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dracut-057+suse.315.gd210fc38-1.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: dracut Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 057+suse.315.gd210fc38 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Sat Sep 17 23:40:40 2022
Group: System/Base Build host: obs-arm-11
Size: 1996856 Source RPM: dracut-057+suse.315.gd210fc38-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Event driven initramfs infrastructure
Dracut contains tools to create a bootable initramfs for Linux kernels >= 2.6.
Dracut contains various modules which are driven by the event-based udev
and systemd. Having root on MD, DM, LVM2, LUKS is supported as well as




GPL-2.0-only AND GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later


* Wed Sep 14 2022
  - Update to version 057+suse.315.gd210fc38:
    * chore(suse): update spec
      Fix "directories not owned by a package" caused by bash-completion directories not owned by dracut.
      Do not install modules incompatible with the system architecture.
    * chore(suse): change default persistent policy
    * ci(suse.conf.example): update SUSE-specific config
    * chore(suse): fix 99-debug.conf
* Thu Aug 18 2022
  - Update to version 057+suse.309.gb71946f6:
    * fix( hide unpack errors (bsc#1199341)
    * chore(suse): remove suse-module-tools build requirement
    * fix(suse-initrd): always check that MACHINE_ID is not empty (bsc#1201780)
* Wed Jul 20 2022
  - Update to version 057+suse.303.gc4ea1bea:
    * fix(network-legacy): add auto timeout to wicked DHCP test (bsc#1198709)
    * fix(network-legacy): check if dhclient has --timeout option
    * fix(man): correct typo
    * fix(network-legacy): properly install dhclient
    * fix(fips): add missing bash dependency
* Mon Jul 04 2022
  - Update to version 057+suse.294.gaa9ea2d2:
    * fix(i18n): add required includes for keymaps (bsc#1200950)
* Tue Jun 21 2022
  - Update to version 057+suse.292.g508db4cd:
    See for details.
    Additional changes:
    * fix(integrity): do not enable EVM if there is no key (bsc#1200718)
    * fix( temporary workaround for kiwi (bsc#1199051)
    * chore(suse): update spec
* Fri Apr 22 2022
  - Update to version 056+suse.275.g4ce7a6a7:
    * fix(resume): relax exclusion check (bsc#1198554)
    * fix(nfs): /var is not mounted during the transactional-update run (bsc#1184970)
    * fix(nfs): give /run/rpcbind ownership to rpc user (bsc#1177461)
    * fix(nfs): require and install needed binaries
* Tue Apr 12 2022
  - Update to version 056+suse.268.g0b2bd662:
    * fix(resume): do not add this module if there is no suitable swap (bsc#1198095)
    * feat(resume): improve sanity check by verifying volatile swap (bsc#1198095)
    * fix(resume): correct call to block_is_netdevice function (bsc#1197737)
    * fix(lvm): add missing grep requirement (bsc#1198271)
* Wed Apr 06 2022
  - Update to version 056+suse.261.gf83268d5:
    * chore(suse): remove fipscheck requirement (bsc#1198065)
* Tue Apr 05 2022
  - Update to version 056+suse.259.g16e9c5e9:
    * fix(ifcfg): repair POSIX compliance
    * fix(network-legacy): repair POSIX compliance
    * fix(dracut-install): copy files preserving ownership attributes (bsc#1197967)
    * fix(bluetooth): make $dbussystem/bluetooth.conf optional (bsc#1195047)
* Fri Apr 01 2022
  - Update to version 056+suse.252.g75c0d4d5:
    See for details.
    Additional changes:
    * feat(resume): sanity check (bsc#1197192)
    * fix( unpack uncompressed initrd as last option (bsc#1197195)
    * fix(resume): only exclude this module when swap is netdev
    * fix(network): do not use network-wicked as default network handler
    * chore(suse): update spec
* Fri Feb 18 2022
  - Update to version 055+suse.238.gacab0df5:
    * fix(cpio): correct dev_t -> rmajor/rminor mapping (bsc#1195808)
    * ci(cpio): add test_archive_dev_maj_min (bsc#1195808)
    * ci(cpio): add TempWorkDir.create_tmp_mknod helper (bsc#1195808)
* Thu Feb 17 2022
  - Update to version 055+suse.234.gbdaf66ff:
    * fix(tpm2-tss): install SUSE specific files (bsc#1195984)
    * fix(systemd-sysusers): override systemd-sysusers.service (bsc#1195983)
* Mon Feb 14 2022
  - Update to version 055+suse.230.g3fdde49a:
    * fix(dasd_rules): correct udev dasd rules parsing (bsc#1195309)
    * revert(lvm): remove 69-dm-lvm-metad.rules (bsc#1195604)
* Fri Jan 28 2022
  - Update to version 055+suse.226.g44139dde:
    * fix(zfcp_rules): remove collect based udev rule creators
    * fix(dasd_rules): remove collect based udev rule creators
    * fix(kernel-modules-extra): handle zstd module extension
    * fix(ifcfg): add SUSE specific write-ifcfg file (bsc#1193518)
    * fix(dracut-functions): skip iSCSI sessions without initiatorname (bsc#1195011)
    * fix( ip route parsing (bsc#1195011)
    * fix(fips): missing sourcing of dracut-lib
    * fix(fips): wrong error message
    * fix(network-legacy): install only existing SUSE specific files (bsc#1194879)
    * fix(network-legacy): set dhclient as optional (bsc#1194879)
    * fix(40network): consistent use of "$gw" for gateway (bsc#1192685)
    * fix(multipathd-configure.service): drop unneeded dependencies
    * fix(multipath): check if mpathconf is available
    * fix(multipathd.service): drop dependencies on iscsi and iscsid
    * fix(multipathd.service): adapt to upstream multipath-tools unit file
    * fix(multipathd.service): remove dependency on systemd-udev-settle
    * fix(fips): avoid shellcheck warnings
    * fix(fips): get _vmname value only if it is needed
    * fix( respect rd.fips.skipkernel
    * fix(fips): alignment with the upstream format
* Mon Jan 17 2022
  - Update to version 055+suse.194.gdd41932a:
    * fix(network-legacy): add wicked as an alternative to arping (bsc#1193670)
    * fix(network): add wicked as an alternative to arping (bsc#1193670)
* Mon Jan 17 2022
  - Update to version 055+suse.191.g67eb4ea8:
    * fix( add test for SUSE initrd name (bsc#1194570)
    * fix(dracut.spec): require util-linux-systemd (bsc#1194162)
    * fix(network-wicked): multiple path corrections
    * fix(drm): add privacy screen modules to the initrd (bsc#1193590)
    * fix(dracut.spec): update usrmerged mkinitrd dir
    * fix(url-lib): improve ca-bundle detection (bsc#1175892)
* Thu Dec 09 2021
  - Update to version 055+suse.179.g3cf989c2:
    * fix(cpio): write zeros instead of seek for padding and alignment (bsc#1190982)
    * fix( check kernel zstd support early
    * fix( check availability of configured compression
    * fix( inform user about auto-selected compression method
    * fix( drop pointless check for module compression method
    * chore(suse): add dracut-cpio archiver (jsc#SLE-16157)
    * ci(TEST-63-DRACUT-CPIO): kernel extraction tests for dracut-cpio
    * feat( add "--enhanced-cpio" option for calling dracut-cpio
    * feat(Makefile): cargo wrapper for dracut-cpio build
    * feat(cpio): add newc archive creation utility
    * feat(cpio): add rust argument parsing library from crosvm
    * ci(TEST-62-SKIPCPIO): add simple skipcpio test
    * ci(test): export basedir and testdir as absolute paths
    * ci(TEST-60-BONDBRIDGEVLANIFCFG): use toplevel Makefile
    * fix(dracut.spec): check for non-usrmerged environments
    * fix(zfcp_rules): add quotes around rule installation argument
    * fix(zipl): correct argument for uuid to device conversion
    * fix(fips): missing value of _vmname variable (bsc#1193267)
* Wed Dec 01 2021
  - Update to version 055+suse.158.g51e87247:
    * chore(suse): add fido2 module (jsc#SLE-21070)
    * feat(crypt): check if fido2 module is needed in hostonly mode (jsc#SLE-21070)
    * feat(fido2): introducing the fido2 module (jsc#SLE-21070)
    * feat(crypt): check if tpm2-tss module is needed in hostonly mode (jsc#SLE-21070)
    * fix( get block device driver if in a virtual subsystem (bsc#1189776)
    * fix(mdraid): allow UUID comparison for more than one UUID (bsc#1192665)
    * fix(dracut.spec): update dependency for suse-module-tools
    * fix(network-legacy): route parsing issues in ifup (bsc#1182688)
