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scantailor-1.0.16-3.1 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: scantailor Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.0.16 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.1 Build date: Thu Feb 22 22:03:23 2024
Group: Productivity/Graphics/Other Build host: i02-armsrv3
Size: 7141802 Source RPM: scantailor-1.0.16-3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Interactive post-processing tool for scanned pages
Scan Tailor is an interactive post-processing tool for scanned pages.
It performs operations such as page splitting, deskewing,
adding/removing borders and others. It takes raw scans, and outputs
pages ready to be printed or assembled into a PDF or DJVU file.






* Thu Feb 22 2024 Michael Vetter <>
  - Use %autosetup macro. Allows to eliminate the usage of deprecated
* Thu Jun 04 2020 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Add upstream patch:
    * 0001-Fix-build-with-Qt-5.15-missing-QPainterPath-includes.patch
  - Spec cleanup
* Fri Sep 14 2018 Marketa Calabkova <>
  - update to version 1.0.16
    * various bug fixes and improvements
    * added buttons to navigate between pages
* Tue Apr 03 2018
  - Update description.
* Mon Apr 02 2018
  - Update to version 1.0.13
    * Bug fixes
    version 1.0.12
    * Implemented the feature of auto adjusting content area.
    * Deviation parameters added into the settings dialog. The
      deviation default settings have been calibrated.
    * Improved: The follow page button is no more activated
      automatically on switching a sorting method or on going to the
      previous/next page.
    * Auto and original alignment modes reworked.
    * Added the ability to separately control vertical and
      horizontal automatic alignment when auto or original alignment
      mode enabled.
    version 1.0.11
    * Fixed a possible crash at the output stage: STA used the
      wrong crop area for background estimation.
    * UI fixes for the dialog of default parameters.
      version 1.0.10
    * Added color adjustments settings for color segmenter.
    * Fixed: rectangular picture auto zones are incorrectly shifted.
    * Support for any type of input image.
    * Default parameters don't more require processing to convert
      units. It caused a bug on margins stage.
    * Improved: a default parameters profile can now be edited.
    * Added page count info beside page number into status bar.
    * Posterization improved:
      + Posterization can now correctly handle with pale images.
      + It's become possible due to normalizing the source image
      before posterizing.
      + Added normalize option so as to add the ability to get
      normalized output.
      + Force b&w option has been reworked.
    * Improved: Follow page button is no more activated
      automatically on switching a filter if the button was inactivated
      before. Instead of that behavior ST now saves the sliders
    * Note: The old behavior caused some problems of loosing the
      position of the page sequence worked on if not natural sorting
    * Collapsible filter options.
    * Added "Higher search sensitivity" option into picture shape
    * It gives the same search result as it was in Enhanced (&
      Featured) versions.
    * Deviation feature reworked and added sorting by decreasing
    version 1.0.9
    * Fixed: ST used Otsu instead of Wolf and Sauvola binarization
      methods in some cases, ignoring the user settings.
    * Fixed: ST could cut off edges of content in auto mode.
    * Added "Off" picture shape mode.
    * Fixed possible crash on switching from rectangular to another
      picture shape mode on some builds.
    * Support for processing of images with light content on dark
    * Fixed a lag on opening the settings dialog.
    * Added project version compatibility check.
    * Implemented page area feature.
    * Implemented new zone interaction modes feature.
    * Implemented saving zoom and focus on switching output tabs
    * Implemented measurement units system feature.
    * Implemented status bar panel feature.
    * Implemented default parameters feature.
    * Implemented original background feature.
    * Implemented color segmenter and posterization feature.
    version 1.0.8
    * Hotfix for version 1.0.7
    * Warning! Old project files aren't compatible with this
      version, you mustn't even try to open project files of
      version 1.0.7 or earlier with this version.
    version 1.0.7
    * Fix for high DPI (ex. 4K) displays.
    * Pages without content box will be blank at output. A content
      box deleted manually won't more be reset to the page bounds on
    * On placing a new filling zone over another it now overlaps
      the older one.
    * "Quadro" picture shape mode was merged with rectangular. Also
      removed the restriction of ver. Featured on deleting all the auto
      zones. Before it resulted in resetting all the auto zones back.
    * Added sensitivity option. If sensitivity equals 25%, the
      results will be the same as they were in old "Quadro" mode, if
      100% - as in old "Rectangular".
    * Fixed bug come from ver. Featured: filling zones were set to
      wrong positions in their view after manual / marginal dewarping
      with post deskew enabled.
    * Auto detection of the white on black option for Sauvola and
      Wolf binarization methods on the first time processing.
    * Applied some fixes from ver. Universal.
    * Other improvements and fixes.
    * Warning! Old project files aren't compatible with this
    version 1.0.6
    * Fixed bug from Enhanced: applying manual deskew settings to a
      multitude of pages didn't work for the pages with a size
      different from that of the page the setting is applied to.
