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ModemManager-1.20.6-2.1 RPM for riscv64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for riscv64

Name: ModemManager Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.20.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Thu Oct 12 00:13:26 2023
Group: Productivity/Networking/System Build host: i01-ch2c
Size: 3812884 Source RPM: ModemManager-1.20.6-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: DBus interface for modem handling
DBus interface for modem handling. Provides a standard abstracted API
(over DBus) to communicate with all sorts of modems (landline, GSM,




GPL-2.0-or-later AND GPL-3.0-or-later


* Fri Oct 06 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Add explicit /usr/bin/dbus-daemon BuildRequires: Needed for
* Sat Apr 08 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.20.6:
    + build: New build option to allow disabling the installation of
    + core:
    - Fix crash when uninhibiting partially removed device.
    - Fix crash when attempting to load an invalid shared utils
    + mmcli:
    - Allow JSON and key/value output when creating SMS messages.
    - Improved JSON output in network scan results.
    + libmm-glib:
    - Avoid using g_time_zone_new_offset() unless glib >= 2.58.
    - Fix flags to string conversion utils to allow multiple flags.
    + MBIM:
    - Reset cached SIM info when SIM is unlocked.
    - Fix synchronizing the state of the SIM hot swap configured
    - Fix bug cleaning up the LTE attach info unsolicited message
    - Fallback from QMI UIM service only if unsupported.
    - Add missing support for 'emergency' APN type.
    + QMI:
    - Fix processing and exposing PCOs.
    - Fix power up on modems that don't support power state change
    + plugins:
    - telit:
      . add additional support for 5G modems.
      . added port type hints for FN990 0x1070, 0x1071
      . increase allowed initial delay in AT ports.
      . fallback to AT commands if loading revision via MBIM fails.
    - quectel: add support for EC21-EUX usb modules.
    - xmm: fix crash parsing XACT? response.
  - Changes from version 1.20.4:
    + build:
    - Don't hardcode building shared libraries, so that meson's
      default_library option can be used properly,
    - po: Added missing Georgian translation in LINGUAS.
    + QMI:
    - Fixed loading NR5G signal info.
    - Fixed memory leaks when processing signal info.
    - Correctly scaled the SNR value reported in NR5G.
    - Fixed invalid use-after-free actions due to improper handling
      of proxy removal events.
    + MBIM:
    - Fixed processing MbimSmsStatusFlag as flags, not as an enum.
    - Fixed invalid use-after-free actions due to improper handling
      of proxy removal events.
    - Chained up device notifications through the MMPortMbim
    + Messaging: Allowed Delete operation during enabling/disabling.
    + Core: Don't assume port tables always exist so that
      long-standing operations holding an object reference can finish
      cleanly even after the initial object disposal has already been
    + plugins:
    - quectel: added new firehose/sahara support udev tags in new
    - broadmobi: added MM_PLUGIN_REQUIRED_QCDM flag.
    - cinterion:
      . added a delay to the ^SWWAN? command.
      . added retry mechanism to the ^SWWAN? command.
  - Changes from version 1.20.2:
    + build:
    - Fixed building without MBIM support.
    - Fixed building without tests support.
    - Disabled test interface in base manager if building without
    - Updated intel plugin dependencies to require XMM shared
    - Fixed templates to make build reproducible.
    + FCC unlock: Updated shell scripts to avoid requiring bash.
    + MBIM:
    - Ignored SIM related indications during a SIM slot switch
    - Updated capabilities loading to use Microsoft Extensions if
    - Updated supported modes loading to use the CustomDataClass
      field contents.
    + SIM: Fixed length when reading GID1/GID2 using AT commands.
    + Several other minor improvements and fixes.
  - Changes from version 1.20.0:
    + API:
    - New 'Modem.Sar' interface to allow the host to manage the SAR
      power level.
    - New 'Modem.GetCellInfo()' method, that allows querying
      information about the current serving and neighboring cells.
      Currently including 'cell-type' and 'serving' fields for all
      cell types, plus additional type-specific fields:
      . CDMA: 'nid', 'sid', 'base-station-id', 'ref-pn' and
      . GSM: 'operator-id', 'lac', 'ci', 'timing-advance', 'arfcn',
      'base-station-id' and 'rx-level'.
