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python311-Pillow-10.3.0-2.1 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64le

Name: python311-Pillow Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 10.3.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Wed Apr 10 14:07:32 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host: reproducible
Size: 4003724 Source RPM: python-Pillow-10.3.0-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Python Imaging Library (Fork)
Pillow is the "friendly" PIL fork by Alex Clark and Contributors. PIL is the
Python Imaging Library by Fredrik Lundh and Contributors.






* Wed Apr 10 2024 Daniel Garcia <>
  - Reenable tests for s390x and ppc, bsc#1222553
* Wed Apr 03 2024 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 10.3.0 (bsc#1222262, CVE-2024-28219):
    * CVE-2024-28219: Use strncpy to avoid buffer overflow #7928
      [radarhere, hugovk]
    * Deprecate eval(), replacing it with lambda_eval() and
      unsafe_eval() #7927 [radarhere, hugovk]
    * Raise ValueError if seeking to greater than offset-sized
      integer in TIFF #7883 [radarhere]
    * Add --report argument to to omit supported
      formats #7818 [nulano, radarhere, hugovk]
    * Added RGB to I;16, I;16L, I;16B and I;16N conversion #7918,
      [#7920] [radarhere]
    * Fix editable installation with custom build backend and
      configuration options #7658 [nulano, radarhere]
    * Fix putdata() for I;16N on big-endian #7209 [Yay295, hugovk,
    * Determine MPO size from markers, not EXIF data #7884
    * Improved conversion from RGB to RGBa, LA and La #7888
    * Support FITS images with GZIP_1 compression #7894 [radarhere]
    * Use I;16 mode for 9-bit JPEG 2000 images #7900 [scaramallion,
    * Raise ValueError if kmeans is negative #7891 [radarhere]
    * Remove TIFF tag OSUBFILETYPE when saving using libtiff #7893
    * Raise ValueError for negative values when loading P1-P3 PPM
      images #7882 [radarhere]
    * Added reading of JPEG2000 palettes #7870 [radarhere]
    * Added alpha_quality argument when saving WebP images #7872
    * Fixed joined corners for ImageDraw rounded_rectangle() non-
      integer dimensions #7881 [radarhere]
    * Stop reading EPS image at EOF marker #7753 [radarhere]
    * PSD layer co-ordinates may be negative #7706 [radarhere]
    * Use subprocess with CREATE_NO_WINDOW flag in ImageShow
      WindowsViewer #7791 [radarhere]
    * When saving GIF frame that restores to background color, do
      not fill identical pixels #7788 [radarhere]
    * Fixed reading PNG iCCP compression method #7823 [radarhere]
    * Allow writing IFDRational to UNDEFINED tag #7840 [radarhere]
    * Fix logged tag name when loading Exif data #7842 [radarhere]
    * Use maximum frame size in IHDR chunk when saving APNG images
      [#7821] [radarhere]
    * Prevent opening P TGA images without a palette #7797
    * Use palette when loading ICO images #7798 [radarhere]
    * Use consistent arguments for load_read and load_seek #7713
    * Turn off nullability warnings for macOS SDK #7827 [radarhere]
    * Fix shift-sign issue in Convert.c #7838 [r-barnes, radarhere]
    * Open 16-bit grayscale PNGs as I;16 #7849 [radarhere]
    * Handle truncated chunks at the end of PNG images #7709
      [lajiyuan, radarhere]
    * Match mask size to pasted image size in GifImagePlugin #7779
    * Release GIL while calling WebPAnimDecoderGetNext #7782
      [evanmiller, radarhere]
    * Fixed reading FLI/FLC images with a prefix chunk #7804
    * Update wl-paste handling and return None for some errors in
      grabclipboard() on Linux #7745 [nik012003, radarhere]
    * Remove execute bit from #7760 [hugovk]
    * Do not support using test-image-results to upload images
      after test failures #7739 [radarhere]
    * Changed ImageMath.ops to be static #7721 [radarhere]
    * Fix APNG info after seeking backwards more than twice #7701
      [esoma, radarhere]
    * Deprecate ImageCms constants and versions() function #7702
      [nulano, radarhere]
    * Added PerspectiveTransform #7699 [radarhere]
    * Add support for reading and writing grayscale PFM images
      [#7696] [nulano, hugovk]
    * Add LCMS2 flags to ImageCms #7676 [nulano, radarhere, hugovk]
    * Rename x64 to AMD64 in winbuild #7693 [nulano]
* Mon Jan 22 2024 Steve Kowalik <>
  - Update to 10.2.0:
    * Add ``keep_rgb`` option when saving JPEG to prevent conversion of
      RGB colorspace
    * Trim glyph size in ImageFont.getmask()
    * Deprecate IptcImagePlugin helpers
    * Allow uncompressed TIFF images to be saved in chunks
    * Concatenate multiple JPEG EXIF markers
