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Packages beginning with letter B

b43-fwcutter-019-5.8 Tool for extracting firmware from newer Broadcom WLAN drivers linux/ppc64
babeltrace-1.5.8-3.7 Common Trace Format Babel Tower linux/ppc64
babeltrace-devel-1.5.8-3.7 Common Trace Format Babel Tower linux/ppc64
babeltrace2-2.0.4-1.9 Common Trace Format Babel Tower linux/ppc64
babeltrace2-devel-2.0.4-1.9 Common Trace Format Babel Tower linux/ppc64
babl-devel-0.1.102-2.2 Dynamic Pixel Format Translation Library linux/ppc64
backupninja-1.2.2-1.1 Lightweight, extensible meta-backup system linux/ppc64
backward-cpp-1.5-1.6 Stack trace printer for C++ linux/ppc64
backward-cpp-devel-1.5-1.6 Development files for backward-cpp linux/ppc64
baka-mplayer-2.0.4-5.7 A media player with UI using libmpv linux/ppc64
ballerburg-1.2.1-1.4 Two players, two castles, and a hill in between linux/ppc64
baloo5-devel-5.106.0-1.1 Development package for baloo5 linux/ppc64New
baloo5-file-5.106.0-1.1 Filesearch components for Baloo Framework linux/ppc64New
baloo5-imports-5.106.0-1.1 QML components for Baloo Framework linux/ppc64New
baloo5-kioslaves-5.106.0-1.1 KIO slave components for Baloo Framework linux/ppc64New
baloo5-tools-5.106.0-1.1 Aditional components for Baloo Framework linux/ppc64New
baloo5-widgets-23.04.1-1.1 Framework for searching and managing metadata linux/ppc64New
baloo5-widgets-devel-23.04.1-1.1 Development package for baloo5-widgets linux/ppc64New
balsa-2.6.4-2.2 The GNOME Mail Program linux/ppc64New
bam-0.5.1-5.3 Lua-based build system linux/ppc64
bamf-daemon-0.5.6-1.4 Window matching daemon linux/ppc64
bamf-devel-0.5.6-1.4 Development files for the BAMF window matching library linux/ppc64
baobab-44.0-1.1 Disk Usage Analyzer linux/ppc64
barcode-0.99-9.6 Text-Mode Barcode Creation Utility linux/ppc64
barcode-devel-0.99-9.6 Text-Mode Barcode Creation Utility - Development files linux/ppc64
baresip-2.10.0-1.6 Modular SIP useragent linux/ppc64
baresip-devel-2.10.0-1.6 Development files for the baresip library linux/ppc64
baresip-video-2.10.0-1.6 Video support for the Baresip useragent linux/ppc64
barrel-0.2.0-1.2 Tool for storage management linux/ppc64
barrier-2.3.3-1.4 Mouse, keyboard and clipboard sharing utility linux/ppc64
barvinok-0.41.6-1.4 Library for computing homotopy continuation of roots linux/ppc64
barvinok-devel-0.41.6-1.4 Development files for PolyLib linux/ppc64
bash-5.2.15-8.3 The GNU Bourne-Again Shell linux/ppc64
bash-devel-5.2.15-8.3 Include Files mandatory for Development of bash loadable builtins linux/ppc64
bash-loadables-5.2.15-8.3 Loadable bash builtins linux/ppc64
bat-0.23.0-1.1 A cat(1) clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration linux/ppc64
batctl-2023.0-1.2 B.A.T.M.A.N. advanced control and management tool linux/ppc64
bazel-3.7-1.7 Tool for the automation of building and testing of software linux/ppc64
bazel3.4-3.4.1-3.9 Tool for the automation of building and testing of software linux/ppc64
bazel3.7-3.7.2-2.9 Tool for the automation of building and testing of software linux/ppc64
bb-1.3-575.16 Audio-Visual Demonstration for Text Terminal linux/ppc64
bbe-0.2.2-3.11 Binary Block Editor linux/ppc64