      . UMTS: 'operator-id', 'lac', 'ci', 'frequency-fdd-ul',
      'frequency-fdd-dl', 'frequency-tdd', 'uarfcn', 'psc',
      'rscp', 'ecio' and 'path-loss'.
      . TDSCDMA: 'operator-id', 'lac', 'ci', 'uarfcn',
      'cell-parameter-id', 'timing-advance', 'rscp' and
      . LTE: 'operator-id', 'tac', 'ci', 'physical-ci', 'earfcn',
      'rsrp', 'rsrq' and 'timing-advance'.
      . 5GNR: 'operator-id', 'tac', 'ci', 'physical-ci', 'nrarfcn',
      'rsrp', 'rsrq', 'sinr' and 'timing-advance'.
    - New 'access-type-preference', 'roaming-allowance',
      'profile-name', 'profile-enabled' and 'profile-source'
      fields in the 'Bearer.Properties' property, that can also be
      used in both 'Modem.Simple.Connect()' and
    - New 'Modem.Modem3gpp.SetPacketServiceState()' method and
      'Modem.Modem3gpp.PacketServiceState' property, which allow
      management the explicit attach or detach to packet service on
      the current registered network.
    - New 'Modem.Modem3gpp.SetNr5gRegistrationSettings()' method
      and 'Modem.Modem3gpp.Nr5gRegistrationSettings' property, to
      allow management of 5G specific settings like 'mico-mode' or
    - New 'start-date', 'uplink-speed' and 'downlnk-speed' fields
      in the 'Bearer.Stats' property.
    - New 'Bearer.ReloadStatsSupported' property to indicate
      whether reloading ongoing stats is supported or not.
    - New 'Modem.Modem3gppProfileManager.IndexField' property, to
      indicate which field is to be used as unique index in the
      profile management operations.
    - New 'Sim.SimType', 'Sim.EsimStatus' and 'Sim.Removability'
      properties to improve the management of eSIM related
    - New 'Sim.Gid1' and 'Sim.Gid2' properties, which allow
      identifying SIM cards that should have different settings
    - New 'Modem.Signal.SetupThresholds() method,
      'Modem.Signal.RssiThreshold' and
      'Modem.Signal.ErrorRateThreshold' to allow configuring
      thresholds so that the modem emits indications whenever the
      signal quality values change based on those thresholds. For
      RSSI a delta amount of dBm can be given, and for error rate
      just a boolean to enable or disable the corresponding event.
    - New 'error-rate' fields in the 'Modem.Signal.Cdma',
      'Modem.Signal.Evdo', 'Modem.Signal.Gsm', 'Modem.Signal.Umts',
      'Modem.Signal.Lte' and 'Modem.Signal.Nr5g' properties.
    + Core:
    - Detecting an eSIM without an active profile in the current
      SIM slot will lead to the modem being in Failed state, in the
      same way as if the slot was for a physical SIM and no SIM was
    - Default amount of AT probing attempts is updated to 6, to
      cope with modems that are slower to boot.
    - New '--test-mbimex-profile-management' option in the daemon,
      to enable support for profile management operations using the
      Microsoft extensions. This is an optional feature because it
      requires using the 'apn-type' field as unique index, which
      not all users of the profile management API may expect.
    - Implemented some initial support to automatically hide
      personal details (e.g. phone numbers, SMS contents...) from
      logs, right now only applicable to QMI and MBIM logs. Updated
      support for this feature will keep on being integrated in
      future 1.20.x updates. The new '--log-personal-info' option
      in the daemon allows to disable this feature completely.
    - Added new filter match option for subsystem vendor id,
      required in several PCI based Qualcomm modules.
    - QCDM port probing will no longer automatically run for all
      plugins, only in those that explicitly require it.
    - Implemented support for suspend/resume detection based on
      ChromeOS' powerd daemon.
    - Added Cat-M and NB-IoT LPWA access technologies.
