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libcom_err2-1.46.4-3.4.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.5 for armv7hl

Name: libcom_err2 Distribution: openSUSE Step 15
Version: 1.46.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.4.1 Build date: Tue May 17 17:55:23 2022
Group: System/Filesystems Build host: armbuild02
Size: 36288 Source RPM: e2fsprogs-1.46.4-3.4.1.src.rpm
Summary: E2fsprogs error reporting library
com_err is an error message display library.






* Fri Apr 29 2022
  - libext2fs-add-sanity-check-to-extent-manipulation.patch: libext2fs: add
    sanity check to extent manipulation (bsc#1198446 CVE-2022-1304)
* Mon Oct 04 2021
  - Add references from old package:
    Autoreconf removed from the spec file, just without bsc reference
    Fix po-remove-unnecessary-buggy-positional-parameter-spe.patch in 1.45.3
    Fix e2fsck-clarify-overflow-link-count-error-message.patch in 1.46.0
    Fix ext2fs-update-allocation-info-earlier-in-ext2fs_mkdi.patch in 1.46.0
    Fix ext2fs-implement-dir-entry-creation-in-htree-directo.patch in 1.46.0
    Fix tests-add-test-to-excercise-indexed-directories-with.patch in 1.46.0
    Fix tune2fs-update-dir-checksums-when-clearing-dir_index.patch in 1.46.0
    Fix e2fsck-abort-if-there-is-a-corrupted-directory-block.patch in 1.45.5
    (bsc#1160571 CVE-2019-5188)
    Fix e2fsck-don-t-try-to-rehash-a-deleted-directory.patch in 1.45.5
    (bsc#1160571 CVE-2019-5188)
    Fix resize2fs-Make-minimum-size-estimates-more-reliable.patch in 1.45.5
    Fix libsupport-add-checks-to-prevent-buffer-overrun-bugs.patch in 1.45.4
    (bsc#1152101 CVE-2019-5094)
    Fix libext2fs-call-fsync-2-to-clear-stale-errors-for-a-n.patch in 1.44.3
    Fix e2fsck-check-and-fix-tails-of-all-bitmaps.patch in 1.45.1 (bsc#1128383)
    Fix libext2fs-Fix-fsync-2-detection.patch in 1.44.0 (bsc#1038194)
    Fix resize2fs-Fix-32-64-bit-overflow-when-multiplying-by-blocks-cl.patch
    in 1.42.12 (bsc#1009532)
    Fix libext2fs-fix-potential-buffer-overflow-in-closefs.patch
    in 1.42.13 (bsc#918346 CVE-2015-1572)
    Fix libext2fs-avoid-buffer-overflow-if-s_first_meta_bg-i.patch
    in 1.42.12 (bsc#915402 CVE-2015-0247)
    Got specfile fix through Factory (bsc#960273)
    Fix libext2fs-don-t-ignore-fsync-errors.patch in 1.43.4 (bsc#1038194)
* Thu Sep 30 2021
  - quota-Add-support-to-version-0-quota-format.patch: quota: Add support to
      version 0 quota format (jsc#SLE-17360)
    quota-Fold-quota_read_all_dquots-into-quota_update_l.patch: quota: Fold
      quota_read_all_dquots() into quota_update_limits() (jsc#SLE-17360)
    quota-Rename-quota_update_limits-to-quota_read_all_d.patch: quota: Rename
      quota_update_limits() to quota_read_all_dquots() (jsc#SLE-17360)
    tune2fs-Fix-conversion-of-quota-files.patch: tune2fs: Fix conversion of quota
      files (jsc#SLE-17360)
    e2fsck-Do-not-trash-user-limits-when-processing-orph.patch: e2fsck: Do not
      trash user limits when processing orphan list (jsc#SLE-17360)
    debugfs-Fix-headers-for-quota-commands.patch: debugfs: Fix headers for quota
      commands (jsc#SLE-17360)
    quota-Drop-dead-code.patch: quota: Drop dead code (jsc#SLE-17360)
  - add these not yet released fixes to e2fsprogs package so that SLE15-SP4 ships
    with them
* Wed Sep 15 2021
  - Update to 1.46.4:
    * Default to 256-byte inodes for all filesystems, not only larger ones
    * Bigalloc is considered supported now for small cluster sizes
    * E2fsck and e2image fixes for quota feature
    * Fix mke2fs creation of filesystem into non-existent file
  - libss: add newer to dlopen path (bsc#1189453)
* Tue Sep 14 2021
  - Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Added patch(es):
    * harden_e2scrub@.service.patch
    * harden_e2scrub_all.service.patch
    * harden_e2scrub_fail@.service.patch
    * harden_e2scrub_reap.service.patch
* Mon Aug 02 2021
  - Update to 1.46.3:
    * Add -V and -VV options to filefrag