bc-1.07.1-4.26 GNU Command Line Calculator linux/ppc64
bcache-tools-1.1-7.2 Configuration utilities for bcache linux/ppc64
bcal-2.4-1.6 Command-line utility for storage conversions and calculations linux/ppc64
bcc-devel-0.26.0-2.10 Header files for the BPF Compiler Collection linux/ppc64New
bcc-tools-0.26.0-2.10 Tracing tools from the BPF Compiler Collection linux/ppc64New
bcftools-1.16-1.3 Tools for manipulating variant calls in the Variant Call Format (VCF) linux/ppc64
bcg729-devel-1.1.1-2.6 Development files for libbcg729 linux/ppc64
bchunk-1.2.2-1.15 A CD image format converter from .bin/.cue to .iso/.cdr/.wav linux/ppc64
bcmatroska2-devel-5.2.1-1.3 Development files for bcmatroska2 linux/ppc64
bctoolbox-devel-5.2.49-3.1 Development files for bctoolbox, a utility library for linphone/belle-sip/etc linux/ppc64
bcunit-devel-3.0.2+git.20191119-1.11 BCUnit development files linux/ppc64
bcunit-doc-3.0.2+git.20191119-1.11 BCUnit documentation linux/ppc64
bdfresize-1.5-571.16 A Tool for Resizing BDF Format Fonts linux/ppc64
bdftopcf-1.1.1-1.3 Font compiler for the X server and font server linux/ppc64
bees-0.9.3-1.1 Best-Effort Extent-Same, a btrfs deduplication agent linux/ppc64
beforelight-1.0.6-1.3 Sample implementation of a screen saver for X servers linux/ppc64
belcard-devel-5.2.16-1.3 Headers and libraries for the belcard library linux/ppc64
belle-sip-devel-5.2.49-1.1 Headers and libraries for the belle-sip library linux/ppc64
belr-devel-5.2.51-1.1 Headers and libraries for the belr library linux/ppc64
bemenu-0.6.15-1.1 Dynamic menu library and client program inspired by dmenu linux/ppc64
bemenu-devel-0.6.15-1.1 Development files for bemenu linux/ppc64
benchmark-devel-1.7.1-1.3 Development files for google benchmark linux/ppc64
benzene-20130630-1.9 Generator for nonisomorphic fusenes and benzenoids linux/ppc64
bestplugins-0.44.1-2.2 Best Mega Pack 1+3 linux/ppc64
bff-1.0.7-1.3 Moderately-optimizing Brainfuck interpreter linux/ppc64
bff4-1-14.22 Fast Brainfuck interpreter linux/ppc64
bgzip-1.16-1.3 Block compression/decompression utility from the HTSlib project linux/ppc64
biblesync-devel-2.1.0-1.8 Development files for biblesync linux/ppc64
bibletime-3.0.3-1.7 A Bible study tool linux/ppc64
biboumi-9.0-4.4 XMPP to IRC gateway linux/ppc64
bibtool-2.63-3.11 Tool for Manipulating BibTeX Databases linux/ppc64
bibview-2.2-1008.14 X11 Front-End for BibTeX Databases linux/ppc64
bijiben-40.1-6.3 Note editor for GNOME linux/ppc64
bind-9.18.15-1.1 Domain Name System (DNS) Server (named) linux/ppc64New
bind-modules-bdbhpt-9.18.15-1.1 A DLZ module which stores zone data in a BerkeleyDB linux/ppc64New
bind-modules-generic-9.18.15-1.1 DLZ module which store zone data in plain files linux/ppc64New
bind-modules-ldap-9.18.15-1.1 A DLZ module which stores zone data in an LDAP directory linux/ppc64New
bind-modules-mysql-9.18.15-1.1 DLZ modules which store zone data in a MySQL database linux/ppc64New
bind-modules-perl-9.18.15-1.1 A dynamically loadable zone (DLZ) plugin embedding a Perl interpreter in BIND linux/ppc64New
bind-modules-sqlite3-9.18.15-1.1 A DLZ module which stores zone data in an sqlite3 db linux/ppc64New