    * fix(systemd-udevd): make collect optional (bsc#1177870)
* Fri Nov 19 2021
  - Update to version 055+suse.142.g7d8c3ce3:
    * style( remove redundant script header
    * fix( change misspelled variable name
    * fix( remove wrong $ in loop sequence
    * chore(suse): update spec (jsc#SLE-20248)
    * fix(90kernel-modules): add isp1760 USB controller
    * fix(iscsi): add support for the new iscsiadm "no-wait" (-W) command (bsc#1187190)
    * ci(suse.conf.example): optimal compression parameters for zstd (jsc#SLE-20248)
    * feat( check if target kernel has zstd support compiled in (jsc#SLE-20248)
    * ci(suse.conf.example): change default compression option for SUSE (jsc#SLE-20248)
* Wed Oct 06 2021
  - Update to version 055+suse.129.g7d8c3ce3:
    * fix(kernel-modules): add blk_mq_alloc_disk and blk_cleanup_disk to blockfuncs (bsc#1190326)
    * docs: update SUSE maintainers doc
    * fix(suse): add 60-io-scheduler.rules (bsc#1188713)
    * revert: remove /sbin/installkernel script from dracut package
    * spec: modernize specfile constructs
* Thu Sep 30 2021
  - Update to version 055+suse.119.g6c4187af:
    * fix(suse-initrd): handle cases with zero modprobe.d files (bsc#1189895)
* Mon Aug 16 2021
  - Update to version 055+suse.117.ge5fc2048:
    * fix(suse-initrd): need to handle relative links too
* Thu Aug 12 2021
  - Update to version 055+suse.115.gf65e559b:
    * fix(suse-initrd): find links of usrmerged kernels (boo#1184804)
    * fix(tpm2-tss): typo in depends()
    * fix(suse-initrd): inform on usage of obsolete -f parameter (bsc#1187470)
  - use manual mode in _service file
* Mon Jun 28 2021
  - Update to version 055+suse.110.gbe35f166:
    * fix(fips-suse): fipscheck doesn't need the -c parameter (bsc#1187498)
    * fix(kernel-install): initrd vs initramfs
* Thu Jun 17 2021
  - Update to version 055+suse.106.g760b0c69:
    * chore(suse): add Conflicts for old suse-module-tools to specfile (bsc#1187115)
* Thu Jun 17 2021
  - Update to version 055+suse.104.g9d45c1df:
    * feat(suse-initrd): add INITRD_MODULES from /etc/sysconfig/kernel, too
    * fix(suse-initrd): call dracut_instmods with hostonly=
    * fix(suse-initrd): use $kernel rather than $(uname -r)
* Mon Jun 14 2021
  - Update to version 055+suse.100.ga2700279:
    * fix(suse-initrd): remove references to INITRD_MODULES (bsc#1187115)
    * chore(suse): erase conditional for usrmerge from specfile
    * chore(suse): fix specfile for usrmerge
* Mon May 31 2021
  - Update to version 055+suse.97.gb98506b2:
    * docs: update and AUTHORS
    * fix(fs-lib): install fsck utilities
    * fix(integrity): require ALLOW_METADATA_WRITES to come from EVM config file
    * fix(install): configure logging earlier
    * fix(warpclock): minor cleanups
    * fix(dash): minor cleanups
    * fix(mksh): minor cleanups
    * feat(install): add default value for --firmwaredirs
    * fix(dracut-functions): get_maj_min without get_maj_min_cache_file set
    * fix(dracut): pipe hardlink output to `dinfo`
    * fix(install): sane default --kerneldir
    * fix(bash): minor cleanups
    * fix(squash): don't mount the mount points if already mounted
    * ci: add shfmt to Fedora containers
    * fix(base): add missing `str_replace` to ``
    * feat( detect running in a container
    * fix(base): split out ``
    * fix(dracut-util): print error message with trailing newline
    * fix(packit): downstream has renamed the master branch to main
* Mon May 31 2021
  - Update to version 054+suse.96.gb5aa64d2:
    * fix(suse-initrd) fix list of modprobe.d directories
* Tue May 18 2021
  - Update to version 054+suse.95.gd5820102:
    * chore(suse) update spec
      Important change on mkinitrd:
      mkinitrd is now in its own subpackage "dracut-mkinit-deprecated",
      which requires dracut. If you need mkinitrd, require "mkinitrd".
      However note that in the long run, mkinit will go away. It is
      preferred to call dracut directly.
* Mon May 17 2021
  - Update to version 054+suse.94.g1648453e:
    * chore(suse): re-add SUSE mkinitrd
* Mon May 17 2021
  - Update to version 054+suse.93.gd393f006:
    With this release dracut has undergone a major overhaul.
    A lot of systemd related modules have been added.
    The integration test suite has finally ironed out the flaky behaviour due to the parallel device probing of the kernel,
    which bit sometimes in the non-kvm github CI. So, if you see any /dev/sda in a setup script with more than two hard drives,
    chances are, that the script works on the wrong disk. Same goes for network interfaces.
    This release is also fully shellcheck'ed with ShellCheck-0.7.2 and indented with shfmt and astyle.
    The dracut project builds test containers every day for:
    These containers can easily be used to run the integration tests locally without root permissions via podman.
    We hope this serves as a blueprint for your distribution's CI process.
    More information can be found in docs/
    Bug Fixes
      make testsuite pass on OpenSuse and Arch (8b2afb08)
      cope with distributions with /usr/etc files (3ad3b3a4)
      deprecate gummiboot (5c94cf41)
      set vimrc and emacs indention according to .editorconfig (9012f399)
      correctly handle kernel parameters (501d82f7)
      remove dracut.pc on make clean (d643156d)
      honor KVERSION environment in the Makefile (d8a454a5)
      always use mkdir -p (9cf7b1c5)
      prevent symbolic links containing // (de0c0872)
      adding missing globalvars for udev (f35d479d)
      sysctl global variables (3ca9aa1d)
      add global vars for modules-load (ec4539c6)
      omission is an addition to other omissions in conf files (96c31333)
      harden dracut against GZIP environment variable (d8e47e20)
      add a missing tmpfilesconfdir global variable (8849dd8d)
      include modules.builtin.alias in the initramfs (7f633747)
      install all depmod relevant configuration files (50a01dd4)
      add modules.builtin.modinfo to the initramfs (87c4c178)
      search for btrfs devices from actual mount poiont (3fdc734a)
      implement a cache for get_maj_min (c3bb9d18)
      word splitting issue for sed in get_ucode_file (122657b2) double dash trigger unknown logger warnings during run (4fbccde5)
      handle $LIB in ldd output parsing (d1a36d3d)
      handle builtin modules (2536a9ea)
      suppress calls to getarg in build phase (6feaaabc)
      source hooks without exec (8059bcb2)
      wait_for_dev quote shell variables (b800edd6)
      adding crc32c for ext3 (61f45643)
      install all crypto modules in the generic initrd (10f9e569)
      include cryptsetups tmpfile (a4cc1964)
      cope with different scdaemon location (44fd1c13)
      enable the service (df1e5f06)
      only error out in install() (ae4fbb3d)
      don't refuse root=tmpfs when systemd is used (a96900a8)
      examples: remove the examples directory and reference to it (b37c90c8)
      add dh and ecdh ciphers (543b8014)
      remove old udev version requirements (be30d987)
      skip if data is missing (651fe01e)
      ignored null byte in input (85eb9680)
      properly set up EVM when using an x509 cert (4bdd7eb2)
      replace sed call with bash internals (66b920c6)
      add iscsid.service requirements (bb6770f1)
      only rely on socket activiation (0eb87d78)
      optionally add /usr/lib/modules.d to initramfs (92e6a8f8)
      add watchdog drivers for generic initrd (3a60c036)
      remove dependency statements (86b75634)
      correct dependencies (c2ecc4d1)
      stop multipath before udev db cleanup (3c244c7c)
      revise multipathd-stop (7b8c78ff)
      assume nbd version >= 3.8 (6209edeb)
      remove old udev version requirements (fd15dbad)
      make nbd work again with systemd (77906443)
      use wicked unit instead of find_binary (57eefcf7)
      user variable for sdnetworkd instead of path (4982e16d)
      correct regression in iface_has_carrier (36af0518)
      add missing options to dhclient.conf (abfd547a)
      silence getargs (60a34d8b)
      cope with distributions not using libexec (22d6863e)
