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libpng16-16-32bit-1.6.37-1.7 RPM for ppc64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64

Name: libpng16-16-32bit Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.6.37 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.7 Build date: Thu Feb 11 15:41:34 2021
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 329227 Source RPM: libpng16-1.6.37-1.7.src.rpm
Summary: Library for the Portable Network Graphics Format (PNG)
libpng is the official reference library for the Portable Network
Graphics format (PNG).






* Wed Apr 17 2019
  - make check actually works under asan
* Mon Apr 15 2019
  - version update to 1.6.37
    Fixed a use-after-free vulnerability (CVE-2019-7317) in png_image_free.
    Fixed a memory leak in the ARM NEON implementation of png_do_expand_palette.
    Fixed a memory leak in pngtest.c.
    Fixed two vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-14048, CVE-2018-14550) in
      contrib/pngminus; refactor.
    Changed the license of contrib/pngminus to MIT; refresh makefile and docs.
      (Contributed by Willem van Schaik)
    Added makefiles for AddressSanitizer-enabled builds.
  - deleted patches
    - libpng-arm-free.patch (upstreamed)
* Mon Jan 28 2019 Petr Gajdos <>
  - fix arm build [bsc#1121829]
    + libpng-arm-free.patch
* Mon Jan 14 2019 Petr Gajdos <>
  - asan_build: build ASAN included
  - debug_build: build more suitable for debugging, install pngcp
* Mon Dec 31 2018 Petr Gajdos <>
  - update to 1.6.36:
    Replaced the remaining uses of png_size_t with size_t (Cosmin)
      Fixed the calculation of row_factor in png_check_chunk_length
      (reported by Thuan Pham in SourceForge issue #278)
      Added missing parentheses to a macro definition
      (suggested by "irwir" in GitHub issue #216)
      Optimized png_do_expand_palette for ARM processors.
      Improved performance by around 10-22% on a recent ARM Chromebook.
      (Contributed by Richard Townsend, ARM Holdings)
      Fixed manipulation of machine-specific optimization options.
      (Contributed by Vicki Pfau)
      Used memcpy instead of manual pointer arithmetic on Intel SSE2.
      (Contributed by Samuel Williams)
      Fixed build errors with MSVC on ARM64.
      (Contributed by Zhijie Liang)
      Fixed detection of libm in CMakeLists.
      (Contributed by Cameron Cawley)
      Fixed incorrect creation of pkg-config file in CMakeLists.
      (Contributed by Kyle Bentley)
      Fixed the CMake build on Windows MSYS by avoiding symlinks.
      Fixed a build warning on OpenBSD.
      (Contributed by Theo Buehler)
      Fixed various typos in comments.
      (Contributed by "luz.paz")
      Raised the minimum required CMake version from 3.0.2 to 3.1.
      Removed yet more of the vestigial support for pre-ANSI C compilers.
      Removed ancient makefiles for ancient systems that have been broken
      across all previous libpng-1.6.x versions.
      Removed the Y2K compliance statement and the export control
      Applied various code style and documentation fixes.
  - removed patches
    * libpng16-CVE-2018-13785.patch (upstreamed)
  - cannot find upstream tarball signature, asked upstream for
* Wed Aug 01 2018
  - security update:
    * CVE-2018-13785 [bsc#1100687]
      + libpng16-CVE-2018-13785.patch
* Mon Feb 05 2018
  - %{libname} package provides libpng = %{version} again
* Wed Jan 31 2018
  - check with -j1
* Tue Jan 30 2018
  - Fix SRPM group and grammar issues.
* Tue Jan 30 2018
  - removed obsoleted Obsoletes
* Sun Jan 28 2018
  - update to 1.6.34:
    * Removed contrib/pngsuite/i*.png; some of these were incorrect
      and caused test failures.
  - includes 1.6.33:
    * Added PNGMINUS_UNUSED macro to contrib/pngminus/p*.c and added
      missing parenthesis in contrib/pngminus/pnm2png.c
    * Fixed off-by-one error in png_do_check_palette_indexes()
    * Initialize png_handler.row_ptr in
      to fix shortlived oss-fuzz issue 3234.
    * Compute a larger limit on IDAT because some applications write
      a deflate buffer for each row
    * Use current date (DATE) instead of release-date (RDATE) in last
      changed date of contrib/oss-fuzz files.
    * Enabled ARM support in CMakeLists.txt
    * Fixed incorrect typecast of some arguments to png_malloc() and
      png_calloc() that were png_uint_32 instead of png_alloc_size_t
    * Use pnglibconf.h.prebuilt when building for ANDROID with cmake
    * Initialize memory allocated by png_inflate to zero, using
      memset, to stop an oss-fuzz "use of uninitialized value"
      detection in png_set_text_2() due to truncated iTXt or zTXt
    * Initialize memory allocated by png_read_buffer to zero, using
      memset, to stop an oss-fuzz "use of uninitialized value"
      detection in png_icc_check_tag_table() due to truncated iCCP
    * Removed redundant tests
    * Added an interlaced version of each file in contrib/pngsuite.
    * Relocate new memset() call in pngrutil.c
    * Add support for loading images with associated alpha in the
      Simplified API
    * Revert contrib/oss-fuzz/ to libpng-1.6.32
    * Initialize png_handler.row_ptr in
    * Add end_info structure and png_read_end() to the libpng fuzzer
  - includes 1.6.32:
    * Avoid possible NULL dereference in png_handle_eXIf when
      benign_errors are allowed. Avoid leaking the input buffer
    * Eliminated png_ptr->num_exif member from pngstruct.h and added
      num_exif to arguments for png_get_eXIf() and png_set_eXIf().
    * Added calls to png_handle_eXIf(() in pngread.c and
      png_write_eXIf() in pngwrite.c, and made various other fixes
      to png_write_eXIf().
