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Packages beginning with letter R

rabbitmq-c-tools-0.11.0-3.7 Example tools built using the librabbitmq package linux/ppc64
rabbitmq-server-3.11.3-1.3 A message broker supporting AMQP, STOMP and MQTT linux/ppc64
rabbitmq-server-plugins-3.11.3-1.3 Plugins for the RabbitMQ server linux/ppc64
racket-8.6-2.4 Scheme implementation with teaching tools linux/ppc64
racket-devel-8.6-2.4 Development header files for Racket linux/ppc64
radamsa-0.6-1.3 A test case generator for robustness testing, aka a fuzzer linux/ppc64
radare2-5.8.6-1.1 Reverse Engineering Framework linux/ppc64New
radare2-devel-5.8.6-1.1 Devel files for radare2 linux/ppc64New
radcli-1.3.1-1.2 A RADIUS client library linux/ppc64
radcli-compat-devel-1.3.1-1.2 Development files for compatibility with radiusclient-ng and freeradius-client linux/ppc64
radcli-devel-1.3.1-1.2 Header files for libradcli linux/ppc64
radeontop-1.4-1.8 Tool to view Radeon GPU utilization linux/ppc64
radvd-2.19-3.2 Router ADVertisement Daemon for IPv6 linux/ppc64
raft-devel-0.17.1-1.3 Development files for the Raft library implementation of the consensus protocol linux/ppc64
rage-0.4.0-1.3 A mplayer like video and audio player with some extra bells and whistles linux/ppc64
ragel-7.0.4-1.8 Finite state machine compiler linux/ppc64
rakudo-2022.07-2.3 Raku (formerly Perl 6) implemenation that runs on MoarVM linux/ppc64
rancher-cli-2.7.0-1.2 Rancher CLI linux/ppc64
rancher-kim-0.1.0~beta.7-1.8 Rancher kim - The Kubernetes Image Manager linux/ppc64New
rang-devel-3.2-1.2 A C++ library for color emission in the terminal linux/ppc64
range-v3-devel-0.12.0-1.2 Development files for range-v3 linux/ppc64
rapidjson-devel-1.1.0+git20211015.4d6cb081-1.5 Header files for rapidjson, a JSON parser and generator for C++ linux/ppc64
rapidyaml-devel-0.5.0-1.3 Header files for rapidyaml, a library to parse and emit YAML linux/ppc64
raptor-2.0.15-3.15 RDF Parser Toolkit linux/ppc64
rasdaemon- Utility to receive RAS error tracings linux/ppc64
rash-0.2-3.2 The Reckless rAcket SHell linux/ppc64
raspberrypi-rpiboot-0~git0.e5e4994-1.6 Raspberry Pi rpiboot tool linux/ppc64
rasqal-0.9.33-1.24 RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland linux/ppc64
ratbagd-0.17-2.1 Service granting access to the configuration options of gaming mice linux/ppc64New
ratslap-0.4.1-1.9 Linux configuration tool for Logitech mice linux/ppc64
rav1e-0.6.4+0-1.1 Fastest and safest AV1 encoder linux/ppc64
rav1e-devel-0.6.4+0-1.1 Development files for rav1e linux/ppc64
raw-thumbnailer-3.0.0-12.6 RAW images thumbnailer for GNOME linux/ppc64
rawtherapee-5.9-4.1 Cross-platform raw image processing program linux/ppc64
raylib-devel-4.5.0-1.1 Development files for raylib linux/ppc64New
razercfg-0.42-2.7 A Razer device configuration tool linux/ppc64
razor-agents-2.86-1.5 SPAM catalogue inquiry and update tool linux/ppc64
rbutil-1.4.1-1.15 Rockbox Firmware Manager linux/ppc64
rcc-runtime-0.2.13-1.3 LibRCC Runtime Environment linux/ppc64
rclone-1.62.2-2.2 Rsync for cloud storage linux/ppc64New
rcs-5.10.1-2.6 Revision Control System linux/ppc64
rdesktop-1.9.0-4.9 A Remote Desktop Protocol client linux/ppc64
rdiff-2.3.4-1.1 Frontend to rsync's delta algorithm linux/ppc64
rdiff-backup-2.2.4-2.1 Convenient and transparent local/remote incremental mirror/backup linux/ppc64
rdma-core-42.0-2.3 RDMA core userspace libraries and daemons linux/ppc64
rdma-core-devel-42.0-2.3 RDMA core development libraries and headers linux/ppc64
rdma-core-devel-32bit-42.0-2.3 RDMA core development libraries and headers linux/ppc64
rdma-ndd-42.0-2.3 Daemon to manage RDMA Node Description linux/ppc64
rds-tools-2.0.7-2.17 Support tools for Reliable Datagram Sockets linux/ppc64
rds-tools-devel-2.0.7-2.17 Development files for Reliable Datagram Sockets linux/ppc64
re-devel-2.10.0-1.3 Development files for libre linux/ppc64
re2-devel-20230301-53.2 C++ header files and library symbolic links for re2 linux/ppc64
re2c-3.0-1.11 Tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions linux/ppc64
readcd-3.02~a10-47.3 Program to dump raw CD data to files linux/ppc64
readline-devel-8.2-2.3 Development files for readline linux/ppc64
readline-devel-32bit-8.2-2.3 Development files for readline linux/ppc64
readline-devel-static-8.2-2.3 Static library for development with readline linux/ppc64
readline5-devel-5.2-140.3 Development files for the readline library version 5 linux/ppc64
readline5-devel-32bit-5.2-140.3 Development files for the readline library version 5 linux/ppc64
readline6-devel-6.3-3.3 Development files for the readline library version 6 linux/ppc64
readline6-devel-32bit-6.3-3.3 Development files for the readline library version 6 linux/ppc64
reaim- A tool to benchmark overall system performance linux/ppc64
realmd-0.17.1-1.3 AD integration detection linux/ppc64
rear-2.7-1.3 Relax-and-Recover (abbreviated rear) is a Linux Disaster Recovery framework linux/ppc64
rebootmgr-2.0-1.3 Automatic controlled reboot during a maintenance window linux/ppc64
recastnavigation-devel-1.5.1+git20210305.c5cbd53-1.6 Include Files for Recastnavigation Libraries linux/ppc64
recidivm-0.2-1.11 Tool for estimating peak virtual memory use linux/ppc64
reco-3.2.1-1.6 Audio Recording App linux/ppc64
recode-3.7.14-1.1 Character Set Converter linux/ppc64
recode-devel-3.7.14-1.1 Character Set Converter linux/ppc64
recordmydesktop-0.4.0-1.8 Desktop Recorder linux/ppc64
redeclipse-2.0.0-4.5 Fast-paced first person ego shooter linux/ppc64
redeclipse-server-2.0.0-4.5 The Red Eclipse server binary linux/ppc64
redis-7.0.11-2.1 Persistent key-value database linux/ppc64New
redis++-devel-1.3.8-1.1 Header files and libraries for redis++ linux/ppc64New
redland-1.0.17-2.17 Libraries that provide support for the Resource Description Framework (RDF) linux/ppc64
redland-storage-postgresql-1.0.17-2.17 Redland storage module for PostgresSQL linux/ppc64
redshift-1.12-7.10 Tool for adjusting the color temperature of the screen linux/ppc64
redshift-gtk-1.12-7.10 Gtk frontend for redshift linux/ppc64
rehex-0.5.4-1.4 Reverse Engineers' Hex Editor linux/ppc64
reiser4progs-2.0.5-1.6 Utilities for Managing the Reiser4 File System linux/ppc64
reiser4progs-devel-2.0.5-1.6 Headers for the Reiser4 File System tool libraries linux/ppc64
rem-devel-2.10.0-1.3 Librem development files linux/ppc64
remake-4.3_1.5-1.9 A gnu make version including a debuger linux/ppc64
remind-4.2.5-1.1 A sophisticated calendar and alarm program linux/ppc64
remmina-1.4.30-1.1 Versatile Remote Desktop Client linux/ppc64
remmina-devel-1.4.30-1.1 Development Files for remmina linux/ppc64
remmina-kiosk-1.4.30-1.1 Login manager extension for a Remmina kiosk mode linux/ppc64
remmina-plugin-exec-1.4.30-1.1 Plugin for Remmina to allow execution of local commands linux/ppc64
remmina-plugin-gvnc-1.4.30-1.1 VNC Protocol Plugin for Remmina via GTK+ widget linux/ppc64
remmina-plugin-kwallet-1.4.30-1.1 Remmina plugin to support the KDE Wallet linux/ppc64
remmina-plugin-python-wrapper-1.4.30-1.1 Adapter for remmina Python plugins linux/ppc64
remmina-plugin-rdp-1.4.30-1.1 RDP Protocol Plugin for Remmina linux/ppc64
remmina-plugin-secret-1.4.30-1.1 Gnome Keyring Pasword Manager Plugin for Remmina linux/ppc64
remmina-plugin-spice-1.4.30-1.1 SPICE Protocol Plugin for Remmina linux/ppc64
remmina-plugin-vnc-1.4.30-1.1 VNC Protocol Plugin for Remmina linux/ppc64
remmina-plugin-www-1.4.30-1.1 WWW Protocol Plugin for Remmina linux/ppc64
remontoire-1.4.0-1.12 A keybinding viewer for i3 and other programs linux/ppc64
renameutils-0.12.0-1.8 Programs to make file renaming easier linux/ppc64
rendercheck-1.5-1.22 Program to test a Render extension implementation linux/ppc64
rep-gtk- GTK+ binding for librep Lisp environment linux/ppc64
rep-gtk-devel- GTK+ binding for librep Lisp environment - Development Files linux/ppc64
replay-sorcery-0.6.0-2.6 Instant replay solution for Linux linux/ppc64
reprepro-5.4.1-1.3 Debian repository metadata generator linux/ppc64
reproc-devel-14.2.4-3.1 Development files for reproc linux/ppc64New
reptyr-0.9.0-1.4 A tool for "re-ptying" programs linux/ppc64
resample-1.8.1-20.21 Sampling-rate conversion program linux/ppc64
resolv_wrapper-1.1.8-2.2 A wrapper for DNS name resolving or DNS faking linux/ppc64
resource-agents-4.12.0+git30.7fd7c8fa-1.1 HA Reusable Cluster Resource Scripts linux/ppc64
