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weechat-3.7.1-1.2 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: weechat Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 3.7.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Wed Nov 30 19:23:21 2022
Group: Productivity/Networking/IRC Build host: obs-arm-9
Size: 4749104 Source RPM: weechat-3.7.1-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Multi-protocol extensible Chat Client
WeeChat (Wee Enhanced Environment for Chat) is a free chat client, fast and light, designed for many operating systems. It is highly customizable and extensible with scripts.







* Wed Nov 09 2022 Andrea Manzini <>
  - Update to version 3.7.1:
    * core: add option -save in command /upgrade
    * core: add option weechat.look.highlight_disable_regex and buffer property "highlight_disable_regex"
    * core: sort filters by name
    * core: add key Alt+Backspace to delete previous word, change key Ctrl+w to delete previous word until whitespace
    * core: fix wrong terminal title on terminal resize, fix page scroll in bare display
    * api: rename function string_build_with_split_string to string_rebuild_split_string,
      add arguments "index_start" and "index_end"
    * irc: display SETNAME command in channels and private buffers,
      add options irc.color.message_setname and irc.look.smart_filter_setname
    * trigger: add elapsed time for trigger execution on monitor buffer when trigger debug is set,
      add option trigger.color.identifier, add variable ${tg_hook_type}
* Sun Jul 17 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 3.6:
    * core: add command `/item` to create custom bar items (issue #808)
    * core: add bar item "spacer" (issue #1700)
    * core: add case conversion in evaluation of expressions with `lower:string` and `upper:string` (issue #1778)
    * core: move detailed list of hooks from command `/plugin listfull` to `/debug hooks <plugin>`
    * core: allow to remove multiple filters at once with command `/filter del`
    * api: allow to catch multiple signals in functions hook_signal and hook_hsignal (issue #1780)
    * irc: rename option `save` to `apply` in command `/autojoin`
    * irc: add support of RPL_HELPSTART, RPL_HELPTXT and RPL_ENDOFHELP (messages 524, 704, 705, 706) (issue #1772)
    * php: add support of PHP 8.2 (issue #1787)
    * core: fix bad window size on startup with some terminals like[kitty] (issue #1769)
    * api: run hook_print callback also on empty messages
    * buflist: fix memory leak when reading config and changing option buflist.look.sort
    * irc: remove channel from autojoin option when manually closing a buffer with `/buffer close` or `/close`
    * irc: fix add of channel to autojoin option when joining a channel with a buffer still opened
    * relay: fix save of channels in autojoin option when JOIN and PART commands are received from an IRC relay client (issue #1771)
    * trigger: add `${buffer.notify} > 0` in conditions of default trigger "beep"
    * trigger: fix completion of command `/trigger add` when there are spaces in the following arguments
    * trigger: fix memory leak in command `/trigger addinput`
* Sun Mar 27 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 3.5:
    * search in message tags when tags are displayed with "/debug tags"
    * add support of date and tags in messages displayed in buffers with free
      content, add function printf_y_date_tags
    * add command /autojoin, add IRC server option "autojoin_dynamic"
    * add IRC message tags in messages displayed
    * add "zstd" (Zstandard) compression in relay weechat protocol, remove option
      "compression" from "init" command, rename option to
    * add trigger variables "${tg_tag_irc_xxx}" containing IRC message tags
    * many bugs fixed.