    * Changed name of png_get_eXIF and png_set_eXIf() to
      png_get_eXIf_1() and png_set_eXIf_1(), respectively, to avoid
      breaking API compatibility with libpng-1.6.31.
    * Updated contrib/libtests/pngunknown.c with eXIf chunk.
    * Initialized btoa[] in pngstest.c
    * Stop memory leak when returning from png_handle_eXIf() with an
    * Replaced local eXIf_buf with info_ptr-eXIf_buf in png_handle_eXIf().
    * Update libpng.3 and libpng-manual.txt about eXIf functions.
    * Restored png_get_eXIf() and png_set_eXIf() to maintain API
    * Removed png_get_eXIf_1() and png_set_eXIf_1().
    * Check length of all chunks except IDAT against user limit to
      fix an OSS-fuzz issue (Fixes CVE-2017-12652)
    * Check length of IDAT against maximum possible IDAT size,
      accounting for height, rowbytes, interlacing and zlib/deflate
    * Restored png_get_eXIf_1() and png_set_eXIf_1(), because
      strlen(eXIf_buf) does not work (the eXIf chunk data can
      contain zeroes).
    * Revised symlink creation, no longer using deprecated cmake
      LOCATION feature
    * Fixed five-byte error in the calculation of IDAT maximum
      possible size.
    * Moved chunk-length check into a png_check_chunk_length()
      private function
    * Moved bad pngs from tests to contrib/libtests/crashers
    * Moved testing of bad pngs into a separate
      tests/pngtest-badpngs script
    * Added the --xfail (expected FAIL) option to pngtest.c. It
      writes XFAIL in the output but PASS for the libpng test.
    * Require cmake-3.0.2 in CMakeLists.txt
    * Fix "const" declaration info_ptr argument to png_get_eXIf_1()
      and the num_exif argument to png_get_eXIf_1()
    * Added "eXIf" to "chunks_to_ignore[]" in png_set_keep_unknown_chunks().
    * Added huge_IDAT.png and empty_ancillary_chunks.png to
    * Make pngtest --strict, --relax, --xfail options imply -m
    * Removed unused chunk_name parameter from png_check_chunk_length().
    * Relocated setting free_me for eXIf data, to stop an OSS-fuzz'
    * Initialize profile_header[] in png_handle_iCCP() to fix
      OSS-fuzz issue.
    * Initialize png_ptr->row_buf[0] to 255 in png_read_row() to fix
      OSS-fuzz UMR.
    * Attempt to fix a UMR in png_set_text_2() to fix OSS-fuzz issue.
    * Increase minimum zlib stream from 9 to 14 in png_handle_iCCP(),
      to account for the minimum 'deflate' stream, and relocate the
      test to a point after the keyword has been read.
    * Check that the eXIf chunk has at least 2 bytes and begins with
      "II" or "MM".
    * Added a set of "huge_xxxx_chunk.png" files to
      contrib/testpngs/crashers, one for each known chunk type, with
      length = 2GB-1.
    * Check for 0 return from png_get_rowbytes() and added some
      (size_t) typecasts in contrib/pngminus/*.c to stop some Coverity
      issues (162705, 162706, and 162707).
    * Renamed chunks in contrib/testpngs/crashers to avoid having
      files whose names differ only in case; this causes problems with
      some platforms
    * Added contrib/oss-fuzz directory which contains files used by
      the oss-fuzz project
  - cleanup with spec-cleaner
* Mon Aug 07 2017
  - update to 1.6.31:
    * Guard the definition of _POSIX_SOURCE in pngpriv.h.
    * Revised pngpriv.h to work around failure to compile
    * Added "Requires: zlib" to
    * Added special case for FreeBSD in arm/filter_neon.S.
    * Changed "int" to "png_size_t" in intel/filter_sse2.c to prevent
      possible integer overflow.
    * Added eXIf chunk support.
  - remove upstreamed
* Wed Jul 19 2017
  - Drop png-version-info-only.patch, it has no effect after applying
    Both patches achieve the same, prefer the upstream version
* Fri Jul 14 2017
  - Add 0001-libpng16-Revised-pngpriv.h-to-use-PNG_VERSION_INFO_O.patch
    Fix build on ARM
* Mon Jul 10 2017
  - png-version-info-only.patch: fix missing PNG_VERSION_INFO_ONLY check
* Fri Jun 30 2017
  - update to 1.6.30:
    Revised documentation of png_get_error_ptr() in the libpng manual.
    Document need to check for integer overflow when allocating a pixel
      buffer for multiple rows in contrib/gregbook, contrib/pngminus,
      example.c, and in the manual (suggested by Jaeseung Choi). This
      is similar to the bug reported against pngquant in CVE-2016-5735.
    Check for integer overflow in contrib/visupng and contrib/tools/genpng.
    Do not double evaluate CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR in CMakeLists.txt.
    Avoid writing an empty IDAT when the last IDAT exactly fills the
      compression buffer (bug report by Brian Baird).  This bug was
      introduced in libpng-1.6.0.
    Add a reference to the site in README.
* Thu Mar 16 2017
  - update to 1.6.29:
    Moved SSE2 optimization code into the main libpng source directory.
      Configure libpng with "configure --enable-intel-sse" or compile
      libpng with "-DPNG_INTEL_SSE" in CPPFLAGS to enable it.
    Added code for PowerPC VSX optimisation (Vadim Barkov).
    Avoid potential overflow of shift operations in png_do_expand() (Aaron Boxer).
* Fri Jan 06 2017
  - update to 1.6.28: fix build issues
* Mon Jan 02 2017
  - update to 1.6.27: fixes CVE-2016-10087
* Thu Oct 20 2016
  - update to 1.6.26:
    Fixed handling zero length IDAT in pngfix (bug report by Agostino Sarubbo,
      bugfix by John Bowler).