      set timeout via command line option (8a51ee1f)
      run after dracut-cmdline (4d03404f)
      create /run directories (49b61496)
      use /run/NetworkManager/initrd/neednet in initqueue (6a37c6f6)
      only run NetworkManager if rd.neednet=1 (ac0e8f7d)
      nm-run.service: don't kill forked processes (1f21fac6)
      no default deps for nm-run.service (ba4bcf5f) does not require bash (3402142e)
      post install should be the last step before stripping (8c8aecdc)
      include all nss libraries (b3bbf5fb)
      include hosts and nsswitch.conf in hostonly mode (5912f4fb)
      remove old systemd version requirements (fc53987b)
      systemd-hostnamed: extra quote (2aa65234)
      systemd-modules: remove dependency on systemd meta module (afef4557)
      misc repairs (782ac8f1)
      make systemd-networkd a proper network provider (ea779750, closes #737)
      systemd-resolved: remove nss libraries (12bef83c)
      sysctl global variables (02acedd0)
      misc fixes and cleanup (7359ba8a)
      systemd-udev: use global vars instead of fixed path (fd883a58)
      systemd-udevd: add udev id program files (562cb77b)
      incorrect reference to cryptsetup target (ba92d1fc)
      re-naming module to veritysetup (0267f3c3)
      tpm2-tss: add tpm2 requirement (8f99fada)
      remove sourcing of network link files (69f4e7cd)
      add btrfs udev rules by default (567c4557)
      fix passing args (5f6be515)
      don't depend on grub2 (6b499ec1)
      disable initrd compression when squash module is enabled (7c0bc0b2)
      support ZSTD-compressed kernel modules (ce9af251)
      also restore the initramfs from /lib/modules (33e27fab)
      extend Makefile indent target (e0a0fa61)
      customize .editorconfig according to shfmt (1f621aba)
      squash module follow --compress option (5d05ffbd)
      bluetooth: implement bluetooth support in initrd (64ee2a53)
      btrfs: add 64-btrfs-dm.rules rules (d4caa86a)
      mkinitrd: remove mkinitrd (43df4ee2)
      nbd: support ipv6 link local nbds (b12f8188)
      network-manager: run as daemon with D-Bus (112f03f9)
      qemu: include the virtio_mem kernel module (f3dcb606)
      skipcpio: speed up and harden skipcpio (63033495)
      use busybox for early setup if available (90f269f6)
      install and depmod modules seperately (5a18b24a)
      systemd-ac-power: introducing the systemd-ac-power module (e7407230)
      systemd-hostnamed: introducing the systemd-hostnamed module (bf273e3e)
      systemd-initrd: add (5eb73610)
      systemd-journald: introducing the systemd-journald module (3697891b)
      systemd-ldconfig: introducing the systemd-ldconfig module (563c434e)
      systemd-network-management: introducing systemd-network-management module (e942d86c)
      systemd-resolved: introducing the systemd-resolved module (b7d3caef)
      systemd-rfkill: introducing the systemd-rfkill module (21536544)
      systemd-sysext: introducing the systemd-sysext module (fc88af54)
      systemd-timedated: introducing the systemd-timedated module (1c41cc90)
      systemd-timesyncd: introducing the systemd-timesyncd module (2257d545)
      systemd-tmpfiles: introducing the systemd-tmpfiles module (2b61be32)
      systemd-udevd: introducing the systemd-udevd module (3534789c)
      systemd-verity: introducing the systemd-verity module (3d4dea58)
      tpm2-tss: introducing the tpm2-tss module (8743b073)
* Wed Mar 03 2021
  - Update to version 053+suse.93.g039ac07d:
    * fix(kernel-modules): optionally add /usr/lib/modules.d to initramfs
* Wed Mar 03 2021
  - Update to version 053+suse.91.g4a0bdda1:
    * fix(kernel-modules): optionally add /usr/lib/modules.d to initramfs (bsc#1180822)
* Tue Feb 23 2021
  - Update to version 053+suse.90.gb89b6347:
      unfreeze /boot on exit (d87ae137)
      proper return code for inst_multiple in (d437970c)
      rename rd.nofcoe to rd.fcoe (6f7823bc)
      rd.nofcoe=0 should disable fcoe (805b46c2)
      get rid of eval calls (5387ed24), backported for 052 downstream
      create the keyboard symlinks again (9e1c7f3d), backported for 052 downstream
      run as a service if systemd module is present (c17c5b76)
      rework how NM is started in debug mode (34c73b33)
      drm: skip empty modalias files in drm module setup (c3f24184)
* Wed Feb 17 2021
  - Update to version 052+suse.93.g7bfaa6d9:
    * fix(dbus-daemon): make sure that dbus.socket is stopped before switch root (bsc#1181167)
* Wed Feb 17 2021
  - Update to version 052+suse.91.gb30dce3c:
    * chore: update suse/dracut.spec
* Wed Feb 17 2021
  - Update to version 052+suse.88.gc78b4ac8:
    * fix(i18n): get rid of `eval` calls
    * fix(i18n): create the keyboard symlinks again
    * docs: update and AUTHORS
    * chore: add `CONTRIBUTORS` target to Makefile
    * fix: shellcheck across multiple modules
    * docs: fix dracut.cmdline.7
    * fix: update dbus module directory in spec file
    * fix: add sdaskpw and sdsyctl to spec file
    * fix: cosmetic comment fixes
    * feat(systemd-ask-password): introducing systemd-ask-password module
    * Revert "nbd: use systemd-run to start nbd-client"
    * dmsquash-live-root: squashfs in bare device
    * feat(systemd-sysctl): introducing systemd-sysctl module
    * fix: adding missing efi paths
    * fix: correct the squash quirk
    * feat(systemd-modules-load): introducing systemd-modules-load module
    * fix(shutdown): add timeout to umount calls
    * fix: revise all module checks
    * fix: add missing line continuation
    * fix: BuildRequiring git-core is enough in dracut.spec
    * fix(kernel-modules): add reset controllers for arm
    * 35network-legacy: discard pointless RTNETLINK message
    * fix(plymouth): install binaries with dependencies
    * fix: correct the line continuation
    * fix(dbus-daemon): use uid/gid from sysroot is dracutsysrootdir is set
    * fix(network-manager): allow override network manager version
    * feat( allow overriding the systemctl command for sysroot
    * fix: use find_binary
    * fix( don't override path with foreign sysroot
    * fix: quote globbing in for inst_multiple
    * fix(dracut-install): allow globbing for multiple sources
    * Fix bad ls parsing
    * fix: move ldconfig after library workaround
    * feat(kernel-modules): add driver memory
    * feat(systemd-repart): introducing systemd-repart module
    * feat(dbus-daemon): introducing the dbus-daemon module
    * feat(dbus-broker): introducing the dbus-broker module
    * feat(dbus): introducing a meta module for dbus
    * fix(network-legacy): silent check for leaseinfo
    * 95nfs: fix rpc.statd installation
    * fix: do not set cmdline for uefi images unless asked
    * feat(network-legacy): send dhcp in parallel on all devices
    * fix(mdraid): remove offroot
    * fix(mdraid): add grow continue service
    * fix(spec): add new systemd-coredump module to spec
    * fix(watchdog): replace return with echo
    * feat(systemd-coredump): introducing systemd-coredump module
    * prepare usrmerge (boo#1029961)
    * test: incr. disk size for TEST 35 ISCSI-MULTI
    * fix(skipcpio): edit skipcpio.c: strstr -> memmem
    * fix(1007): adding shared keyring mode to type unit
    * feat(systemd-sysusers): introducing systemd-sysuser module
    * feat(systemd-sysusers): introducing systemd-sysuser module
    * fix(1001): use efivars fs over the deprecated sysfs entries
    * fix(kernel-network-modules): also install modules from mdio subdirectory
    * fix(06dbus): do not hardcode path to dbus utils
    * fix(06dbus): do not hardcode path to systemd unit
    * fix( make inst_libdir_file work with dracutsysrootdir set
    * fix(99squash): use kernel config instead of modprobe to check modules
    * fix( check kernel config from $dracutsysrootdir
    * fix(90kernel-modules): install generic crypto modules with hostonly unset
    * feat: add addional global variables
    * fix: add a missing efi support
    * chore(removal): eliminate bootchart module
    * feat: add addional global variables
    * feat(cli): add --no-uefi option
