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libuuid1-32bit-2.40.1-3.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: libuuid1-32bit Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2.40.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.1 Build date: Mon Jun 10 12:44:55 2024
Group: System/Libraries Build host: reproducible
Size: 38384 Source RPM: util-linux-2.40.1-3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Library to generate UUIDs
A library to generate universally unique IDs (UUIDs).






* Mon Jun 10 2024 Dirk Müller <>
  - disable libmagic in more(1) for binary detection (bsc#1225197)
* Thu May 16 2024 Jiri Slaby <>
  - add support for pidfs in kernel 6.9 (bsc#1224285)
    * 0001-include-Include-unistd.h-in-pidfd-utils.h-for-syscal.patch
    * 0002-lsfd-Refactor-the-pidfd-logic-into-lsfd-pidfd.c.patch
    * 0003-lsfd-Support-pidfs.patch
    * 0004-lsfd-test-Adapt-test-cases-for-pidfs.patch
* Wed May 08 2024 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Update to version 2.40.1
    * agetty: don't overwrite TERM passed by the user
    * fsck.minix: fix possible overrun
    * libblkid: fix segfault when blkid.conf doesn't exist
    * libfdisk: add initializer to geometry
    * libmount: fix access check for utab in context
    * libmount: fix umount --read-only
    * lsns: fix netns use
  - Drop skip-lsfd-tests-PR2888.patch, was a backport
* Mon May 06 2024 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Don't delete binaries not common for all architectures. Create an
    util-linux-extra subpackage instead, so users of third party
    tools can use them. (bsc#1222285)
* Mon Apr 15 2024 Stefan Schubert <>
  - Added static_lib.patch to resolve build failure when using
    libblkid.pc in --static mode
* Mon Apr 08 2024 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Add new lastlog2 sub-package (to solve migration problems due to
    rpm %post/%postun ordering)
    * Add pam-config calls to enable pam_lastlog2
    * Add lastlog2.conf systemd-tmpfile to create database directory
* Sat Apr 06 2024 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Skip tests marked as ts_skip_qemu_user when running under qemu
  - Mark racy lslocks test as known fail
* Fri Apr 05 2024 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Re-enable lsfd tests using mkfds, as it is fixed now.
* Fri Apr 05 2024 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - liblastlog2-devel:
    * Obsolete/provide lastlog2-devel for migration
    * Add header file to filelist
* Thu Apr 04 2024 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Update to release 2.40
    * Add lastlog2
    * agetty: Load autologin user from agetty.autologin credential
    * agetty: use get_terminal_default_type()
    * agetty: use sd_get_sessions() for number of users (#2088)
    * blockdev: add support for BLKGETZONESZ
    * cfdisk: ask y/n before wipe
    * cfdisk: properly handle out-of-order partitions during resize
    * chcpu: document limitations of -g
    * chsh: use libeconf to read /etc/shells
    * column: fix -l
    * column: fix memory leak
    * dmesg: fix FD leak
    * dmesg: fix delta calculation
    * dmesg: fix wrong size calculation
    * dmesg: support reading kmsg format from file
    * enosys: a new small command to make syscalls fail with ENOSYS
    * exch: new command to atomically exchanges paths between two files
    * fdisk: add support for partition resizing
    * fdisk: remove usage of VLA
    * fincore: add --output-all
    * findmnt: add --list-columns
    * findmnt: add -I, --dfi options for imitating the output of df -i
    * findmnt: add inode-related columns for implementing "df -i" like output
    * hexdump: add '--one-byte-hex' format option
    * hwclock: add support for RTC_VL_READ/RTC_VL_CLR ioctls
    * login: initialize noauth from login.noauth credential
    * lsblk: add --filter
    * lsblk: add --highlight
    * lsblk: add --list-columns
    * lsclocks: new command to show clocks
    * lscpu: even more Arm part numbers
    * mkfs.minix: handle 64bit time on 32bit system
    * mkswap: implement --file
    * mkswap: implement --offset
    * mount: add --map-users and --map-groups convenience options
    * nsenter: add option `-c` to join the cgroup of target process
    * setarch: add riscv64/riscv32 support
    * setpgid: new command to run a program in a new process group
    * uuidd: add cont_clock persistence
    * uuidgen: add option --count
    * wall: query logind for list of users with tty (#2088)
    * write: query logind for list of users with tty (#2088)
    * libuuid: improved support for 64-bit time
  - skip-lsfd-tests-PR2888.patch: skip some lsfd tests which OBS does
    not support (
  - use-logind-not-utmp.patch: removed, accepted upstream
  - tests-increase-delay-for-waitpid-test.patch: removed, upstreamed
  - 0001-Revert-libblkid-try-LUKS2-first-when-probing.patch: reverted upstream
  - util-linux-fix-tests-with-64k-pagesize.patch: was a backport
* Fri Feb 09 2024 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Add file conflict of util-linux-tty-tools and busybox-util-linux.