    Do not issue a png_error() on read in png_set_pCAL() because
      png_handle_pCAL has allocated memory that libpng needs to free.
    Issue a png_benign_error instead of a png_error on ADLER32 mismatch
      while decoding compressed data chunks.
    Changed PNG_ZLIB_VERNUM to ZLIB_VERNUM in pngpriv.h, pngstruct.h, and
    If CRC handling of critical chunks has been set to PNG_CRC_QUIET_USE,
      ignore the ADLER32 checksum in the IDAT chunk as well as the chunk CRCs.
    Issue png_benign_error() on ADLER32 checksum mismatch instead of
    Updated the documentation about CRC and ADLER32 handling.
    Fixed offsets in contrib/intel/intel_sse.patch
    Changed integer constant 4294967294 to unsigned 4294967294U in pngconf.h
      to avoid a signed/unsigned compare in the preprocessor.
    Use zlib- inflateValidate() instead of inflateReset2() to
      optionally avoid ADLER32 evaluation.
* Thu Sep 01 2016
  - update to 1.6.25:
    Reject oversized iCCP profile immediately.
    Conditionally compile png_inflate().
    Don't install pngcp; it conflicts with pngcp in the pngtools package.
    Added MIPS support (Mandar Sahastrabuddhe <
* Thu Aug 04 2016
  - update to 1.6.24:
    Avoid potential overflow of the PNG_IMAGE_SIZE macro.
    Correct filter heuristic overflow handling.
    Use a more efficient absolute value calculation on SSE2.
    Added pngcp.
    etc. see ANNOUNCE
* Wed Aug 03 2016
  - Update to new upstream release 1.6.23
    * Fixes a potential memleak in png_set_tRNS.
    * Fixed the progressive reader to handle empty first IDAT
      chunk properly.
    * Added tests in pngvalid.c to check zero-length IDAT chunks
      in various positions.
    * Fixed the sequential reader to handle these more robustly.
    * Corrected progressive read input buffer in pngvalid.c.
    * Moved sse2 prototype from pngpriv.h to
    * Fixed undefined behavior in png_push_save_buffer().
      Do not call memcpy() with a null source, even if count is zero.
    * Fixed bad link to RFC2083 in png.5.
* Thu May 26 2016
  - update to 1.6.22:
    Added a png_image_write_to_memory() API and a number of assist macros
      to allow an application that uses the simplified API write to bypass
      stdio and write directly to memory.
    Relaxed limit checks on gamma values in pngrtran.c. As suggested in
      the comments gamma values outside the range currently permitted
      by png_set_alpha_mode are useful for HDR data encoding.  These values
      are already permitted by png_set_gamma so it is reasonable caution to
      extend the png_set_alpha_mode range as HDR imaging systems are starting
      to emerge.
    Restored "& 0xff" in png_save_uint_16() and png_save_uint_32() that
      were accidentally removed from libpng-1.6.17.
    Changed PNG_INFO_cHNK and PNG_FREE_cHNK from 0xnnnn to 0xnnnnU in png.h
      (Robert C. Seacord).
    Added INTEL-SSE2 support (Mike Klein and Matt Sarett, Google, Inc.).
    SSE filter speed improvements for bpp=3:
      memcpy-free implementations of load3() / store3().
    Added PNG_FAST_FILTERS macro (defined as
* Sun Jan 17 2016
  - Update to new upstream release 1.6.21
    * Widened the 'limit' check on the internally calculated error limits in
    the 'DIGITIZE' case (the code used prior to 1.7 for rgb_to_gray error
    checks) and changed the check to only operate in non-release builds
    (base build type not RC or RELEASE.)
    * Fixed undefined behavior in pngvalid.c, undefined because
    (png_byte) << shift is undefined if it changes the signed bit
    (because png_byte is promoted to int). The libpng exported functions
    png_get_uint_32 and png_get_uint_16 handle this.
* Thu Dec 03 2015
  - update to 1.6.20:
    Avoid potential pointer overflow/underflow in png_handle_sPLT() and
      png_handle_pCAL() (Bug report by John Regehr).
    Fixed incorrect implementation of png_set_PLTE() that uses png_ptr
      not info_ptr, that left png_set_PLTE() open to the CVE-2015-8126
    Backported tests from libpng-1.7.0beta69.
    Fixed an error in handling of bad zlib CMINFO field in pngfix, found by
      American Fuzzy Lop, reported by Brian Carpenter.  inflate() doesn't
      immediately fault a bad CMINFO field; instead a 'too far back' error
      happens later (at least some times).  pngfix failed to limit CMINFO to
      the allowed values but then assumed that window_bits was in range,
      triggering an assert. The bug is mostly harmless; the PNG file cannot
      be fixed.
    In libpng 1.6 zlib initialization was changed to use the window size
      in the zlib stream, not a fixed value. This causes some invalid images,
      where CINFO is too large, to display 'correctly' if the rest of the
      data is valid.  This provides a workaround for zlib versions where the
      error arises (ones that support the API change to use the window size
      in the stream).
* Fri Nov 13 2015
  - update to 1.6.19:
    Fixed potential leak of png_pixels in contrib/pngminus/pnm2png.c
    Fixed uninitialized variable in contrib/gregbook/rpng2-x.c
    Fixed the recently reported 1's complement security issue.
    Fixed png_save_int_32 when int is not 2's complement by replacing
      the value that is illegal in the PNG spec, in both signed and
      unsigned values, with 0.
    etc., see ANNOUNCE and CHANGES for details
  - removed: libpng-rgb_to_gray-checks.patch (upstreamed)
* Fri Aug 07 2015
  - drop unknown configure switch
* Wed Apr 01 2015
  - Fixed rgb_to_gray checks and added tRNS checks to pngvalid.c.