bind-utils-9.18.15-1.1 Libraries for "bind" and utilities to query and test DNS linux/ppc64New
bindfs-1.17.2-1.2 Filesystem for mapping directories with alternate permissions linux/ppc64
bing-1.0.5-162.15 A Point-to-Point Bandwidth Measurement Tool linux/ppc64
binutils-2.40-4.1 GNU Binutils linux/ppc64
binutils-devel-2.40-4.1 GNU binutils (BFD development files) linux/ppc64
binutils-devel-32bit-2.40-4.1 GNU binutils (BFD development files) linux/ppc64
binutils-gold-2.40-4.1 The gold linker linux/ppc64
bird-2.13-1.1 The BIRD Internet Routing Daemon linux/ppc64
bird-doc-2.13-1.1 Documentation for the BIRD Internet Routing Daemon linux/ppc64
bison-3.8.2-3.3 The GNU Parser Generator linux/ppc64
bison-32bit-3.8.2-3.3 The GNU Parser Generator linux/ppc64
bitcoin-qt5-24.0.1-2.1 An end-user Qt5 GUI for the Bitcoin crypto-currency linux/ppc64
bitcoin-utils-24.0.1-2.1 An end-user CLI for the Bitcoin crypto-currency linux/ppc64
bitcoind-24.0.1-2.1 Headless daemon for Bitcoin crypto-currency linux/ppc64
bitlbee-3.6-4.4 IRC to other Chat Networks Gateway linux/ppc64
bitlbee-devel-3.6-4.4 IRC to other Chat Networks Gateway (Devel files) linux/ppc64
bitlbee-discord-0.4.3+7.g607f988-1.9 Bitlbee plugin for Discord linux/ppc64
bitlbee-doc-3.6-4.4 IRC to other Chat Networks Gateway (User Guide) linux/ppc64
bitlbee-facebook-1.2.2+git.1614281748.a31ccbe-1.11 The Facebook protocol plugin for bitlbee linux/ppc64
bitlbee-mastodon-1.4.5-1.6 A Mastodon plugin for Bitlbee linux/ppc64
bitlbee-steam-1.4.2-1.21 Steam protocol plugin for BitlBee linux/ppc64
bitmap-1.1.0-1.6 X bitmap editor and converter utilities linux/ppc64
bittwist-2.0-2.18 A libpcap-based Ethernet packet generator linux/ppc64
bitwise-0.43-1.7 Interactive bitwise operation in ncurses linux/ppc64
black-hole-solver-1.12.0-1.3 The Black Hole Solver Executable linux/ppc64
black-hole-solver-devel-1.12.0-1.3 Black Hole Solver development headers linux/ppc64
blacs-devel-headers-2.1.0-9.11 Development headers for BLACS linux/ppc64
bladeRF-2023.02-16.2 SDR radio receiver linux/ppc64
bladeRF-devel-2023.02-16.2 Development files for libbladeRF linux/ppc64
bladeRF-udev-2023.02-16.2 Udev rules for bladeRF linux/ppc64
blas-devel-3.9.0-9.1 Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms linux/ppc64
blas-devel-32bit-3.9.0-9.1 Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms linux/ppc64
blas-devel-static-3.9.0-9.1 Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms linux/ppc64
blinken-23.04.1-1.1 Simon Says Game linux/ppc64New
bliss-0.77-1.7 A Tool for Computing Automorphism Groups and Canonical Labelings of Graphs linux/ppc64
bliss-devel-0.77-1.7 Development files for bliss, a math library linux/ppc64
blitz-devel-1.0.2-2.10 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with blitz linux/ppc64
blktests-0+20230302.676d42c-1.1 Linux kernel block layer testing framework linux/ppc64
blktrace-1.3.0+git.20211021-1.8 Block IO tracer linux/ppc64
bloaty-1.1-1.28 Bloaty McBloatface: a size profiler for binaries linux/ppc64
blobAndConquer-1.11-2.14 Blob Wars: Blob and Conquer - a 3rd person action game linux/ppc64
blobby-1.0-2.10 2D Arcade Beach Volleyball Game linux/ppc64
blobwars-2.00-2.17 Mission and Objective based 2D Platform Game linux/ppc64