* Thu Jan 18 2024 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Minor multibuild fixes (PED-307):
    * Restore /bin symlinks in util-linux-systemd if building with
    * Restore compatibility supplements and split-provides.
    * Update safety check instructions.
* Thu Dec 07 2023 Goldwyn Rodrigues <>
  - util-linux:systemd build failures on s390x (bsc#1217651):
    Increase delay in waitpid test, add
* Thu Dec 07 2023 Goldwyn Rodrigues <>
  - Update to release 2.29.3
    * libblkid: add support for bcachefs sub-device labels
    * libblkid: detect large bcachefs superblocks
    * libblkid: validate that NTFS sector_size is a power of two
    * libblkid: report endianness for VXFS
    * libmount: Fix regression when mounting with atime
    * libmount: accept '\' as escape for options separator
    * libmount: gracefully handle NULL path in mnt_resolve_target()
    * libmount: report statx in features list
    * libsmartcols: handle nameless tables in export format
    * libuuid: avoid truncation of clocks.txt to improve performance
    * lscpu: fix caches separator for --parse=<list>
    * lscpu: Add Phytium FTC862 cpu model
    * lsfd: fix the form for the optional argument of --inet option
      in manpage
    * lsfd: avoid a case of undefined behavior
    * lsfd: fix a memory leak
    * lslogins: fix -y option formatting in manpage
    * more: avoid an out-of-bound access
    * setpriv: fix some group argument completion
    * setterm: avoid restoring flags from uninitialized memory
    * umount: handle bindmounts during --recursive
  - Remove upstreamed patches:
* Tue Nov 28 2023 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Remove /etc/filesystem, the content is outdated
    (/etc cleanup, [jsc#PED-240])
* Fri Nov 17 2023 Goldwyn Rodrigues <>
  - regression fix for clock.txt on xfs (upstreamed) (bsc#1207987)
    * Add libuuid-avoid-truncate-clocks.txt-to-improve-performance.patch
* Tue Oct 31 2023 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Setterm - avoid restoring flags from uninitialized memory
    * setterm-resize-uninit-flags.patch
* Fri Sep 08 2023 Antonio Teixeira <>
  - Upgrade to version 2.39.2:
    * libblkid: fix topology chain types mismatch
    * libmount:
    * handle failure to apply flags as part of a mount operation
    * improve EPERM interpretation
    * update documentation for MNT_ERR_APPLYFLAGS
    * use mount(2) for remount on Linux < 5.14
    * use some MS_* flags as superblock flags
    * setarch: add PER_LINUX_FDPIC fallback
    * uuidd: improve man page for -cont-clock
    * wall: do not error for ttys that do not exist
    * zramctl: add hint about supported algorithms
    * other changes, see:
* Thu Aug 17 2023 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Use logind as Y2038 safe utmp replacement [jsc#PED-3144]
    - drop libutempter
    - use-logind-not-utmp.patch: agetty, wall, write: use logind
      instead of utmp
* Fri Aug 04 2023 Antonio Teixeira <>
  - Re-add util-linux-fix-tests-with-64k-pagesize.patch because it is
    not in 2.39.1
* Wed Aug 02 2023 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Disable last and lastb for ALP, too.