    + libpng-rgb_to_gray-checks.patch
* Mon Mar 30 2015
  - updated to 1.6.17:
    Corrected the width limit calculation in png_check_IHDR().
    Removed user limits from pngfix. Also pass NULL pointers to
      png_read_row to skip the unnecessary row de-interlace stuff.
    Implement previously untested cases of libpng transforms in pngvalid.c
    Fixed byte order in 2-byte filler, in png_do_read_filler().
    Made the check for out-of-range values in png_set_tRNS() detect
      values that are exactly 2^bit_depth, and work on 16-bit platforms.
    Merged some parts of libpng-1.6.17beta01 and libpng-1.7.0beta47.
    Added #ifndef __COVERITY__ where needed in png.c, pngrutil.c and
      pngset.c to avoid warnings about dead code.
    Do not build png_product2() when it is unused.
    Display user limits in the output from pngtest.
    Eliminated the PNG_SAFE_LIMITS macro and restored the 1-million-column
      and 1-million-row default limits in pnglibconf.dfa, that can be reset
      by the user at build time or run time.  This provides a more robust
      defense against DOS and as-yet undiscovered overflows.
    Allow user to call png_get_IHDR() with NULL arguments (Reuben Hawkins).
    Moved png_set_filter() prototype into a PNG_WRITE_SUPPORTED block
      of png.h.
    Free the unknown_chunks structure even when it contains no data.
    Fixed simplified 8-bit-linear to sRGB alpha. The calculated alpha
      value was wrong.  It's not clear if this affected the final stored
      value; in the obvious code path the upper and lower 8-bits of the
      alpha value were identical and the alpha was truncated to 8-bits
      rather than dividing by 257 (John Bowler).
* Tue Jan 13 2015
  - build with PNG_SAFE_LIMITS_SUPPORTED [bnc#912076], [bnc#912929]
* Mon Dec 29 2014
  - updated to 1.6.16:
    * Restored a test on width that was removed from png.c at libpng-1.6.9
      (Bug report by Alex Eubanks).
    * Fixed an overflow in png_combine_row with very wide interlaced images.
* Thu Nov 20 2014
  - updated to 1.6.15:
    * Avoid out-of-bounds memory access in png_user_version_check().
    * Fixed incorrect handling of the iTXt compression.
    * Free all allocated memory in pngimage.
    * Fixed array size calculations to avoid warnings.
    etc. see ANNOUNCE
* Fri Aug 22 2014
  - updated to 1.6.13: a "cleanup" release that have no security
    fixes or new features.
* Thu Jun 12 2014
  - updated to 1.6.12:
    * bugfixes, almost build-related only
* Fri Jun 06 2014
  - updated to 1.6.11:
    * fixed CVE-2014-0333
    * other bugfixes
  - removed libpng16-1.6.9-CVE-2014-0333.patch (upstreamed)
* Tue Mar 04 2014
  - fixed CVE-2014-0333 [bnc#866298]
  - added patches:
    * libpng16-1.6.6-CVE-2014-0333.patch
* Fri Feb 07 2014
  - updated to 1.6.9:
    Bookkeeping: Moved functions around (no changes). Moved transform
      function definitions before the place where they are called so that
      they can be masde static. Move the intrapixel functions and the
      grayscale palette builder out of the png?tran.c files. The latter
      isn't a transform function and is no longer used internally, and the
      former MNG specific functions are better placed in pngread/pngwrite.c
    Made transform implementation functions static. This makes the internal
      functions called by png_do_{read|write}_transformations static. On an
      x86-64 DLL build (Gentoo Linux) this reduces the size of the text
      segment of the DLL by 1208 bytes, about 0.6%. It also simplifies
      maintenance by removing the declarations from pngpriv.h and allowing
      easier changes to the internal interfaces.
    Rebuilt configure scripts with automake-1.14.1 and autoconf-2.69
      in the tar distributions.
    Added checks for libpng 1.5 to pngvalid.c.  This supports the use of
      this version of pngvalid in libpng 1.5
    Merged with pngvalid.c from libpng-1.7 changes to create a single
    Merged pngrio.c, pngtrans.c, pngwio.c, and pngerror.c with libpng-1.7.0
    Merged libpng-1.7.0 changes to make no-interlace configurations work
      with test programs.
    Revised pngvalid.c to support libpng 1.5, which does not support the
      PNG_MAXIMUM_INFLATE_WINDOW option, so #define it out when appropriate
      in pngvalid.c
    Allow unversioned links created on install to be disabled in configure.
      In configure builds 'make install' changes/adds links like png.h
      and libpng.a to point to the newly installed, versioned, files (e.g.
      libpng17/png.h and libpng17.a). Three new configure options and some
      rearrangement of allow creation of these links to be
    Removed potentially misleading warning from png_check_IHDR().
    Updated scripts/makefile.* to use CPPFLAGS (Cosmin).
    Added clang attribute support (Cosmin).
* Fri Dec 20 2013
  - updated to 1.6.8:
    Changed #ifdef PNG_HANDLE_AS_UNKNOWN_SUPPORTED in pngpread.c to
      [#]ifdef PNG_SET_UNKNOWN_CHUNKS_SUPPORTED to be consistent with
      what is in pngpriv.h.
    Moved prototype for png_handle_unknown() in pngpriv.h outside of
      the #ifdef PNG_SET_UNKNOWN_CHUNKS_SUPPORTED/#endif block.
    Enabled WRITE_INVERT and WRITE_PACK in contrib/pngminim/encoder.
    Fixed pngvalid 'fail' function declaration on the Intel C Compiler.
      This reverts to the previous 'static' implementation and works round
      the 'unused static function' warning by using PNG_UNUSED().
    Handle zero-length PLTE chunk or NULL palette with png_error()
      instead of png_chunk_report(), which by default issues a warning
      rather than an error, leading to later reading from a NULL pointer
      (png_ptr->palette) in png_do_expand_palette(). This is CVE-2013-6954
      and VU#650142.