    * chore(github): add CODEOWNERS file
    * chore(cleanup): remove logrotate file
    * fix(35network-manager): avoid restarting NetworkManager
    * chore: Add configuration for vim
    * chore: Add editorconfig
    * chore: Editors
    * test(conventional): add Conventional Commits PR github action
    * docs(development): add
* Tue Feb 02 2021
  - Update to version 051+suse.85.g04886430:
    * prepare usrmerge (boo#1029961)
* Mon Dec 14 2020
  - Update to version 051 (051+suse.84.gc6bd70b8):
    * suse.spec: add 051 modules dbus, wicked
    * Update AUTHORS, NEWS
    * Drop entirely
    * Revert "Retrieve service, rpc and protcol entries via getent in hostonly mode"
    * Adding stalebot file
    * Revert "Add --uefi-output for custom output filename"
    * Improve documentation of iso-scan/filename feature
    * multipathd: fix the comparison
    * 06dbus: consider dbus-broker
    * 06dbus: Add busctl as a more useful tool
    * 06dbus: Include dbus or messagebus group and user, depending on distro
    * 35network-wicked: openSUSE Factory has reintroduced libexec
    * 35network-wicked: install ip utility anyway
    * 35network-wicked: Run wicked early enough to unlock block devices
    * 06dbus: Do not install superfluous services
    * 40network: introduce wicked option
    * 35network-wicked: introduce wicked support module
    * 06dbus: introduce dbus support
    * Add --uefi-output for custom output filename
    * 95fcoe: don't install if there is no FCoE hostonly devices
    * 95fcoe: ensure needed modules are installed
    * dracut-install: Globbing support for resolving "firmware:"
    * add positional argument completion
    * Prevent creating unexpected files on the host when running dracut
    * configure: Find FTS library with --as-needed
* Sat Nov 14 2020
  - Update to version 050+suse.275.gc9639522:
    * Don't print when a module is explicitly omitted (by default)
    * 95nfs: /var/lib/nfs/statd/sm is /var/lib/nfs/sm on SUSE (boo#1177462)
    * Retrieve service, rpc and protcol entries via getent in hostonly mode (boo#1177461)
    * Remove uses of bash (and bash specific syntax) in runtime scripts
    * 90crypt: pull in enablement
    * 90multipath: install kpartx's 11-dm-parts.rules
    * Revert "90crypt: ship"
    * 90qemu-net: install less module for strict hostonly mode
    * 90qemu-net: in hostonly mode, only install if network is needed
    * 95nfs: Install less module if hostonly mode is strict
    * 90kernel-modules: Install less modules for hostonly mode
    * 90kernel-modules: install block drivers more strictly
    * 04watchdog-modules: Simplify install_kernel using new added helper
    * Add a helper for detect device kernel modules
    * Fix check_block_and_slaves_all
    * 90kernel-network-modules: Don't install iscsi related module
    * Add a --hostonly-nics option
    * Configure the runner for team interfaces
    * 99squash: Check require module earlier, and properly
    * dracut-functions: add a helper to check if kernel module is available
    * 90crypt: ship
    * Revert "90crypt: pull in enablement"
    * dmsquash-live/iso-scan: Provide an easy reference to iso-scan device.
    * 99memstrack: use /bin/bash
* Tue Oct 13 2020
  - Update to version 050+suse.250.ge6b6e843:
    * Revert "Revert "install: also install post weak dependencies of kernel modules""
    * 98dracut-systemd: don't wait for root device if remote cryptsetup active
    * cryptroot-ask: unify /etc/crypttab and rd.luks.key
    * 90kernel-modules: arm: add drivers/hwmon for arm/arm64
    * rootfs-block: only write root argument for block device
    * 90crypt: pull in enablement
    * 00systemd: add missing cryptsetup-related targets
    * 95nvmf: Implement 'fc,auto' commandline syntax
    * 95nvmf: add nvmf-autoconnect script
    * 95nvmf: Fixup FC connections
    * 95nvmf: add documentation
    * 95nvmf: rework parameter handling
    * dracut-install: fix edge-case regression with weak modules
    * dracut-install: ignore bogus preload libs
    * dracut.spec: Use make macros
    * dracut.spec: remove fedora pre 30 quirks
    * 50drm: Check drm_encoder_init along drm_crtc_init
    * 50drm: Include drm platform drivers in hostonly
    * 50drm: fix ambiguous redirects
    * Include devfreq drivers in initrd
    * dracut.spec: include the 04watchdog-modules module
* Mon Oct 12 2020
  - Update to version 050+suse.228.gd0d6792d:
    * 99memstrack: use /bin/bash
* Mon Sep 28 2020
  - Update to version 050+suse.227.g7a9b782d:
    * Revert "install: also install post weak dependencies of kernel modules" (boo#1177016)
* Mon Sep 21 2020
  - Update to version 050+suse.226.gb86d9bcf:
    We are now tracking the master branch, preparing for a 051 release
    within the next weeks.
    (the list includes changes previously backported)
    * 01fips: modprobe failures during manual module loading is not fatal
    * 01fips: turn info calls into fips_info calls
    * 04watchdog: split the watchdog module install
    * 35network-legacy: simplify fallback dhcp setup
    * 51-dracut-rescue.install: Don't use BLS fragment shipped by kernel package
    * 90crypt: make `rd.luks.key` usable with encrypted keydev.
    * 90crypt/ try to catch kernel config changes
    * 90kernel-modules: add pci_hyperv
    * 90kernel-modules/ add sg kernel module
    * 90kernel-modules: remove nfit from static module list
    * 90lvm: do not add newline to cmdline
    * 90nvdimm: include nvdimm keys in initrd
    * 90ppcmac: respect DRACUT_ARCH, don't exclude ppcle
    * 91zipl: honor SYSTEMD_READY
    * 95cifs: install new softdeps (sha512, gcm, ccm, aead2)
    * 95cifs: pass rootflags to mount
    * 95dcssblk: fix script permissions
    * 95fcoe: default rd.nofcoe to false
    * 95iscsi: fix ipv6 target discovery
    * 95iscsi: fix missing space when compiling cmdline args
    * 95iscsi: use ip_params_for_remote_addr()
    * 95nfs: only install rpc services for NFS < 4 when hostonly is strict
    * 95nfs: use ip_params_for_remote_addr()
    * 95nvmf: add module for NVMe-oF
    * 95nvmf: add NVMe over TCP support
    * 95nvmf: fix typo in the example documentation
    * 95resume: Do not resume on iSCSI, FCoE or NBD
    * 95zfcp_rules/ remove rule existence check
    * 95znet: Add a rd.znet_ifname= option
    * 99base: Remove duplicate nfsroot_to_var from
    * 99memstrack: hook script should not call exit
    * 99memstrack: Only start tracking service when rd.memdebug=4|5
    * 99squash: Don't hardcode the squash sub directories
    * 99squash: improve pre-requirements check
    * 99squash: simplify the code
    * Add 99memstrack module
    * Adding a bug report template
    * Adding a feature request template
    * Adding a pull request template
    * Adding code of conduct
    * Adding documentation template
    * Adding security policy
    * Adding the labels file for master
    * Adding the labels file for the RHEL-6 branch
    * Adding the labels file for the RHEL-7 branch
    * Adding the labels file for the RHEL-8 branch
    * Adding the labels trigger file for the Master branch
    * Adding the labels trigger file for the RHEL-6 branch
    * Adding the labels trigger file for the RHEL-7 branch
    * Adding the labels trigger file for the RHEL-8 branch
    * Add module "90nvdimm" for NVDIMM support
    * Add --version to man page
    * Allow $DRACUT_INSTALL to be not an absolute path
    * Always pull in machinery to read ifcfg files
    * As of v246 of systemd "syslog" and "syslog-console" switches have been deprecated
    * btrfs: force preload btrfs module
    * busybox: simplify listing of supported utilities
    * Change the order of NFS servers during the boot NFS server provided by DHCP in next-server option has higher priority than DHCP-server itself
    * CI: remove Fedora 30, add Fedora 32
    * cms: regenerate NetworkManager connections
    * cryptroot-ask: no warn if /run/cryptsetup exist
    * dasd: only install /etc/dasd.conf if present
    * dhclient-script: Fix typo in output of  BOUND & BOUND6 cases
    * dmsquash-live-root: Remove obsolete osmin.img processing.