  - drop 0001-ruby-add-detection-of-Ruby-3.1.patch (upstream)
* Mon Mar 14 2022 Andreas Stieger <>
  - update to 3.4.1:
    * core: set again TLS verification functions after options and are changed (boo#1197083)
* Fri Feb 11 2022 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Add upstream patch:
    * 0001-ruby-add-detection-of-Ruby-3.1.patch
* Mon Dec 20 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 3.4:
    * core: add support of static arrays in hdata
    * core: add command /toggle
    * api: add parameters pointers, extra_vars and options in function hdata_search
    * api: add user variables in evaluation of expressions with "define:name,value"
    * api: add IRC message parameters "param1" to "paramN" and "num_params" in
      output of irc_message_parse
    * irc: allow quotes around IRC message in command /server fakerecv
    * trigger: hide key and password in command "/msg nickserv setpass nick key password"
    * trigger: add support of option "-server" when hiding passwords in command
      /msg nickserv register
    * core: fix memory leak in evaluated expression "split:number,seps,flags,xxx" when
      multiple "strip_items" are given
    * core: fix random integer number with large range in evaluation of expressions on GNU/Hurd
    * core: fix access to integer/long/time arrays in hdata
    * api: fix search of option when the section is not given in functions
      config_search_option and config_search_section_option
    * irc: fix join of channels with long name (issue #1717)
    * irc: fix parsing of parameters in all IRC messages (issue #1666)
    * irc: fix parsing of CAP message when there is no prefix (issue #1707)
    * irc: fix parsing of TAGMSG message when there is a colon before the channel
    * doc: remove tester's guide
    * doc: add dark theme (automatic, following browser/desktop settings)
    * doc: make build reproducible
    * doc: disable web fonts
    * doc: switch from prettify to pygments for syntax highlighting
    * core: add build with CMake and Ninja in CI
* Sat Oct 16 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 3.3:
    * core: change key kbd:[Alt+h] to kbd:[Alt+h], kbd:[Alt+c]
    * core: add options "hotlist_remove_buffer", "hotlist_restore_buffer" and "hotlist_restore_all"
    * core: add option "certs" in command /debug
    * core: add options "-o", "-ol", "-i" and "-il" in command "/plugin list"
    * api: add split of string and shell arguments in evaluation of expressions
      with "split:number,seps,flags,xxx" and "split_shell:number,xxx"
    * api: add `${re:repl_index}` to get the index of replacement in function
    * api: add random integer number in evaluation of expressions with "random:min,max"
    * api: add function string_cut
    * api: add function file_copy
    * api: remember insertion order in hashtables
    * api: add keys/values with tags in output of irc_message_parse_to_hashtable
    * irc: add option "-parted" in command /allchan
    * irc: allow signals "irc_raw_in" and "irc_in" to eat messages
    * irc: implement IRCv3.2 SASL authentication, add command /auth, reconnect by
      default to the server in case of SASL authentication failure
    * irc: add support of capability "message-tags" and TAGMSG messages
    * irc: enable all capabilities by default (if supported by server and WeeChat),
      change default value of option irc.server_default.capabilities to "*"
    * irc: add options irc.look.display_account_message and irc.look.display_extended_join
    * irc: add command /setname, add support of message and capability "setname"
    * irc: always set realname in nicks even when extended-join capability is not enabled
    * irc: add support of FAIL/WARN/NOTE messages
    * irc: drop support of DH-BLOWFISH and DH-AES SASL mechanisms
    * typing: new plugin "typing": display users currently writing messages on
      IRC channel/private buffers
    * core: fix decoding of attributes in basic ANSI colors
    * api: fix function string_match with joker in the string if multiple words
      matched in input string
    * irc: fix send of empty JOIN when connecting to a server with only parted channels
    * irc: fix SASL authentication when AUTHENTICATE message is received with a server name
    * irc: remove unneeded message about Diffie-Hellman shared secret exchange during SSL connection to server
    * irc: escape/unescape IRC message tags values
    * irc: set notify level to "private" for received WALLOPS
    * script: fix move of installed script on another filesystem
    * core: switch to PHP 8.0 in CI
    * core: add build on macOS in CI
    * core: fix build on macOS (issue #1662)
    * lua: add detection of Lua 5.4
    * php: add support of PHP 8.0 and 8.1 (issue #1599, issue #1668)
* Sun Jul 04 2021 Maximilian Trummer <>
  - update to 3.2
  - main changes:
    * use XDG directories by default (config, data, cache, runtime)
    * add support of IRC SASL mechanisms
      SCRAM-SHA-1, SCRAM-SHA-256 and SCRAM-SHA-512
    * automatically load system certificates
      without giving a hardcoded path to the file with certificates
    * add options to customize commands executed on system signals received
    * add bar item "tls_version" and buflist format
    * add signals "cursor_start" and "cursor_end"
    * add function crypto_hmac in API
    * add translated string in evaluation of expressions with "translate:xxx"
    * add info "weechat_daemon"
    * add Python stub for WeeChat API
    * add variables "${tg_shell_argc}" and "${tg_shell_argvN}"
      in command trigger evaluated strings
    * many bugs fixed.