    * That resulted in resetting those pages to auto mode on
      processing. Also now deskew changes have effect on thumbnails
      instantly without forcing to reload the pages.
    * Start batch processing dialog from Enhanced removed.
    * Splitting output options are moved out of the color settings.
      Splitting options have its own "Apply To" dialog and button now.
    * Fixed a bug of the official ST: ST could crash on output when
      outer margins and content rectangle are "touch" by its sides on
      margins stage.
    * Fixed: on switching to manual alignment mode from any other
      the content rectangle was always placed at the top center instead
      of the place set by the align buttons.
    * Fixed: Subtracting picture zones, placed over an auto layer
      picture zone, no more blink on zoom.
    * Fixed: Picture zone type used wasn't sometimes saved on page
    * Added option to control highlighting (with red asterisks) the
      thumbnails of pages with high deviation. The option refreshes the
      thumbnails instantly.
    * Fixed: page layout view didn't consider splitting settings.
      Corresponding improvements are done to thumbnails.
    * Fixed: on applying a content box to other pages it could be
      set out of the page bounds.
    * Fixed: possible mixed pixels in the output image of right
      page after splitting.
    * Various fixes of thumbnails drawing.
    * Changed Scan Tailor behavior on page split stage.
      + Reworked apply cut feature. Now on applying cut to the
      pages with different dimensions than the page the cut
      applied to, Scan Tailor tries to adapt cutters instead of
      fully rejecting the cut setting and switching to auto mode
      for those pages as it was before. The later was annoying as
      pages could be similar and had the difference in a few pixels.
      + Added check to reject invalid cut settings in manual mode.
      + UI: Added cutters interaction between each other. They
      can't more intersect each other, which created a wrong page
      layout configuration before.
    * Fixed bug from Enhanced: on select content stage after saving
      and reopening the project the thumbnail could change its
      position on the page loading when sorting enabled.
    * Now outside pixels of color images are filled with the
      background dominant color not gray. The respective feature has
      been implemented.
    * Also added filling setting with the following options:
      + Background: estimate the background and fill outside pixels
      with its color.
      + White: always fill with white.
    * Tiff compression feature reworked.
    * Now there are two options in settings dialog: B&W and color
      + The B&W one has None, LZW, Deflate and CCITT G4 options.
      + The color one has None, LZW, Deflate and JPEG options.
    * Other changes.
    * Warning! Project files of older versions of ST are not
      compatible with this version.
    version 1.0.5
    * fixed: a page wasn't refreshed in output on changing its crop
    * equalize illumination option does no more depend on white
    version 1.0.4
    * fixed bug from Enhanced: picture_shape in mixed mode wasn't
      saved in the project file that caused reloading page on every
      restart in output mode.
    * fixed: filling color wasn't adapted on brightness change.
    * improved output processing in B&W mode when illumination
      equalization disabled.
    version 1.0.3
    * Images libraries reconfigured (the old configuration could
      cause some problems with some images).
    * Warning for a user of a 32-bit system: the count of threads
      for multi-threaded batch processing is limited to 2 threads due
      to memory constraints. And that is intended only for systems with
      2GB RAM. If you have only 1GB RAM and lower, don't use this
      feature and set the count of threads to 1. Otherwise you are
      risking to get "out of memory" error.
      version 1.0.2
    * Added option to disable post-deskew on dewarping.
      It should be applied to a cover with geometric distortions
      and without any text lines which the auto-deskew algorithm
      could  rely on. Also it can be applied to pages with those that
      have non-horizontal text lines as part of the design and so the
      auto-deskew algorithm fails on that kind of pages.
      The setting is located at Output -> Dewarping -> Change... ->
      Post deskew
    * Fixed: Post-deskew on dewarping enabled now fills the outside
      pixels with the dominant gray color in a color mode.
    * Added option to control white on black mode for the adaptive
      binarization methods.
      It should be enabled when the text or content is lighter than
      the background.
    version 1.0.1
    * bug fixes.
    version 1.0.0
    * Initial release after the fork. Merged the Qt5 branch from
      the original repository and the features from Scan Tailor
      Featured and Scan Tailor Enhanced
  - Switch to Qt5-based (and currently maintained)
    scantailor-advanced fork
  - Dropped, hopefully temporarily, the cli subpackage
  - Spec cleanup
* Thu Feb 02 2017
  - use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
* Fri Jun 17 2016
  - Update to version [boo#985096]
    * Bugfix release
    * Drop obsolete scantailor-boost-1.60.patch
* Wed Feb 24 2016
  - Fix build with boost 1.60
    * scantailor-boost-1.60.patch
* Sat Jan 24 2015
  - Move command line interface to separate package
* Mon Dec 29 2014
  - Use %cmake macros



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