    + Modem interface: On 3GPP+3GPP2 multimode devices, a missing SIM
      card will now force the modem into Failed state, as if it was a
      3GPP-only device.
    + Simple interface: Explicitly wait for PS domain to be attached
      during a connection attempt.
    + 3GPP interface: Updated to report domain registration changes
      altogether whenever possible (e.g. when using the QMI or MBIM
    + MBIM:
    - Implemented support to use the Microsoft-defined MBIM
      extensions v2 and v3 whenever supported by the device. The
      ModemManager daemon will negotiate which version to use with
      the modem, so that the highest version supported is enabled.
      This negotiation applies to the whole device, so any other
      user of the MBIM device will automatically start using the
      newly agreed version.
    - Implemented current modes switching using MBIMEx v2.0
    - Trigger explicit disconnection if a connection attempt fails.
    - Modem will be flagged as unusable if 10 consecutive MBIM
      requests timeout.
    - Enabled multiplex support for devices in the WWAN subsystem.
    + QMI:
    - Updated logic to by default prefer 'Signal Info' over the
      deprecated 'Signal Strength' operations.
    - Updated logic to by default prefer 'System Info' over the
      deprecated 'Serving System' operations.
    - Updated power state transition logic to ensure the new state
      is reached before returning success to the user.
    - Implemented support for the 'Modem3gppProfileManager.Updated'
      signal using PDC refresh notifications.
    - Modem will be flagged as unusable if 10 consecutive QMI
      requests timeout.
    - Implemented DTMF support.
    - Implemented support for automatic SIM IMSI switch detection
      under certain roaming scenarios.
    - Updated the logic to move the PS domain state to 'registered'
      based on the DSD System Status indications.
    - Updated endpoint type detection logic to be based on the net
    - Updated endpoint number selection to be based on the data
    - Updated connection logic to allocate separate WDS clients per
    - Added support for PCO reporting.
    + plugins:
    - quectel: Added FCC unlock support for the EM05-G.
    - telit:
      . Band management updated to prefer using QMI whenever
      available, as well as to detect the #BND command format
      . Added support for LPWA modems.
    - fibocom:
      . Implemented optional support to power down and up the modem
      during the update of the initial EPS bearer settings.
      . Implemented initial EPS bearer settings management in the
    - intel: New generic plugin for Intel PCI devices with vid
    - xmm: Prefer GNSS control ports explicitly tagged via udev
    - foxconn: Use the new FOX QMI service to load firmware
    - cinterion: Added support for PCIe based devices.
  - Use ldconfig_scriptlets macro.
  - Switch to meson buildsystem, add meson BuildRequires and macros.
  - Add xsltproc and pkgconfig(bash-completion) BuildRequires: New
* Sat Oct 08 2022 Luciano Santos <>
  - Update to version 1.18.12:
    + This release fixes a few very critical issues that happpen when
      using a glib2 newer or equal than 2.73.2, plus numerous fixes
      for the Core, MBIM, QMI, 3GPP profile manager interface, SMS,
      libmm-glib, and mmcli.
    + Plugins:
    - sierra: disable +CPOL in the GL7600.
    - telit: add LE910Cx MBIM composition port hints.
    - telit: add port type hints for LN920 0x1060, 0x1061
    - icera: fix double free on %%IPSYS=? response processing
    - mtk: fix task completion when loading supported modes.
  - Add new pkgconfig modules build requirements: gio-2.0, glib-2.0,
    gmodule-2.0, and gobject-2.0.
  - Update ModemManager.keyring to the new upstream key:
    A814D09B9C5BC01945A64308AECE0239C6606AD5. Found at
* Sat Aug 27 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Disable make_check call, tests currently fails due to our switch
    to glib 2.73.2.
* Sat Aug 06 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.18.10:
    + Build: Require libqmi 1.30.8.
    + FCC unlock: Updated SDX55 unlock script to handle the new
      method introduced in the latest firmware releases.
    + Modem interface:
    - Set signal quality to 0% on shutdown.
    - Set signal quality as recent on init.
    + MBIM:
    - Fix task completion when peeking device fails.
    - Fix several GError double-frees.