resource-agents-zfs-4.12.0+git30.7fd7c8fa-1.1 resource-agent for ZFS support linux/ppc64
restic-0.15.2-1.2 Backup program with deduplication and encryption linux/ppc64New
restorecond-3.5-1.2 Daemon to restore SELinux contexts linux/ppc64
restund-0.4.12-2.2 Modular STUN/TURN server linux/ppc64
retro-gtk-1.0.2-2.6 Toolkit to write Gtk+3-based frontends to libretro linux/ppc64
retro-gtk-devel-1.0.2-2.6 Development files for retro-gtk, a Gtk+3 wrapper for libretro linux/ppc64
retroarch-1.15.0-1.2 Emulator frontend linux/ppc64
reuse-1.1.2-1.1 A tool for compliance with the REUSE recommendations linux/ppc64
reveng-3.0.5-1.3 An arbitrary-precision CRC calculator and algorithm finder linux/ppc64
rfb-0.6.1-703.11 heXoNet RFB (remote control for the X Window System) linux/ppc64
rfbplaymacro-0.2.2-51.23 Replays VNC macros linux/ppc64
rfbproxy-1.1.0-52.23 Record or play back a VNC session linux/ppc64
rgb-1.1.0-1.2 X color name database linux/ppc64
rhash-1.4.3-1.5 Recursive Hasher linux/ppc64
rhash-devel-1.4.3-1.5 Headers and Static Library for LibRHash linux/ppc64
rhythmbox-3.4.7-1.1 GNOME Music Management Application linux/ppc64
rhythmbox-devel-3.4.7-1.1 GNOME Music Management Application -- Development Files linux/ppc64
rime-1.7.3-2.18 Rime Input Method Engine linux/ppc64
rime-plum-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.9 Rime's configuration manager linux/ppc64New
rinetd-0.62-26.7 TCP Redirection Server linux/ppc64
rinstall-0.2.0-3.6 Declarative install for programs linux/ppc64
rio-0.8.0-1.8 Application Deployment Engine for Kubernetes linux/ppc64New
ripgrep-13.0.0-5.3 A search tool that combines ag with grep linux/ppc64
rist-tools-0.2.7-2.3 User tools for librist linux/ppc64
ristretto-0.13.1-1.1 Image viewer for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/ppc64New
rk-devel-1.7-2.7 A C++ library for relativistic kinematics linux/ppc64
rkdeveloptool-1.32~git.20210408.46bb4c0-2.7 Utility for Rockchip SoCs linux/ppc64
rke-1.4.5-1.2 Rancher Kubernetes Engine linux/ppc64New
rkhunter-1.4.6-8.2 A scanner for Rootkits, Backdoors, and Local Exploits linux/ppc64
rkward-0.7.2-2.1 Graphical frontend for R language linux/ppc64
rlwrap-0.46.1-1.3 A Readline Wrapper linux/ppc64
rmail-8.17.1-8.4 Rmail of the BSD Sendmail linux/ppc64
rmedigicontrol-0.3.5a-24.3 GUI control tool for RME Digi32 and RME Digi96 soundcards linux/ppc64
rmt-server-2.13-1.1 Repository mirroring tool and registration proxy for SCC linux/ppc64New
rmt-server-config-2.13-1.1 RMT default configuration linux/ppc64New
rmt-server-pubcloud-2.13-1.1 RMT pubcloud extensions linux/ppc64New
rmw-0.9.1-1.1 Safe-remove utility for the command line linux/ppc64New
rng-tools-6.16-1.1 Support daemon for hardware random device linux/ppc64
rnnoise-devel-0.git20210122.1cbdbcf-1.7 Recurrent neural network for audio noise reduction - Development Files linux/ppc64
rnp-0.16.2-1.5 OpenPGP implementation fully compliant with RFC 4880 linux/ppc64
rnp-devel-0.16.2-1.5 Development files for RNP linux/ppc64
robinhood-3.1.7-2.1 Policy engine and reporting tool for large filesystems linux/ppc64
robinhood-tests-3.1.7-2.1 Internal tests for robinhood linux/ppc64
robinhood-tools-3.1.7-2.1 Tools for accessing the statistics linux/ppc64
robinhood-webgui-3.1.7-2.1 Web interface to vizualize filesystems stats linux/ppc64
rockdodger-1.1.4-1.9 Addictive rock-dodging greeblie-killing platform game linux/ppc64
rocksndiamonds- Colorful Boulderdash'n'Emerald Mine'n'Sokoban'n'Stuff linux/ppc64
rocs-23.04.1-1.1 Graph Theory IDE linux/ppc64New
rocs-devel-23.04.1-1.1 Development files for Rocs linux/ppc64New
rofi-1.7.5-2.3 A window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement linux/ppc64
rofi-calc-2.2.0-1.1 Calculator for rofi linux/ppc64
rofi-devel-1.7.5-2.3 Development files for rofi linux/ppc64
rofi-wayland-1.7.5+wayland1-1.3 A window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement linux/ppc64
rofi-wayland-devel-1.7.5+wayland1-1.3 Development files for rofi linux/ppc64
root-tail-1.2-235.16 Print Text Directly to the X Window System Root Window linux/ppc64
rosegarden-22.12.1-2.1 Midi, Audio And Notation Editor linux/ppc64
rott-1.1.2+svn287-1.22 Icculus SDL port of the Rise of the Triad engine linux/ppc64
rox-filer-2.11-8.12 Minimalist file manager linux/ppc64
rp-pppoe-4.0-1.1 A PPP Over Ethernet Redirector for PPPD linux/ppc64New
rpcbind-1.2.6-5.1 Transport independent RPC portmapper linux/ppc64
rpcgen-1.4.4-1.1 RPC protocol compiler linux/ppc64New
rpcsvc-proto-devel-1.4.4-1.1 RPC protocol definitions linux/ppc64New
rpi-imager-1.7.3-1.3 Raspberry Pi Imaging Utility linux/ppc64
rpm-4.18.0-4.2 The RPM Package Manager linux/ppc64
rpm-32bit-4.18.0-4.2 The RPM Package Manager linux/ppc64
rpm-build-4.18.0-4.2 Tools and Scripts to create rpm packages linux/ppc64
rpm-build-perl-4.18.0-4.2 RPM dependency generator for Perl linux/ppc64
rpm-devel-4.18.0-4.2 Development files for librpm linux/ppc64
rpm-devel-32bit-4.18.0-4.2 Development files for librpm linux/ppc64
rpm-repos-openSUSE-Tumbleweed-1599-9.3 openSUSE Tumbleweed package repositories linux/ppc64
rpmlint-mini-2.4.0+git20230517.2e069e5c-10.20 RPM file correctness checker linux/ppc64New
rrdtool-1.8.0-3.1 Round Robin Database Tool to store and display time-series data linux/ppc64
rrdtool-cached-1.8.0-3.1 Data caching daemon for RRDtool linux/ppc64
rrdtool-devel-1.8.0-3.1 RRDtool header files linux/ppc64
rrdtool-doc-1.8.0-3.1 Documentation for rrdtool linux/ppc64
rrep-1.3.7-1.3 Recursive pattern replacement utility linux/ppc64
rscsi-2022.10.16-47.3 Remote SCSI server linux/ppc64
rshim- User-space driver for Mellanox BlueField SoC linux/ppc64
rsibreak-0.12.15-1.4 Repetetive Strain Injury recovery and prevention assistance utility linux/ppc64
rsign2-0.6.1+0-2.7 Command-line tool to sign files and verify signatures linux/ppc64
rsocket-42.0-2.3 Preloadable library to turn the socket API RDMA-aware linux/ppc64
rsocket-32bit-42.0-2.3 Preloadable library to turn the socket API RDMA-aware linux/ppc64
rspamd-3.5-1.1 Spam filtering system linux/ppc64
rss-glx-0.9.1-23.10 Really Slick Screensavers Port to GLX linux/ppc64
rsstail-2.1-1.17 RSS Feed Reader linux/ppc64
rstart-1.0.6-1.6 Sample implementation of a Remote Start client linux/ppc64
rsvg-convert-2.56.0-3.1 SVG Convert using the GNOME Render SVG library linux/ppc64
rsvndump-0.6.1-1.4 Remote Subversion Repository Dumping Tool linux/ppc64
rsync-3.2.7-2.1 Versatile tool for fast incremental file transfer linux/ppc64
rsyslog-8.2212.0-2.4 The enhanced syslogd for Linux and Unix linux/ppc64
rsyslog-diag-tools-8.2212.0-2.4 Diagnostic tools linux/ppc64
rsyslog-doc-8.2212.0-2.4 Additional documentation for rsyslog linux/ppc64
rsyslog-module-elasticsearch-8.2212.0-2.4 ElasticSearch output module for syslog linux/ppc64
rsyslog-module-gcrypt-8.2212.0-2.4 Libgcrypt log file encryption support module for rsyslog linux/ppc64
rsyslog-module-gssapi-8.2212.0-2.4 GSS-API support module for rsyslog linux/ppc64
rsyslog-module-gtls-8.2212.0-2.4 TLS encryption support module for rsyslog linux/ppc64
rsyslog-module-kafka-8.2212.0-2.4 Kafka support module for syslog linux/ppc64
rsyslog-module-mmnormalize-8.2212.0-2.4 Contains the mmnormalize support module for syslog linux/ppc64
rsyslog-module-mysql-8.2212.0-2.4 MySQL support module for rsyslog linux/ppc64
rsyslog-module-omamqp1-8.2212.0-2.4 AMQP support module for syslog linux/ppc64
rsyslog-module-omhttpfs-8.2212.0-2.4 HDFS via HTTP output module for syslog linux/ppc64
rsyslog-module-omtcl-8.2212.0-2.4 TCL output module for rsyslog linux/ppc64
rsyslog-module-ossl-8.2212.0-2.4 TLS encryption support module for rsyslog linux/ppc64
rsyslog-module-pgsql-8.2212.0-2.4 PostgreSQL support module for rsyslog linux/ppc64
rsyslog-module-relp-8.2212.0-2.4 RELP protocol support module for syslog linux/ppc64
rsyslog-module-snmp-8.2212.0-2.4 SNMP support module for rsyslog linux/ppc64
rt-tests-2.5-1.1 Realtime Kernel Testsuite linux/ppc64
rtags-2.38-3.6 Clang based source code indexer linux/ppc64
rtaudio-devel-5.1.0-1.12 Development files for rtaudio linux/ppc64
rtkit-0.13-4.7 Realtime Policy and Watchdog Daemon linux/ppc64
rtl-sdr-0.6.0-2.7 Support programs for RTL2832 linux/ppc64
rtl-sdr-devel-0.6.0-2.7 Development files for rtl-sdr linux/ppc64
rtl-sdr-udev-0.6.0-2.7 Udev rules for RTL2832 linux/ppc64
rtl_433-22.11-1.3 Application turning the RTL2832 dongle into a 433.92MHz generic data receiver linux/ppc64
