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libmpfr6-4.1.0-2.8 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: libmpfr6 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 4.1.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.8 Build date: Thu May 27 06:39:20 2021
Group: Development/Libraries/C and C++ Build host: obs-arm-7
Size: 529256 Source RPM: mpfr-4.1.0-2.8.src.rpm
Summary: The GNU multiple-precision floating-point shared library
The MPFR library is a C library for multiple-precision floating-point
computations with exact rounding (also called correct rounding). It is
based on the GMP multiple-precision library.






* Fri Feb 12 2021 Richard Biener <>
  - Add cummulative patch mpfr-4.1.0-p7.diff fixing various bugs.
* Mon Jul 13 2020 Richard Biener <>
  - Update to mpfr 4.1.0
    * New function mpfr_get_str_ndigits about conversion to a string of digits.
    * New function mpfr_dot for the dot product (incomplete, experimental).
    * New functions mpfr_get_decimal128 and mpfr_set_decimal128 (available only
      when MPFR has been built with decimal float support).
    * New function mpfr_cmpabs_ui.
    * New function mpfr_total_order_p for the IEEE 754 totalOrder predicate.
    * The mpfr_out_str function now accepts bases from -2 to -36, in order to
      follow mpfr_get_str and GMP's mpf_out_str functions (these cases gave an
      assertion failure, as with other invalid bases).
    * Shared caches: cleanup; really detect lock failures (abort in this case).
    * The behavior of the formatted output functions (mpfr_printf, etc.) with
      an empty precision field has improved: trailing zeros are kept in a way
      similar to the formatted output functions from C.
    * Improved mpfr_add and mpfr_sub when all operands have a precision equal to
      twice the number of bits per word, e.g., 128 bits on a 64-bit platform.
    * Optimized the tuning parameters for various architectures.
    * Improved test coverage to 98.6% of code for x86_64.
    * Bug fixes.
    * MPFR manual: corrected/completed the mpfr_get_str description in order to
      follow the historical behavior and GMP's mpf_get_str function.
  - Remove mpfr-4.0.2-p6.patch and floating-point-format-no-lto.patch
* Wed Apr 01 2020 Richard Biener <>
  - Add cummulative patch mpfr-4.0.2-p6.patch fixing various bugs.
* Mon Jul 15 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Add floating-point-format-no-lto.patch in order to fix assembler scanning
* Fri Feb 01 2019
  - Update to mpfr 4.0.2
    * Cummulative bugfix release, includes mpfr-4.0.1-cummulative-patch.patch.
* Thu May 17 2018
  - Fix %install_info_delete usage:
    * It has to be performed in %preun not in %postun.
    * See
* Wed May 02 2018
  - Add mpfr-4.0.1-cummulative-patch.patch.  Fixes
    * A subtraction of two numbers of the same sign or addition of two
      numbers of different signs can be rounded incorrectly (and the
      ternary value can be incorrect) when one of the two inputs is
      reused as the output (destination) and all these MPFR numbers
      have exactly GMP_NUMB_BITS bits of precision (typically, 32 bits
      on 32-bit machines, 64 bits on 64-bit machines).
    * The mpfr_fma and mpfr_fms functions can behave incorrectly in case
      of internal overflow or underflow.
    * The result of the mpfr_sqr function can be rounded incorrectly
      in a rare case near underflow when the destination has exactly
      GMP_NUMB_BITS bits of precision (typically, 32 bits on 32-bit
      machines, 64 bits on 64-bit machines) and the input has at most
      GMP_NUMB_BITS bits of precision.
    * The behavior and documentation of the mpfr_get_str function are
      inconsistent concerning the minimum precision (this is related to
      the change of the minimum precision from 2 to 1 in MPFR 4.0.0). The
      get_str patch fixes this issue in the following way: the value 1
      can now be provided for n (4th argument of mpfr_get_str); if n = 0,
      then the number of significant digits in the output string can now
      be 1, as already implied by the documentation (but the code was
      increasing it to 2).
    * The mpfr_cmp_q function can behave incorrectly when the rational
      (mpq_t) number has a null denominator.
    * The mpfr_inp_str and mpfr_out_str functions might behave
      incorrectly when the stream is a null pointer: the stream is
      replaced by stdin and stdout, respectively. This behavior is
      useless, not documented (thus incorrect in case a null pointer
      would have a special meaning), and not consistent with other
      input/output functions.
* Wed Feb 07 2018
  - update to 4.0.1:
    * Improved MPFR manual
    * bug fixes, including mpfr_div_ui, mpfr_div rounding issue
* Tue Jan 02 2018
  - Update to mpfr 4.0.0
    * The "dinde aux marrons" release.
    * MPFR now depends on GMP 5.0+ instead of 4.1+.