* Fri Jul 28 2023 Goldwyn Rodrigues <>
  - Re-add 0001-Revert-libblkid-try-LUKS2-first-when-probing.patch
    because the patch is not in 2.39.1
* Wed Jul 26 2023 Neil Brown <>
  - Upgrade to version 2.39.1
    Various bug fixes including problem with parsing mount options.
  - Dropped upstreamed patches:
* Thu Jul 13 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Add patch to detect MD array as container of LUKS properly
    (boo#1213227, gh#util-linux/util-linux#2373):
    * 0001-Revert-libblkid-try-LUKS2-first-when-probing.patch
* Mon Jul 10 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - No longer provide last and lastb on Tumbleweed. last is provided by
    wtmpdb and lastb is no longer supported.
* Fri Jun 23 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Add patch to fix regression with mount options handling (gh#util-linux/util-linux#2326):
    * 0001-libmount-fix-sync-options-between-context-and-fs-str.patch
* Wed Jun 14 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Set --disable-libmount-mountfd-support, it's very broken and needs
    both util-linux and kernel fixes (gh#util-linux/util-linux#2287)
* Tue Jun 13 2023 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - UTIL_LINUX_FOUND_SYSTEMD_DEPS: make grep more robust
  - util-linux-tty-tools: build together with systemd in preparation
    of util-linux 2.40 together with systemd v254
* Fri Jun 09 2023 Antonio Teixeira <>
  - Upgrade to version 2.39:
    * blkpr: New command to run persistent reservations ioctls on a device.
    * pipesz: New command to set or examine pipe and FIFO buffer sizes.
    * waitpid: New command to wait for arbitrary processes.
    * mount, libmount: Supports new file descriptors based mount kernel API.
    * mount, libmount: New mount options X-mount.idmap=,,
      X-mount.{owner,group,mode}=, rootcontext=@target.
    * renice: Supports posix-compliant -n (via POSIXLY_CORRECT) and add a new
      option --relative.
    * dmesg: Supports subsecond granularity for --since and --until.
    * dmesg: Option --level accepts '+' prefix or postfix for a level name to specify
      all higher or all lower levels.
    * blkid, libblkid: Supports bcachefs.
    * fstrim: New option --types to filter out by filesystem types.
    * lsblk: --nvme and --virtio are new options to filter out devices.
    * lsblk: Improves detection of hotplug and removable status.
    * nsenter: New option --env for allowing environment variables inheritance.
    * namei: New option -Z to report SELinux contexts.
    * Many other new features and fixes. For complete list see
  - Dropped upstreamed patches:
    * fix-lib-internal-cache-size.patch
    * util-linux-fix-tests-when-at-symbol-in-path.patch
    * util-linux-honor-noclear-when-reprint-issue.patch
  - Add upstream patch util-linux-fix-tests-with-64k-pagesize.patch
    * Fixes fadvise tests for ppc64
* Tue May 09 2023 Antonio Teixeira <>
  - Suppress error messages for grep command where the input file
    might not exist (boo#1169835)
* Tue May 09 2023 Daniel Garcia <>
  - Call fdupes without -s to avoid broken symlinks, pointing to
    different subpackage. boo#1209990
* Fri Apr 28 2023 Daniel Garcia <>
  - Add upstream patch fix-lib-internal-cache-size.patch
    bsc#1210164, gh#util-linux/util-linux@2fa4168c8bc9
* Fri Mar 31 2023 Michal Koutný <>
  - su.pamd: Fixup common-session-nonlogin usage
  - runuser.pamd, su.pamd: Guard common-session-nonlogin away for <=15 codestreams
    More info in
* Mon Mar 27 2023 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - login.pamd, remote.pamd: include postlogin-* rules
  - runuser.pamd, su.pamd: Include common-session-nonlogin instead
    of common-session
* Mon Mar 13 2023 Daniel Garcia <>
  - Redistribute file entries to make sure that the files goes to the
    corresponding subpackage, util-linux or util-linux-systemd
* Wed Mar 08 2023 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Use requires(post,verify) instead of the PreReq hammer
* Wed Mar 08 2023 Daniel Garcia <>
  - Add Provides for all tty-tools binaries in the tty-tools package to
    handle conflict with previous versions of util-linux.