* Mon Dec 02 2013
  - png_fix macro doesn't leave *.png.fixed (which happened for correct
    PNGs) [bnc#852862]
* Fri Nov 15 2013
  - updated to 1.6.7:
    * Revised unknown chunk code to correct several bugs in the
      NO_SAVE_/NO_WRITE combination
    * Check user callback behavior in pngunknown.c. Previous versions
      compiled if SAVE_UNKNOWN was not available but did nothing since the
      callback was never implemented.
    * Merged pngunknown.c with 1.7 version and back ported 1.7
    * Revised pngvalid to generate size images with as many filters as
      it can manage, limited by the number of rows.
    * ARM improvements/fixes
* Wed Sep 25 2013
  - updated to 1.6.6:
    * fix arm build
* Thu Sep 12 2013
  - updated to 1.6.4:
    * Added information about png_set_options() to the manual.
    * Delay calling png_init_filter_functions() until a row with nonzero
      filter is found.
    * Fixed inconsistent conditional compilation of
      png_chunk_unknown_handling() prototype, definition, and usage.
      Made it depend on PNG_HANDLE_AS_UNKNOWN_SUPPORTED everywhere.
* Fri Aug 30 2013
  - remove gpg-offline usage, libpng16 is too low in the build chain
* Thu Aug 08 2013
  - png-fix-too-far-back was actually renamed to pngfix. Adjusted rpm
    macro names accordingly, %png_fix and %png_fix_dir.
* Tue Aug 06 2013
  - updated to 1.6.3:
    * Added png-fix-itxt and png-fix-too-far-back to the built programs and
      removed warnings from the source code and timepng that are revealed as
      a result.
    => new subpackage tools, created rpm macros
* Fri Jun 21 2013
  - Build with LFS_CFLAGS in 32 bit archs otherwise calls such
    as png_image_begin_read_from_file() or png_image_write_to_file()
    will fail to read/write huge images.
  - Build with Full RELRO as this library is a possible consumer
    of malicuous images/files.
* Fri Apr 26 2013
  - updated to 1.6.2:
    Updated documentation of 1.5.x to 1.6.x changes in iCCP chunk handling.
    Fixed incorrect warning of excess deflate data. End condition - the
      warning would be produced if the end of the deflate stream wasn't read
      in the last row.  The warning is harmless.
    Corrected the test on user transform changes on read. It was in the
      png_set of the transform function, but that doesn't matter unless the
      transform function changes the rowbuf size, and that is only valid if
      transform_info is called.
    Corrected a misplaced closing bracket in contrib/libtests/pngvalid.c
      (Flavio Medeiros).
    Corrected length written to uncompressed iTXt chunks (Samuli Suominen).
    Added contrib/tools/fixitxt.c, to repair the erroneous iTXt chunk length
      written by libpng-1.6.0 and 1.6.1.
    Disallow storing sRGB information when the sRGB is not supported.
    Merge pngtest.c with libpng-1.7.0
* Tue Apr 02 2013
  - conflict with libpng12-compat-devel-32bit and libpng15-compat-devel-32bit
* Thu Mar 28 2013
  - updated to 1.6.1:
    Made sRGB check numbers consistent.
    Use parentheses more consistently in "#if defined(MACRO)" tests.
    Reenabled code to allow zero length PLTE chunks for MNG.
    Fixed ALIGNED_MEMORY support.
    Avoid a possible memory leak in contrib/gregbook/readpng.c
    Better documentation of unknown handling API interactions.
    Corrected simplified API default gamma for color-mapped output, added
      a flag to change default. In 1.6.0 when the simplified API was used
      to produce color-mapped output from an input image with no gamma
      information the gamma assumed for the input could be different from
      that assumed for non-color-mapped output.  In particular 16-bit depth
      input files were assumed to be sRGB encoded, whereas in the 'direct'
      case they were assumed to have linear data.  This was an error.  The
      fix makes the simplified API treat all input files the same way and
      adds a new flag to the png_image::flags member to allow the
      application/user to specify that 16-bit files contain sRGB data
      rather than the default linear.
    etc., see ANNOUNCE or CHANGES for details
  - dropped upstreamed
* Mon Mar 18 2013
  - allow zero length PLTE chunks
    (fixes GraphicsMagick testsuite)
* Mon Mar 04 2013
  - remove clean section
* Thu Feb 14 2013
  - updated to 1.6.0
  - changes from 1.5.x to 1.6.x:
    * new simplified api added:
      read functions
      write functions
    * possibility to configure libpng to prefix all exported symbols
      (PNG_PREFIX macro)
    * no longer include string.h in png.h
    * deprecated api:
      png_convert_to_rfc1123() which has been replaced
      with png_convert_to_rfc1123_buffer()
    * removed api:
    * signatures of many exported functions were changed, such that
      png_structp became png_structrp or png_const_structrp
      png_infop became png_inforp or png_const_inforp
      where "rp" indicates a "restricted pointer".
  - for more details see section XII of libpng-manual.txt or ANNOUNCE
* Mon Jan 14 2013
  - updated to 1.6.0beta37
* Tue Nov 20 2012
  - updated to 1.6.0beta31
* Wed Oct 24 2012
  - Add missing baselib requires for compat-devel-32bit
* Mon Oct 15 2012
  - updated to 1.6.0beta29
* Wed Jul 11 2012
  - updated to 1.6.0beta26
* Fri Jun 15 2012
  - updated to 1.6.0beta24
* Thu Mar 29 2012
  - updated to 1.6.0beta20
* Wed Mar 14 2012
  - updated to 1.6.0beta17
* Mon Feb 20 2012
  - updated to 1.6.0beta12
* Mon Jan 09 2012
  - updated to 1.6.0beta04
* Mon Dec 19 2011
  - updated to 1.5.7:
    Added support for ARM processor (Mans Rullgard)
    Fixed bug in pngvalid on early allocation failure; fixed type cast in
      pngmem.c; pngvalid would attempt to call png_error() if the allocation
      of a png_struct or png_info failed. This would probably have led to a
      crash.  The pngmem.c implementation of png_malloc() included a cast
      to png_size_t which would fail on large allocations on 16-bit systems.