blockout-2.5-2.10 A free clone of the original BlockOut DOS game linux/ppc64
blog-2.26-2.3 Boot logging linux/ppc64
blog-devel-2.26-2.3 Provides library and header for boot logging linux/ppc64
blog-plymouth-2.26-2.3 Replaces plymouth by blogd linux/ppc64
blogbench-1.1-4.8 Filesystem Benchmark linux/ppc64
blogc-0.20.1-1.9 Blog compiler linux/ppc64
blosc-devel-1.21.1-1.9 Development libraries for libblosc1 linux/ppc64
bluedevil5-5.27.5-1.1 Bluetooth Manager for KDE Plasma linux/ppc64New
bluefish-2.2.12-3.9 A feature-Rich HTML Editor linux/ppc64
blueman-2.3.5-1.2 GTK Bluetooth Manager linux/ppc64
bluemoon-2.12-1.22 Blue Moon card solitaire linux/ppc64
bluez-5.66-1.6 Bluetooth Stack for Linux linux/ppc64
bluez-cups-5.66-1.6 CUPS Driver for Bluetooth Printers linux/ppc64
bluez-deprecated-5.66-1.6 Bluez tools that upstream considers obsolete linux/ppc64
bluez-devel-5.66-1.6 Files needed for BlueZ development linux/ppc64
bluez-devel-32bit-5.66-1.6 Files needed for BlueZ development linux/ppc64
bluez-firmware-1.2-150.2 Bluetooth(TM) Firmware linux/ppc64
bluez-obexd-5.66-1.6 Object Exchange daemon for sharing content linux/ppc64
bluez-qt-devel-5.106.0-1.1 Async Bluez wrapper library - development files linux/ppc64New
bluez-qt-imports-5.106.0-1.1 Async Bluez wrapper library linux/ppc64New
bluez-qt-udev-5.106.0-1.1 bluez-qt integration with udev linux/ppc64New
bluez-test-5.66-1.6 Tools for testing of various Bluetooth-functions linux/ppc64
bmake-20200606-2.8 The NetBSD make(1) tool linux/ppc64
bmkdep-20140112-1.12 The NetBSD version of mkdep(1) tool linux/ppc64
bmon-4.0-1.19 Bandwidth Monitor and Rate Estimator linux/ppc64
bogofilter-db-1.2.4-15.10 Bogofilter libdb backend linux/ppc64
bogofilter-kyotocabinet-1.2.4-15.10 Bogofilter kyotocabinet backend linux/ppc64
bogofilter-sqlite3-1.2.4-15.10 Bogofilter sqlite3 backend linux/ppc64
boinc-client-7.22.0-1.4 Client for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing linux/ppc64
boinc-client-devel-7.22.0-1.4 Development files for libboinc linux/ppc64
boinc-manager-7.22.0-1.4 GUI to control and monitor boinc-client linux/ppc64
bolt-0.9.5-1.3 Thunderbolt 3 device manager linux/ppc64
bolt-tools-0.9.5-1.3 Bolt Tools linux/ppc64
bom-1.0.1-1.7 Deals with Unicode byte order marks linux/ppc64
bomber-23.04.1-1.1 Game involving the invasion of cities with a plane linux/ppc64New
bomns-0.99.3-1.27 Best old-school Deathmatch game ever (only for two players) linux/ppc64
bonk-0.3.2-1.3 Touch with mkdir tool linux/ppc64
bonnie-1.6-1.11 File System Benchmark linux/ppc64
bonnie++-2.00a-1.2 A Bonnie-Like File System Benchmark linux/ppc64
bookworm-1.1.2-2.10 E-book reader linux/ppc64
boomaga-3.0.0-3.12 Virtual Printer for Viewing a Document before Printing linux/ppc64
boost1_82_0-jam-1.82.0-1.1 A Boost Make Replacement linux/ppc64
boost1_82_0-quickbook-1.82.0-1.1 Documentation tool geared towards C++ linux/ppc64
booth-1.0+20220815.f40c2d5-1.3 Ticket Manager for Multi-site Clusters linux/ppc64
booth-test-1.0+20220815.f40c2d5-1.3 Test scripts for Booth linux/ppc64
borgbackup-1.2.4-1.1 Deduplicating backup program with compression and authenticated encryption linux/ppc64