* Tue Mar 07 2023 Steve Kowalik <>
  - Split out mesg, wall and write to their own util-linux-tty-tools
    package. (bsc#1208310)
* Mon Mar 06 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Fix comments bleeding into rpm scriptlets. /sbin/ldconfig does
    not take any parameters and thus we must not have content in the
    script body. Use %dnl to properly mark the comments as 'rpm
    comments' (boo#1208963).
* Mon Feb 27 2023
  - added patches
    agetty: don't ignore --noclear when re-print issue file
    + util-linux-honor-noclear-when-reprint-issue.patch
* Tue Feb 14 2023 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Remove requires for adjtimex, which and time: this where wrongly
    implemented split provides we don't need anymore.
  - Remove pam_lastlog, not Y2038 safe, will be removed upstream.
    Additional tools update the files themself.
  - Readd hwclock.8 manual page.
  - Move permissions pre-require to correct package.
  - Remove install_info_prereq, we have no info pages.
* Wed Feb 08 2023 Daniel Garcia <>
  - clean up spec file, tag all the %if-endif to make it easy to read the file
    and try to simplify a bit the if-endif logic grouping by core, systemd and
* Thu Jan 26 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Fix previous commit: setterm, cfdisk, fdformat, hwclock, sfdisk,
    and tunelp  unintentionally fell out of both variants.
* Wed Jan 25 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Exclude these binaries from the -systemd build, as they exist in
    the core package already:
    + /usr/bin/lslocks
    + /usr/bin/setterm
    + /usr/bin/wall
    + /usr/bin/write
    + /usr/sbin/cfdisk
    + /usr/sbin/fdformat
    + /usr/sbin/fdisk
    + /usr/sbin/hwclock
    + /usr/sbin/sfdisk
    + /usr/sbin/tunelp
* Wed Jan 11 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Replace usage of deprecated fgrep with grep -F.
* Mon Jan 09 2023 Matwey Kornilov <>
  - %dir /var/lib/libuuid/ is owned by uuidd:uuidd but no such user are required.
* Mon Jan 09 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Move /var/lib/libuuid/ ownership exclusively to uuidd (boo#1206690)
* Fri Jan 06 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - restore man and info pages
  - clean up spec file slightly
* Tue Dec 27 2022 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - Replace transitional %usrmerged macro with regular version check (boo#1206798)
* Wed Dec 21 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - restore lsblk and lslogins as well
* Mon Dec 19 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - reinstanciate logger
* Wed Dec 14 2022 Goldwyn Rodrigues <>
  - Fix /usr/bin/findmnt to be in only one package (bsc#1206347)
* Fri Dec 09 2022 David Anes <>
  - Fix tests not passing when '@' character is in build path:
    Fixes rpmbuild %checks fail when @ in the directory path (bsc#1194038).
  - Add util-linux-fix-tests-when-at-symbol-in-path.patch
* Thu Dec 08 2022 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Convert the build back to per-parts build, just use multibuild.
* Thu Dec 01 2022 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - libuuid continuous clock handling for time based UUIDs:
    Prevent use of the new libuuid ABI by uuidd %post before update
    of libuuid1 (bsc#1205646).
* Thu Sep 15 2022 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Do not set SUID permissions for util-linux-mini.
* Mon Sep 12 2022 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Fix pam directory for the staging package.
