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chromedriver-37.0.2062.94-1.55.3 WebDriver for Google Chrome/Chromium linux/i586New
chromedriver-debuginfo-37.0.2062.94-1.55.3 Debug information for package chromedriver linux/i586New
chromium-37.0.2062.94-1.55.3 Google's opens source browser project linux/i586New
chromium-debuginfo-37.0.2062.94-1.55.3 Debug information for package chromium linux/i586New
chromium-debugsource-37.0.2062.94-1.55.3 Debug sources for package chromium linux/i586New
chromium-desktop-gnome-37.0.2062.94-1.55.3 Update to chromium to use Gnome keyring to store passwords linux/i586New
chromium-desktop-kde-37.0.2062.94-1.55.3 Update to chromium to use KDE's kwallet to store passwords linux/i586New
chromium-ffmpegsumo-37.0.2062.94-1.55.3 Library to provide ffmpeg support to Chromium linux/i586New
chromium-ffmpegsumo-debuginfo-37.0.2062.94-1.55.3 Debug information for package chromium-ffmpegsumo linux/i586New
dbus-1-1.6.24-2.26.1 D-Bus Message Bus System linux/i586New
dbus-1-debuginfo-1.6.24-2.26.1 Debug information for package dbus-1 linux/i586New
dbus-1-debugsource-1.6.24-2.26.1 Debug sources for package dbus-1 linux/i586New
dbus-1-devel-1.6.24-2.26.1 Developer package for D-Bus linux/i586New
dbus-1-x11-1.6.24-2.26.1 D-Bus Message Bus System linux/i586New
dbus-1-x11-debuginfo-1.6.24-2.26.1 Debug information for package dbus-1-x11 linux/i586New
dbus-1-x11-debugsource-1.6.24-2.26.1 Debug sources for package dbus-1-x11 linux/i586New
libdbus-1-3-1.6.24-2.26.1 Library package for D-Bus linux/i586New
libdbus-1-3-debuginfo-1.6.24-2.26.1 Debug information for package libdbus-1-3 linux/i586New
wireshark-1.10.10-1.44.1 A Network Traffic Analyser linux/i586New
wireshark-debuginfo-1.10.10-1.44.1 Debug information for package wireshark linux/i586New
wireshark-debugsource-1.10.10-1.44.1 Debug sources for package wireshark linux/i586New
wireshark-devel-1.10.10-1.44.1 A Network Traffic Analyser linux/i586New

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