    * Changed IPTC tile tuple to match other plugins
    * Do not assign new fp attribute when exiting context manager
    * Support arbitrary masks for uncompressed RGB DDS images
    * Support setting ROWSPERSTRIP tag
    * Apply ImageFont.MAX_STRING_LENGTH to ImageFont.getmask()
    * Optimise ``ImageColor`` using ``functools.lru_cache``
    * Restricted environment keys for ImageMath.eval()
      (CVE-2023-50447, bsc#1219048)
    * Optimise ``ImageMode.getmode`` using ``functools.lru_cache``
    * Fix incorrect color blending for overlapping glyphs
    * Attempt memory mapping when tile args is a string
    * Fill identical pixels with transparency in subsequent frames when
      saving GIF
    * Corrected duration when combining multiple GIF frames into single frame
    * Handle disposing GIF background from outside palette
    * Seek past the data when skipping a PSD layer
    * Import plugins relative to the module
    * Translate encoder error codes to strings; deprecate
    * Support reading BC4U and DX10 BC1 images
    * Optimize ImageStat.Stat.extrema
    * Handle pathlib.Path in FreeTypeFont
    * Added support for reading DX10 BC4 DDS images
    * Optimized ImageStat.Stat.count
    * Correct PDF palette size when saving
    * Fixed closing file pointer with olefile 0.47
    * Raise ValueError when TrueType font size is not greater than zero
    * If absent, do not try to close fp when closing image
    * Allow configuring JPEG restart marker interval on save
    * Decrement reference count for PyObject
    * Implement ``streamtype=1`` option for tables-only JPEG encoding
    * If save_all PNG only has one frame, do not create animated image
    * Fixed frombytes() for images with a zero dimension
  - Switch to autosetup and pyproject macros.
* Mon Nov 27 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 10.1.0:
    * Added TrueType default font to allow for different sizes
    * Fixed invalid argument warning #7442
    * Added ImageOps cover method #7412
    * Catch struct.error from truncated EXIF when reading JPEG DPI
    * Consider default image when selecting mode for PNG save_all
    * Support BGR;15, BGR;16 and BGR;24 access, unpacking and
      putdata #7303
    * Added CMYK to RGB unpacker #7310
    * Improved flexibility of XMP parsing #7274
    * Support reading 8-bit YCbCr TIFF images #7415
    * Allow saving I;16B images as PNG #7302
    * Corrected drawing I;16 points and writing I;16 text #7257
    * Set blue channel to 128 for BC5S #7413
    * Increase flexibility when reading IPTC fields #7319
    * Set C palette to be empty by default #7289
    * Added gs_binary to control Ghostscript use on all platforms
    * Read bounding box information from the trailer of EPS files
      if specified #7382
    * Added reading 8-bit color DDS images #7426
    * Added has_transparency_data #7420
    * Fixed bug when reading BC5S DDS images #7401
    * Prevent TIFF orientation from being applied more than once
    * Use previous pixel alpha for QOI_OP_RGB #7357
    * Added BC5U reading #7358
    * Allow getpixel() to accept a list #7355
    * Allow GaussianBlur and BoxBlur to accept a sequence of x and
      y radii #7336
    * Expand JPEG buffer size when saving optimized or progressive
    * Added session type check for Linux in
      ImageGrab.grabclipboard() #7332
    * Allow "loop=None" when saving GIF images #7329
    * Fixed transparency when saving P mode images to PDF #7323
    * Added saving LA images as PDFs #7299
    * Set SMaskInData to 1 for PDFs with alpha #7316, #7317
    * Changed Image mode property to be read-only by default #7307
    * Silence exceptions in _repr_jpeg_ and _repr_png_ #7266
    * Do not use transparency when saving GIF if it has been
      removed when normalizing mode #7284
    * Fix missing symbols when libtiff depends on libjpeg #7270
* Mon Sep 18 2023 ecsos <>
  - Update to 10.0.1
    - Updated libwebp to 1.3.2 #7395 [radarhere]
    - Updated zlib to 1.3 #7344 [radarhere]
  - Changes from 10.0.0 (bsc#1216894, CVE-2023-44271)
    - Fixed deallocating mask images #7246 [radarhere]
    - Added ImageFont.MAX_STRING_LENGTH #7244 [radarhere, hugovk]
    - Fix Windows build with pyproject.toml #7230 [hugovk, nulano, radarhere]
    - Do not close provided file handles with libtiff #7199 [radarhere]
    - Convert to HSV if mode is HSV in getcolor() #7226 [radarhere]
    - Added alpha_only argument to getbbox() #7123 [radarhere. hugovk]
    - Prioritise speed in _repr_png_ #7242 [radarhere]
    - Do not use CFFI access by default on PyPy #7236 [radarhere]
    - Limit size even if one dimension is zero in decompression bomb check #7235 [radarhere]