  - for all changes, please visit:
* Sun Mar 07 2021 Maximilian Trummer <>
  - update to 3.1
  - New features
    * core: add options weechat.look.hotlist_update_on_buffer_switch
      and weechat.look.read_marker_update_on_buffer_switch (issue #992, issue #993)
    * core: add option sec.crypt.passphrase_command to read passphrase from an
      external program on startup, remove option sec.crypt.passphrase_file (issue #141)
    * core: improve debug in command /eval: display more verbose debug
      with two "-d", add indentation and colors
    * core: add options "setvar" and "delvar" in command /buffer,
      rename option "localvar" to "listvar"
    * core: add buffer local variable "completion_default_template" (evaluated)
      to override the value of option "weechat.completion.default_template" (issue #1600)
    * core: add option "recreate" in command /filter
    * core: add raw string in evaluation of expressions with "raw:xxx" (issue #1611)
    * core: add evaluation of conditions in evaluation of expressions
      with "eval_cond:xxx" (issue #1582)
    * api: add info_hashtable "secured_data"
    * irc: add info "irc_is_message_ignored"
    * irc: add server option "default_chantypes",
      used when the server does not send them in message 005 (issue #1610)
    * trigger: add variable "${tg_trigger_name}" in command trigger evaluated strings (issue #1580)
  - Bug fixes
    * core: fix quoted line in cursor mode (issue #1602)
    * core: fix wrong size of the new window after vertical split (issue #1612)
    * core: do not remove quotes in arguments of command /eval
      as they can be part of the evaluated expression/condition (issue #1601)
    * core: display an error when the buffer is not found with command /command -buffer
    * buflist: add option buflist.look.use_items to speed up display of buflist (issue #1613)
    * irc: add bar item "irc_nick_prefix"
    * irc: fix separator between nick and host in bar item "irc_nick_host"
    * irc: fix completion of commands /halfop and /dehalfop
  - Documentation
    * do not build weechat-headless man page if headless binary is disabled (issue #1607)
* Tue Feb 02 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 3.0.1:
    * exec: fix search of command by identifier
    * spell: fix refresh of bar item "spell_suggest" when the input becomes empty (issue #1586)
    * spell: fix crash with IRC color codes in command line (issue #1589)
* Wed Nov 11 2020 Maximilian Trummer <>
  - update to 3.0
  - New features
    * api: add optional list of colors in infos "nick_color" and "nick_color_name" (issue #1565)
    * api: add argument "bytes" in function string_dyn_concat
    * api: add function string_color_code_size (issue #1547)
    * exec: add option "-oerr" to send stderr to buffer (now disabled by default) (issue #1566)
    * fset: add option fset.look.auto_refresh (issue #1553)
    * irc: add pointer to irc_nick in focus of bar item "buffer_nicklist" (issue #1535, issue #1538)
    * irc: allow to send text on buffers with commands /allchan, /allpv and /allserv
    * irc: evaluate command executed by commands /allchan, /allpv and /allserv (issue #1536)
    * script: add option script.scripts.download_enabled (issue #1548)
    * trigger: add variable "tg_argc" in data set by command trigger (issue #1576)
    * trigger: add variable "tg_trigger_name" in data set by all triggers (issue #1567, issue #1568)
  - Bug fixes
    * core: set "notify_level" to 3 if there is a highlight in the line (issue #1529)
    * core: do not add line with highlight and tag "notify_none" to hotlist (issue #1529)
    * irc: remove SASL timeout message displayed by error
      after successful SASL authentication (issue #1515)
    * irc: send all channels in a single JOIN command when reconnecting to the server (issue #1551)
    * script: do not automatically download list of scripts on startup
      if the file is too old (issue #1548)
    * spell: properly skip WeeChat and IRC color codes when checking words in input (issue #1547)
    * trigger: fix recursive calls to triggers using regex (issue #1546)
    * trigger: add ${tg_tags} !!- ,notify_none, in conditions of default trigger "beep" (issue #1529)
  - Tests
    * core: add tests on GUI line functions
  - Build
    * core: disable debug by default in autotools build
    * tests: fix compilation with CppUTest ≥ 4.0
* Mon Jul 20 2020 Maximilian Trummer <>
  - new .desktop file from weechat sources
  - update to 2.9
  - New features
    * core: add bar option "color_bg_inactive": color for window bars
      in inactive window (issue #732)
