Build with FULL RELRO.
* Tue Feb 10 2015
  - define upstream source for klogconsole to remove patches
    * klogconsole-quiet.patch
    * klogconsole.diff
  - remove openSUSE 13.1 specific eject permissions, did not worked
    anyway since eject-fpie.patch was removed
  - always call autoreconf, not only for splitted packages, skip
    autopoint (gettext)
* Fri Feb 06 2015
  - Do not try to unregister an info file ( which we do
    not own. Already in May 2011, we stopped registering it: "do not
    register (not provided by this package)".
* Wed Feb 04 2015
  - libblkid: care about unsafe chars and possible buffer overflow
    in cache (CVE-2014-9114, util-linux-libblkid-unsafe-chars.patch,
    util-linux-libblkid-overflow.patch, bsc#907434)
* Thu Jan 29 2015
  - Update to version 2.25.2: mostly minor fixes
    (including boo#908742)
  - re-enable utmpdump and ipcs tests for all archs
* Thu Jan 15 2015
  - Use util-linux:/bin/logger as split-provide,
    /usr/lib/systemd/system/fstrim.service didn't exist in 13.1
* Sat Jan 10 2015
  - Remove from /etc/pam.d/login. By definition,
    local logins are always secure. Remote logins actually use
    /etc/pam.d/remote by way of `/bin/login -h` (such as rlogind).
    This solves the problem that root logins are erroneously rejected
    when using kmscon(8) or `machinectl login`, because they use
* Tue Nov 11 2014
  - Remove known fail marker for fdisk/bsd on ppc, ppc64, s390, s390x
* Fri Oct 17 2014
  - Fix mis-compilation of libuuid without uuidd support
  - Fix uuidd socket activation (bnc#900935).
  - Remove obsolete sysvinit script for uuidd.
  - Remove no more needed uuidd permissions stuff.
  - Replace PreReq for obsolete pwdutils by names of binaries.
  - Add fstrim service scripts and rcfstrim helper.



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