    * API change:
      Applications that call GMP's mp_set_memory_functions function to change
      the allocators must first call the new function mpfr_mp_memory_cleanup
      in all threads where MPFR is potentially used; this new function is
      currently equivalent to mpfr_free_cache.
      The reason is that the way memory allocation is done by MPFR has changed
      (again), so that the current GMP allocators are used (since for some
      applications, the old allocators may become invalid).
      Note: Freeing the caches like this might have a performance impact on some
      particular applications; if this is an issue, this could be handled for a
      future MPFR version.
    * Mini-gmp support via the --enable-mini-gmp configure option (experimental).
    * The minimum precision MPFR_PREC_MIN is now 1, with rounding defined as
      in the errata of IEEE 754-2008 and in the following IEEE 754 revision
      (ties rounded away from zero).
    * Shared caches for multithreaded applications.
      New function mpfr_free_cache2.
    * Partial support of MPFR_RNDF (faithful rounding).
    * New functions: mpfr_fpif_export and mpfr_fpif_import to export and import
      numbers in a floating-point interchange format, independent both on the
      number of bits per word and on the endianness.
    * New function mpfr_fmodquo to return the low bits of the quotient
      corresponding to mpfr_fmod.
    * New functions mpfr_flags_clear, mpfr_flags_set, mpfr_flags_test,
      mpfr_flags_save and mpfr_flags_restore to operate on groups of flags.
    * New functions mpfr_set_float128 and mpfr_get_float128 to convert from/to
      the __float128 type (requires --enable-float128 and compiler support).
    * New functions mpfr_buildopt_float128_p and mpfr_buildopt_sharedcache_p.
    * New functions mpfr_rint_roundeven and mpfr_roundeven, completing the
      other similar round-to-integer functions for rounding to nearest with
      the even-rounding rule.
    * New macro mpfr_round_nearest_away to add partial emulation of the
      rounding to nearest-away (as defined in IEEE 754-2008).
    * New functions mpfr_nrandom and mpfr_erandom to generate random numbers
      following normal and exponential distributions respectively.
    * New functions mpfr_fmma and mpfr_fmms to compute a*b+c*d and a*b-c*d.
    * New function mpfr_rootn_ui, similar to mpfr_root, but agreeing with the
      rootn function of the IEEE 754-2008 standard.
    * New functions mpfr_log_ui to compute the logarithm of an integer,
      mpfr_gamma_inc for the incomplete Gamma function.
    * New function mpfr_beta for the Beta function (incomplete, experimental).
    * New function mpfr_get_q to convert a floating-point number into rational.
    * The mpfr_dump function is now described in the manual; its output format
      has slightly changed.
    * The mpfr_eint function now returns the value of the E1/eint1 function
      for negative argument.
    * The behavior of the mpfr_set_exp function changed, as it could easily
      yield undefined behavior in some cases (this modifies both the API and
      the ABI).
    * In function mpfr_urandom, the next random state no longer depends on the
      current exponent range and the rounding mode. The exceptions due to the
      rounding of the random number are now correctly generated, following the
      uniform distribution.
    * Functions mpfr_grandom and mpfr_root are deprecated and will be removed
      in a future release.
    * Complete rewrite of function mpfr_sum, which now works in all cases (the
      old one could take all the memory and/or crash with inputs of different
      magnitudes in case of huge cancellation or table maker's dilemma). The
      sign of an exact zero result is now specified, and the return value is
      now the usual ternary value. Note that the position of "const" in the
      mpfr_sum prototype has been fixed (the manual was correct); user code
      should not be affected.
    * Old, deprecated macros mpfr_add_one_ulp and mpfr_sub_one_ulp removed.
      The mpfr_next* functions should be used instead.
    * Internally, improved caching: a minimum of 10% increase of the precision
      is guaranteed to avoid too many recomputations.
    * Added internal small-precision mpz_t pool, which aims to avoid the
      overhead of memory allocation, in particular.
      New function mpfr_free_pool.
    * Added configure option --enable-assert=none to avoid checking any assertion.
    * The --enable-decimal-float configure option no longer requires
    - -with-gmp-build, and support for decimal floats is now automatically
      detected by default (similarly for support for __float128).
    * Updated tuning parameters.
    * Better support for Automake 1.13+ (now used to generate the tarball).
    * Dropped K&R C compatibility.
    * Improved MPFR manual.
    * New MPFRbench program (see the tools/bench directory).
    * Major speedup in mpfr_add, mpfr_sub, mpfr_mul, mpfr_div and mpfr_sqrt when
      all operands have the same precision and this precision is less than twice
      the number of bits per word, e.g., less than 128 on a 64-bit computer.
    * Speedup by a factor of almost 2 in the double <--> mpfr conversions
      (mpfr_set_d and mpfr_get_d).