    * Document initqueue/online hook
    * Do not start inside container
    * don't prefer $TMPDIR over --tmpdir
    * dracut.cmdline.7.asc: clarify usage of `` and ``
    * dracut.cmdline.7.asc: fix typo
    * dracut.conf.5.asc: document how to config --no-compress in the config
    * dracut-functions: add ip_params_for_remote_addr() helper
    * dracut-functions: fix find_binary() to return full path
    * dracut-initqueue: Print more useful info in case of timeout
    * quote variables in parameter expansion patterns
    * dracut.modules.7.asc: fix another typo
    * dracut.modules.7.asc: fix reference to insmodpost module
    * add check for invalid configuration files
    * Add --version
    * don't call fsfreeze on subvol of root file system
    * FIPS workaround for openssl-libs on Fedora/RHEL
    * fix early microcode detection logic
    * fix errors pointed out by shellcheck.
    * fix ia32 detection for uefi executables
    * fix some indentation.
    * Move the library workaround after squash
    * dracut.spec: add 90nvdimm
    * dracut.spec: add version check for deprecated files
    * Fix CI badges in and fix dracut description
    * Fix CoC URL
    * fix graphics startup failure with the rhgb paramter in CentOS8.2
    * Fix pre-trigger stage by replacing exit with return in
    * Fix test in lsinitrd
    * Fix Unicode
    * Fix Unicode and dracut install labeler
    * github actions: use test container directly
    * .github: fix path to label workflow mapping file
    * i18n: Always install /etc/vconsole.conf
    * install: also install post weak dependencies of kernel modules
    * Install crypto modules in 90kernel-modules
    * install dependant libs too
    * lvm: fix removal of pvscan from udev rules
    * lvm: remove unnecessary ${initdir} from
    * Make externally defined CFLAGS work
    * Makefile: fix VERSION again
    * Makefile: merge main-version and git-version earlier
    * Makefile: really make externally defined CFLAGS work
    * match simplified rd.zfcp format too
    * match the whole string
    * use vmlinux regex for ppc*, vmlinuz for i686
    * Fix i586 platform detection
    * fix writing fstab file with missing fsck flag
    * multipath: add automatic configuration for multipath
    * support infiniband network mac addresses
    * network: fix glob matching ipv6 addresses
    * network-manager: ensure that is executed when needed
    * network-manager: install libnss DNS and mDNS plugins
    * network-manager: move connection generation to a lib file
    * network-manager: set kernel hostname from the command line
    * New labels file
    * New label trigger file
    * fix github action badge links
    * Remove cleanup_trace_mem calls
    * Remove memtrace-ko and rd.memdebug=4 support in dracut
    * Remove stratis module
    * Removing dracut entry not compat with new plugin
    * Switching label triggers from pull requests to cron
    * systemd: skip dependency add for non-existent units
    * TEST-03-USR-MOUNT/ increase loglevel
    * TEST-12-RAID-DEG/ more udevadm settle
    * TEST-41-NBD-NM/Makefile: should be based on TEST-40-NBD not TEST-20-NFS
    * TEST-99: exclude /etc/dnf/* from check
    * test/TEST-35-ISCSI-MULTI: bump disk space
    * test: use dd from /dev/zero, instead of creating files with a hole
    * .travis.yml: reformat
    * UEFI Mode: only write kernel cmdline to UEFI binary
    * Update master-labels.yml
    * url-lib: drop NSS if it's not in curl --version
    * Use TMPDIR if available
* Fri Sep 04 2020 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Generate the tarball during buildtime. Tracking both the tarball
    and the .obscpio combines the worst of both.
* Wed Aug 19 2020
  - Update to version 050+suse.75.g266a76d9:
    * support infiniband network mac addresses (bsc#996146)
    * 95iscsi: use ip_params_for_remote_addr() (bsc#1167494)
    * 95nfs: use ip_params_for_remote_addr() (bsc#1167494)
    * dracut-functions: add ip_params_for_remote_addr() helper (bsc#1167494)
* Thu Jul 09 2020
  - Update to version 050+suse.71.g390f4d72:
    * 01fips: modprobe failures during manual module loading is not fatal (bsc#1169997)
    * 91zipl: honor SYSTEMD_READY (bsc#1165828)
    * 95iscsi: fix ipv6 target discovery (bsc#1172807)
    * 35network-legacy: correct conditional for creating did-setup file (bsc#1172807)
* Wed Jun 17 2020
  - Update to version 050+suse.67.g28be2f36:
    * 35network-legacy: Fix dual stack setups (bsc#1172807)
* Wed Jun 10 2020
  - Update to version 050+suse.66.g76431c83:
    * 95iscsi: fix missing space when compiling cmdline args (bsc#1172816)
* Thu Jun 04 2020
  - Update to version 050+suse.65.ge1e64674:
    * Add wicked specific config files (bsc#1089333)
    * Run format_spec_file
* Wed May 13 2020
  - Update to version 050+suse.63.g796e020e:
    * suse.spec: Move /bin/* and /sbin/* to /usr
    * suse.spec: Remove long unused mkinitrd_setup file
* Mon May 04 2020
  - Update to version 050+suse.61.g0fe0e854:
    * Fix test in lsinitrd (
* Fri Apr 17 2020
  - Update to version 050+suse.60.ged08acac:
    * 90nvdimm: include nvdimm keys in initrd (bsc#1161343)
* Tue Apr 07 2020
  - Update to version 050+suse.59.gc635f468:
    * Fix i586 platform detection (boo#1168341)
* Sun Mar 22 2020
  - Update to version 050+suse.58.g0b998bee:
    * Mark interface setup after dhcp (bsc#1167161)
    * Store nameserver received from wicked dhcp lease (bsc#1167161)
* Thu Mar 19 2020
  - Changed scheme to 050+suse.56.gec64a6fa to match systemd package
    * Scheme pattern> <PARENT_TAG>+suse.<TAG_OFFSET>.g<SHA1>
    * No functional change
* Sat Mar 14 2020
  - Update to version 050+git56.ec64a6fa:
    * Makefile: really make externally defined CFLAGS work
    * suse.spec: Sort new modules and files in 050 into sub packages
* Wed Mar 11 2020
  - Update to version 049.1+git135.46dceb02:
    * 40network: Do not require hostname binary
    * suse.spec: add new modules 90nvdimm and 99suse-initrd
    * 95fcoe: default rd.nofcoe to false (bsc#1163343)
    * Add module "99suse-initrd" for parsing "SUSE INITRD" lines (bsc#1161343)
      Dependent commits:
    * Add module "90nvdimm" for NVDIMM support
    * 90kernel-modules: remove nfit from static module list
* Tue Mar 10 2020
  - Update to version 049.1+git129.0f19bbfd:
    * 35network-legacy: dhclient is optional (bsc#1166188)
    * suse.spec: Create -extra package (bsc#1166188)
    * suse.spec: Remove obsolete permission fixups
    * 00warpclock: Fix permissions in
* Tue Mar 03 2020
  - Update to version 049.1+git125.e2b2c9ef:
    * 01fips: handle SHA1 on machines without AVX (bsc#1160318)
    * Update: 90kernel-modules: Add PCI host controller modules (boo#1162669)