rtl_433-devel-22.11-1.3 Header files for the RTL2832 dongle library linux/ppc64
rtla-6.3.2-5.2 Real-Time Linux Analysis tools linux/ppc64New
rtla-rebuild-6.3.2-5.2 Empty package to ensure rebuilding rtla in OBS linux/ppc64New
rtmidi-devel-5.0.0-1.7 Development files for rtmidi linux/ppc64
rtorrent-0.9.8-6.4 Console-based BitTorrent Client linux/ppc64
rtr-tools-0.8.0-1.8 RPKI-RTR command line tools linux/ppc64
rtrlib-devel-0.8.0-1.8 Header files for librtr linux/ppc64
rttr-devel-0.9.6-4.15 Header files for the C++ Run Time Type Reflection library linux/ppc64
rttr-devel-doc-0.9.6-4.15 Documentation for rttr linux/ppc64
rubberband-cli-3.1.0-1.3 Command line interface for librubberband linux/ppc64
rubberband-ladspa-3.1.0-1.3 LADSPA plugin for librubberband linux/ppc64
rubberband-ladspa-32bit-1.8.2-1.6 LADSPA plugin for librubberband linux/ppc64
rubberband-lv2-3.1.0-1.3 LV2 plugins for librubberband linux/ppc64
rubberband-vamp-3.1.0-1.3 Vamp plugins for librubberband linux/ppc64
rubberband-vamp-32bit-1.8.2-1.6 Vamp plugins for librubberband linux/ppc64
ruby-3.2-1.1 An Interpreted Object-Oriented Scripting Language linux/ppc64
ruby-apparmor-3.1.3-2.1 Ruby interface for libapparmor functions linux/ppc64
ruby-devel-3.2-1.1 Development files to link against Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby-libprelude-5.2.0-2.12 Ruby bindings for libprelude linux/ppc64
ruby-marisa-0.2.6-1.19 Ruby bindings for marisa linux/ppc64
ruby-obexftp-0.24.2-1.20 ObexFTP Implements the Object Exchange (OBEX) - Ruby bindings linux/ppc64
ruby-rrdtool-1.8.0-3.1 Ruby bindings for RRDtool linux/ppc64
ruby-selinux-3.5-2.1 Ruby bindings for the SELinux runtime library linux/ppc64
ruby-solv-0.7.24-1.1 Ruby bindings for the libsolv library linux/ppc64
ruby-xapian-1.4.21-2.5 Files needed for developing Ruby scripts which use Xapian linux/ppc64
ruby-yui-4.5.2-1.1 Ruby bindings for libyui linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-3.2.2-1.1 An Interpreted Object-Oriented Scripting Language linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-devel-3.2.2-1.1 Development files to link against Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-devel-extra-3.2.2-1.1 Special development files of ruby, normally not installed linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-doc-3.2.2-1.1 Documentation and samples for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-Ascii85-1.1.0-1.14 Ascii85 encoder/decoder linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-abstract_method-1.2.1-2.26 Tiny library enabling you to define abstract methods in Ruby classes linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-actioncable-7.0- WebSocket framework for Rails linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-actionmailbox-7.0- Inbound email handling framework linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-actionmailer-7.0- Email composition and delivery framework (part of Rails) linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-actionpack-7.0- Web-flow and rendering framework putting the VC in MVC (part of linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-actiontext-7.0- Rich text framework linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-actionview-7.0- Rendering framework putting the V in MVC (part of Rails) linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-activejob-7.0- Job framework with pluggable queues linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-activemodel-7.0- A toolkit for building modeling frameworks (part of Rails) linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-activerecord-7.0- Object-relational mapper framework (part of Rails) linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-activestorage-7.0- Local and cloud file storage framework linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-activesupport-7.0- A toolkit of support libraries and Ruby core extensions extracted linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-addressable-2.8.1-1.4 URI Implementation linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-aes_key_wrap-1.1.0-1.15 A Ruby implementation of AES Key Wrap, a.k.a RFC 3394, a.k.a NIST linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-afm-0.2.2-1.14 reading Adobe Font Metrics (afm) files linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-airbrussh-1.4.1-1.5 Airbrussh pretties up your SSHKit and Capistrano output linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-amq-protocol-2.3.2-1.15 AMQP 0.9.1 encoding & decoding library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-arel-9.0.0-2.20 Arel Really Exasperates Logicians linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-asciidoctor-2.0.18-1.5 An implementation of the AsciiDoc text processor and publishing linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-ast-2.4.2-1.12 A library for working with Abstract Syntax Trees linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-attr_required-1.0.1-1.21 attr_required and attr_optional linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-autoprefixer-rails- Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from the linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-axiom-types-0.1.1-1.28 Abstract types for logic programming linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-backport-1.2.0-1.11 A pure Ruby library for event-driven IO linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-base32-0.3.4-1.15 Ruby extension for base32 encoding and decoding linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-bcrypt-3.1.18-1.6 OpenBSD's bcrypt() password hashing algorithm linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-bcrypt_pbkdf-1.1.0-1.14 OpenBSD's bcrypt_pbkdf (a variant of PBKDF2 with bcrypt-based PRF) linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-benchmark-0.2.1-1.3 A performance benchmarking library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-bindata-2.4.14-1.3 A declarative way to read and write binary file formats linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-bindex-0.8.1-1.21 Bindings for your Ruby exceptions linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-binding_of_caller-1.0.0-1.13 Retrieve the binding of a method's caller, or further up the stack linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-bootsnap-1.15.0-1.5 Boot large ruby/rails apps faster linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-builder-3.2.4-1.17 Builders for MarkUp linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-bundler-2.3.26-1.4 The best way to manage your application's dependencies linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-bundler-audit-0.9.1-1.6 Patch-level verification for Bundler linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-byebug-11.1.3-1.21 Ruby fast debugger - base + CLI linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-capistrano-3.17.1-1.5 Capistrano - Welcome to easy deployment with Ruby over SSH linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-celluloid-0.18.0-1.13 Actor-based concurrent object framework for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-cfa-1.0.2-1.17 CFA (Config Files API) provides an easy way to create models on top linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-cfa_grub2-2.0.0-1.17 Models for GRUB2 configuration files linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-changelog_generator-0.3.0-1.22 Create changelog for SLE images for Docker linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-cheetah-1.0.0-1.11 Your swiss army knife for executing external commands in Ruby safely linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-chef-utils-18.0.185-1.3 Basic utility functions for Core Chef Infra development linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-childprocess-4.1.0-1.11 A simple and reliable solution for controlling external programs linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-coderay-1.1.3-1.17 Fast syntax highlighting for selected languages linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-coercible-1.0.0-1.28 Powerful, flexible and configurable coercion library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-coffee-rails-5.0.0-2.21 CoffeeScript adapter for the Rails asset pipeline linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-coffee-script-2.4.1-1.32 Ruby CoffeeScript Compiler linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-coffee-script-source-1.12.2-1.24 The CoffeeScript Compiler linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-colorator-1.1.0-1.24 Colorize your text in the terminal linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-commander-4.6.0-1.12 The complete solution for Ruby command-line executables linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-concurrent-ruby-1.1.10-1.6 Modern concurrency tools for Ruby. Inspired by Erlang, Clojure, linux/ppc64 A cool framework for doing high performance I/O in Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-crack-0.4.5-1.13 Really simple JSON and XML parsing, ripped from Merb and Rails linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-crass-1.0.6-1.17 CSS parser based on the CSS Syntax Level 3 spec linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-cri-2.15.11-3.8 a library for building easy-to-use command-line tools linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-css_parser-1.12.0-1.4 Ruby CSS parser linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-csv-3.2.5-1.4 CSV Reading and Writing linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-debase-ruby_core_source-0.10.18-1.3 Provide Ruby core source files linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-debug_inspector-1.1.0-1.11 A Ruby wrapper for the MRI 2.0 debug_inspector API linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-delayed_job-4.1.11-1.4 Database-backed asynchronous priority queue system -- Extracted from linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-delayed_job_active_record-4.1.7-1.8 ActiveRecord backend for DelayedJob linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-descendants_tracker-0.0.4-1.28 Module that adds descendant tracking to a class linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-devise-4.8.1-1.8 Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-devise-i18n-1.10.2-1.8 Translations for the devise gem linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-devise_ldap_authenticatable-0.8.7-1.15 Devise extension to allow authentication via LDAP linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-diff-lcs-1.5.0-1.11 Diff::LCS computes the difference between two Enumerable sequences linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-diffy-3.4.2-1.4 A convenient way to diff string in ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-docile-1.4.0-1.11 Ruby gem to treat Ruby objects as a domain-specific language linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-docker-api-2.2.0-1.4 A simple REST client for the Docker Remote API linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-domain_name-0.5.20190701-1.17 Domain Name manipulation library for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-down-5.3.1-1.4 Robust streaming downloads using Net::HTTP, HTTP.rb or wget linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-dry-configurable-1.0.1-1.3 A mixin to add configuration functionality to your classes linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-dry-container-0.11.0-1.4 A simple, configurable object container implemented in Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-dry-core-1.0.0-1.3 A toolset of small support modules used throughout the dry-rb linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-dry-equalizer-0.3.0-1.16 Module to define equality, equivalence and inspection methods linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-dry-inflector-1.0.0-1.3 String inflections for dry-rb linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-dry-logic-1.5.0-1.3 Predicate logic with rule composition linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-dry-types-1.7.0-1.3 Type system for Ruby supporting coercions, constraints and complex linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-ed25519-1.3.0-1.9 An efficient digital signature library providing the Ed25519 linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-em-websocket-0.5.3-1.8 EventMachine based WebSocket server linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-equalizer-0.0.11-1.27 Module to define equality, equivalence and inspection methods linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-erubi-1.11.0-1.5 Small ERB Implementation linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-erubis-2.7.0-6.30 a fast and extensible eRuby implementation which supports linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-eventmachine-1.2.7-1.26 Ruby/EventMachine library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-exception_notification-4.5.0-1.8 Exception notification for Rails apps linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-excon-0.99.0-1.2 speed, persistence, http(s) linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-execjs-2.8.1-1.14 Run JavaScript code from Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-fake_ftp-0.3.0-1.14 A fake FTP server for use with RSpec linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-fake_ftp-0_1-0.1.1-1.21 A fake FTP server for use with RSpec linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-faraday-2.7.1-1.3 HTTP/REST API client library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-faraday-follow_redirects-0.3.0-1.4 Faraday 2.x compatible extraction of linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-faraday-net_http-3.0.2-1.3 Faraday adapter for Net::HTTP linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-fast_gettext-2.2.0-1.8 A simple, fast, memory-efficient and threadsafe implementation of linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-fast_gettext-1.1-1.1.2-1.17 A simple, fast, memory-efficient and threadsafe implementation of linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-ffi-1.15.5-1.9 Ruby FFI linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-ffi-compiler-1.0.1-1.11 Ruby FFI Rakefile generator linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-flog-4.6.6-1.5 Flog reports the most tortured code in an easy to read pain report linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-fluentd-1.15.3-1.4 Fluentd event collector linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-fog-core-2.3.0-1.7 Shared classes and tests for fog providers and services linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-fog-json-1.2.0-1.17 JSON parsing for fog providers linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-fog-libvirt-0.10.1-1.3 Module for the 'fog' gem to support libvirt linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-fog-xml-0.1.4-1.8 XML parsing for fog providers linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-font-awesome-rails- an asset gemification of the font-awesome icon font library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-formatador-1.1.0-4.4 STDOUT text formatting linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-forwardable-extended-2.6.0-1.21 Forwardable with hash, and instance variable extensions linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-gem2rpm-0.10.1-21.1 Generate rpm specfiles from gems linux/ppc64New
ruby3.2-rubygem-get_process_mem-0.2.7-1.15 Use GetProcessMem to find out the amount of RAM used by any process linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-gettext-3.4.3-1.5 Gettext is a pure Ruby libary and tools to localize messages linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-gettext_i18n_rails-1.9.0-1.4 Simple FastGettext Rails integration linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-gettext_i18n_rails_js-1.3.1-1.8 Extends gettext_i18n_rails making your .po files available to client linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-gli-2.21.0-1.6 Build command-suite CLI apps that are awesome linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-globalid-1.1.0-1.3 Refer to any model with a URI: gid://app/class/id linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-google-protobuf-3.21.10-1.4 Protocol Buffers linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-googleapis-common-protos-types-1.4.0-1.4 Common protocol buffer types used in Google APIs linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-gpgme-2.0.22-1.4 Ruby binding of GPGME linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-grape-1.6.2-1.8 A simple Ruby framework for building REST-like APIs linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-gssapi-1.3.1-1.13 A FFI wrapper around the system GSSAPI library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-gyoku-1.4.0-1.7 Translates Ruby Hashes to XML linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-haml-6.0.12-1.5 An elegant, structured (X)HTML/XML templating engine linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-haml-rails-2.1.0-1.4 let your Gemfile do the configuring linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-hashdiff-1.0.1-1.16 Hashdiff is a diff lib to compute the smallest difference between linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-hashery-2.1.2-2.14 Facets-bread collection of Hash-like classes linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-hashicorp-checkpoint-0.1.5-1.20 Internal HashiCorp service to check version information linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-hashie-5.0.0-1.8 Your friendly neighborhood hash library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-highline-2.0.3-1.17 HighLine is a high-level command-line IO library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-hitimes-2.0.0-1.17 A fast, high resolution timer library for recording peformance linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-hoe-3.26.0-1.5 Hoe is a rake/rubygems helper for project Rakefiles linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-hpricot-0.8.6-2.24 A fast and flexible HTML Parser linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-html2haml-2.3.0-1.5 Converts HTML into Haml linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-http-5.1.0-1.4 HTTP should be easy linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-http-cookie-1.0.5-1.4 A Ruby library to handle HTTP Cookies based on RFC 6265 linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-http-form_data-2.3.0-1.11 http-form_data-2.3.0 linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-http_parser.rb-0.8.0-1.9 Simple callback-based HTTP request/response parser linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-httpclient-2.8.3-1.26 gives something like the functionality of libwww-perl (LWP) in Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-i18n-1.12.0-1.5 New wave Internationalization support for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-ice_nine-0.11.2-1.25 Deep Freeze Ruby Objects linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-importmap-rails-1.1.5-1.4 Use ESM with importmap to manage modern JavaScript in Rails without linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-inifile-3.0.0-1.28 INI file reader and writer linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-jaro_winkler-1.5.4-1.19 Ruby & C implementation of Jaro-Winkler distance algorithm which supports UTF-8 string linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-jbuilder-2.11.5-1.10 Create JSON structures via a Builder-style DSL linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-jekyll-4.3.1-1.5 A simple, blog aware, static site generator linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-jekyll-sass-converter-2.2.0-1.8 A basic Sass converter for Jekyll linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-jekyll-watch-2.2.1-1.17 Rebuild your Jekyll site when a file changes with the `--watch` linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-jquery-rails-4.5.1-1.3 Use jQuery with Rails 4+ linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-js-routes-2.2.5-1.1 Brings Rails named routes to javascript linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-json-2.6.3-1.4 JSON Implementation for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-json-jwt-1.16.1-1.4 JSON Web Token and its family (JSON Web Signature, JSON Web linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-json-schema-3.0.0-1.4 Ruby JSON Schema Validator linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-json_pure-2.6.3-1.3 JSON Implementation for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-jwt-2.5.0-1.4 JSON Web Token implementation in Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-kgio-2.11.4-1.12 kinder, gentler I/O for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-kramdown-2.4.0-1.8 kramdown is a fast, pure-Ruby Markdown-superset converter linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-kramdown-parser-gfm-1.1.0-1.13 kramdown-parser-gfm provides a kramdown parser for the GFM dialect linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-launchy-2.5.0-1.18 Launchy is helper class for launching cross-platform applications in linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-libyui-rake-0.1.24-1.7 Rake tasks that provide basic workflow for libyui development linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-lightbox2-2.11.3-1.12 lightbox2 for Ruby on Rails linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-liquid-5.4.0-2.4 A secure, non-evaling end user template engine with aesthetic markup linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-liquid-4-4.0.3-1.13 A secure, non-evaling end user template engine with aesthetic markup linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-listen-3.7.1-1.10 Listen to file modifications linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-little-plugger-1.1.4-1.22 LittlePlugger is a module that provides Gem based plugin management linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-llhttp-ffi-0.4.0-1.12 Ruby FFI bindings for llhttp linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-locale-2.1.3-1.16 Ruby-Locale is the pure ruby library which provides basic APIs for linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-log4r-1.1.10-9.28 Log4r, logging framework for ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-logging-2.3.1-1.5 A flexible and extendable logging library for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-lolcat-100.0.1-1.19 Add the colors of the rainbow to your terminal a.k.a. Rainbows and Unicorns! linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-loofah-2.19.1-1.2 HTML/XML manipulation and sanitization based on Nokogiri linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mail-2.8.0-1.3 Mail provides a nice Ruby DSL for making, sending and reading emails linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-manpages-0.6.1-1.15 Adds support for man pages to rubygems linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-marcel-1.0.2-1.11 Simple mime type detection using magic numbers, filenames, and linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mercenary-0.4.0-1.17 Lightweight and flexible library for writing command-line apps in linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-method_source-1.0.0-1.17 retrieve the sourcecode for a method linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-micromachine-3.0.0-1.17 Minimal Finite State Machine linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mime-0.4.4-1.15 Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mime-types-3.4.1-1.9 The mime-types library provides a library and registry for linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mime-types-data-3.2022.0105-1.9 mime-types-data provides a registry for information about MIME media linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mimemagic-0.4.3-1.8 Fast mime detection by extension or content linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mini_magick-4.12.0-1.3 Manipulate images with minimal use of memory via ImageMagick / linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mini_mime-1.1.2-1.10 A lightweight mime type lookup toy linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mini_portile2-2.8.0-1.8 Simplistic port-like solution for developers linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-minitar-0.9-1.13 The minitar library is a pure-Ruby library that provides the ability linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mixlib-authentication-3.0.10-1.11 Mixes in simple per-request authentication linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mixlib-cli-2.1.8-1.14 A simple mixin for CLI interfaces, including option parsing linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mixlib-config-3.0.27-1.4 A class based configuration library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mixlib-log-3.0.9-1.14 A gem that provides a simple mixin for log functionality linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mixlib-shellout-3.2.7-1.7 Run external commands on Unix or Windows linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mocha-2.0.2-1.3 Mocking and stubbing library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-moneta-1.5.2-1.3 A unified interface to key/value stores, including Redis, Memcached, linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-msgpack-1.6.0-1.5 MessagePack, a binary-based efficient data interchange format linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-multi_json-1.15.0-1.15 A common interface to multiple JSON libraries linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-multi_xml-0.6.0-1.20 A generic swappable back-end for XML parsing linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-multipart-post-2.2.3-1.5 A multipart form post accessory for Net::HTTP linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mustache-1.1.1-1.19 Mustache is a framework-agnostic way to render logic-free views linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mustermann-3.0.0-1.4 Your personal string matching expert linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mustermann-grape-1.0.2-1.4 Grape syntax for Mustermann linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-mysql2-0.5.4-1.6 A simple, fast Mysql library for Ruby, binding to libmysql linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-net-ldap-0.17.1-1.4 Net::LDAP for Ruby (also called net-ldap) implements client access linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-net-scp-4.0.0-1.4 A pure Ruby implementation of the SCP client protocol linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-net-sftp-4.0.0-1.4 A pure Ruby implementation of the SFTP client protocol linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-net-ssh-7.0.1-2.4 Net::SSH: a pure-Ruby implementation of the SSH2 client protocol linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-net-ssh-6.1-6.1.0-1.11 Net::SSH: a pure-Ruby implementation of the SSH2 client protocol linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-netrc-0.11.0-1.25 Library to read and write netrc files linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-nio4r-2.5.8-1.12 New IO for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-nokogiri-1.13.9-1.7 Nokogiri (鋸) makes it easy and painless to work with XML and HTML linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-nori-2.6.0-1.22 XML to Hash translator linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-oauth2-2.0.9-1.4 A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-omniauth-2.1.0-1.7 A generalized Rack framework for multiple-provider authentication linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-omniauth-oauth2-1.8.0-1.4 An abstract OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-openid_connect-2.2.0-1.4 OpenID Connect Server & Client Library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-optimist-3.0.1-1.16 Optimist is a commandline option parser for Ruby that just gets out linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-orm_adapter-0.5.0-4.24 orm_adapter provides a single point of entry for using basic linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-os-1.1.4-1.9 Simple and easy way to know if you're on windows or not (reliably), linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-packaging_rake_tasks-1.5.3-1.1 Rake tasks providing tasks to package project in git and integration linux/ppc64New
ruby3.2-rubygem-paint-2.3.0-1.4 Terminal painter! linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-pairing_heap-1.0.0-1.4 Performant priority queue in pure ruby with support for changing linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-parallel-1.22.1-1.7 Run any kind of code in parallel processes linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-parallel_tests-4.0.0-1.4 Run Test::Unit / RSpec / Cucumber / Spinach in parallel linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-parser- A Ruby parser written in pure Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-passenger-6.0.17-1.4 A fast and robust web server and application server for Ruby, Python linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-path_expander-1.1.1-1.4 PathExpander helps pre-process command-line arguments expanding linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-pathutil-0.16.2-1.20 Almost like Pathname but just a little less insane linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-pdf-core-0.9.0-1.13 PDF::Core is used by Prawn to render PDF documents linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-pdf-reader-2.11.0-1.5 A library for accessing the content of PDF files linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-pg-1.4.5-1.5 Pg is the Ruby interface to the PostgreSQL RDBMS linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-pkg-config-1.5.1-1.3 A pkg-config implementation for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-po_to_json-1.0.1-1.25 Convert gettext PO files to JSON linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-polyglot-0.3.5-1.28 Augment 'require' to load non-Ruby file types linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-prawn-2.4.0-1.13 A fast and nimble PDF generator for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-prawn-core-0.8.4-1.14 A fast and nimble PDF generator for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-prawn-icon-3.1.0-1.4 Provides icon fonts for PrawnPDF linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-prawn-svg-0.32.0-1.11 SVG renderer for Prawn PDF library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-prawn-table-0.2.2-1.13 Provides tables for PrawnPDF linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-prawn-templates-0.1.2-1.12 Prawn::Templates allows using PDFs as templates in Prawn linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-pry-0.14.1-1.12 A runtime developer console and IRB alternative with powerful linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-pry-doc-1.3.0-1.8 Provides YARD and extended documentation support for Pry linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-public_suffix-5.0.0-1.4 Domain name parser based on the Public Suffix List linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-public_suffix-3.1-3.1.1-1.17 Domain name parser based on the Public Suffix List linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-puma-6.0.0-2.1 Puma is a simple, fast, threaded, and highly parallel HTTP 1.1 linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-puma-5-5.6.5-1.6 Puma is a simple, fast, threaded, and highly parallel HTTP 1.1 linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-puma_worker_killer-0.3.1-1.15 If you have a memory leak in your web code puma_worker_killer can linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-pundit-2.2.0-1.8 OO authorization for Rails linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rack-3.0.7-1.2 A modular Ruby webserver interface linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rack-2.2- A modular Ruby webserver interface linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rack-accept-0.4.5-1.20 HTTP Accept* for Ruby/Rack linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rack-oauth2-2.2.0-1.4 OAuth 2.0 Server & Client Library - Both Bearer token type are linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rack-protection-3.0.4-1.3 Protect against typical web attacks, works with all Rack apps, linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rack-proxy-0.7.4-1.4 A request/response rewriting HTTP proxy. A Rack app linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rack-test-0_6-0.6.3-1.28 Simple testing API built on Rack linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rails-7.0- Full-stack web application framework linux/ppc64New