    - Use --config-settings instead of deprecated --global-option #7171 [radarhere]
    - Better C integer definitions #6645 [Yay295, hugovk]
    - Fixed finding dependencies on Cygwin #7175 [radarhere]
    - Changed grabclipboard() to use PNG instead of JPG compression on macOS #7219 [abey79, radarhere]
    - Added in_place argument to ImageOps.exif_transpose() #7092 [radarhere]
    - Fixed calling putpalette() on L and LA images before load() #7187 [radarhere]
    - Fixed saving TIFF multiframe images with LONG8 tag types #7078 [radarhere]
    - Fixed combining single duration across duplicate APNG frames #7146 [radarhere]
    - Remove temporary file when error is raised #7148 [radarhere]
    - Do not use temporary file when grabbing clipboard on Linux #7200 [radarhere]
    - If the clipboard fails to open on Windows, wait and try again #7141 [radarhere]
    - Fixed saving multiple 1 mode frames to GIF #7181 [radarhere]
    - Replaced absolute PIL import with relative import #7173 [radarhere]
    - Replaced deprecated Py_FileSystemDefaultEncoding for Python >= 3.12 #7192 [radarhere]
    - Improved wl-paste mimetype handling in ImageGrab #7094 [rrcgat, radarhere]
    - Added _repr_jpeg_() for IPython display_jpeg #7135 [n3011, radarhere, nulano]
    - Use "/sbin/ldconfig" if ldconfig is not found #7068 [radarhere]
    - Prefer screenshots using XCB over gnome-screenshot #7143 [nulano, radarhere]
    - Fixed joined corners for ImageDraw rounded_rectangle() odd dimensions #7151 [radarhere]
    - Support reading signed 8-bit TIFF images #7111 [radarhere]
    - Added width argument to ImageDraw regular_polygon #7132 [radarhere]
    - Support I mode for ImageFilter.BuiltinFilter #7108 [radarhere]
    - Raise error from stderr of Linux ImageGrab.grabclipboard() command #7112 [radarhere]
    - Added unpacker from I;16B to I;16 #7125 [radarhere]
    - Support float font sizes #7107 [radarhere]
    - Use later value for duplicate xref entries in PdfParser #7102 [radarhere]
    - Load before getting size in __getstate__ #7105 [bigcat88, radarhere]
    - Fixed type handling for include and lib directories #7069 [adisbladis, radarhere]
    - Remove deprecations for Pillow 10.0.0 #7059, #7080 [hugovk, radarhere]
    - Drop support for soon-EOL Python 3.7 #7058 [hugovk, radarhere]
* Sun Jul 30 2023 Matej Cepl <>
  - Add Provides for python-PIL
* Fri Apr 21 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - add sle15_python_module_pythons (jsc#PED-68)
* Thu Apr 13 2023 Matej Cepl <>
  - Make calling of %{sle15modernpython} optional.
* Mon Apr 03 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 9.5.0:
    * Added ImageSourceData to TAGS_V2 #7053
    * Clear PPM half token after use #7052
    * Removed absolute path to ldconfig #7044
    * Support custom comments and PLT markers when saving JPEG2000
      images #6903
    * Load before getting size in __array_interface__ #7034
    * Support creating BGR;15, BGR;16 and BGR;24 images, but drop
      support for BGR;32 #7010
    * Consider transparency when applying APNG blend mask #7018
    * Round duration when saving animated WebP images #6996
    * Added reading of JPEG2000 comments #6909
    * Decrement reference count #7003
    * Allow libtiff_support_custom_tags to be missing #7020
    * Improved I;16N support #6834
    * Added QOI reading #6852
    * Added saving RGBA images as PDFs #6925
    * Do not raise an error if os.environ does not contain PATH
    * Close OleFileIO instance when closing or exiting FPX or MIC
    * Added __int__ to IFDRational for Python >= 3.11 #6998
    * Added memoryview support to Dib.frombytes() #6988
    * Close file pointer copy in the libtiff encoder if still open
    * Raise an error if ImageDraw co-ordinates are incorrectly
      ordered #6978
    * Added "corners" argument to ImageDraw rounded_rectangle()
    * Added memoryview support to frombytes() #6974
    * Allow comments in FITS images #6973
    * Support saving PDF with different X and Y resolutions #6961
    * [jvanderneutstulen, radarhere, hugovk]
    * Fixed writing int as UNDEFINED tag #6950
    * Raise an error if EXIF data is too long when saving JPEG
    * Handle more than one directory returned by pkg-config #6896
    * [sebastic, radarhere]
    * Do not retry past formats when loading all formats for the
      first time #6902
    * Do not retry specified formats if they failed when opening
    * Do not unintentionally load TIFF format at first #6892
    * Stop reading when EPS line becomes too long #6897
    * Allow writing IFDRational to BYTE tag #6890
    * Raise ValueError for BoxBlur filter with negative radius