    * Fix fs corruption cause by resize2fs on filesystems with MMP blocks
    * Fast commit portability fixes
    * Fix direct IO support in Unix IO manager
    * Avoid calling EXT2_IOC_[GS]ETFLAGS for block devices
    * Fix mke2fs to not discard blocks beyond end of filesystem
    * Make e2fsck set filetype of '.' and '..' entries
    * Fix QCOW image generation in e2image for very large filesystems
    * Update translations
* Wed Jun 02 2021
  - Fix the %doc files. RELEASE-NOTES is a symlink to
* Sun Mar 14 2021
  - e2fsprogs 1.46.2:
    * tune2fs -c now takes "random" argument
    * Add support for the FS_NOCOMP_FL flag to chattr and lsattr
    * Fix warnings when resizing small file systems to a super-large
    * Fix the debugfs rdump and ls commands so they will work correctly
      for uid's and gid's => 65536
    * Fix the debugfs write and symlink commands so they support
      targets which contain a pathname
    * Fix Direct I/O support on block devices where the logical block
      size is greater 1k
    * Fix debugfs's logdump so it works on file systems whose block
      size is greater than 8k
    * Fix a crash when there is error while e2fsck is trying to open
      the file system, and e2fsck calls ext2fs_mmp_stop() before MMP
      has been initialized
    * Improved error checking in the fast commit replay code in e2fsck
    * Fix various compiler and Coverity warnings
    * Update the Spanish translation from the translation project
* Thu Feb 18 2021
  - Remove autoreconf (and resulting dependencies) from the spec file. The
    upstream configure script should be fine.
* Tue Feb 16 2021
  - Update to 1.46.1:
    * Fix setting extended attributes in libext2fs and debugfs
    * Fix e2fsck to accept large_dir directories greater than 4G
    * Fix fast commit support on big endian architectures
    * Fix mke2fs -d to correctly import a small file stored using inline_data
      feature and which has ACL or extended attribute
    * Various compilation fixes
    * Speedup bitmap loading for large filesystems using multiple threads
    * Speedup mke2fs for bigalloc filesystems
    * E2fsck fixes when rehashing directories
    * Fix e2fsck crashes on maliciously corrupted filesystems
    * Fix e2fsck handling of duplicated case-folded file names
    * Implement hashed directory support in libext2fs
    * Support for fast commit feature
    * Support for combination of casefolding and encryption
    * Support for stable inodes feature
    * Add support for per-inode DAX flag
    * Fix tune2fs to unlock MMP on failure
    * Fix e2fsck buffer overflow when scanning directory blocks
    * Fix resize2fs overflowing block group descriptors with 1k block size
  - delete e2fsprogs-1.45.2-gettext.patch - it was merged upstream
  - Add autoconf-archive to build requirements
  - Fix installation of info files for older distros
* Thu Jan 28 2021
  - Fix usage of info macros on openSUSE, we use file triggers today
  - Use file requires for post section
* Thu Oct 29 2020
  - prepare usrmerge (boo#1029961)
* Sat May 02 2020
  - Update to 1.45.6:
    * Debugfs will ignore lines in its command files which start with
      a comment character ("#")
    * Fix a number of potential out of bounds memory accesses caused
      by fuzzed / malicious file systems
    * Fix a spurious complaint from e2fsck when a directory which
      previously had more than 32000 subdirectories has the number
      of subdirectories drops below 32000
    * Fix an ismounted check when an LVM device is renamed while the
      device is mounted
    * Mke2fs -d now correctly sets permission with files where the
      owner permissions are not rwx
    * Improve e2fsck's ability to deal with file systems with very
      large number of directories, such that various data structures
      take more than 2GiB of memory.  Use better structure packing to
      improve the memory efficiency of these data structures.