    * core: add Alacritty title escape sequence support (issue #1517)
    * core: display notify level for current buffer
      with command /buffer notify (issue #1505)
    * core: count only visible nicks in bar item "buffer_nicklist_count",
      add bar items "buffer_nicklist_count_groups" and "buffer_nicklist_count_all"
      (issue #1506)
    * core: set default size for input bar to 0 (automatic) (issue #1498)
    * core: add default key Alt+Enter to insert a newline (issue #1498)
    * core: add flag "input_multiline" in buffer (issue #984, issue #1063)
    * core: add a scalable WeeChat logo (SVG) (issue #1454, issue #1456)
    * core: add base 16/32/64 encoding/decoding in evaluation of expressions
      with "base_encode:base,xxx" and "base_decode:base,xxx"
    * core: add case sensitive wildcard matching comparison operator (==* and !!*)
      and case sensitive/insensitive include comparison operators (==-, !!-, =-, !-)
      in evaluation of expressions
    * core: add default key Alt+Shift+N to toggle nicklist bar
    * core: add command line option "--stdout" in weechat-headless binary
      to log to stdout rather than ~/.weechat/weechat.log (issue #1475, issue #1477)
    * core: reload configuration files on SIGHUP (issue #1476)
    * api: add pointer "_bar_window" in hashtable sent to hook focus callback (issue #1450)
    * api: add info_hashtable "focus_info" (issue #1245, issue #1257)
    * api: rename function hook_completion_get_string to completion_get_string
      and hook_completion_list_add to completion_list_add
    * api: add functions completion_new, completion_search and completion_free
    * api: add hdata "completion_word"
    * buflist: add default key Alt+Shift+B to toggle buflist
    * buflist: add options enable/disable/toggle in command /buflist
    * buflist: evaluate option buflist.look.sort so that sort can be customized
      for each of the three buflist bar items (issue #1465)
    * irc: add support of UTF8MAPPING (issue #1528)
    * irc: display account messages in buffers (issue #1250)
    * python: add WeeChat sharedir python directory to PYTHONPATH (issue #1537)
    * relay: increase default limits for IRC backlog options
    * relay: add command "handshake" in weechat relay protocol and nonce
      to prevent replay attacks, add options,, (issue #1474)
    * relay: add command "completion" in weechat relay protocol
      to perform a completion on a string at a given position (issue #1484)
    * relay: add option
    * relay: update default colors for client status
    * relay: add status "waiting_auth" in irc and weechat protocols (issue #1358)
    * trigger: evaluate arguments of command when the trigger is created (issue #1472)
  - Bug fixes
    * core: fix command /window scroll_beyond_end when buffer has fewer lines
      than chat height (issue #1509)
    * core: force buffer property "time_for_each_line" to 0 for buffers
      with free content (issue #1485)
    * core: don’t collapse consecutive newlines in lines displayed
      before the first buffer is created
    * core: don’t remove consecutive newlines when pasting text (issue #1500)
    * core: don’t collapse consecutive newlines in bar content (issue #1500)
    * core: fix WEECHAT_SHAREDIR with CMake build (issue #1461)
    * core: fix memory leak in calculation of expression on FreeBSD (issue #1469)
    * core: fix resize of a bar when its size is 0 (automatic) (issue #1470)
    * api: fix use of pointer after free in function key_unbind
    * api: replace plugin and buffer name by buffer pointer in argument "modifier_data"
      sent to weechat_print modifier callback (issue #42)
    * buflist: add "window" pointer in bar item evaluation only if it’s not NULL
      (if bar type is "window")
    * exec: fix use of same task id for different tasks (issue #1491)
    * fifo: fix errors when writing in the FIFO pipe (issue #713)
    * guile: enable again /guile eval (issue #1514)
    * irc: use new default chantypes "#&" when the server does not send it
    * irc: add support of optional server in info "irc_is_nick",
      fix check of nick using UTF8MAPPING isupport value (issue #1528)
    * irc: fix add of ignore with flags in regex, display full ignore mask
      in list of ignores (issue #1518)
    * irc: do not remove spaces at the end of users messages received (issue #1513)
    * irc: fix realname delimiter color in WHO/WHOX response (issue #1497)
    * irc: reuse a buffer with wrong type "channel"
      when a private message is received (issue #869)
    * python: fix crash when invalid UTF-8 string is in a WeeChat hashtable