  - Add util-linux-rpmlintrc removing unneeded warnings.
* Mon Aug 29 2022 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Update to version 2.38.1:
    * column: fix buffer overflow when -l specified, fix greedy mode
    on -l
    * dmesg: fix --since and --until
    * libmount: when moving a mount point, all sub mount entries in
      utab should also be updated (bsc#1198731)
    * libuuid: improve cache handling (bsc#1201959, PED-1150)
    * lsblk: fix JSON output when without --bytes
    * lsfd:fix crash triggered by an empty filter expression
    * sulogin: fix includes (obsoletes linux-fs.patch)
    * Many other fixes, improvements and code cleanup. For the
      complete list see
  - Fix some rpmlintrc warnings and remove util-linux-rpmlintrc.
* Mon Aug 22 2022 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Update to version 2.38:
    * first release with translated util-linux man-pages
    * mount: new options --mkdir as shortcut for X-mount.mkdir
    * mount, libmount: new mount options X-mount.subdir=
    * lsfd: new command
    * dmesg: new option --json to print kernel log in JSON format
    * libfdisk: improved to set correct CHS addresses in MBR
    * fstrim: ignores all /ect/fstab entries with X-fstrim.notrim
    * hardlink: now supports reflinks and new option --method=
    * hwclock: new command line options --param-get and --param-set
    * irqtop: new option --cpu-stat
    * libblkid: supports zoned disks for btrfs
    * lsblk: new options --noempty to ignore all devices with zero
      size, and --zoned to print information about zones
    * mkswap: new option --quiet
    * nsenter: new option --wdns to change working directory within
    * rename: new options --all and --last to replace all or last
      occurrences of expression rather than the first one
      and RLIMIT_NOFILE reourse limits.
    * unshare: new options --map-users= and --map-groups= to map
      block of group IDs; new option --map-auto to map the first
      block of user IDs owned by the effective user from /etc/subuid
    * wdctl: new options --setpregovernor to set pre-timeout governor
      name, and --setpretimeout to set watchdog pre-timeout in
    * Many other new features and fixes. For the complete list see
  - Changed packaging style from multi spec build to multibuild with
    python multi-flavor build (PED-1007).
    * Easily prevents bootstrap build loops.
    * No artificial package splitting needed any more.
    * Less complicated spec file.
    * Can run full test suite.
    * python*-libmount available for more python versions.
    * Enable asciidoctor to build documentation.
    * Enable support for libmagic.
    * Turn technically incorrect Recommends to Requires.
  - Fix rpmling warning by setting attr for clock.txt ghost file.
  - Drop upstreamed util-linux-sulogin4bsc1175514.patch
* Tue Aug 09 2022 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Use %_pam_vendordir
* Wed Jul 27 2022 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - exclude bash-completion stuff for programs that are in
    util-linux-systemd from util-linux for real.
* Thu Jul 21 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - linux-fs.patch: Fix conflict between <linux/fs.h> and <sys/mount.h>
* Tue Mar 08 2022 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Update to version 2.37.4:
    * Fix security issue in chsh(1) and chfn(8) (CVE-2022-0563).
      SUSE is not affected (bsc#1196241).
* Thu Mar 03 2022 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Fix "su -s" bash completion
    (bsc#1172427, util-linux-bash-completion-su-chsh-l.patch).
* Mon Jan 24 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.37.3 (bsc#1194976):
    This release fixes two security mount(8) and umount(8) issues:
    * CVE-2021-3996
      Improper UID check in libmount allows an unprivileged user to unmount FUSE
      filesystems of users with similar UID.
    * CVE-2021-3995
      This issue is related to parsing the /proc/self/mountinfo file allows an
      unprivileged user to unmount other user's filesystems that are either
      world-writable themselves or mounted in a world-writable directory.
* Tue Dec 14 2021 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - The legacy code does not support /etc/login.defs.d used by YaST.
    Enable libeconf to read it (bsc#1192954) on released products.