* Mon Jan 02 2023 Michael Ströder <>
  - update to 9.4.0
    * API Additions
    - Added start position for getmask and getmask2
    - Added the exact encoding option for WebP
    - Added signed option when saving JPEG2000
    - Added IFD, Interop and LightSource ExifTags enums
    - XMP data can now be decoded for WEBP images through getxmp()
    - Writing JPEG comments
    * Security
    - Fix memory DOS in ImageFont
    - Null pointer dereference crash in ImageFont
    * Other Changes
    - Added support for DDS L and LA images
    - Formerly deprecated constants are not anymore
* Sat Oct 29 2022 Michael Ströder <>
  - update to 9.3.0
    * Limit SAMPLESPERPIXEL to avoid runtime DOS #6700
    * Initialize libtiff buffer when saving #6699
    * Inline fname2char to fix memory leak #6329
    * Fix memory leaks related to text features #6330
    * Use double quotes for version check on old CPython on Windows #6695
    * Remove backup implementation of Round for Windows platforms #6693
    * Fixed set_variation_by_name offset #6445
    * Fix malloc in _imagingft.c:font_setvaraxes #6690
    * Release Python GIL when converting images using matrix operations #6418
    * Added ExifTags enums #6630
    * Do not modify previous frame when calculating delta in PNG #6683
    * Added support for reading BMP images with RLE4 compression #6674
    * Decode JPEG compressed BLP1 data in original mode #6678
    * Added GPS TIFF tag info #6661
    * Added conversion between RGB/RGBA/RGBX and LAB #6647
    * Do not attempt normalization if mode is already normal #6644
    * Fixed seeking to an L frame in a GIF #6576
    * Consider all frames when selecting mode for PNG save_all #6610
    * Don't reassign crc on ChunkStream close #6627
    * Raise a warning if NumPy failed to raise an error during conversion #6594
    * Show all frames in ImageShow #6611
    * Allow FLI palette chunk to not be first #6626
    * If first GIF frame has transparency for RGB_ALWAYS loading strategy, use RGBA mode #6592
    * Round box position to integer when pasting embedded color #6517
    * Removed EXIF prefix when saving WebP #6582
    * Pad IM palette to 768 bytes when saving #6579
    * Added DDS BC6H reading #6449
    * Added support for opening WhiteIsZero 16-bit integer TIFF images #6642
    * Raise an error when allocating translucent color to RGB palette #6654
    * Added reading of TIFF child images #6569
    * Improved ImageOps palette handling #6596
    * Defer parsing of palette into colors #6567
    * Apply transparency to P images in ImageTk.PhotoImage #6559
    * Use rounding in ImageOps contain() and pad() #6522
    * Fixed GIF remapping to palette with duplicate entries #6548
    * Allow remap_palette() to return an image with less than 256 palette entries #6543
    * Corrected BMP and TGA palette size when saving #6500
    * Do not call load() before draft() in Image.thumbnail #6539
    * Copy palette when converting from P to PA #6497
    * Allow RGB and RGBA values for PA image putpixel #6504
    * Removed support for tkinter in PyPy before Python 3.6 #6551
    * Do not use CCITTFaxDecode filter if libtiff is not available #6518
    * Fallback to not using mmap if buffer is not large enough #6510
    * Fixed writing bytes as ASCII tag #6493
    * Open 1 bit EPS in mode 1 #6499
    * Removed support for tkinter before Python 1.5.2 #6549
    * Allow default ImageDraw font to be set #6484
    * Save 1 mode PDF using CCITTFaxDecode filter #6470
    * Added support for RGBA PSD images #6481
    * Parse orientation from XMP tag contents #6463
    * Added support for reading ATI1/ATI2 (BC4/BC5) DDS images #6457
    * Do not clear GIF tile when checking number of frames #6455
    * Support saving multiple MPO frames #6444
    * Do not double quote Pillow version for setuptools >= 60 #6450
    * Added ABGR BMP mask mode #6436
    * Fixed PSDraw rectangle #6429
    * Raise ValueError if PNG sRGB chunk is truncated #6431
    * Handle missing Python executable in ImageShow on macOS #6416
* Fri Jul 01 2022 Michael Ströder <>
  - removed obsolete tiff-readcount.patch
  - update to 9.2.0
    * Deprecate ImageFont.getsize and related functions #6381 [nulano, radarhere]
    * Fixed null check for fribidi_version_info in FriBiDi shim #6376 [nulano]
    * Added GIF decompression bomb check #6402 [radarhere]
    * Handle PCF fonts files with less than 256 characters #6386 [dawidcrivelli, radarhere]
    * Improved GIF optimize condition #6378 [raygard, radarhere]
    * Reverted to __array_interface__ with the release of NumPy 1.23 #6394 [radarhere]
    * Pad PCX palette to 768 bytes when saving #6391 [radarhere]