      converted to a Python dict (issue #1463)
    * relay: add missing field "notify_level" in message "_buffer_line_added" (issue #1529)
    * relay: fix slow send of data to clients when SSL is enabled
    * trigger: only return trigger’s return code
      when condition evaluates to true (issue #592)
    * trigger: fix truncated trigger command with commands /trigger input|output|recreate
    * trigger: do not hide values of options with /set command in cmd_pass trigger
  - Documentation
    * add includes directory
    * merge 53 auto-generated files into 11 files
    * fix broken literal blocks in Japanese docs with Firefox (issue #1466)
  - Tests
    * core: add CI with GitHub Actions, move upload to GitHub Actions
    * core: switch to Ubuntu Bionic on Travis CI, use pylint3 to lint Python scripts
    * core: run tests on plugins only if the plugins are enabled and compiled
    * irc: add tests on IRC color and channel functions
  - Build
    * javascript: disable build by default and remove Debian packaging
      of JavaScript plugin (issue #360)
    * core: make GnuTLS a required dependency
    * core: fix build with CMake 3.17.0
    * core: fix build with cygport on Cygwin
* Sun Mar 29 2020 Maximilian Trummer <>
  - update to 2.8
  - New features
    * core: add variable "old_full_name" in buffer,
      set during buffer renaming (issue #1428)
    * core: add debug option "-d" in command /eval (issue #1434)
    * api: add functions crypto_hash and crypto_hash_pbkdf2
    * api: add info "auto_connect" (issue #1453)
    * api: add info "weechat_headless" (issue #1433)
    * buflist: add pointer "window" in bar item evaluation
    * irc: add support of fake servers (no I/O, for testing purposes)
    * relay: accept hash of password in init command of weechat protocol
      with option "password_hash" (PBKDF2, SHA256, SHA512)
    * relay: reject client with weechat protocol if password or totp is
      received in init command but not set in WeeChat (issue #1435)
  - Bug fixes
    * core: fix memory leak in completion
    * core: flush stdout/stderr before forking
      in hook_process function (issue #1441)
    * core: fix evaluation of condition with nested "if" (issue #1434)
    * irc: split AUTHENTICATE message in 400-byte chunks (issue #1459)
    * irc: copy temporary server flag in command /server copy
    * irc: add nick changes in the hotlist (except self nick change)
    * irc: case-insensitive comparison on incoming CTCP command,
      force upper case on CTCP replies (issue #1439)
    * irc: fix memory leak when the channel topic is changed
    * logger: fix crash when logging is disabled on a buffer
      and the log file was deleted in the meanwhile, when
      option logger.file.info_lines is on (issue #1444)
    * php: fix crash when loading script with PHP 7.4 (issue #1452)
    * relay: update buffers synchronization
      when buffers are renamed (issue #1428)
    * script: fix memory leak in read of script repository file
      if it has invalid content
    * script: fix unexpected display of scripts list in buffer
      with command /script list -i
    * xfer: send signal "xfer_ended" after the received file
      has been renamed (issue #1438)
  - Tests
    * scripts: fix generation of test scripts with Python 3.8
    * unit: add tests on IRC protocol functions and callbacks
    * unit: add tests on function secure_derive_key
    * unit: add tests on functions util_get_time_diff and util_file_get_content
  - Build
    * core: fix Cygwin build
    * guile: add detection of Guile 3.0.0 (issue #1442)
    * irc: fix build with GnuTLS < 3.1.0 (issue #1431)
    * php: add detection of PHP 7.4
    * ruby: add detection of Ruby 2.7 (issue #1455)
* Thu Feb 20 2020 Maximilian Trummer <>
  - update to 2.7.1
  - Bug fixes
    * irc: fix crash when receiving a malformed message 352 (who)
    * irc: fix crash when a new message 005 is received with longer nick prefixes
    * irc: fix crash when receiving a malformed message 324 (channel mode) (CVE-2020-8955)
  - removed CVE-2020-8955.patch: fixed upstream
* Mon Feb 17 2020 Ondřej Súkup <>
  - fix boo#1163889 - CVE-2020-8955 , add patch CVE-2020-8955.patch
* Fri Jan 31 2020 Maximilian Trummer <>
  - update to 2.7
  - New features
    * core: add option weechat.look.nick_color_hash_salt to shuffle nick colors (issue #635)
    * core: add different icons sizes (16x16 to 512x512) (issue #1347)
    * core: add file weechat.desktop
    * core: add reverse of string for screen in evaluation of expressions with "revscr:"