* Fri Feb 21 2020
  - Update to version 049.1+git124.70941b30:
    * 90kernel-modules: Add PCI host controller modules (boo#1162669)
* Fri Feb 21 2020
  - Update to version 049.1+git123.c2a6645e:
    * dracut: add warning when including unsupported modules (bsc#1163055)
    * 01fips: Boot without BOOT_IMAGE being set (bsc#1161292)
    * 01fips: Use correct kernel image name for more platforms (bsc#1164076)
* Tue Feb 04 2020
  - Update to version 049.1+git120.dbfbfcb8:
    * 95zfcp_rules/ remove rule existence check (bsc#1008352)
* Wed Jan 29 2020
  - Update to version 049.1+git119.abf1a408:
    * 30convertfs: adopt for SUSE (boo#1158777)
* Tue Jan 14 2020
  - Update to version 049+git118.a6090e2f:
    * Implement support for verifying the boot with fipscheck (bsc#1158530)
* Thu Jan 09 2020
  - Update to version 049+git117.d3206e79:
    * Remove purge-kernels scripts and service (jsc#SLE-10162)
* Tue Dec 10 2019
  - Update to version 049+git116.e9995c78:
    * dracut.spec: add convertfs module correctly (boo#1158777)
* Thu Nov 28 2019
  - Update to version 049+git115.c2d8d6fb:
    * suse: Remove incorrect usage of %_libexecdir (boo#1155785)
* Tue Oct 01 2019
  - Update to version 049+git114.058e566c:
    * 35network-legacy: only skip waiting for interfaces if netroot is set (bsc#1152006)
    * fixup "Dracut: only login to one target at a time" (bsc#1152650)
* Mon Sep 23 2019
  - Update to version 049+git112.fe41ccd9:
    * dracut: move /var/run and /var/lock from directory to symlink (bsc#1149103, ECO#323)
    * 35network-legacy: signalize the setup in ifup when dhcp (bsc#1146661)
    * 35network-legacy: fix typo
    * 35network-legacy: install hostname required by (bsc#1146661)
* Mon Aug 26 2019
  - Update to version 049+git108.6c9d1156:
    * Nuke unused install_kmod_with_fw function
    * dracut-install: Support the compressed firmware files correctly (boo#1146769)
    * dracut: let module handling function accept optional path option
    * Fix udevdir detection
* Fri Jul 19 2019
  - Update to version 049+git104.1244eed7:
    * remove trailing "|"
* Thu Jul 18 2019
  - Update to version 049+git103.c8d99b62:
    * Add support for compressed kernel modules (boo#1135854)
* Thu Jul 18 2019
  - Update to version 049+git102.9ee0c387:
    * dracut-install: Add support for compressed firmware files (boo#1136677)
* Thu Jul 18 2019
  - Update to version 049+git101.17c579a0:
    * call netroot on wicked dhcp setup
    * nfsroot follow ifcfg settings for boot protocol
* Thu Jul 18 2019
  - Update to version 049+git99.76df40e7:
    * 95fcoe: Fix startup when fcoe module is included (boo#1136977)
    * tests: Ignore .testdir
    * Add support for riscv64
    * simplify get_kernel_version (bsc#1139939)
    * 95dasd-rules & 95zfcp_rules: Look for correct rule name (bsc#1137784)
* Mon Jun 17 2019
  - Update to version 049+git94.aef7a52b:
    * ucode: properly include early only ucode (bsc#1098915, bsc#1125393)
    * keep network device naming scheme on upgrade (bsc#1136927)
* Sat May 25 2019 Daniel Molkentin <>
  - Bump to 049
  - Contains fixes for bsc#1134472, bsc#1134347 and bsc#1133819
  - Patches are now maintained in git
    * Removed 0012-40network-Fix-race-condition-when-wait-for-networks.patch
    * Removed
    * Removed 0015-40network-replace-dhclient-with-wickedd-dhcp-supplic.patch
    * Removed 0016-Add-new-s390x-specific-rule-files.patch
    * Removed 0017-45ifcfg-use-distro-specific-scripts.patch
    * Removed 0020-00warpclock-Set-correct-timezone.patch
    * Removed 0021-95dcssblk-Add-new-module-for-DCSS-block-devices.patch
    * Removed 0048-40network-Only-enable-network-interfaces-if-explicit.patch
    * Removed 0053-01fips-fixup-loading-issues.patch
    * Removed 0056-81cio_ignore-handle-cio_ignore-commandline.patch
    * Removed 0057-01fips-Include-some-more-hmacs.patch
    * Removed 0058-dracut-add-warning-when-including-unsupported-module.patch
    * Removed 0059-99suse-Add-SUSE-specific-initrd-parsing.patch
    * Removed 0060-45ifcfg-Add-SUSE-specific-write-ifcfg-file.patch
    * Removed 0061-45ifcfg-Fixup-error-message-in-write-ifcfg-suse.patch
    * Removed 0075-95dasd_rules-enable-parsing-of-rd.dasd-commandline-p.patch
    * Removed 0076-Correctly-set-cio_ignore-for-dynamic-s390-rules.patch
    * Removed 0079-95dasd_rules-fixup-rd.dasd-parsing.patch
    * Removed 0080-95dasd_rules-print-out-rd.dasd-commandline.patch
    * Removed 0081-95dasd_mod-do-not-set-module-parameters-if-dasd_cio_.patch
    * Removed 0083-95zfcp_rules-Fixup-rd.zfcp-parsing.patch
    * Removed 0085-95zfcp_rules-print-out-rd.zfcp-commandline-parameter.patch
    * Removed 0086-95zfcp_rules-Auto-generate-udev-rule-for-ipl-device.patch
    * Removed 0087-95dasd_rules-Auto-generate-udev-rule-for-ipl-device.patch
    * Removed 0088-91zipl-Add-new-module-to-update-s390x-configuration.patch
    * Removed
    * Removed 0090-dracut-caps-Remove-whole-caps-module.patch
    * Removed 0091-dracut-biosdevname-In-SUSE-biosdevname-package-is-in.patch
    * Removed 0094-Implement-shortcut-ip-ifname-static-for-static-confi.patch
    * Removed 0107-Fixup-typo-firmare-instead-of-firmware.patch
    * Removed 0108-91zipl-Store-commandline-correctly.patch
    * Removed 0109-95dasd_rules-Store-all-devices-in-commandline.patch
    * Removed 0110-95zfcp_rules-Store-all-devices-in-commandline.patch
    * Removed 0113-91zipl-Install-script-as-executable.patch
    * Removed 0114-91zipl-Translate-ext2-3-into-ext4.patch
    * Removed 0116-Mark-scripts-as-executable.patch
    * Removed 0117-95dasd_rules-Enable-the-device-before-checking-devic.patch
    * Removed 0118-95zfcp_rules-Enable-the-device-before-checking-devic.patch
    * Removed 0121-Adjust-initramfs-kernel.img-to-SUSE-default-initrd-k.patch
    * Removed 0123-95zfcp_rules-fix-typo-in-module_setup.patch
    * Removed 0124-40network-Update-iBFT-scanning-code-to-handle-IPv6.patch
    * Removed 0125-40network-separate-mask-and-prefix.patch
    * Removed 0126-01fips-Add-drbg-module-to-force-loaded-modules.patch
    * Removed 0128-90lvm-Install-dm-snapshot-module.patch
    * Removed 0130-nfs-Always-add-all-kernel-modules-for-kdump.patch
    * Removed 0131-40network-handle-prefixed-IP-addresses-correctly.patch
    * Removed 0132-40network-fixup-static-network-configuration.patch
    * Removed 0133-Allow-multiple-configurations-per-network-interface-.patch
    * Removed 0137-Switch-from-Mozilla-NSS-sha256hmac-checking-to-fipsc.patch
    * Removed 0138-fips_add_aesni-intel.patch
    * Removed 0139-fips-kernel-4.4-fixes.patch
    * Removed 0142-40network-Don-t-report-error-for-etc-sysconfig-netwo.patch