    Fix for the preprocessor of the Intel C compiler. The preprocessor
      splits adjacent @ signs with a space; this changes the concatentation
      token from @-@-@ to PNG_JOIN; that should work with all compiler
    Paeth filter speed improvements from work by Siarhei Siamashka. This
      changes the 'Paeth' reconstruction function to improve the GCC code
      generation on x86. The changes are only part of the suggested ones;
      just the changes that definitely improve speed and remain simple.
      The changes also slightly increase the clarity of the code.
    Check compression_type parameter in png_get_iCCP and remove spurious
      casts. The compression_type parameter is always assigned to, so must
      be non-NULL. The cast of the profile length potentially truncated the
      value unnecessarily on a 16-bit int system, so the cast of the (byte)
      compression type to (int) is specified by ANSI-C anyway.
    Fixed FP division by zero in pngvalid.c; the 'test_pixel' code left
      the sBIT fields in the test pixel as 0, which resulted in a floating
      point division by zero which was irrelevant but causes systems where
      FP exceptions cause a crash. Added code to pngvalid to turn on FP
      exceptions if the appropriate glibc support is there to ensure this is
      tested in the future.
    Updated scripts/pnglibconf.mak and scripts/makefile.std to handle the
      new PNG_JOIN macro.
    Added versioning to pnglibconf.h comments.
    Simplified read/write API initial version; basic read/write tested on
      a variety of images, limited documentation (in the header file.)
    Installed more accurate linear to sRGB conversion tables. The slightly
      modified tables reduce the number of 16-bit values that
      convert to an off-by-one 8-bit value.  The "makesRGB.c" code that was used
      to generate the tables is now in a contrib/sRGBtables sub-directory.
    etc. see CHANGES
* Thu Dec 01 2011
  - Name field shouldn't contain a macro
* Thu Dec 01 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Thu Nov 03 2011
  - updated to 1.5.6:
    Fixed some 64-bit type conversion warnings in pngrtran.c
    Moved row_info from png_struct to a local variable.
    The various interlace mask arrays have been made into arrays of
      bytes and made PNG_CONST and static (previously some arrays were
      marked PNG_CONST and some weren't).
    Additional checks have been added to the transform code to validate the
      pixel depths after the transforms on both read and write.
    Removed some redundant code from pngwrite.c, in png_desgtroy_write_struct().
    Changed chunk reading/writing code to use png_uint_32 instead of png_byte[4].
      This removes the need to allocate temporary strings for chunk names on
      the stack in the read/write code.  Unknown chunk handling still uses the
      string form because this is exposed in the API.
    Added a note in the manual the png_read_update_info() must be called only
      once with a particular info_ptr.
    Revised to report FAIL when pngtest fails.
    Added "--strict" option to pngtest, to report FAIL when the failure is
      only because the resulting valid files are different.
    Revised CMakeLists.txt to work with mingw and removed some material from
      CMakeLists.txt that is no longer useful in libpng-1.5.
    Fixed typo in and ("-M Wl" should be "-M -Wl")."
    Speed up png_combine_row() for interlaced images. This reduces the generality
      of the code, allowing it to be optimized for Adam7 interlace.  The masks
      passed to png_combine_row() are now generated internally, avoiding
      some code duplication and localizing the interlace handling somewhat.
    Align png_struct::row_buf - previously it was always unaligned, caused by
      a bug in the code that attempted to align it; the code needs to subtract
      one from the pointer to take account of the filter byte prepended to
      each row.
    Optimized png_combine_row() when rows are aligned. This gains a small
      percentage for 16-bit and 32-bit pixels in the typical case where the
      output row buffers are appropriately aligned. The optimization was not
      previously possible because the png_struct buffer was always misaligned.
    Removed two redundant tests for unitialized row.
    Fixed a relatively harmless memory overwrite in compressed text writing
      with a 1 byte zlib buffer.
    Add ability to call png_read_update_info multiple times to pngvalid.c
    Fixes for multiple calls to png_read_update_info. These fixes attend to
      most of the errors revealed in pngvalid, however doing the gamma work
      twice results in inaccuracies that can't be easily fixed.  There is now
      a warning in the code if this is going to happen.
    Turned on multiple png_read_update_info in pngvalid transform tests.
    Prevent libpng from overwriting unused bits at the end of the image when
      it is not byte aligned, while reading. Prior to libpng-1.5.6 libpng would
      overwrite the partial byte at the end of each row if the row width was not
      an exact multiple of 8 bits and the image is not interlaced.
    Made png_ptr->prev_row an aligned pointer into png_ptr->big_prev_row
      (Mans Rullgard).
    Changed misleading "Missing PLTE before cHRM" warning to "Out of place cHRM"
    Added PNG_LSR() and PNG_LSL() macros to defend against buggy compilers that
      evaluate non-taken code branches and complain about out-of-range shifts.
    Renamed the local variable 'byte' because it appears in a MSYS header
    Added #define PNG_ALIGN_TYPE PNG_ALIGN_NONE to contrib/pngminim/*/pngusr.h
* Mon Sep 26 2011
  - updated to 1.5.5, fixes:
    * CVE-2011-3328 [bnc#720017]
* Tue Jul 26 2011
  - updated to 1.5.4, fixes:
    * CVE-2011-2501 [bnc#702578]
    * CVE-2011-2690 [bnc#706387]
    * CVE-2011-2691 [bnc#706388]
    * CVE-2011-2692 [bnc#706389]
* Thu Mar 31 2011
  - updated to 1.5.2:
    * Turned on interlace handling in png_read_png().