bosh-2022.10.16-47.3 Multibyte-capable POSIX-conforming Bourne shell linux/ppc64
bottom-0.9.1~0-1.1 Yet another graphical process/system monitor linux/ppc64New
bovo-23.04.1-1.1 Five-in-a-row Board Game linux/ppc64New
bowtie2-2.5.1-1.3 Fast and memory-efficient short read aligner linux/ppc64
bpfmon-2.51-1.3 Traffic monitor for BPF expression/iptables rule linux/ppc64
bpftool-7.2.0-1.1 Tool for inspection and manipulation of BPF programs and maps linux/ppc64New
bpftool-bash-completion-7.2.0-1.1 Bash completion for bpftool linux/ppc64New
bpftrace-0.17.0-2.3 High-level tracing language for Linux eBPF linux/ppc64
bpm-tools-0.3-1.21 Automatic calculating and tagging the tempo of music files linux/ppc64
brasero-3.12.3-2.8 CD/DVD burning application for GNOME linux/ppc64
brasero-devel-3.12.3-2.8 Development files for Brasero, a CD/DVD burning application for GNOME linux/ppc64
breeze-5.27.5-1.1 Plasma Desktop artwork, styles and assets linux/ppc64New
breeze5-decoration-5.27.5-1.1 Plasma Desktop artwork, styles and assets linux/ppc64New
breeze5-style-5.27.5-1.1 Plasma Desktop artwork, styles and assets linux/ppc64New
breezy-3.3.2-1.1 Distributed version control system with multi-format support linux/ppc64
brial-devel-1.2.12-1.3 Development files for polybori, a CAS for Boolean Polynomials linux/ppc64
bridge-utils-1.7.1-1.8 Utilities for Configuring the Linux Ethernet Bridge linux/ppc64
bridge-utils-devel-1.7.1-1.8 Development files for bridge-utils linux/ppc64
brightnessctl-0.5.1-1.11 Tool to read and control device brightness linux/ppc64
brisk-menu-0.6.2-1.12 Modern, efficient menu for MATE linux/ppc64
brlapi-devel-6.5-2.3 Library to use BRLTTY from applications -- Development Files linux/ppc64
brlapi-java-6.5-2.3 Library to use BRLTTY from applications -- Java Bindings linux/ppc64
brlemu-0.1-61.17 Emulates a braille display linux/ppc64
brltty-6.5-2.3 Braille display driver for Linux/Unix linux/ppc64
brltty-driver-at-spi2-6.5-2.3 AT-SPI 2 driver for BRLTTY linux/ppc64
brltty-driver-brlapi-6.5-2.3 BrlAPI driver for BRLTTY linux/ppc64
brltty-driver-espeak-6.5-2.3 ESpeak driver for BRLTTY linux/ppc64
brltty-driver-libbraille-6.5-2.3 Libbraille driver for BRLTTY linux/ppc64
brltty-driver-speech-dispatcher-6.5-2.3 Speech Dispatcher driver for BRLTTY linux/ppc64
brltty-driver-xwindow-6.5-2.3 XWindow driver for BRLTTY linux/ppc64
brltty-udev-generic-6.5-2.3 BRLTTY Udev rules for braille devices that use a generic USB to serial adapter. linux/ppc64
brltty-utils-6.5-2.3 Braille display driver for Linux/Unix linux/ppc64
broadvoice16-1.2-3.7 BroadVoice 16 Speech Codec linux/ppc64
broadvoice16-32bit-1.2-3.7 BroadVoice 16 Speech Codec linux/ppc64
broadvoice16-devel-1.2-3.7 BroadVoice 16 development files linux/ppc64
broadvoice32-1.2-2.7 BroadVoice 32 Speech Codec linux/ppc64
broadvoice32-devel-1.2-2.7 BroadVoice 32 development files linux/ppc64
broot-1.21.0-1.1 A better way to navigate directories linux/ppc64
brotli-1.0.9-3.2 Lossless Compression Algorithm linux/ppc64
brp-check-suse-84.87+git20230324.8680ce4-1.1 Build root policy check scripts linux/ppc64
bs-2.11-1.9 Battleships solitaire game with a color interface linux/ppc64
bs1770gain- A loudness scanner compliant with ITU-R BS.1770 linux/ppc64