* Wed Nov 17 2021 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Update to version 2.37.2:
    * No longer uses Groff to maintain man-pages.
    * New implementation of hardlink.
    * lscpu reimplemented.
    * uclampset: new util to manipulate the utilization clamping
      attributes of the system or a process.
    * hexdump automatically uses -C when called as "hd".
    * dmesg supports new command-line options --since and --until.
    * findmnt supports new command-line options --shadowed to print
      only filesystems over-mounted by another filesystem.
    * mount supports --read-only command-line option for non-root
      users too.
    * umount(8) can umount also all over-mounted filesystems (more
      filesystems on the the same mount point) when executed with
    - -recursive.
    * libfdisk (and fdisk, sfdisk, cfdisk) supports partition type
      names on input, ignoring the case of the characters and all
      non-alphanumeric and non-digit characters in the name
      (e.g. type="Linux /usr x86" is the same as type="linux usr-x86"
      for sfdisk).
    * libmount no longer contains a workaround to detect inconsistent
      /proc/self/mountinfo reads.
    * libblkid supports "probing hints" now. The hints are the
      optional way how to force probing functions to check for
      example another location -- for example specific session on
      multi-session UDF. The command blkid(8) supports this
      functionality with a new --hint option. The library has been
      also extended to support others ISO9660 and UDF identifiers.
    * blkzone provides a new "capacity" command.
    * cfdisk is possible to start in read-only mode by a new
      command-line option --read-only
    * lsblk provides new columns FSROOTS, and MOUNTPOINTS. The column
      MOUNTPOINTS is used in the default output now and this new
      column prints all mount points where the device is used (btrfs
      subvolumes, bind mounts, etc).
    * losetup uses LOOP_CONFIG ioctl now.
    * column supports a new command-line option --table-columns-limit
      to specify a maximal number of the input columns. The last
      column will contain all remaining line data if the limit is
      smaller than the number of the columns in the input data.
    * Many other new features and fixes. For the complete list see
  - Update and
    login_defs-support-for-util-linux to version 2.37
    (new variable LOGIN_KEEP_USERNAME).
* Thu Oct 07 2021 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Add bc to BuildRequires to run more complete testsuite
* Thu Sep 09 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Remove the raw utility altogether, as it is not even built any
    more with glibc >=2.34.
* Tue May 25 2021 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - login.pamd: use pam_motd to unify motd handling [bsc#1185897].
    Else motd snippets of e.g. cockpit will not be shown.
* Tue Feb 16 2021 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Update to version 2.36.2:
    * agetty: tty eol defaults to REPRINT
    * fsck.cramfs: fix fsck.cramfs crashes on blocksizes > 4K
    * lib/caputils: add fall back for last cap using prctl.
    * lib/signames: change license to public domain
    * libfdisk:
    * (dos) fix last possible sector calculation
    * (script) ignore empty values for start and size
    * ignore 33553920 byte optimal I/O size
    * libmount:
    * add vboxsf, virtiofs to pseudo filesystems
    * do not canonicalize ZFS source dataset
    * don't use "symfollow" for helpers on user mounts (boo#1181750,
      obsoletes util-linux-libmount-dont-use-symfollow.patch)
    * fix /{etc,proc}/filesystems use
    * login: use full tty path for PAM_TTY
    * lsblk: read SCSI_IDENT_SERIAL also from udev
    * rfkill: stop execution when rfkill device cannot be opened
    * setpriv: allow using [-+]all for capabilities.
    * su: use full tty path for PAM_TTY
    * switch_root: check if mount point to move even exists
    * umount:
    * ignore --no-canonicalize,-c for non-root users
    * Show the 'r' option in the help menu
    * Code cleanups and documentation improvements.
    * Translation updates.
* Wed Feb 10 2021 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - libmount: don't use "symfollow" for helpers on user mounts
    (boo#1181750, util-linux-libmount-dont-use-symfollow.patch)
* Tue Feb 09 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Override GTKDOCIZE with /bin/true so we can run autoreconf
    without needing gtk-doc as a dependency.