    * Fixed gcc pendantic warnings.
    * Fixed png_get_current_row_number() in the interlaced case.
    * Cleaned up ALPHA flags and transformations.
    * Implemented expansion to 16 bits.
    * etc, see
* Thu Feb 03 2011
  - updated to 1.5.1: new branch shortly after 1.4, many structural
    changes, see CHANGELOG or
* Thu Sep 30 2010
  - updated to 1.4.4:
    * Eliminated another deprecated reference to png_ptr->io_ptr in pngtest.c
    * Updated the xcode project to work with libpng-1.4.x and added iOS targets
      for simulator and device (Philippe Hausler).
    * Eliminated a deprecated reference to png_ptr->io_ptr in pngtest.c
    * Removed unused png_mem_* defines from pngconf.h.
    * Updated the read macros and functions from 1.5.0beta38.
* Mon Aug 30 2010
  - fix baselibs.conf after previous change
* Thu Jul 29 2010
  - add devel packages to baselbis.conf [bnc#625883]
* Mon Jun 28 2010
  - updated to 1.4.3: fixed libpng overflow (CVE-2010-1205)
    and memory leak [bnc#617866]
* Fri Jun 04 2010
  - remove devel packages from baselibs.conf, not convinced of
    their usefulness
* Mon May 03 2010
  - also obsolete libpng-devel-1.2.43 (previous factory version)
* Sat Apr 24 2010
  - buildrequire pkg-config to fix provides
* Thu Apr 15 2010
  - support png_read_dither() for xfig and transfig
    * read-dither.patch
* Tue Apr 06 2010
  - fix baselibs.conf
* Thu Mar 25 2010
  - updated to 1.4.1 -- new branch
* Thu Feb 25 2010
  - updated to 1.2.43 (fixes [bnc#585403]):
    * Removed "#define PNG_NO_ERROR_NUMBERS" that was inadvertently added
      to pngconf.h in version 1.2.41.
    * Removed leftover "-DPNG_CONFIGURE_LIBPNG" from scripts/makefile.darwin
      and contrib/pngminim/*/makefile
    * Relocated png_do_chop() to its original position in pngrtran.c; the
      change in version 1.2.41beta08 caused transparency to be handled wrong
      in some 16-bit datastreams (Yusaku Sugai).
    * Renamed back to and revised CMakeLists.txt
      (revising changes made in 1.2.41)
      in pngset.c to be consistent with other changes in version 1.2.38.
    * Avoid deprecated references to png_ptr-io_ptr and png_ptr->error_ptr
      in pngtest.c
* Mon Dec 14 2009
  - add baselibs.conf as a source
* Mon Dec 07 2009
  - updated to 1.2.41:
    contains numerous cleanups, some new compile-time warnings about
    direct struct access (define PNG_NO_PEDANTIC_WARNINGS to enable),
    a new xcode build project, and a minor performance improvement
    (avoid building 16-bit gamma tables when not needed)
* Tue Nov 24 2009
  - updated to 1.2.40:
    Removed an extra png_debug() recently added to png_write_find_filter().
    Fixed incorrect #ifdef in pngset.c regarding unknown chunk support.
    Various bugfixes and improvements to CMakeLists.txt (Philip Lowman)
* Tue Nov 03 2009
  - updated patches to apply with fuzz=0
* Thu Aug 13 2009
  - updated to 1.2.39:
    * Added a prototype for png_64bit_product() in png.c
    * Avoid a possible NULL dereference in debug build,
      in png_set_text_2()
    * Relocated new png_64_bit_product() prototype into png.h
    * Replaced *.tar.lzma with *.txz in distribution.
    * Reject attempt to write iCCP chunk with negative embedded
      profile length.
* Mon Jul 20 2009
  - updated to 1.2.38:
    * Revised libpng*.txt and libpng.3 to mention calling png_set_IHDR()
      multiple times and to specify the sample order in the tRNS chunk,
      because the ISO PNG specification has a typo in the tRNS table.
    * Changed several PNG_UNKNOWN_CHUNK_SUPPORTED to
      PNG_HANDLE_AS_UNKNOWN_SUPPORTED, to make the png_set_keep mechanism
      available for ignoring known chunks even when not saving unknown chunks.
    * Adopted preference for consistent use of "#ifdef" and "#ifndef" versus
      "#if defined()" and "if !defined()" where possible.
      pngconf.h, and moved the various unknown chunk macro definitions
* Thu Jun 04 2009
  - updated to 1.2.37:
    * fixed bug with new png_memset() of the big_row_buffer
* Tue May 12 2009
  - updated to 1.2.36 (see CHANGES)
* Mon Feb 23 2009
  - fixes possible double free [bnc#472745]
* Mon Jan 19 2009
  - updated to 1.2.34:
    * fixes CVE-2008-3964 (removed CVE-2008-3964.patch)
* Tue Jan 13 2009
  - obsolete old -XXbit packages (bnc#437293)
* Mon Sep 15 2008
  - fixed CVE-2008-3964 [bnc#424739]
    * CVE-2008-3964.patch
* Thu Sep 11 2008
  - updated to version 1.2.31:
    * coding bugfixes and enhancements
* Mon Sep 01 2008
  - Do not package la files.