bs2b-tools-3.1.0-13.4 Tools to use the Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP linux/ppc64
bsd-games-2.17-122.17 Several Text-Mode Games linux/ppc64
bsdiff-4.3-5.19 Tools for binary file patches linux/ppc64
bsdtar-3.6.2-1.4 Utility to read several different streaming archive formats linux/ppc64
bspwm-0.9.10-1.10 A tiling window manager based on binary space partitioning linux/ppc64
bstone-1.2.12-2.1 A source port of Blake Stone linux/ppc64
btar-1.1.1-2.10 Featureful tar-Compatible Archiver and Compressor linux/ppc64
btcflash-2022.10.16-47.3 Firmware flash utility for BTC DRW1008 DVD±RW recorder linux/ppc64
btfs-2.24-1.9 A BitTorrent file system based on FUSE linux/ppc64
btop-1.2.13+git20221215.c4ee41e-1.3 Usage and stats for processor, memory, disks, network and processes linux/ppc64
btrfs-extent-same-0.11.3-1.6 Debug/Test tool to exercise the btrfs out-of-band deduplication ioctl linux/ppc64
btrfsprogs-6.1.3-5.1 Utilities for the Btrfs filesystem linux/ppc64
btrfsprogs-bash-completion-6.1.3-5.1 Bash completion for btrfsprogs linux/ppc64
btrfsprogs-static-6.1.3-5.1 Static build of utilities for the Btrfs filesystem linux/ppc64
bubblewrap-0.8.0-1.1 Core execution tool for unprivileged containers linux/ppc64
bubblewrap-zsh-completion-0.8.0-1.1 Zsh tab-completion for bubblewrap linux/ppc64
bucklespring-1.5.1-1.7 Nostalgia keyboard sound emulator linux/ppc64
buckygen-1.1-1.9 Generator for nonisomorphic fullerenes linux/ppc64
budgie-app-launcher-applet-1.6.0-1.1 App Launcher applet linux/ppc64
budgie-applications-menu-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Stylish Applications Menu for Budgie-Desktop linux/ppc64
budgie-appmenu-applet-0.7.6-1.6 Application Menu plugin for budgie linux/ppc64
budgie-brightness-controller-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Brightness controller applet linux/ppc64
budgie-calendar-applet-5.2-2.11 Calendar applet for Budgie Desktop linux/ppc64
budgie-clockworks-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Clockworks applet linux/ppc64
budgie-control-center-1.2.0+0-1.2 Fork of GNOME Control Center for Budgie 10 linux/ppc64
budgie-control-center-bash-completion-1.2.0+0-1.2 Bash Completion for Budgie Control Center linux/ppc64
budgie-countdown-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Countdown applet linux/ppc64
budgie-desktop-10.7.2+0-1.1 GTK3 Desktop Environment linux/ppc64New
budgie-desktop-devel-10.7.2+0-1.1 Development files for the Budgie Desktop linux/ppc64New
budgie-desktop-doc-10.7.2+0-1.1 Documentation files for the Budgie Desktop linux/ppc64New
budgie-desktop-view-1.2.1+0-1.3 Official Budgie Desktop icons application / implementation linux/ppc64
budgie-dropby-applet-1.6.0-1.1 DropBy applet linux/ppc64
budgie-extras-1.6.0-1.1 Additional Budgie Desktop enhancements for user experience linux/ppc64
budgie-extras-daemon-1.6.0-1.1 Daemon for Budgie Extras linux/ppc64
budgie-fuzzyclock-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Fuzzyclock Applet linux/ppc64
budgie-haste-applet-20200228-2.5 Budgie Haste Applet linux/ppc64
budgie-hotcorners-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Hotcorners applet linux/ppc64