    * Removed 0144-90crypt-Fixed-crypttab_contains-to-also-work-with-de.patch
    * Removed 0145-40network-handle-ip-ifname-static-correctly.patch
    * Removed 0150-Find-kernel-modules-in-extra-and-weak-updates-path-a.patch
    * Removed 0157-Add-boot-zipl-to-host-devs-if-it-is-a-mount-point.patch
    * Removed 0158-Add-SUSE-kernel-module-dependencies-in-etc-modprobe.patch
    * Removed 0159-network-Try-to-load-xennet.patch
    * Removed 0160-s390-update_active_devices_initrd.patch
    * Removed 0161-95zfcp_rules-simplified-rd.zfcp-commandline-for-NPIV.patch
    * Removed 0162-network-Request-DHCP-lease-instead-of-getting-applyi.patch
    * Removed 0163-Install-etc-sysconfig-console-to-see-specific-fonts.patch
    * Removed 0164-Fix-initramfs-ver.img-vs-initrd-ver-in-dracut-initra.patch
    * Removed 0168-remove_plymouth_logo_file.patch
    * Removed 0169-network_set_mtu_macaddr_for_dhcp.patch
    * Removed 0170-iscsi-skip-ibft-invalid-dhcp.patch
    * Removed 0180-i18n_add_correct_fontmaps.patch
    * Removed 0182-fix-include-parsing.patch
    * Removed 0183-fix_add_drivers_hang.patch
    * Removed 0188-95dasd_rules-Install-collect-udev-helper-binary.patch
    * Removed 0190-replace-iscsistart-with-systemd-service-files.patch
    * Removed 0191-static_network_setup_return_zero.patch
    * Removed 0192-iscsi_set_boot_protocol_from_ifcfg.patch
    * Removed 0193-95iscsi-Set-number-of-login-retries.patch
    * Removed 0196-ibft-wait-for-session-on-all-paths.patch
    * Removed 0197-95iscsi-Do-not-require-network-for-qla4xxx-flash-ses.patch
    * Removed 0198-95iscsi-set-rd.iscsi.firmware-for-qla4xxx-sessions.patch
    * Removed 0199-rd-iscsi-waitnet-default-false.patch
    * Removed 0200-dracut_fix_multipath_without_config.patch
    * Removed 0201-fix_nfs_with_ip_instead_of_hostname.patch
    * Removed 0202-dracut_dmraid_use_udev.patch
    * Removed 0203-no-fail-builtin-module.patch
    * Removed 0204-mkinitrd-fix-monster.patch
    * Removed 0205-mdraid_ignore_hostonly.patch
    * Removed 0206-nfs_dns_alias.patch
    * Removed 0207-handle_module_aliases.patch
    * Removed 0208-no_forced_virtnet.patch
    * Removed 0209-fix_modules_load_d_hostonly.patch
    * Removed 0210-add_fcoe_uefi_check.patch
    * Removed 0212-fcoe_reorder_init_path.patch
    * Removed 0213-Fix-wrong-keymap-inclusion.patch
    * Removed 0214-95fcoe-Do-not-overwrite-FCoE-configuration.patch
    * Removed 0215-95fcoe-Do-not-complain-about-missing-etc-hba.conf.patch
    * Removed 0216-95fcoe-silence-lldpad-warnings.patch
    * Removed 0217-95fcoe-Allow-to-specify-the-FCoE-mode-via-the-fcoe-p.patch
    * Removed 0218-40network-allow-persistent-interface-names.patch
    * Removed 0219-95fcoe-use-interface-names-instead-of-MAC-addresses.patch
    * Removed 0220-95fcoe-always-set-AUTO_VLAN-for-fcoemon.patch
    * Removed 0221-95fcoe-Add-shutdown-script.patch
    * Removed 0222-90dm-Fixup-shutdown-script.patch
    * Removed 0223-90dm-fixup-dependency-cycle-between-MD-and-DM-shutdo.patch
    * Removed 0224-95iscsi-setup-bnx2i-offload-connections-properly.patch
    * Removed 0225-95fcoe-do-not-start-fcoemon-twice.patch
    * Removed 0300-dracut_dont_use_dpkg_defaults_on_SUSE.patch
    * Removed 0301-include_sysconfig_language.patch
    * Removed 0302-Revert-90multipath-add-hostonly-multipath.conf-in-ca.patch
    * Removed 0303-fix_multipath_check_hostonly.patch
    * Removed 0304-90multipath-Start-daemon-after-udev-settle.patch
    * Removed 0305-90multipath-load-dm_multipath-module-during-startup.patch
    * Removed 0306-90multipath-add-shutdown-script.patch
    * Removed 0307-90multipath-parse-kernel-commandline-option-multipat.patch
    * Removed 0308-mdraid_add_IMSM_NO_PLATFORM_env.patch
    * Removed 0309-90dmraid-do-not-delete-partitions.patch
    * Removed 0310-95resume-Do-not-resume-on-iSCSI.patch
    * Removed 0311-95iscsi-ip-ibft-is-deprecated.patch
    * Removed 0312-40network-Do-not-print-message-about-tmp-net.ibft0.c.patch
    * Removed 0313-90mdraid-Use-stock-MD-rules-to-assemble-RAID-arrays.patch
    * Removed 0314-nfs_do_not_pass_ifname_for_bonding_devices.patch
    * Removed 0402-driver-fail-summary.patch
    * Removed 0403-95lunmask-Add-module-to-handle-LUN-masking.patch
    * Removed 0404-dracut-emergency-optionally-print-fs-help.patch
    * Removed 0450-Strip-NUL-bytes-in-stream-before-push-in-string.patch
    * Removed
    * Removed 0452-Always-try-to-add-pinctrl-cherryview.patch
    * Removed 0453-Resolve-symbolic-links-for-i-and-k-parameters-bsc-90.patch
    * Removed 0454-Add-md4-and-arc4-modules-for-ntlm.patch
    * Removed 0500-Reset-IFS-variable.patch
    * Removed 0501-dasd_fix_ssid_bigger_zero.patch
    * Removed 0502-persistent_device_policy_param_enhance.patch
    * Removed
    * Removed 0504-ibft-fix-boot-flag-check.patch
    * Removed 0505-Allow-booting-from-degraded-MD-RAID-arrays.patch
    * Removed 0506-Boot-on-s390x-with-fips-1-on-the-kernel-commnad-line.patch
    * Removed 0507-Set-TaskMax-inifinite-for-the-emergency-shell.patch
    * Removed
    * Removed 0509-01fips-Remove-zlib-module-as-requirement.patch
    * Removed 0510-01fips-Some-modules-use-separators-other-than.patch
    * Removed 0511-01fips-ensure-fips-initialization-succeeds-on-s390-x.patch
    * Removed 0512-Make-binutils-optional-when-elfutils-are-available.patch
    * Removed 0513-Fix-regression-caused-by-6f9bf2b8ac436259bdccb110545.patch
    * Removed 0514-man-make-the-k-option-clear-using-mkinitrd.patch
    * Removed 0515-90kernel-modules-also-add-block-device-driver-revers.patch
    * Removed
    * Removed
    * Removed 0518-90kernel-modules-Fix-backlight-on-Cherrytrail-device.patch
    * Removed 0519-90kernel-modules-Ensure-phy-drivers-are-loaded-in-in.patch
    * Removed 0520-Ignore-module-resolution-errors.patch
    * Removed 0521-Ensure-udev-persistent-storage-compat-rules-get-crea.patch
    * Removed 0522-Fix-typo-from-commit-3f1cdb520.patch
    * Removed 0523-98dracut-systemd-Fix-module-force-loading-with-syste.patch
    * Removed 0524-Suppress-nonsensical-error-message-bsc-1032029.patch
    * Removed 0525-backport-bail-out-if-module-directory-does-not-exist.patch
    * Removed 0526-iscsiroot-call-handle_firmware-only-for-non-iface-in.patch
    * Removed 0527-switch-fips-checking-to-use-the-libkcapi-based-fipsc.patch
    * Removed
    * Removed 0529-systemd-add-missing-.slice-unit.patch
    * Removed 0530-dracut-systemd-dracut-cmdline-ask-fix-dracut-kernel-.patch
    * Removed 0531-dracut-systemd-.service-conflict-with-shutdown-targe.patch
    * Removed 0532-List-drivers-rather-than-looking-for-reverse-depende.patch
    * Removed 0533-instmods-check-modules.builtin-in-srcmods.patch