    * Speedup in mpfr_log1p and mpfr_atanh for small arguments.
    * Speedup in the mpfr_const_euler function (contributed by Fredrik Johansson),
      in the computation of Bernoulli numbers (used in mpfr_gamma, mpfr_li2,
      mpfr_digamma, mpfr_lngamma and mpfr_lgamma), in mpfr_div, in mpfr_fma
      and mpfr_fms.
    * Test coverage: 96.3% lines of code.
    * Bug fixes. In particular: a speed improvement when the --enable-assert
      or --enable-assert=full configure option is used with GCC; mpfr_get_str
      now sets the NaN flag on NaN input and the inexact flag when the conversion
      is inexact. For a full list, see
      and the same section for any previous 3.1.x version (follow the links
      in the "Changes..." sections).
    * Microsoft Windows: Added support for thread-safe DLL (shared library).
      Tested with MinGW, ICC and MSVC.
    * Limited pkg-config support.
    * Autotools: Under Linux, make sure that the old dtags (when supported)
      are used if LD_LIBRARY_PATH is defined; otherwise "make check" would
      check an installed, compatible MPFR library found in LD_LIBRARY_PATH
      instead of the one that has been built with "make".
    * New: optional "make check-gmp-symbols", mainly for binary distributions,
      to check that MPFR does not use GMP internal symbols (experimental).
* Tue Sep 12 2017
  - Update to mpfr 3.1.6 release
    * Includes mpfr-3.1.5-p9.patch
* Tue Jul 25 2017
  - Add mpfr-3.1.5-p9.patch with cummulative patches to patchlevel p9,
    obsoletes mpfr-3.1.5-p8.patch.
* Wed Jun 07 2017
  - Add mpfr-3.1.5-p8.patch with cummulative patches to patchlevel p8.
* Fri Nov 11 2016
  - Follow openSUSE Packaging Guidelines: do not packae static
    + Pass --disable-static to configure.
* Tue Sep 27 2016
  - Update to mpfr 3.1.5:
    * C++11 compatibility.
    * Bug fixes (see <>
      and ChangeLog file).
    * More tests.
* Sun Mar 06 2016
  - mpfr 3.1.4, incorporating the cumulative patch, plus a number of
    upstream fixes
  - removing mpfr-3.1.3-patch1to12.patch
* Wed Feb 17 2016
  - Add cummulative patch mpfr-3.1.3-patch1to12.patch
    * Bug fixes (see <>
* Sun Jun 21 2015
  - update to 3.1.3:
    * Better support for Automake 1.13+ (now used to generate the
    * Improved MPFR manual.
    * Bug fixes (see <> and
      ChangeLog file)
  - drop upstreamed mpfr-3.1.2-patch11.diff
* Sun Mar 01 2015
  - Cleanup spec file with spec-claner
  - Add gpg signature
* Thu Jan 08 2015
  - Add mpfr-3.1.2-patch11.diff to fix possible buffer overflow in
    mpfr_strtofr (CVE-2014-9474).  [bnc#911812]
* Tue Apr 16 2013
  - Add Source URL, see
* Thu Mar 14 2013
  - Update to version 3.1.2.
    * Bug fixes
    * Updated examples to the MPFR 3.x API
* Wed Jul 04 2012
  - Update to version 3.1.1.
    * Bug fixes
* Mon Feb 13 2012
  - patch license to follow standard
* Sun Jan 29 2012
  - Remove redundant tags/sections per specfile guideline suggestions
* Tue Oct 11 2011
  - Update to version 3.1.0.
    * The mpfr_urandom and mpfr_urandomb functions now return identical
      values on processors with different word size.
    * Speed improvement for the mpfr_sqr and mpfr_div functions using
      Mulders' algorithm.
    * Much faster formatted output (mpfr_printf, etc.) with %Rg and similar.
    * New divide-by-zero exception (flag) and associated functions.
  - Remove bogus provides/obsoletes for old shared library version.
  - Fix license, it is LGPL v3 or later.
* Fri Apr 08 2011
  - Update to version 3.0.1.
    * Minor bugfixes.
* Mon Sep 06 2010
  - Update to version 3.0.0.
    * Bump SO version to 4.
* Mon Jun 28 2010
  - use %_smp_mflags
* Mon May 17 2010
  - PA-Risc is not threadsafe just as sparc
* Fri Dec 11 2009
  - add baselibs.conf to specfile as source
* Mon Dec 07 2009
  - Do not use --enable-thread-safe on SPARC (Fedora does the same) -
    the tests segfault if TS is enabled
* Mon Nov 30 2009
  - Update to version 2.4.2.
    * Bug and documentation fixes.
* Wed Jul 22 2009
  - Add x86 baselibs entry.