budgie-kangaroo-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Kangaroo applet linux/ppc64
budgie-keyboard-autoswitch-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Keyboard autoswitch applet linux/ppc64
budgie-network-manager-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Network manager applet linux/ppc64
budgie-previews-1.6.0-1.1 Previews applet linux/ppc64
budgie-quickchar-1.6.0-1.1 Quickchar applet linux/ppc64
budgie-quicknote-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Quicknote applet linux/ppc64
budgie-recentlyused-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Recently Used applet linux/ppc64
budgie-rotation-lock-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Rotationlock applet linux/ppc64
budgie-screensaver-5.1.0+0-4.3 Fork of GNOME Screensaver for Budgie 10 linux/ppc64
budgie-screenshot-applet-20200503-2.6 Screenshot applet for Budgie Desktop linux/ppc64
budgie-showtime-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Showtime applet linux/ppc64
budgie-takeabreak-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Takeabreak applet linux/ppc64
budgie-trash-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Trash applet linux/ppc64
budgie-visualspace-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Visualspace applet linux/ppc64
budgie-wallstreet-1.6.0-1.1 Wallstreet applet linux/ppc64
budgie-weathershow-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Weathershow applet linux/ppc64
budgie-window-shuffler-1.6.0-1.1 Window shuffler applet linux/ppc64
budgie-workspace-stopwatch-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Workspace stopwatch applet linux/ppc64
budgie-workspace-wallpaper-applet-1.6.0-1.1 Workspace Wallpaper applet linux/ppc64
buffer-1.19-867.11 Buffering stdin and stdout linux/ppc64
bumblebee-3.2.1-14.10 NVidia Optimus support for GNU/Linux aimed at stability linux/ppc64
bumblebee-status-2.1.5-3.3 Modular, theme-able status line generator for the i3 window manager linux/ppc64
bumblebee-status-module-deadbeef-2.1.5-3.3 Widget for deadbeef linux/ppc64
bup-0.32-2.3 Backup program based on git linux/ppc64
busybox-1.36.0-1.3 Minimalist variant of UNIX utilities linked in a single executable linux/ppc64
busybox-static-1.36.0-1.3 Static linked version of Busybox, a compact UNIX utility collection linux/ppc64
busybox-testsuite-1.36.0-1.3 Testsuite of busybox linux/ppc64
bvi-1.4.2-1.1 Editor for binary files linux/ppc64
bwbar-1.2.3-8.7 Bandwidth usage bar linux/ppc64
bwm-ng-0.6.3-1.8 Realtime Bandwidth Monitor linux/ppc64
byacc-20230219-1.2 LALR(1) parser generator linux/ppc64
byaccj-1.15-2.7 Parser Generator with Java Extension linux/ppc64
byzanz-0.3.0+git20140619-5.9 Tool to record a running X desktop to an animated GIF file linux/ppc64
bzflag-2.4.26-1.3 3D Networked Multiplayer Tank Battle Game linux/ppc64
bzip2-1.0.8-5.2 A Program for Compressing Files linux/ppc64
bzip3-1.3.0-2.1 Compressor with Burrows–Wheeler transform and PPM context modeling linux/ppc64
bzip3-devel-1.3.0-2.1 Development files for libbzip3 linux/ppc64
bzrtp-devel-5.2.49-1.1 Development files for libbzrtp linux/ppc64

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