    * Fixed bug with rounding pixels to palette colors #6377 [btrekkie, radarhere]
    * Use gnome-screenshot on Linux if available #6361 [radarhere, nulano]
    * Fixed loading L mode BMP RLE8 images #6384 [radarhere]
    * Fixed incorrect operator in ImageCms error #6370 [LostBenjamin, hugovk, radarhere]
    * Limit FPX tile size to avoid extending outside image #6368 [radarhere]
    * Added support for decoding plain PPM formats #5242 [Piolie, radarhere]
    * Added apply_transparency() #6352 [radarhere]
    * Fixed behaviour change from endian fix #6197 [radarhere]
    * Allow remapping P images with RGBA palettes #6350 [radarhere]
    * Fixed drawing translucent 1px high polygons #6278 [radarhere]
    * Pad COLORMAP to 768 items when saving TIFF #6232 [radarhere]
    * Fix P -> PA conversion #6337 [RedShy, radarhere]
    * Once exif data is parsed, do not reload unless it changes #6335 [radarhere]
    * Only try to connect discontiguous corners at the end of edges #6303 [radarhere]
    * Improve transparency handling when saving GIF images #6176 [radarhere]
    * Do not update GIF frame position until local image is found #6219 [radarhere]
    * Netscape GIF extension belongs after the global color table #6211 [radarhere]
    * Only write GIF comments at the beginning of the file #6300 [raygard, radarhere]
    * Separate multiple GIF comment blocks with newlines #6294 [raygard, radarhere]
    * Always use GIF89a for comments #6292 [raygard, radarhere]
    * Ignore compression value from BMP info dictionary when saving as TIFF #6231 [radarhere]
    * If font is file-like object, do not re-read from object to get variant #6234 [radarhere]
    * Raise ValueError when trying to access internal fp after close #6213 [radarhere]
    * Support more affine expression forms in im.point() #6254 [benrg, radarhere]
    * Populate Python palette in fromarray() #6283 [radarhere]
    * Raise ValueError if PNG chunks are truncated #6253 [radarhere]
    * Use durations from each frame by default when saving GIFs #6265 [radarhere]
    * Adjust BITSPERSAMPLE to match SAMPLESPERPIXEL when opening TIFFs #6270 [radarhere]
    * Search pkgconf system libs/cflags #6138 [jameshilliard, radarhere]
    * Raise ValueError for invalid PPM maxval #6242 [radarhere]
    * Corrected screencapture argument in ImageGrab.grab() #6244 [axt-one]
    * Deprecate support for Qt 5 (PyQt5 and PySide2) #6237 [hugovk, radarhere]
    * Increase wait time of temporary file deletion on Windows #6224 [AlexTedeschi]
    * Deprecate FreeTypeFont.getmask2 fill parameter #6220 [nulano, radarhere, hugovk]
    * Round lut values where necessary #6188 [radarhere]
    * Load before getting size in resize() #6190 [radarhere]
    * Load image before performing size calculations in thumbnail() #6186 [radarhere]
    * Deprecated PhotoImage.paste() box parameter #6178 [radarhere]
* Wed Jun 01 2022 Markéta Machová <>
  - Add patch tiff-readcount.patch to fix build with the new tiff
* Sun May 29 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 9.1.1 (bsc#1199713, CVE-2022-30595):
    * When reading past the end of a TGA scan line, reduce bytes left. CVE-2022-30595
    * Do not open images with zero or negative height #6269
* Fri Apr 08 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 9.1.0:
    * Fix loading FriBiDi on Alpine #6165
    * Added setting for converting GIF P frames to RGB #6150
    * Allow 1 mode images to be inverted #6034
    * Raise ValueError when trying to save empty JPEG #6159
    * Always save TIFF with contiguous planar configuration #5973
    * Connected discontiguous polygon corners #5980
    * Ensure Tkinter hook is activated for getimage() #6032
    * Use screencapture arguments to crop on macOS #6152
    * Do not mark L mode JPEG as 1 bit in PDF #6151
    * Added support for reading I;16R TIFF images #6132
    * If an error occurs after creating a file, remove the file #6134
    * Fixed calling DisplayViewer or XVViewer without a title #6136
    * Retain RGBA transparency when saving multiple GIF frames #6128
    * Save additional ICO frames with other bit depths if supplied #6122
    * Handle EXIF data truncated to just the header #6124
    * Added support for reading BMP images with RLE8 compression #6102
    * Support Python distributions where _tkinter is compiled in #6006
    * Added support for PPM arbitrary maxval #6119
    * Added BigTIFF reading #6097
    * When converting, clip I;16 to be unsigned, not signed #6112
    * Fixed loading L mode GIF with transparency #6086
    * Improved handling of PPM header #5121
    * Reset size when seeking away from "Large Thumbnail" MPO frame #6101