* Mon Mar 16 2009
  - Update to version 2.4.1 (no changes).
  - Apply current cummulative bugfixing patch.
    * mpfr_fmod, mpfr_remainder and mpfr_remquo rounding issues.
    * incorrect type in vasprintf.c.
    * wrong type in mpfr_zeta_ui.
* Wed Feb 25 2009
  - Apply current cummulative bugfixing patch.
    * Fixes mpfr_snprintf and mpfr_vsnprintf buffer overflows.
* Tue Jan 27 2009
  - Update to version 2.4.0.
    * Function mpfr_init_gmp_rand is no longer defined.
    * New functions:
    - between a MPFR number and a double: mpfr_add_d, mpfr_sub_d, mpfr_d_sub,
      mpfr_mul_d, mpfr_div_d, mpfr_d_div;
    - formatted input/output: mpfr_printf, mpfr_fprintf, mpfr_vprintf,
      mpfr_vfprintf, mpfr_sprintf, mpfr_snprintf, mpfr_vsprintf,
      mpfr_vsnprintf, mpfr_asprintf, mpfr_vasprintf;
    - mpfr_sinh_cosh, mpfr_li2, mpfr_modf, mpfr_fmod, mpfr_rec_sqrt.
    * Documented the fact that mpfr_random and mpfr_random2 will be suppressed
      in the next release, and that the specification of mpfr_eq may change in
      the next release (for compatibility with the mpf layer of GMP).
    * Bug fixes.
* Thu Nov 27 2008
  - update baselibs.conf
* Wed Oct 22 2008
  - fix debug_packages_requires define
* Sat Sep 13 2008
  - Update to version 2.3.2.  Includes fixes for
    * Functions mpfr_pow_ui, mpfr_pow_si and mpfr_pow_z (but not mpfr_pow)
      on NaN^0 return NaN instead of 1.
    * Underflow bug in function mpfr_div.
    * Underflow bug due to double-rounding in functions mpfr_mul_2si,
      mpfr_div_2si and mpfr_div_2ui.
    * mpfr_exp problems.
    * The overflow flag can be lost in many functions called with the
      maximum exponent equal to MPFR_EMAX_MAX.
    * assertion/overflow/underflow issues with MPFR's power functions
      (mpfr_pow, mpfr_pow_ui, mpfr_pow_si, mpfr_pow_z).
    * Inifinite looping in mpfr_hypot.
    * Hide internal symbol mpfr_init_gmp_rand.
* Sat Aug 02 2008
  - make mpfr-debuginfo depend on libmpfr1 instead of mpfr
* Tue Jul 15 2008
  - allow build on SLES9 by disabling TLS usage there
* Tue Apr 29 2008
  - obsolete mpfr-<arch> via baselibs.conf
* Thu Apr 10 2008
  - added baselibs.conf file to build xxbit packages
    for multilib support
* Tue Jan 29 2008
  - Update to final version 2.3.1.
    * Changes in the behavior of mpfr_strtofr and in its documentation
      concerning particular cases where the code and the documentation
      did not match.
    * Bug fixes; see <>.
    * Configure test for TLS support.
    * Improved MPFR manual.
* Sun Jan 13 2008
  - Update to 2.3.1 release candidate 1.
    * Fixes various bugs.
* Wed Dec 12 2007
  - Apply bugfixes from upstream, up to patch 4.  [#343720]
* Tue Oct 02 2007
  - added provides mpfr to libmpfr1 package
* Wed Aug 29 2007
  - New upstream version 2.3.0.
    * New functions mpfr_j0, mpfr_j1, mpfr_jn, mpfr_y0, mpfr_y1, mpfr_yn,
      mpfr_lgamma, mpfr_remainder, mpfr_remquo, mpfr_fms, mpfr_signbit,
      mpfr_setsign, mpfr_copysign, mpfr_get_patches.
    * Improved testsuite.
    * Bug fixes.
  - Rename shared library package to libmfpr1 according to policy.
  - Move AUTHORS and NEWS to mpfr-devel package.
  - Package COPYING.LIB.
  - Do not package CVS ChangeLog and README files.
* Wed Nov 29 2006
  - New upstream version 2.2.1.
* Mon Oct 09 2006
  - Apply bugfixes from upstream, up to patch 16.
* Wed Jun 07 2006
  - Apply bugfixes from upstream, up to patch 12.
* Fri May 26 2006
  - Fix the real bug, re-enable testsuite on s390.
* Fri May 26 2006
  - Skip testsuite for s390.
* Mon May 15 2006
  - Add provides to mpfr-devel to fix updating from gmp-devel.
* Sat May 13 2006
  - New packages mpfr and mpfr-devel split from the gmp package as
    gmp no longer comes with the mpfr library included.  Version 2.2.0.



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