    * Removed 0534-ssh-client-Include-nss_-libraries.patch
    * Removed 0535-Sync-initramfs-after-creation.patch
    * Removed 0536-90multipath-drop-67-kpartx-compat.rules.patch
    * Removed
    * Removed 0538-Enable-core-dumps-with-systemd-from-initrd.patch
    * Removed 0539-Add-IMA-functionality-fate-323289.patch
    * Removed 0540-Check-the-proper-variable-for-a-custom-IMA-keys-dire.patch
    * Removed 0541-Make-sure-70-persistent-net.rules-is-included-in-ini.patch
    * Removed 0542-Include-crc32c-intel-module-when-using-btrfs.patch
    * Removed 0543-Remove-00systemd-bootchart.patch
    * Removed 0544-40network-Make-ip-dhcp-work.patch
    * Removed 0545-Add-early-microcode-support-for-AMD-family-16h.patch
    * Removed 0546-Support-Microcode-Updates-for-AMD-CPU-Family-0x17.patch
    * Removed 0547-Fix-task-limit-in-emergency.service-the-same-change-.patch
    * Removed 0548-95fcoe-Switch-back-to-using-fipvlan-for-bnx2fc.patch
    * Removed 0549-fcoe-up-Increase-sleeptime-to-13s.patch
    * Removed 0550-95fcoe-add-timeout-initqueue-entries.patch
    * Removed 0551-fips-use-lib-modules-uname-r-modules.fips.patch
    * Removed 0552-98integrity-support-validating-the-IMA-policy-file-s.patch
    * Removed 0553-98integrity-support-loading-x509-into-the-trusted-bu.patch
    * Removed 0554-98integrity-support-X.509-only-EVM-configuration.patch
    * Removed 0555-Avoid-executing-emergency-hooks-twice.patch
    * Removed 0556-95qeth_rules-Add-new-module-to-copy-qeth-rules.patch
    * Removed 0557-40network-make-arping-optional.patch
    * Removed 0558-40network-remove-brctl-dependency.patch
    * Removed 0559-Add-wickedd-duid.xml-and-iaid.xml-if-available.patch
    * Removed 0560-90kernel-modules-Ensure-PCI-host-modules-are-include.patch
    * Removed 0561-Add-the-qedi-driver-to-driver-list-for-iscsi-boot.patch
    * Removed 0562-Adjust-driver-list-to-modern-kernels.patch
    * Removed 0563-40network-collapse-arping-and-dhcp-calls-into-wicked.patch
    * Removed 0564-40network-Always-set-the-gw-variable.patch
    * Removed 0565-90kernel-modules-Include-Intel-Volume-Management-Dev.patch
    * Removed 0566-95nfs-If-no-server-is-configured-read-BOOTSERVERADDR.patch
    * Removed 0567-Fix-booting-with-fips-1-on-SLES-15.patch
    * Removed 0568-95multipath-Pickup-files-in-etc-multipath-conf.d.patch
    * Removed 0569-10i18n-Load-all-keymaps-for-a-given-locale.patch
    * Removed 0570-10i18n-Fix-possible-infinite-recursion.patch
    * Removed 0571-40network-Fix-static-network-setup.patch
    * Removed 0572-lsinitrd-no-more-cat-write-error-Broken-pipe.patch
    * Removed
    * Removed 0574-s-find_btrfs_devs-btrfs_devs.patch
    * Removed 0580-check_for_CONFIG_ACPI_TABLE_UPGRADE.patch
    * Removed 0581-kernel-modules-add-nfit.patch
    * Removed 0582-98dracut-systemd-Start-systemd-vconsole-setup-before.patch
    * Removed 0583-99base-Allow-files-with-backslashes-in-hostonly-file.patch
    * Removed 0584-95dasd_rules-mark-dasd-rules-host_only.patch
    * Removed 0585-emergency-mode-use-sulogin.patch
    * Removed
    * Removed 0587-Fix-a-missing-space-in-example-configs.patch
    * Removed 0588-Ensure-mmc-host-modules-get-included-properly.patch
    * Removed
    * Removed 0590-00systemd-check-if-systemd-version-is-a-number.patch
    * Removed 0591-91zipl-Don-t-use-contents-of-commented-lines.patch
    * Removed 0592-95iscsi-handle-qedi-like-bnx2i.patch
    * Removed 0593-dracut-only-copy-xattr-if-root.patch
    * Removed 0594-Check-SUSE-kernel-module-dependencies-recursively.patch
    * Removed 0595-iscsi-don-t-continue-waiting-if-the-root-device-is-p.patch
    * Removed 0596-network-stop-waiting-for-interfaces-if-root-device-i.patch
    * Removed 0597-iscsiroot-parse_iscsi_root-overwrites-command-line-a.patch
    * Removed 0598-iscsiroot-there-s-never-more-than-one-target-per-cal.patch
    * Removed 0599-iscsiroot-try-targets-only-once.patch
    * Removed 0600-iscsiroot-remove-bashisms.patch
    * Removed
* Thu Apr 25 2019 Daniel Molkentin <>
  - guard against $dev beginning with "-" (bsc#1132448)
    * adds
* Wed Apr 24 2019 Daniel Molkentin <>
  - 95iscsi: avoid error messages when building initrd, multipath timeouts
    (bsc#1130114, bsc#1130107, bsc#1121238)
    * adds 0595-iscsi-don-t-continue-waiting-if-the-root-device-is-p.patch
    * adds 0596-network-stop-waiting-for-interfaces-if-root-device-i.patch
    * adds 0597-iscsiroot-parse_iscsi_root-overwrites-command-line-a.patch
    * adds 0598-iscsiroot-there-s-never-more-than-one-target-per-cal.patch
    * adds 0599-iscsiroot-try-targets-only-once.patch
    * adds 0600-iscsiroot-remove-bashisms.patch
* Thu Mar 14 2019 Daniel Molkentin <>
  - Bump version to 044.2 to provide a version to lock on to (bsc#1127891)
* Mon Mar 11 2019 Daniel Molkentin <>
  - Check SUSE kernel module dependencies recursively (bsc#1127891)
    * adds 0594-Check-SUSE-kernel-module-dependencies-recursively.patch
* Thu Feb 28 2019 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Handle non-versioned dependency in purge-kernels.
* Mon Feb 25 2019 Daniel Molkentin <>
  - purge-kernels: Avoid endless loop when uninstalling kernels that depend on
    KMPs which in themselves depend on other packages (bsc#1125327)
* Fri Feb 15 2019 Daniel Molkentin <>
  - Avoid "Failed to chown ... Operation not permitted" when run from non-root,
    by not copying xattrs. (osc#1092178)
    * adds 0593-dracut-only-copy-xattr-if-root.patch
* Tue Feb 12 2019 Daniel Molkentin <>
  - Correct fix for displaying text on emergency consoles (boo#1124088)
    * removes 0589-Fix-displaying-text-on-emergency-consoles.patch
    * adds
  - 95iscsi: handle qedi like bnx2i (bsc#1113712)
    * adds 0592-95iscsi-handle-qedi-like-bnx2i.patch
* Thu Feb 07 2019 Daniel Molkentin <>
  - 91zipl: Don't use contents of commented lines (osc#1119499)
    * adds 0591-91zipl-Don-t-use-contents-of-commented-lines.patch
* Mon Feb 04 2019 Daniel Molkentin <>
  - Fix displaying text on emergency consoles (boo#1124088)
    - adds 0589-Fix-displaying-text-on-emergency-consoles.patch
  - Fix systemd version check, will be required for systemd v241
    - 0590-00systemd-check-if-systemd-version-is-a-number.patch
* Fri Jan 25 2019 Daniel Molkentin <>
  - Remove invalid "FONT_MAP=none" from vconsole.conf (osc#1013573)
* Mon Jan 21 2019 Daniel Molkentin <>
  - Ensure mmc host modules get included properly (bsc#1119037)
    * adds 0588-Ensure-mmc-host-modules-get-included-properly.patch
* Sun Jan 20 2019 Daniel Molkentin <>
  - Fix a missing space in example configs (boo#1121251)
    * adds 0587-Fix-a-missing-space-in-example-configs.patch



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