    * Replace requirements.txt with extras #6072
    * Added PyEncoder and support BLP saving #6069
    * Handle TGA images with packets that cross scan lines #6087
    * Added FITS reading #6056
    * Added rawmode argument to Image.getpalette() #6061
    * Fixed BUFR, GRIB and HDF5 stub saving #6071
    * Do not automatically remove temporary ImageShow files on Unix #6045
    * Correctly read JPEG compressed BLP images #4685
    * Merged _MODE_CONV typ into ImageMode as typestr #6057
    * Consider palette size when converting and in getpalette() #6060
    * Added enums #5954
    * Ensure image is opaque after converting P to PA with RGB palette #6052
    * Attach RGBA palettes from putpalette() when suitable #6054
    * Added get_photoshop_blocks() to parse Photoshop TIFF tag #6030
    * Drop excess values in BITSPERSAMPLE #6041
    * Added unpacker from RGBA;15 to RGB #6031
    * Enable arm64 for MSVC on Windows #5811
    * Keep IPython/Jupyter text/plain output stable #5891
    * Raise an error when performing a negative crop #5972
    * Deprecated show_file "file" argument in favour of "path" #5959
    * Fixed SPIDER images for use with Bio-formats library #5956
    * Ensure duplicated file pointer is closed #5946
    * Added specific error if path coordinate type is incorrect #5942
    * Return an empty bytestring from tobytes() for an empty image #5938
    * Remove readonly from Image.__eq__ #5930
* Thu Feb 03 2022 Arun Persaud <>
  - update to version 9.0.1:
    * In show_file, use os.remove to remove temporary
      images. CVE-2022-24303 #6010 [radarhere, hugovk]
    * Restrict builtins within lambdas for
      ImageMath.eval. CVE-2022-22817 #6009 [radarhere]
* Tue Jan 04 2022 Ben Greiner <>
  - Don't try to build on unsupported Python 3.6
  - Remove python2 statements from specfile
* Mon Jan 03 2022 Michael Ströder <>
  - update to 9.0.0
    * Dropped support for Python 3.6
    * PILLOW_VERSION has been removed. Use __version__ instead.
    * Support for FreeType 2.7 has been removed; FreeType 2.8 is the minimum supported.
    * command parameter has been removed. Use a subclass of PIL.ImageShow.Viewer instead.
    * Image._showxv has been removed. Use show() instead.
    * ImageFile.raise_ioerror: IOError was merged into OSError in Python 3.3.
    * So, ImageFile.raise_ioerror has been removed. Use ImageFile.raise_oserror instead.
    * An optional line width parameter has been added to ImageDraw.Draw.polygon.
    * API Addition: If xdg-open is present on Linux, this new PIL.ImageShow.Viewer subclass
      will be registered. It displays images using the application selected by the system.
    * Added support for “title” argument to DisplayViewer
* Sat Oct 30 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 8.4.0:
    - Prefer global transparency in GIF when replacing with background color #5756
    - Added "exif" keyword argument to TIFF saving #5575
    - Copy Python palette to new image in quantize() #5696
    - Read ICO AND mask from end #5667
    - Actually check the framesize in FliDecode.c #5659
    - Determine JPEG2000 mode purely from ihdr header box #5654
    - Fixed using info dictionary when writing multiple APNG frames #5611
    - Allow saving 1 and L mode TIFF with PhotometricInterpretation 0 #5655
    - For GIF save_all with palette, do not include palette with each frame #5603
    - Keep transparency when converting from P to LA or PA #5606
    - Copy palette to new image in transform() #5647
    - Added "transparency" argument to EpsImagePlugin load() #5620
    - Corrected pathlib.Path detection when saving #5633
    - Added WalImageFile class #5618
    - Consider I;16 pixel size when drawing text #5598
    - If default conversion from P is RGB with transparency, convert to RGBA #5594
    - Speed up rotating square images by 90 or 270 degrees #5646
    - Add support for reading DPI information from JPEG2000 images
    - Catch TypeError from corrupted DPI value in EXIF #5639
    - Do not close file pointer when saving SGI images #5645
    - Deprecate ImagePalette size parameter #5641
    - Prefer command line tools SDK on macOS #5624
* Sun Sep 05 2021 Arun Persaud <>
  - update to version 8.3.2:
    * CVE-2021-23437 Raise ValueError if color specifier is too long
      [hugovk, radarhere]
    * Fix 6-byte OOB read in FliDecode [wiredfool]
    * Add support for Python 3.10 #5569, #5570 [hugovk, radarhere]
    * Ensure TIFF RowsPerStrip is multiple of 8 for JPEG compression
      [#5588] [kmilos, radarhere]
    * Updates for ImagePalette channel order #5599 [radarhere]
    * Hide FriBiDi shim symbols to avoid conflict with real FriBiDi
      library #5651 [nulano]