* Thu Feb 04 2021 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Merge package with SLE15 SP3 and openSUSE Leap 15.3:
    Obsoletes upstreamed patches:
  - libblkid: Do not trigger CDROM autoclose (v2.35, bsc#1084671,
  - lscpu: avoid segfault on PowerPC systems with valid hardware
    (v2.36.1, bsc#1175623, bsc#1178554, bsc#1178825,
  - Fix for SG#57988, bsc#1174942 (v2.36):
    libmount-fix-mount-a-EBUSY-for-cifs.patch: Fix warning on mounts
    to CIFS with mount –a.
  - blockdev: Do not fail --report on kpartx-style partitions on
    multipath (v2.36,
    bsc#1168235, util-linux-blockdev-report-dm.patch).
  - nologin: Add support for -c to prevent error from su -c
    (v2.35, bsc#1151708, util-linux-nologin-su-c.patch).
  - Add libmount-Avoid-triggering-autofs-in-lookup_umount_fs.patch:
    Avoid triggering autofs in lookup_umount_fs_by_statfs
    (v2.36 boo#1168389)
  - mount: fall back to device node name if /dev/mapper link not found
    (v2.34, bsc#1149911)
    * Add patch: util-linux-canonicalize-coverity-scan.patch
  - De-duplicate fstrim -A properly (v2.34, bsc#1127701,
    util-linux-fstrim-A-1.patch, util-linux-fstrim-A-3.patch,
  - Do not trim read-only volumes
    (v2.34, boo#1106214, util-linux-fstrim-A-2.patch,
  - libmount: To prevent incorrect behavior, recognize more pseudofs
    and netfs (v2.34, bsc#1122417,
  - agetty: Return previous response of agetty for special characters
    (v2.34, bsc#1085196, bsc#1125886,
  - Fix problems in reading of login.defs values (v2.34, bsc#1121197,
* Thu Feb 04 2021 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Build with libudev support to support non-root users
  - Move findmnt and lsblk to util-linux-systemd, as they use libudev
* Fri Jan 29 2021 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Do not require libeconf-devel on products without /usr/etc.
* Mon Jan 25 2021 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - s/--enable-vendordir/--with-vendordir/
  - remove pam_securetty line again. As long as there is no agreement
    from pam side having it would fail openQA (boo#1033626)
* Sat Jan 16 2021 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Update to version 2.36.1:
    * chrt: use SCHED_FLAG_RESET_ON_FORK for sched_setattr()
    * fallocate: fix --dig-holes at end of files
    * fdisk: always report fdisk_create_disklabel() errors
    * flock: keep -E exit status more restrictive
    * fstrim: remove fstab condition from fstrim.timer
    * hexdump: automatically use -C when called as hd
    * hwclock: add fallback if SYS_settimeofday does not exist, fix
      SYS_settimeofday fallback
    * libblkid: allow a lot of mac partitions, fix Atari prober logic,
      limit amount of parsed partitions
    * more libfdisk improvements
    * losetup: avoid infinite busy loop, increase limit of setup
    * lsblk: fix -T optional argument, fix SCSI_IDENT_SERIAL, print
      zero rather than empty SIZE, read ID_SCSI_IDENT_SERIAL if
    * lscpu: Add FUJITSU aarch64 A64FX cpupart, Even more Arm part
      numbers, avoid segfault on PowerPC systems with valid hardware
      configurations (bsc#1175623)
    * mount: Add support for "nosymfollow" mount option.
    * pg: fix wcstombs()
    * sfdisk: correct --json --dump false exclusive, fix backward
    - -move-data
    * vipw: fix short write handling in copyfile
    * whereis: fix out of boundary read, support zst compressed man
    * minor code improvements and fixes
    * minor licensing changes
    * improve docs
  - Require both group(uuidd) and user(uuidd).



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