    + mmcli: Don't print signal quality until modem is enabled.
    + Plugins: foxconn: remove carrier mapping table for T99W175.
    + Several other minor improvements and fixes.
  - Changes from version 1.18.8:
    + A new connection status dispatcher setup is provided, where
      users can provide custom scripts that will be called on bearer
      connect/disconnect events. This dispatcher will make the netifd
      integration in openwrt work much better, as we'll be able to
      report network-initiated disconnections cleanly to netifd.
      There are no default connection status dispatcher scripts
      installed, but it's suggested distributions make sure the
      following directories exist:
    - ${sysconfdir}/ModemManager/connection.d/
    - ${libdir}/ModemManager/connection.d/
    + API: Add missing Simple interface definitions in
    + Build:
    - meson:
      . fix daemon enums dependencies.
      . fix port enums includes.
      . fix 'export_packages' in GIR setup.
      . fix simtech plugin module name.
    - systemd: don't run ModemManager in containers.
    + Core:
    - serial: ensure the port object is valid after BUFFER_FULL
    - netlink:
      . use unaligned netlink attribute length.
      . only change IFF_UP flag.
    - bearer: match unknown auth to chap in loose comparisons.
    - charsets: return error if UTF-8 validation fails.
    - fcc-unlock: make scripts POSIX shell compatible.
    - modem-helpers:
      . consider minimum ID when choosing best profile.
      . fix reading <Act> given in COPS=? responses.
    - sms: prevent crash if date is out of range.
    - profile-manager: fix copy-paste error on tags for quarks.
    + QMI:
    - Ignore slot status indications until initial status is known.
    - Return error when loading capabilities if none is found.
    + MBIM:
    - Default initial EPS bearer's auth to chap when unknown.
    - Update default error when network error is out of range.
    + mmcli: Fix key length when printing list of items.
    + Plugins:
    - linktop: new port type hints.
    - cinterion: add support for PLSx3w modems.
    - huawei: disable +CPOL based features in Huawei E226.
    + Several other minor improvements and fixes.
* Wed Jun 08 2022 Callum Farmer <>
  - Enable QRTR support
    * Add BR pkgconfig(qrtr-glib)
* Fri Feb 18 2022 Callum Farmer <>
  - Update to version 1.18.6:
    + The ModemManager.service file for systemd integration provided
      in the sources is updated as follows:
      ++ 'CAP_NET_ADMIN' is now required in the
      'CapabilityBoundingSet' field.
      ++ 'AF_NETLINK' and 'AF_QIPCRTR' are now required in the
      'RestrictAddressFamilies' field.
    + The LEGACY and PARANOID filter types that were allowed
      options in the '--filter-policy' option in the ModemManager
      daemon were deprecated in version 1.16.0 and have now been
      completely removed, along with the vid:pid blacklist of
      devices and the vid:pid greylist of RS232<->USB adapters.
    + The ModemManager daemon can run now in a 'quick suspend/resume'
      mode, in which no explicit data disconnection is triggered on
      suspend, and no explicit device re-probing from scratch is
      launched on resume. Instead, the daemon will try to refresh
      the state of all interfaces upon suspend, e.g. to see if the
      module keeps registered to the same operator, to see if it is
      still connected, and so on.
    + core: added support for the new 'WWAN' subsystem in Linux kernel
      5.13, enabling PCIe-only modules.
    + core: The charset conversion methods rework, including the
      avoiding of the iconv()
    + qmi: the logic managing allowed/preferred modes was fixed for
      multimode devices like the MC7304, making sure the acquisition
      order preference always had the same items.
    + serial: when modem is connected with AT+PPP, ignore forced
      disconnections, so that we don't take ownership of the PPP
      port before pppd has released it.
    + foxconn: added support for the T99W175 (SDX55) module,
      including built-in FCC unlock procedure.
    + foxconn: added new MBIM QDU firmware update method.
  - Move the dbus-1 system.d file to /usr (bsc#1196170)
  - Use source verification
  - Update Supplements to new format
  - Add BRs needed for new tests:
    * python3-gobject-Gdk
    * python3-dbus-python
* Sat Aug 14 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Switch bash completion subpackage to noarch.