* Wed Jul 07 2021 Michael Ströder <>
  - update to version 8.3.1:
    * Catch OSError when checking if fp is sys.stdout #5585 [radarhere]
    * Handle removing orientation from alternate types of EXIF data #5584 [radarhere]
    * Make Image.__array__ take optional dtype argument #5572 [t-vi, radarhere]
* Sun Jul 04 2021 Arun Persaud <>
  - update to version 8.3.0:
    * Use snprintf instead of sprintf. CVE-2021-34552 #5567 [radarhere]
    * Limit TIFF strip size when saving with LibTIFF #5514 [kmilos]
    * Allow ICNS save on all operating systems #4526 [baletu, radarhere,
      newpanjing, hugovk]
    * De-zigzag JPEG's DQT when loading; deprecate convert_dict_qtables
      [#4989] [gofr, radarhere]
    * Replaced xml.etree.ElementTree #5565 [radarhere]
    * Moved CVE image to pillow-depends #5561 [radarhere]
    * Added tag data for IFD groups #5554 [radarhere]
    * Improved ImagePalette #5552 [radarhere]
    * Add DDS saving #5402 [radarhere]
    * Improved getxmp() #5455 [radarhere]
    * Convert to float for comparison with float in IFDRational __eq__
      [#5412] [radarhere]
    * Allow getexif() to access TIFF tag_v2 data #5416 [radarhere]
    * Read FITS image mode and size #5405 [radarhere]
    * Merge parallel horizontal edges in ImagingDrawPolygon #5347
      [radarhere, hrdrq]
    * Use transparency behind first GIF frame and when disposing to
      background #5557 [radarhere, zewt]
    * Avoid unstable nature of qsort in Quant.c #5367 [radarhere]
    * Copy palette to new images in ImageOps expand #5551 [radarhere]
    * Ensure palette string matches RGB mode #5549 [radarhere]
    * Do not modify EXIF of original image instance in exif_transpose()
      [#5547] [radarhere]
    * Fixed default numresolution for small JPEG2000 images #5540
    * Added DDS BC5 reading #5501 [radarhere]
    * Raise an error if ImageDraw.textbbox is used without a TrueType
      font #5510 [radarhere]
    * Added ICO saving in BMP format #5513 [radarhere]
    * Ensure PNG seeks to end of previous chunk at start of load_end
      [#5493] [radarhere]
    * Do not allow TIFF to seek to a past frame #5473 [radarhere]
    * Avoid race condition when displaying images with eog #5507
    * Added specific error messages when ink has incorrect number of
      bands #5504 [radarhere]
    * Allow converting an image to a numpy array to raise errors #5379
    * Removed DPI rounding from BMP, JPEG, PNG and WMF loading #5476,
      [#5470] [radarhere]
    * Remove spikes when drawing thin pieslices #5460 [xtsm]
    * Updated default value for SAMPLESPERPIXEL TIFF tag #5452
    * Removed TIFF DPI rounding #5446 [radarhere, hugovk]
    * Include code in WebP error #5471 [radarhere]
    * Do not alter pixels outside mask when drawing text on an image
      with transparency #5434 [radarhere]
    * Reset handle when seeking backwards in TIFF #5443 [radarhere]
    * Replace sys.stdout with sys.stdout.buffer when saving #5437
    * Fixed UNDEFINED TIFF tag of length 0 being changed in roundtrip
      [#5426] [radarhere]
    * Fixed bug when checking FreeType2 version if it is not installed
      [#5445] [radarhere]
    * Do not round dimensions when saving PDF #5459 [radarhere]
    * Added ImageOps contain() #5417 [radarhere, hugovk]
    * Changed WebP default "method" value to 4 #5450 [radarhere]
    * Switched to saving 1-bit PDFs with DCTDecode #5430 [radarhere]
    * Use bpp from ICO header #5429 [radarhere]
    * Corrected JPEG APP14 transform value #5408 [radarhere]
    * Changed TIFF tag 33723 length to 1 #5425 [radarhere]
    * Changed ImageMorph incorrect mode errors to ValueError #5414
    * Add EXIF tags specified in EXIF 2.32 #5419 [gladiusglad]
    * Treat previous contents of first GIF frame as transparent #5391
    * For special image modes, revert default resize resampling to
      NEAREST #5411 [radarhere]
    * JPEG2000: Support decoding subsampled RGB and YCbCr images #4996
      [nulano, radarhere]
    * Stop decoding BC1 punchthrough alpha in BC2&3 #4144 [jansol]
    * Use zero if GIF background color index is missing #5390
    * Fixed ensuring that GIF previous frame was loaded #5386
    * Valgrind fixes #5397 [wiredfool]
    * Round down the radius in rounded_rectangle #5382 [radarhere]
    * Fixed reading uncompressed RGB data from DDS #5383 [radarhere]
* Sun Apr 04 2021 Arun Persaud <>
  - update to version 8.2.0:
    * Added getxmp() method #5144 [UrielMaD, radarhere]
    * Add ImageShow support for GraphicsMagick #5349 [latosha-maltba,
    * Do not load transparent pixels from subsequent GIF frames #5333
      [zewt, radarhere]
    * Use LZW encoding when saving GIF images #5291 [raygard]