    * core: add length of string (number of chars and on screen) in evaluation of expressions with "length:xxx" and "lengthscr:xxx"
    * core: add calculation of expression in evaluation of expressions with "calc:xxx" (issue #997)
    * core: add optional default path (evaluated) in completion "filename"
    * core: add support of modifiers in evaluation of expressions with "modifier:name,data,string"
    * api: add modifier "color_encode_ansi" (issue #528)
    * api: add modifier "eval_path_home"
    * irc: add filters on raw buffer (issue #1000)
    * irc: add option irc.look.display_pv_warning_address to display a warning in private buffer if the remote nick address has changed (issue #892)
    * irc: add server option "ssl_password" (issue #115, issue #1416)
    * irc: add "user" in output of irc_message_parse (issue #136)
    * irc: add options irc.color.message_kick and irc.color.reason_kick (issue #683, issue #684)
    * logger: add option logger.file.color_lines (issue #528, issue #621)
    * script: add options "-ol" and "-il" in command "/script list" to send translated string with list of scripts loaded, display "No scripts loaded" if no scripts are loaded
    * xfer: add option xfer.file.download_temporary_suffix with default value ".part" (issue #1237)
  - Bug fixes
    * core: set buffer name, short name and title only if the value has changed
    * core: fix scrolling up in bare mode when switched to bare mode at the top of the buffer (issue #899, issue #978)
    * core: optimize load of configuration files
    * core: fix window separators not respecting window splits (issue #630)
    * core: fix cursor mode info when prefix_align is none and with words split across lines (issue #610, issue #617, issue #619)
    * core: add support of reverse video in ANSI color codes
    * core: fixed segfault during excessive evaluation in function string_repeat (issue #1400)
    * buflist: fix extra spaces between buffers when conditions are used to hide buffers (regression introduced in version 2.6) (issue #1403)
    * irc: do not automatically open a channel with name "0" (issue #1429)
    * irc: remove option, add server option "charset_message" to control which part of the IRC message is decoded/encoded to the target charset (issue #832)
    * irc: use path from option xfer.file.upload_path to complete filename in command "/dcc send" (issue #60)
    * logger: fix write in log file if it has been deleted or renamed (issue #123)
    * python: send "bytes" instead of "str" to callbacks in Python 3 when the string is not UTF-8 valid (issue #1389)
    * relay: send message "_buffer_title_changed" to clients only when the title is changed
    * xfer: fix memory leak when a xfer is freed and when the plugin is unloaded
  - Tests
    * unit: add tests on GUI color functions
  - Build
    * core: fix build on Haiku (issue #1420)
    * core: fix build on Alpine
    * core: remove file FindTCL.cmake
    * core: display an error on missing dependency in CMake (issue #916, issue #956)
    * debian: disable Javascript plugin on Debian Sid and Ubuntu Eoan
    * debian: build with Guile 2.2
    * guile: add support of Guile 2.2, disable /guile eval (issue #1098)
    * python: add detection of Python 3.8
* Fri Sep 13 2019 Maximilian Trummer <>
  - update to 2.6
    * use Python 3 by default
    * add support of 32767 color pairs
    * add option "close" in command /window
    * add infos "term_colors" and "term_color_pairs"
    * add infolist "buflist" with list of buffer pointers
    * evaluate option, change default value to "${env:SHELL}"
    * add filters "h=xxx" and "he=xxx" to filter options by description in fset buffer (translated or in English)
    * make command char optional in server option "command"
    * remove default aliases /ame and /amsg
    * many bugs fixed.
* Mon Sep 02 2019 Adriaan Struys <>
  - add obsolete for weechat-aspell
* Mon Sep 02 2019 Adriaan Struys <>
  - update to 2.5
    * the "aspell" plugin has been renamed to "spell", a more generic term, because it supports aspell and also enchant
    * add support of UNIX socket
    * fix memory leaks
    * more bugfixes and new options
  - change subpackage 'weechat-aspell' to 'weechat-spell' to reflect plugin namechange
* Mon Feb 25 2019 Ondřej Súkup <>
  - update to 2.4
    * add command line option "-t" (or "--temp-dir")
    * add support of Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP)
    * add option to customize the shell used with /exec -sh
    * add support of close frame in websocket connection



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