    * Fix debugfs so it correctly prints inode numbers > 2**31.
    * Filefrag now supports very large files (with > 4 billion
      blocks), as well as block sizes up to 1 GiB.
    * Update and clarify various man pages
    * Reserved the error code EXT2_ET_NO_GDESC (which will be used
      in e2fsprogs v1.46+)
    * Add a thread-safe variant of e2p_feature2string(),
      e2p_feature_to_string() to the libe2p library.
    * Fixed portability problems caused by gcc 10.
    * Synchroniz changes from Android's AOSP e2fsprogs tree
    * Update the Malay translation from the translation project
  - add upstream signing key and verify source signature
* Thu Jan 09 2020
  - Update to 1.45.5:
    * Fix out of bounds write when checking maliciously corrupted filesystem
    * Remove unnecessary sleep in e2scrub
    * Fix spurious emails from e2scrub_all
    * Fix crash in e2fsck when rebuilding very large directories
    * Improve resize2fs minimum fs size estimates when the fs is mounted
    * Fix UBSAN failures when fuzzing filesystem images
    * Fix potential memory leak in read_bitmap() in libext2fs
    * Speedup e2fsck on file systems with a very large number of inodes
    * fuse2fs fixes
* Mon Sep 30 2019
  - Update to 1.45.4:
    * A maliciously corrupted file systems can trigger buffer overruns in the
      quota code used by e2fsck. (Addresses CVE-2019-5094)
    * E2fsck now checks to make sure the casefold flag is only set on
      directories, and only when the casefold feature is enabled
    * E2fsck will not disable the low dtime checks when using a backup superblock
      where the last mount time is zero
    * Scrubbing scripts fixes
    * Update translations
* Fri Aug 09 2019
  - Update to 1.45.3:
    * Whether or not automatic online scrubbing will be called is now controlled
      in /etc/e2scrub.conf.
    * Fix e2fsck handling of filesystems with large_dir and inline directories
    * Fix e2scrub_all for encrypted LUKS partitions
    * Fix e2scrub_all volume cleanup
    * Regression tests cleanups and improvements
    * Fixed compiler warnings
    * Translation fixes and updates (boo#1170964)
* Wed Jul 24 2019
  - Fix build with gettext 0.20:
    * Add e2fsprogs-1.45.2-gettext.patch.
    * Exclude in-sources intl/ directory from build.
  - Fix install_info_delete usage: It must be called in preun.
* Tue Jul 02 2019
  - Use FAT LTO objects in order to provide proper static library.
* Fri May 31 2019
  - Package e2scrub unit files and separate scrubbing bits into a separate
    subpackage e2fsprogs-scrub
* Fri May 31 2019
  - Update to 1.45.2
    * Fixed e2scrub_all issues running from cron
    * When mke2fs asks to proceed, fall back on English Y/y
    * Fix spurious complaint of blocks beyond i_size
    * Fixed 'make install' failure when the cron.d dir doesn't exist
* Wed May 15 2019
  - Remove unused configure-Fix-autoheader-failure.patch.