    * Set all transparent colors to be equal in quantize() #5282
    * Allow PixelAccess to use Python __int__ when parsing x and y #5206
    * Removed Image._MODEINFO #5316 [radarhere]
    * Add preserve_tone option to autocontrast #5350 [elejke, radarhere]
    * Fixed linear_gradient and radial_gradient I and F modes #5274
    * Add support for reading TIFFs with PlanarConfiguration=2 #5364
      [kkopachev, wiredfool, nulano]
    * Deprecated categories #5351 [radarhere]
    * Do not premultiply alpha when resizing with Image.NEAREST
      resampling #5304 [nulano]
    * Dynamically link FriBiDi instead of Raqm #5062 [nulano]
    * Allow fewer PNG palette entries than the bit depth maximum when
      saving #5330 [radarhere]
    * Use duration from info dictionary when saving WebP #5338
    * Stop flattening EXIF IFD into getexif() #4947 [radarhere,
    * Replaced tiff_deflate with tiff_adobe_deflate compression when
      saving TIFF images #5343 [radarhere]
    * Save ICC profile from TIFF encoderinfo #5321 [radarhere]
    * Moved RGB fix inside ImageQt class #5268 [radarhere]
    * Allow alpha_composite destination to be negative #5313 [radarhere]
    * Ensure file is closed if it is opened by ImageQt.ImageQt #5260
    * Added ImageDraw rounded_rectangle method #5208 [radarhere]
    * Added IPythonViewer #5289 [radarhere, Kipkurui-mutai]
    * Only draw each rectangle outline pixel once #5183 [radarhere]
    * Use mmap instead of built-in Win32 mapper #5224 [radarhere,
    * Handle PCX images with an odd stride #5214 [radarhere]
    * Only read different sizes for "Large Thumbnail" MPO frames #5168
    * Added PyQt6 support #5258 [radarhere]
    * Changed formats parameter to be case-insensitive #5250
      [Piolie, radarhere]
    * Deprecate Tk/Tcl 8.4, to be removed in Pillow 10 (2023-01-02)
      [#5216] [radarhere]
    * Added tk version to pilinfo #5226 [radarhere, nulano]
    * Support for ignoring tests when running valgrind #5150 [wiredfool,
      radarhere, hugovk]
    * OSS-Fuzz support #5189 [wiredfool, radarhere]
* Mon Mar 08 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 8.1.2:
    - Fix Memory DOS in BLP (CVE-2021-27921), ICNS (CVE-2021-27922) and ICO (CVE-2021-27923) Image Plugins
* Wed Mar 03 2021 Adrian Schröter <>
  - Update to 8.1.1
    * CVE-2021-25289: The previous fix for CVE-2020-35654 was insufficent due to incorrect error checking in TiffDecode.c.
    * CVE-2021-25290: In TiffDecode.c, there is a negative-offset memcpy with an invalid size
    * CVE-2021-25291: In TiffDecode.c, invalid tile boundaries could lead to an OOB Read in TiffReadRGBATile
    * CVE-2021-25292: The PDF parser has a catastrophic backtracking regex that could be used as a DOS attack.
    * CVE-2021-25293: There is an Out of Bounds Read in SGIRleDecode.c, since pillow 4.3.0.
    There is an Exhaustion of Memory DOS in the ICNS, ICO, and BLP container formats where Pillow
    did not properly check the reported size of the contained image. These images could cause
    arbitrariliy large memory allocations. This was reported by Jiayi Lin, Luke Shaffer, Xinran Xie,
    and Akshay Ajayan of
    Other Changes
    A crash with the feature flags for LibJpeg and Webp on unreleased Python 3.10 has been fixed
* Thu Jan 28 2021 Oliver Kurz <>
  - Fix rpmlint warning about duplicate file definition
  - Fix package build by relying on %python_subpackages for Obsoletes/Conflicts (bsc#1181281)
* Sun Jan 24 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 8.1.0 (bsc#1180833, bsc#1180834, bsc#1180832):
    * Fix TIFF OOB Write error. CVE-2020-35654
    * Fix for Read Overflow in PCX Decoding. CVE-2020-35653
    * Fix for SGI Decode buffer overrun. CVE-2020-35655
    * Fix OOB Read when saving GIF of xsize=1
    * Makefile updates
    * Add support for PySide6
    * Use disposal settings from previous frame in APNG
    * Added exception explaining that _repr_png_ saves to PNG
    * Use previous disposal method in GIF load_end
    * Allow putpalette to accept 1024 integers to include alpha values
    * Fix OOB Read when writing TIFF with custom Metadata
    * Added append_images support for ICO
    * Fixed dereferencing potential null pointers
    * Deprecate FreeType 2.7
    * Moved warning to end of execution
    * Removed unused fromstring and tostring C methods
    * init() if one of the formats is unrecognised
    * Moved string_dimension CVE image to pillow-depends
    * Support raw rgba8888 for DDS
  - drop patches python-Pillow-tiff-4.2.0.patch
    python-Pillow-tiff-fix-oob-read.patch (upstream)



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