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libmariadb3-3.3.5-1.1 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: libmariadb3 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 3.3.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Thu Jun 1 20:25:42 2023
Group: System/Libraries Build host: armbuild01
Size: 302840 Source RPM: mariadb-connector-c-3.3.5-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: MariaDB connector in C
MariaDB Connector is used to connect applications developed in
C or C++ to MariaDB and MySQL databases. This is a different
implementation from the traditional libmariadbclient/libmysqlclient
that is shipped with mariadb-server/mysql-server, but the API is the same.

This package holds the runtime components.






* Mon May 29 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 3.3.5:
* Tue Mar 07 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 3.3.4:
* Mon Dec 05 2022 Danilo Spinella <>
  - Update to release 3.3.3:
* Mon Aug 29 2022 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 3.3.2
    * Enhanced mysql_close() and other related parts to prevent
      memory leaks when terminating an initiated but unestablished
* Thu Jul 07 2022 Danilo Spinella <>
  - Update to 3.3.1:
  - Refresh private_library.patch
* Wed May 25 2022 Callum Farmer <>
  - Add pkgconfig compatibility symlink for mysqlclient
* Thu Feb 24 2022 Danilo Spinella <>
  - Update to 3.2.6:
    * release notes and changelog:
  - Refresh private_library.patch
* Thu Nov 18 2021 Danilo Spinella <>
  - Update to 3.2.5:
    * release notes and changelog:
* Fri Oct 22 2021 Danilo Spinella <>
  - Update to 3.2.4:
    * release notes and changelog:
* Wed Aug 04 2021 Danilo Spinella <>
  - Update to 3.2.3:
    * release notes and changelog:
  - Refresh private_library.patch
* Thu Jun 17 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - drop absolute_path_fix.patch: obsolete after previous change
    (properly setting INSTALL_LAYOUT and libdir) [bsc#1187459]
* Thu May 27 2021 Kristyna Streitova <>
  - set INSTALL_LAYOUT=RPM and adjust libdir, includedir, plugindir
    and pcdir values to fix mariadb_config output. Also fix the
    missing "%s" in private_library.patch so it shows the correct
    path for plugindir [bsc#1179921] [bsc#1183878]
* Thu May 27 2021 Kristyna Streitova <>
  - Update to release 3.1.13 [bsc#1185870], [bsc#1185872], [bsc#1185868]
    * CONC-537: Only read from MYSQL_HOME if MARIADB_HOME was not set
    * CONC-548: Symbol conflict with libsodium
    * CONC-490: Handshake error when CLIENT_CONNECT_WITH_DB flag was
      set without specifying database
    * CONC-543: Hash functions conflict with GnuTLS
    * CONC-539: Added cipher suites ECDHE-RSA-AES128-SHA256 (0xC027)
      and ECDHE-RSA-AES256-SHA384 (0xC028) to the cipher map which
      maps cipher suite names to the corresponding algorithm ids
      (Windows Schannel)
    * CONC-535: Disabled checksum ignored in events (replication/
      binlog API)
  - Remove mariadb-connector-c-cmake-3.20.patch (upstreamed)
* Thu Apr 29 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Add mariadb-connector-c-cmake-3.20.patch: Fix build with cmake
* Wed Mar 03 2021 Kristyna Streitova <>
  - Update to release 3.1.12 [bsc#1182739]:
    * MDEV-24577: Fix warnings generated during compilation of
      plugin/auth_pam/testing/pam_mariadb_mtr.c on FreeBSD
    * CONC-521: Fixed warning on MacOS when including ucontext.h
    * CONC-518: Check if mysql->options.extension was allocated before
      checking async_context
    * CONC-517: C/C looks for plugins in wrong location on Windows
* Thu Nov 05 2020 Adam Majer <>
  - Update to release 3.1.11:
    * CONC-513: MSAN use-of-uninitialized-value in strstr()
    * CONC-512: truncation check for float values fails on i386 due
    * to Intel FPU optimization bug in gcc
    * CONC-510: Fix crash when loading plugins in mysql_server_init()
    * CONC-508: Added support for passwords > 255 characters
    * CONC-507: Fixed race condition in ma_net_init
    * CONC-501: Added support for TLS v1.3 cipher suites
    * MDEV-21612: Removed unused command COM_MULTI
  - changes in release 3.1.10:
    * CONC-500: Fixed error when loading intermediate chained certificates
    * MDEV-18818: Fixed wrong zlib in mariadb_config when building
      inside server package
    * CONC-498: MYSQL_UNIX_ADDR and MYSQL_PORT are now defined
    * Added new build option WIITH_ICONV=ON/OFF. When set to OFF (default)
      API function mariadb_convert_string will always return -1 and
      sets errorcode to ENOTSUP.
    * mariadb_config now tries to determine the path of execution or
      uses MARIADB_CONFIG environment variable before falling back and
      using CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX for location of libraries and include files
    * added --variables option for mariadb_config.
      Supported values are pkgincludedir, pkglibdir and pkgplugindir.
  - absolute_path_fix.patch, private_library.patch: refreshed
* Fri Jul 03 2020 Kristyna Streitova <>
  - Update to release 3.1.9
    * CONC-469: Use servers preferred authentication method unless
      another plugin was specified.
    * Added support for kFreeBSD builds
    * Fixed memory leak in GnuTLS if connection couldn't be established.
  - refresh private_library.patch
* Fri May 22 2020 Kristyna Streitova <>
  - Update to release 3.1.8 [bsc#1171550]
    * CONC-304: Rename the static library to libmariadb.a and other
      libmariadb files in a consistent manner
    * CONC-441: Default user name for C/C is wrong if login user
      is different from effective user
    * CONC-449: Check $MARIADB_HOME/my.cnf in addition to
    * CONC-457: mysql_list_processes crashes in unpack_fields
    * CONC-458: mysql_get_timeout_value crashes when used improperly
    * CONC-464: Fix static build for auth_gssapi_client plugin
    * Fixes for the following security vulnerabilities:
  - refresh absolute_path_fix.patch and private_library.patch
* Thu Feb 06 2020 Kristyna Streitova <>
  - Update to release 3.1.7
    * TLS/SSL: when the client doesn't procide a CA file and the
      option ssl_verify_server_cert was set, the peer cerificate
      will be validated against the system CA.



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