* Wed May 15 2019
  - Update to 1.45.1
    * Remove configure-Fix-autoheader-failure.patch (fixed upstream)
    * Debugfs now supports non-printable chars
    * E2fsck now checks to make sure all unused bits in block are set
    * E2fsck now supports writing out a problem code log
    * Fixed various casefold bugs
    * Fix mke2fs support for < 900TB disks
    * E2scrub will take its snapshots with UDISK_IGNORE
    * Dropped utf8/nls symbols from libext2fs shared library
* Fri Mar 29 2019
  - configure-Fix-autoheader-failure.patch: Fix autoheader failure
* Fri Mar 29 2019
  - Update to 1.45.0
    * Add support to force check at the next fsck run to tune2fs
    * Add e2scrub script to run e2fsck on LVM backed filesystem
    * Mke2fs will attempt to use ZERO_RANGE before PUNCH_HOLE so that we don't
    lose allocated blocks in preallocated files
    * Initial support for setting character set encoding
    * Add support for setting inode checksum to debugfs
    * Add support for specifying superblock location to e2image
    * Fix e4defrag to handle situation when files are created while it is running
    * Fix e2fsck to handle dirs > 2 GiB when largedir feature is enabled
    * Fix mke2fs huge file creation
    * Fix libext2fs to be more robust against invalid group descriptors
    * Fix mke2fs and debugfs to correctly copy files > 2 GiB
    * Fix memory leaks in debugfs, mke2fs, and e2freefrag
* Tue Jan 08 2019
  - Update to 1.44.5
    * use 64-bit counters to track number of defragged files
    * correctly traslate Posix ACLs
    * Use the online free block counts
    * Fix a false warning that tune2fs will take along time to change UUID
    * e2fsck will only offer to set the inline_data feature flag sometimes
    * e4defrag running as root but can't find file system
    * resize2fs was failing to update extent tree checksums
    * fuse2fs command line parsing fixed
    * e2fs segfault fix when corrupted journal file-system is too large
    * e2image now includes the mmp block
    * fix various verity handling bugs which made it unusable
    * fix a bug in tune2fs to dereference freed memory after replay
* Tue Sep 11 2018
  - Update to 1.44.4
    * fix debugs ncheck command to work for files with multiple hardlinks
    * avoid floating point exception when libblkid probes maliciously corrupted
    * fix e2fsck to handle filesystems with resize_inode and meta_bg enabled
    * basic fsverify support
    * debugfs can operate on corrupted filesystems so they can be fixed
    * new debugfs commands for dumping xattr blocks and i_blocks array
    * dumpe2fs can print MMP block
    * inode's project ID properly byte-swapped on big-endian filesystems
    * e2fsck can handle s_inodes_count corruption
    * other e2fsck improvements and fixes
    * mke2fs fixes where in various corner cases invalid filesystem would be
  - add new e2mmpstatus alias for dumpe2fs to spec file
* Wed May 23 2018
  - Update to 1.44.2
    * support for directories over 2 GB (large_dir feature)
    * support for large extended attributes (ea_inode feature)
    * metadata checksumming is enabled by default by mke2fs
    * resize2fs deemed stable enough for bigalloc file systems
    * tune2fs now replays the journal before modifying the file system
    * improved consistency checks for symlinks
    * various fixes in e2image, dumpe2fs, debugfs, and e2fsck for bigalloc
    file systems
    * fix e2image handling of images on big endian systems
    * fixed e2fsck to properly update quotas when handling orphan inodes
* Tue Mar 06 2018
  - libext2fs-fix-build-failure-in-swapfs.c-on-big-endia.patch: Removed as it is
    included in the new release
  - switched to .xz archive as is going to deprecate gzip archives
  - Update to 1.43.9
    * fix build failure on big endian systems
    * inode flag cleanup in libe2p
* Wed Jan 24 2018
  - libext2fs-fix-build-failure-in-swapfs.c-on-big-endia.patch:
    libext2fs: fix build failure in swapfs.c on big-endian systems (bsc#1077420)
* Tue Jan 09 2018
  - Update to 1.43.8
    * add forgotten byteswap of some new superblock fields
    * fix use-after-free in e2fsck for corrupted root inode
    * fix floating point exception due to corrupted superblock in e2fsck
    * fix resize2fs's free block sanity checks
    * updated translations
* Tue Nov 14 2017
  - Added %license tag to specfile
* Tue Nov 07 2017
  - Update to 1.43.7
    * debugfs, tune2fs, fuse2fs fixes of error handling in journal replay
    * e2fsck and debugfs fixes so that malicious filesystems do not cause
    buffer overflows
    * fix corner cases in offline resizing in resize2fs
    * updated translations
* Mon Sep 18 2017
  - ignore errors for install-info calls in post scripts,
    otherwise installing with "--excludedocs" fails
* Tue Sep 05 2017
  - Update to 1.43.6
    * fix printing of quota inconsistency messages
    * fix out of bounds checks in e2fsck
    * optimize e2fsck CPU usage for large sparse files
    * increase inode size to 256 bytes if features require it
    * various UI fixes
    * updated translations
* Mon Aug 28 2017
  - Add missing coreutils dependency for initrd macros (bsc#1055492).