ruby3.2-rubygem-rails-dom-testing-2.0.3-1.24 Dom and Selector assertions for Rails applications linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rails-html-sanitizer-1.5.0-1.2 HTML sanitization to Rails applications (part of Rails) linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rails-i18n-7.0.6-1.3 Common locale data and translations for Rails i18n linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-railties-7.0- Tools for creating, working with, and running Rails applications linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rainbow-3.1.1-1.8 Colorize printed text on ANSI terminals linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-raindrops-0.20.0-1.10 real-time stats for preforking Rack servers linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rake-compiler-1.2.0-1.8 Rake-based Ruby Extension (C, Java) task generator linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rb-fsevent-0.11.2-1.4 Very simple & usable FSEvents API linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rb-inotify-0.10.1-1.17 A Ruby wrapper for Linux inotify, using FFI linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rb-kqueue-0.2.8-1.8 A Ruby wrapper for BSD's kqueue, using FFI linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rdiscount-2.2.7-1.6 Fast Implementation of Gruber's Markdown in C linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-red-datasets-0.1.5-1.4 Red Datasets provides classes that provide common datasets such as linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-regexp_parser-2.6.1-1.3 Scanner, lexer, parser for ruby's regular expressions linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-responders-3.0.1-1.15 A set of Rails responders to dry up your application linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-reverse_markdown-2.1.1-1.9 Convert html code into markdown linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rgl-0.5.9-1.4 Ruby Graph Library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rice-4.0.4-1.4 Ruby Interface for C++ Extensions linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-ronn-0.7.3-2.19 Builds manuals linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rouge-4.0.0-1.5 A pure-ruby colorizer based on pygments linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rpm-0.0.5-1.24 Ruby bindings for rpm (package manager) linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rspec-3.12.0-1.3 Meta-gem that depends on the other components linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rspec-3_5-3.5.0-1.21 Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rspec-core-3.12.0-1.4 RSpec runner and formatters linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rspec-core-3_5-3.5.4-1.23 RSpec runner and formatters linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rspec-expectations-3.12.0-1.3 API to express expected outcomes of a code example linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rspec-expectations-3_5-3.5.0-1.21 Provides a simple, readable API to express expected outcomes of a code example linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rspec-its-1.3.0-1.17 Provides "its" method formerly part of rspec-core linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rspec-mocks-3.12.3-1.2 RSpec's 'test double' framework, with support for stubbing and mocking linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rspec-mocks-3_5-3.5.0-1.21 RSpecs test double framework, with support for stubbing and mocking linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rspec-rails-6.0.1-1.4 RSpec for Rails linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rspec-rails-4.0-4.0.2-1.12 RSpec for Rails linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rspec-support-3.12.0-1.3 Common code needed by the other RSpec gems linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rspec-support-3_5-3.5.0-1.21 Common code needed by the other RSpec gems linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rubocop-1.39.0-1.4 Automatic Ruby code style checking tool linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rubocop-ast-1.24.0-1.3 RuboCop tools to deal with Ruby code AST linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-ruby-augeas-0.5.0-3.29 Ruby bindings for augeas linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-ruby-dbus-0.22.1-1.1 Ruby module for interaction with D-Bus linux/ppc64New
ruby3.2-rubygem-ruby-libvirt-0.8.0-1.5 Ruby bindings for LIBVIRT linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-ruby-openid-2.9.2-1.17 A library for consuming and serving OpenID identities linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-ruby-progressbar-1.11.0-1.13 Ruby/ProgressBar is a flexible text progress bar library for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-ruby-rc4-0.1.5-1.15 RubyRC4 is a pure Ruby implementation of the RC4 algorithm linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-ruby2_keywords-0.0.5-1.11 Shim library for Module#ruby2_keywords linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-ruby_parser-3.19.2-1.4 ruby_parser (RP) is a ruby parser written in pure ruby (utilizing linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rubyntlm-0.6.3-1.11 Ruby/NTLM library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-rubyzip-2.3.2-1.11 Ruby module for reading and writing zip files linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-safe_yaml-1.0.5-1.19 SameYAML provides an alternative implementation of YAML.load linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sass-3.7.4-1.19 A powerful but elegant CSS compiler that makes CSS fun again linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sass-listen-4.0.0-1.22 Fork of guard/listen linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sass-rails-6.0.0-1.17 Sass adapter for the Rails asset pipeline linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sass-rails-5.1-5.1.0-1.17 Sass adapter for the Rails asset pipeline linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sassc-2.4.0-2.12 Use libsass with Ruby! linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sassc-rails-2.1.2-1.17 Integrate SassC-Ruby into Rails linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sdoc-2.4.0-1.5 rdoc html with javascript search index linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-semantic_range-3.0.0-1.11 node-semver rewritten in ruby, for comparison and inclusion of linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-serverengine-2.3.0-1.4 ServerEngine - multiprocess server framework linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sexp_processor-4.16.1-1.7 sexp_processor branches from ParseTree bringing all the generic sexp linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sigdump-0.2.4-2.24 Setup signal handler which dumps backtrace of running threads and linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-simplecov-0.21.2-1.13 Code coverage for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-simplecov-html-0.12.3-1.15 Default HTML formatter for SimpleCov code coverage tool for ruby 2.4+ linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-simplecov_json_formatter-0.1.4-1.8 JSON formatter for SimpleCov linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-simpleidn-0.2.1-1.13 Punycode ACE to unicode UTF-8 (and vice-versa) string conversion linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-slim-5.1.0-1.1 Slim is a template language linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-slop-4.9.3-1.4 Simple Lightweight Option Parsing linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-snaky_hash-2.0.1-1.4 A very snaky hash linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-spring-4.1.0-1.5 Rails application preloader linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sprockets-4.1.1-1.6 Rack-based asset packaging system linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sprockets-3.7-3.7.2-1.19 Rack-based asset packaging system linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sprockets-helpers-1.4.0-1.15 Asset path helpers for Sprockets 2.x & 3.x applications linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sprockets-rails-3.4.2-1.10 Sprockets Rails integration linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sqlite3-1.4.4-1.6 This module allows Ruby programs to interface with the SQLite3 linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sshkit-1.21.3-1.4 SSHKit makes it easy to write structured, testable SSH commands in linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-stimulus-rails-1.2.1-1.3 A modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-stomp-1.4.10-1.16 Ruby client for the Stomp messaging protocol linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-stream-0.5.5-1.4 stream - Extended External Iterators linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-strptime-0.2.5-1.14 a fast strptime/strftime engine linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-swd-2.0.2-1.4 SWD (Simple Web Discovery) Client Library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-sync-0.5.0-1.11 A module that provides a two-phase lock with a counter linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-temple-0.10.0-1.1 Template compilation framework in Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-terminal-table-3.0.2-1.8 Simple, feature rich ascii table generation library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-terminal-table-2-2.0.0-1.8 Simple, feature rich ascii table generation library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-text-1.3.1-1.28 A collection of text algorithms linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-thor-1.2.1-1.9 Thor is a toolkit for building powerful command-line interfaces linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-thread_safe-0.3.6-1.24 Thread-safe collections and utilities for Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-tilt-2.0.11-1.5 Generic interface to multiple Ruby template engines linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-timers-4.3.5-1.4 Pure Ruby one-shot and periodic timers linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-tmuxinator-3.0.5-1.6 Create and manage complex tmux sessions easily linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-tomlrb-2.0.3-1.4 A racc based toml parser linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-treetop-1.6.12-1.4 A Ruby-based text parsing and interpretation DSL linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-trollop-2.9.10-1.17 Trollop is a commandline option parser for Ruby that just gets out linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-ttfunk-1.7.0-1.13 TrueType Font Metrics Parser linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-turbo-rails-1.3.2-1.4 The speed of a single-page web application without having to write linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-turbolinks-5.2.1-1.17 Turbolinks makes navigating your web application faster linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-turbolinks-source-5.2.0-1.20 Turbolinks JavaScript assets linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-tzinfo-2.0.5-1.4 Time Zone Library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-tzinfo-1.2-1.2.10-1.4 Daylight savings aware timezone library linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-tzinfo-data-1.2022.7-1.3 Timezone Data for TZInfo linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-uglifier-4.2.0-1.21 Ruby wrapper for UglifyJS JavaScript compressor linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-unf-0.1.4-1.24 A wrapper library to bring Unicode Normalization Form support to linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-unf_ext- Unicode Normalization Form support library for CRuby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-unicode-display_width-2.3.0-1.4 Determines the monospace display width of a string in Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-unicode-display_width-1-1.8.0-1.8 Determines the monospace display width of a string in Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-vagrant-spec- Tool and library for testing Vagrant plugins linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-vagrant_cloud-3.0.5-2.8 Ruby library for the HashiCorp Vagrant Cloud API linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-validate_email-0.1.6-1.21 Library for validating email addresses in Rails 3 models linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-validate_url-1.0.15-1.4 Library for validating urls in Rails linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-version_gem-1.1.1-1.4 Enhance your VERSION! Sugar for Version modules linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-virtus-2.0.0-1.11 Attributes on Steroids for Plain Old Ruby Objects linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-warden-1.2.9-1.15 An authentication library compatible with all Rack-based frameworks linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-web-console-4.2.0-1.10 A debugging tool for your Ruby on Rails applications linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-webfinger-2.1.2-1.4 Ruby WebFinger client library, following IETF WebFinger WG spec linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-webpacker-5.4.3-1.8 Use webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Rails linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-webrick-1.7.0-1.11 HTTP server toolkit linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-websocket-1.2.9-1.13 Universal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-websocket-driver-0.7.5-1.12 WebSocket protocol handler with pluggable I/O linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-websocket-extensions-0.1.5-1.16 Generic extension manager for WebSocket connections linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-winrm-2.3.6-1.12 Ruby library for Windows Remote Management linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-winrm-elevated-1.2.3-1.13 Ruby library for running commands as elevated linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-winrm-fs-1.3.5-1.16 WinRM File System linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-xdg-7.0.2-1.1 Provides an implementation of the XDG Base Directory Specification linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-xdg-2-2.2.5-1.17 XDG provides an interface for using XDG directory standard linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-xml-simple-1.1.9-1.8 A simple API for XML processing linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-xmlhash-1.3.8-1.9 Xmlhash is a naive form of XML::Simple linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-xmlrpc-0.3.2-1.5 XMLRPC is a lightweight protocol that enables remote procedure calls linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-yajl-ruby-1.4.3-1.5 Ruby C bindings to the excellent Yajl JSON stream-based parser linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-yard-0.9.28-1.5 Documentation tool for consistent and usable documentation in Ruby linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-yast-rake-0.2.48-1.1 Rake tasks providing basic work-flow for Yast development linux/ppc64
ruby3.2-rubygem-zeitwerk-2.6.6-1.3 Efficient and thread-safe constant autoloader linux/ppc64
rubygem-libguestfs-1.50.1-3.1 Ruby bindings for libguestfs linux/ppc64
rubygem-passenger-6.0.17-1.4 A fast and robust web server and application server for Ruby, Python linux/ppc64
rubygem-passenger-apache2-6.0.17-1.4 Passenger apache module linux/ppc64
rubygem-passenger-nginx-6.0.17-1.4 Passenger Nginx module linux/ppc64
runawk-1.6.1-1.16 Wrapper for AWK interpreter linux/ppc64
runc-1.1.0~rc1-1.2 Tool for spawning and running OCI containers linux/ppc64
rungetty-1.2-9.8 Minimal Getty for Virtual Consoles linux/ppc64
ruqola-1.9.1-2.1 Client linux/ppc64
rust-1.69.0-1.1 A systems programming language linux/ppc64
rust-bindgen-0.63.0-1.3 Automatically generates Rust FFI bindings to C and C++ libraries linux/ppc64
rust-cbindgen-0.24.3+git0-1.5 A tool for generating C bindings from Rust code linux/ppc64
rust-keylime-0.2.1+git.1682587333.b497f1d-1.1 Rust implementation of the keylime agent linux/ppc64
rust1.66-1.66.0-2.3 A systems programming language linux/ppc64
rust1.67-1.67.1-2.1 A systems programming language linux/ppc64
rust1.68-1.68.2-2.1 A systems programming language linux/ppc64
rust1.69-1.69.0-2.1 A systems programming language linux/ppc64
rxp-1.4.8-93.22 XML Parser in C linux/ppc64
rxtx-java-2.2~pre2-4.2 Full Java CommAPI implementation linux/ppc64
rxvt-unicode-9.30-2.3 Rxvt X Terminal with Unicode Support linux/ppc64
rygel-0.42.3-1.1 UPnP/DLNA home media server for GNOME linux/ppc64
rygel-devel-0.42.3-1.1 Development files for the Rygel UPnP/DLNA media server linux/ppc64
rygel-plugin-gstreamer-renderer-0.42.3-1.1 GStreamer renderer plugin for the Rygel UPnP/DLNA media server linux/ppc64
rygel-plugin-tracker-0.42.3-1.1 Tracker plugin for the Rygel UPnP/DLNA media server linux/ppc64
rzip-2.1-149.14 A large-file compression program linux/ppc64
rzsz-0.12.21~rc-4.8 X-, Y-, and Z-Modem Data Transfer Protocols linux/ppc64

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