* Sun Dec 06 2020 Martin Hauke <>
  - Update to version 1.14.8:
    + Build:
    - Fixed distcheck with new gtk-doc releases.
    - ModemManager-names.h was being included in the dist tarball,
      but then removed on the 'clean' target. Fix that, by only
      removing it on the 'maintainer-clean' target. Therefore,
      'xsltproc' is now only needed in git builds, not needed when
      building from a dist tarball.
    + QMI:
    - Fix daemon crash when the device is removed during the
      initialization sequence.
    + Several other minor improvements and fixes.
  - Drop libxslt-tools BuildRequires: No longer needed.
* Mon Nov 02 2020 Petr Vorel <>
  - Update to version 1.14.6:
    + Modem interface:
    - Added support for AT-based and/or QMI-based 5G devices
    - Deprecated the MM_MODEM_CAPABILITY_LTE_ADVANCED capability
    + Bearer interface:
    - Added additional 'attempts', 'failed-attempts', 'total-rx-bytes',
      'total-tx-bytes' and 'total-duration' values in the 'Stats' property
      exposed by the Bearer objects.
    + Daemon:
    - Switched to 'STRICT' filter mode by default.
    - Added a new implicit whitelist rules applicable in 'STRICT' filter mode.
    - Updated the probing logic to make sure we don't attempt a re-probe when
      the device is gone.
    - Updated daemon logging.
    + AT:
    - Moved the charset definition logic to the initialization phase instead
      of the enabling phase.
    - Updated manual registration operation
    + QMI:
    - Devices using the LOC service for GNSS will now also setup the list of
      required NMEA traces before starting the engine.
    - Update carrier code if registration changes from one roaming operator
      to another.
    - Explicitly disable autoconnect during modem enabling phase, because it
      interferes with our connection management logic.
    - Fallback to raw-ip if WDA Get Data Format requests arguments, as in most
      new 5G devices.
    - Updated to always use the asynchronous close() operation.
    - Handle disconnection indications during connection attempts.
    + MBIM:
    - Update carrier code if registration changes from one roaming operator to
    - Implement reset in Intel-based and Qualcomm-based devices.
    - Avoid LTE attach config/status if unsupported.
    - Updated to make sure all allocated QMI CIDs are released during shutdown.
    + SIM interface:
    - Don't allow sending PIN/PUK if not required.
    + 3GPP interface:
    - Fixed manual re-registration to the same operator.
    + CDMA interface:
    - Don't allow multiple concurrent activation attempts.
    - Disallow empty carrier code in automatic activation.
    + Bearer interface:
    - Updated to avoid connection checks or stats updates while disconnecting.
    + libmm-glib:
    - New 'mm_location_gps_nmea_get_traces()' method to retrieve a NULL
      terminated array of strings with all cached NMEA traces.
    - Deprecated the 'mm_location_gps_nmea_build_full()' method.
    + mmcli:
    - Added a new 'any' lookup keyword for the --modem and --sim options, useful
      when the system is only expected to have one single device.
    + Plugins:
    - broadmobi: new plugin, right now just with port type hints for the BM818.
    - foxconn: new plugin to support the T77W968 (both with and without eSIM).
    - dell,dw5821e: added support for the DW5821e with eSIM variant.
    - huawei: don't delay reporting network initiated disconnects.
    - huawei: try to read port type hints from interface descriptions.
    - huawei: avoid using the QCDM port during a voice call.
    - cinterion: skip sim ready check for modules that don't support it.
    - cinterion: implemented radio/band handling for LTE modems.
    - cinterion: added Signal interface support bsaed on AT^SMONI.
    - cinterion: added support for MBIM based devices like the PLS62-W.
    - quectel: updated to detect SIM hot swap via +QUSIM URCs.
    - fibocom: added support for QMI based devices like the FM150.
    - ublox: ignore error when disconnecting last LTE bearer.
    - ublox: implement support to enable and detect +UUDTMF URCs.
    - ublox: added blacklist rules for GPS modules in the plugin itself.
    - sierra: implement manual and automatic CDMA activation.