* Mon Aug 21 2017
  - Update to 1.43.5
    * fix e2fsck infinite loop when rebuilding encrypted directories
    * fix tune2fs support for enabling /disabling project quota
    * fixes in debugfs, dumpe2fs, e2fsck, tune2fs, and resize2fs for maliciously
    corrupted filesystems
    * fix e2fsck to verify invalid quota inode numbers
    * fix byte-swapping of backup superblocks
    * fix e2fsck -E bmap2extent to work for sparse files
    * fix e2fsck to correctly handle quota accounting for multiply claimed blocks
    * lots of other fixes
* Fri Mar 03 2017
  - Update to 1.43.4
    * fix e2fsck handling of extended attributes for small files
    * fixes in mke2fs -d
    * make mke2fs refuse absurdly large devices
    * make mke2fs properly report IO errors
    * clarify default in mke2fs questions
    * re-add uninit_bg to mke2fs.conf
    * add support for project quota to debugfs
    * improve xattr support in debugfs
    * remove mkfs.ext4dev and fsck.ext4dev
* Mon Oct 03 2016
  - Remove suse-module-tools dependency as it creates cycle in dependency list
* Tue Sep 27 2016
  - Update download URL to poing to which is more reliable
* Mon Sep 26 2016
  - Update to 1.43.3
    * mke2fs will use larger journal for large filesystems by default
    * e2fsck journal replay bugfixes
    * debugfs improvements and fixes
    * fix resize2fs migration of attribute blocks
  - fuse2fs manpage is no longer installed when fuse2fs is not built
* Mon Sep 12 2016
  - fix last change
* Sat Jul 23 2016
  - Rebuild the initrd if this package changes (and we are not
    building the -mini version)
* Mon Jun 20 2016
  - Update to 1.43.1
    * Add support for the ext4 metadata checksum, checksum seed, inline data,
      encryption, project quota, and read-only features
    * Support for the very old, experimental, and never-added-to-mainline
      compression feature has been removed
    * Mke2fs will now create file systems with the metadata_csum and 64bit
      features enabled by default
    * The tune2fs program will ask the user for confirmation before starting
      dangerous operations if the terminal is available, and it will replay
      the journal if necessary
    * Add an ext2/3/4 FUSE server
    * The resize2fs command can now convert file systems between 64-bit and
      32-bit mode
    * We now use a new e2undo file format which is much more efficient and
      faster than the old tdb-based scheme. Since it so much faster, e2fsck,
      tune2fs, debugfs, and resize2fs now also can support using creating an
      undo file.
    * Multiple e2fsck fixes
    * Multiple mke2fs improvements
    * Multiple debugfs improvements
* Thu Aug 06 2015
  - spec: add static library dependencies
* Sun Jul 26 2015
  - enable static build and package static libraries
* Sat Jun 20 2015
  - e2fsprogs-1.41.1-splash_support.patch: Drop it, this patch
    depends on the old in kernel "bootsplash" patches that were
    removed after the introduction of plymouth.
* Tue May 26 2015
  - Update to 1.42.13
    * fix potential buffer overflow while closing a filesystem
    * fix deadlock which occurs when using systemd and e2fsck.conf's logging
    * make tune2fs clear journal superblock backup when removing journal
    * fix use after free bugs in resize2fs and e2fsck
    * fix endianity bugs in libext2fs
  - Remove e2fsck-fix-free-pointer-dereferences.patch: Merged upstream
* Fri Jan 09 2015
  - e2fsck-fix-free-pointer-dereferences.patch: Fix use after free (bnc#912229)



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