* Mon Jun 23 2008
  - updated to 1.2.29:
    * fixes to the configure-related build-scripts
    * security fix that affects programs that attempt to do
      special handling of unknown PNG chunks (presumably very
      few such programs), along with a reversion to previous
      behavior for handling of images with out-of-range tRNS-chunk
      values [bnc#378634]
    * fix for unintentional gray-to-RGB conversion in
    * various other minor fixes
  - removed makefile-am.patch, issue fixed upstream
* Sun May 11 2008
  - fix rename of xxbit packages
* Tue Apr 22 2008
  - $(ECHO) substituted by echo in -- fixes package
    build in beta (makefile-am.patch)
* Thu Apr 10 2008
  - added baselibs.conf file to build xxbit packages
    for multilib support
* Thu Apr 03 2008
  - updated to 1.2.26:
    * fixed minor coding errors that could lead to crashes in
      exceptional cases
* Thu Dec 06 2007
  - added provides/obsoletes for the old package
* Fri Nov 30 2007
  - updated to 1.2.23:
    * more sanity checks, fixes [#332249]
  - adjusted to Shared Library Policy:
    * renamed package libpng to libpng12-0
    * created compatibility package libpng3
* Wed Jul 11 2007
  - updated to 1.2.18:
    * security fixes merged upstream
* Thu Mar 29 2007
  - Add zlib-devel to BuildRequires.
* Thu Nov 23 2006
  - fixed crash on malformed sPLT chunks CVE-2006-5793 [#219007]
* Mon Jul 17 2006
  - make sure PNG_NO_ASSEMBLER_CODE is used consistently
* Thu Jun 29 2006
  - updated to 1.2.12:
    * fixed possible buffer overflow [#189241]
* Wed Jun 21 2006
  - updated to 1.2.10:
    * use autoconf
    * many bugfixes
  - libpng12-config no longer gives -Wl,-rpath,/usr/lib [#168627]
  - spec file cleanup
* Fri Feb 24 2006
  - removed libpng-64bit.diff [#153106]
* Wed Jan 25 2006
  - converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Thu Jan 12 2006
  - compile with -fstack-protector
* Mon Oct 10 2005
  - fixed incorrect inline asm usage
* Thu May 19 2005
  - fix libdir in pkgconfig file libpng.pc
* Thu Jan 20 2005
  - updated to 1.2.8:
    * fixed crash of applications that strip the alpha channel
    * fixed invalid zlib header within the PNG datastream
* Mon Sep 27 2004
  -  fixed problem with wrong assumption for long on 64bit archs
    which prevents khunphan from working (#45738)
* Wed Aug 25 2004
  - Avoid /bin/sh PreRequires
* Mon Aug 16 2004
  - updated to 1.2.6: included security fixes
* Mon Jul 19 2004
  - fixed several buffer overflows [#43008]
* Wed Jun 16 2004
  - added missing part of pngtran overflow patch [#42043]
* Fri Apr 23 2004
  - fixed reading behind end of string [#39180]
* Sat Jan 10 2004
  - build as user
* Fri Oct 10 2003
  - add %run_ldconfig
* Mon Apr 07 2003
  - fix tail calling syntax
* Mon Feb 10 2003
  - link the shared library with -lz -lm -lc again
* Wed Jan 29 2003
  - Fix libpng-devel requires (add zlib-devel) [Bug #23154]
* Fri Jan 24 2003
  - Added missing pkgconfig files to %files.
* Tue Jan 07 2003
  - updated to 1.2.5
  - fixed buffer overflow
* Wed Jul 31 2002
  - fix libz dependency, so the resulting libpng is self containing
* Fri Jul 26 2002
  - fix neededforbuild
* Wed Jul 24 2002
  - updated to 1.2.4:
    - fixed buffer overflow in pngpread.c when IDAT is
      corrupted with extra data
* Fri Jul 12 2002
  - Fix makefile.
* Fri Jul 05 2002
  - Use %ix86 macro
* Tue Jul 02 2002
  - updated to 1.2.3
  - changed package version to match the version of source tarball
* Tue Mar 05 2002
  - fixed permissions for man pages
* Tue Feb 05 2002
  - added Provides: libpng:/usr/include/png.h to libpng-devel
* Thu Jan 31 2002
  - back to 1.0.12, libpng 1.2.x will be packed in separate package
  - created devel subpackage to allow parallel instalation of
    shared libraries
* Wed Jan 09 2002
  - update to 1.2.1
  - used macros %{_lib} and %{_libdir}
* Tue Dec 04 2001
  - update to 1.2.0
    - shared library version changed to
    - new API for dynamically enabling and disabling certain optimizations
  - added Provides: libpng-devel for compatibility [bug #11978]
* Tue Jul 17 2001
  - update to 1.0.12
* Tue Apr 03 2001
  - update to 1.0.10
  - used pnggccrd.c - MMX support on intel
* Tue Feb 13 2001
  - update to 1.0.9
* Fri Jan 19 2001
  - call pngtest program to have some tests that libpng works.
  - don't remove -O3 when adding RPM_OPT_FLAGS(still do -O3 optimisations)
* Thu Jan 04 2001
  - changed rpm version to (bug #5062)
  - changed shared library name to
* Wed Aug 23 2000
  - update to 1.0.8
* Tue Jul 11 2000
  - seg fault fix in pngrutil.c
* Mon May 22 2000
  - changed group
  - changed URL
* Sat Apr 29 2000
  - Make sure is linked against libz to avoid problems
    with missing dependencies.
* Mon Apr 10 2000
  - added URL
* Tue Apr 04 2000
  - update to 1.0.6
  - added BuildRoot
* Tue Jan 25 2000
  - update to 1.0.5
  - manpages to /usr/share using macro
* Mon Sep 13 1999
  - ran old prepare_spec on spec file to switch to new prepare_spec.
* Tue Jun 29 1999
  - moved from /usr/X11R6 to /usr
* Mon Jun 28 1999
  - update to 1.0.3
* Wed Feb 17 1999
  - added .so.2 link
* Fri Jan 22 1999
  - bump version to 2.1.0 (the version of the installed library)
* Fri Mar 20 1998
  - extracted package from libgr tree
    update to version 1.0.1



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