    - novatel: implement manual and automatic CDMA activation.
    + Build improvements
    + Update dependencies (mbim: >= 1.24.0, qmi: >= 1.26.0)
  - Add BuildRequires libxslt-tools (xsltproc required)
  - Update config file path: mm-dell-dw5821e-carrier-mapping.conf
    => mm-foxconn-t77w968-carrier-mapping.conf (see d7d2b910 ("foxconn: new
    plugin to support the T77W968"))
* Sat May 09 2020 Martin Hauke <>
  - Update to version 1.12.10:
    + mmcli:
    - Add missing 'allowed-auth' bearer property in the output.
    - Remove non-existent --list-bearers option from manpage.
    + introspection: Use the correct node name for the ModemManager1
    + Modem interface: Allow Command() while in Failed state.
    + MBIM: Fix segfault when loading capabilities.
    + Plugins: huawei: updated HCSQ regex to match unquoted response.
* Sat Mar 14 2020 Martin Hauke <>
  - Update to version 1.12.8:
    + Plugin manager:
    - Updated logic to allow new ports added to a device up to
      1500ms since last port was added.
    + Voice interface:
    - Match calls in call list by number.
    - Don't report an empty list if +CLCC for any reason fails.
    - Expect in-call URCs also in secondary port.
    - Allow optional extra CR in in-call URCs.
    + Kernel device:
    - Fix looking up for interface details in udev-based builds.
    + Huawei:
    - Allow reading port type hints from USB interface descriptions.
    - Fix segfault if device is removed while probing is ongoing.
    + Several other minor fixes.
* Wed Feb 12 2020 Martin Hauke <>
  - Update to version 1.12.6:
    + SIM: Updated logic to avoid sending PIN/PUK to the SIM card
      when not required (e.g. if already unlocked).
    + Simple interface: Avoid aborting connection if SIM-PUK2 locked,
      as PIN2/PUK2 doesn't prevent us from getting connected.
    + Location interface: Fixed memory leak happening as soon as a
      position fix was obtained and gps-raw location source was
    + Core:
    - Fixed handling of 0x00 bytes at the end of GSM encoded
    - Fixed cleaning up 'timed-out' signal on the serial port
    - Fixed logic that closes MBIM ports during cleanup.
    + Several other minor fixes and memory leak plugs.
  - Changes from version 1.12.4:
    + Core: Added missing ME error codes when building GError
      variables for the MM_MOBILE_EQUIPMENT_ERROR domain.
    + Bearer: Avoid connection checks or stats updates while
    + Serial port: Fix segfault when port flash operation gets
    + Simple interface: Fix the ongoing connection cancellable
    + Voice interface: Fix segfault when voice support check fails.
    + QMI: Fixed several memory leaks, including a severe one
      happening when multiple GPS sources (e.g. raw and nmea) were
      enabled at the same time.
    + Plugins: ublox: ignore errors when attempting to disconnect
      last bearer.
    + mmcli: Allow "yes" and "no" as boolean strings.
    + Several other minor fixes and memory leak plugs.
  - Changes from version 1.12.2:
    + Simple interface: Avoid assertion on the ongoing connect
    + Plugin manager:
    - Fix waiting the minimum probing time.
    - Explicitly cancel timeouts when device probing is cancelled.
    - Disable lazy plugin loading, we now require all missing
      symbols to be resolved at loading time for a plugin to
      correctly be loaded.
    + Bearer: Avoid reporting disconnection error if trying to
      disconnect a bearer that is already disconnected.
    + MBIM: Completely skip LTE attach config/status if unsupported.
    + QMI:
    - Make current settings mandatory when using 'static'
    - Handle disconnection indications during connection attempt.
    - Explicitly close QMI port during disconnection if it was
      opened during a connection attempt.
    + Plugins:
    - huawei: avoid using QCDM port during a voice call.
    - sierra: added port type hints for the EM7565.
    - dell,dw5821e: added support for the DW5821e with eSIM
    + mmcli: Fix printing empty value lists in human-friendly output.
    + Several other minor fixes and memory leak plugs.



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