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liblirc_client0-0.9.4c-2.2 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.3 for armv7hl

Name: liblirc_client0 Distribution: openSUSE Step 15
Version: 0.9.4c Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.2 Build date: Sun Feb 7 01:36:54 2021
Group: Hardware/Other Build host: armbuild21
Size: 38928 Source RPM: lirc-0.9.4c-2.2.src.rpm
Summary: LIRC client library
The LIRC client library. To actually use LIRC the lircd daemon from
the 'lirc' package has to be configured and started.






* Sat Mar 10 2018
  - Drop lircd-Remove-use-of-functions-killed-in-kernel-4.8.0.patch:
    the guarding zypper call was wrong (-qf vs --qf) and resulted in
    the patch never being applied. So it is obviously not used.
  - Remove dependency on zypper: libzypp just gets a new dependency
    on libgpgme, which happens to result in a cycle: since the sole
    usage of zypper was to 'detect if the patch was needed' is no
    longer given, we have no feature loss.
* Tue Nov 08 2016
  - Move workarounds to %prep section
  - Add lirc-configure-libudev.patch (boo#1008764)
* Thu Nov 03 2016
  - Fix %pre script
* Wed Nov 02 2016
  - Add lirc-lib-curl_poll.h-Ensure-build-on-unconfiguredclients.patch
* Fri Oct 21 2016
  - Update to version 0.9.4c
    * New curl_poll files adds a new MIT license. Lirc now carries GPL,
      BSD and MIT licenses.
    * Several patches to make lirc work again on macos (#226, #227).
    * New tool irtext2udp generates udp plugin data (#197).
    * plugins: girs: Add udp/receive support (#201).
    * mode2: Fix broken --raw option (#223).
    * lirc-make-devinput: Fix that two remotes has the same name (#222).
    * lircd: Warn for duplicate remote definitions (#222).
    * lircd: Retry temporary unavailable write sockets (#221).
    * contrib: Fix usb devices' acl permissions (rhbz #1364744).
    * lirc-setup: Fix crasher bugfix (Fedora abort trace).
    * contrib: disable udev /dev/uinput rule requiring lirc user.
    * plugins: audio_alsa: Fix byte truncating in 16-bit data (#218):
    * plugins: irtoy: improve error handling (#220).
    * Minor documentation fixes.
  - Changes from version 0.9.4b
    * lircd-uinput: A multitude of fixes (#213, #211, #177). Adds new options.
    * lirc_client: Fix "Can't redirect irsend output" (#207).
    * lirc_client: Fix un-terminated buffer causing irsend crash (#216).
    * irrecord: Fix under-sized buffer causing crash (#208).
    * systemd: Add hardening options comments to services (#204).
    * lircmd: Options, udev examples and manpage update.
    * lib: Add missing dep, fixes parallel build failure (#210).
    * Remove a single python2 dependency [4e3c97c].
    * build: Don't define docdir - autoconf defines docdir (#215).
    * build: support runstatedir configure option (#212).
    * doc: Manpages and configuration guide fixes.
  - Remove, README.SUSE and 51-lirc.rules; not relevant
    for a while already
  - Remove 0001-Fix-segfault-when-starting-lircd-AUR-41581.patch and
    0002-lircd-Fix-bad-default-for-lircdfile.patch; fixed on upstream
  - Add missing dependency to systemd
  - Global sweeping
  - Add lirc nologgin user; now needed
  - Add lircd-Remove-use-of-functions-killed-in-kernel-4.8.0.patch;
    fix build on openSUSE > 42.2
* Wed Jun 29 2016
  - Update to version 0.9.4a:
    * Fix syntax errors in systemd unit files (rhbz: 1350750).
    * irrecord: Enhance "Don't use devinput" message (#180).
    * plugins/uirt2_raw: Reset device to UIR mode on deinit.
    * plugins/girs.c: Enable reception after sending.
    * Updates and bugfixes
    * lircd, liblirc_client: Fix freeaddrinfo handling (#195).
    * Don't build commandir unless we have usb.h (#191).
    * lirc_options.conf: debug => loglevel (#199).
    * lib: use proper linking method to avoid parallel build issue
    * tools: can also use python2
    * plugins/devinput: Make the list-devices support available.
    * Bugfix (BSD setting reported wrong).
* Mon Jun 13 2016
  - Update to version 0.9.4
    * The caraca driver has been retired (still available in attic/).
    * The iguanair driver has been moved out of tree and is now
      maintained by Iguanaworks, Inc. See drivers/iguanair/README.
    * The irman driver has been moved out of tree. From 0.5.1 the
      libirman package contains the driver. See drivers/irman/README
    * The yard2 driver has been moved out of tree and is now maintained
      by the yard2 project. See driver/yard2/README.
    * The lirc.4 manpage (/dev/lirc* interface) is upstreamed to the
      linux kernel manpages project (#164). Old page lirc.4l still
      lingers in attic/ but is not installed.
    * Upstream selinux updated to match current lircd requirements.
    * New upstream debian packaging with which Debian users can create
      .deb packages. Ubuntu packages are also available in PPAs. See in the debian branch (#137).
    * New driver girs for the GIRS protocol, gives LIRC Arduino support.
      See new info in driver documentation.
    * New transmit-only FTDI driver with enhanced accuracy and hardware
      support. See ftdix driver documentation.
    * Support for non-modulated signals added (#132).
    * As shipped, lircd now uses the devinput driver and the new 'auto'
      device, should work for all remotes supported by kernel (#106).
    * Enhanced lirc-setup tool (#123, partly):
    - Add drvctl device enumeration support.
    - Integrated mode2 and irw tests of current configuration.
    - Documentation links.
    - More consistent data based on new database.
    - Multiple bugfixes.
    * Several patches to make mode2 work with all drivers(#123, partly)
    * Configuration database overhaul (#123, partly)
    - Database lives as yaml files in configs/.
    - Data is collected from drivers, remotes and static files.
    - Better ways for drivers to enumerate devices.
    - There is an unstable python database module used by
      all tools.
    * Several drivers including default and devinput has enhanced
      enumeration support, usable with mode2 -l and lirc-setup.
    * devinput.lircd.conf is generated at build time to match host kernel,
      new script lirc-make-devinput shipped to re-generate it (#153)
    * A new script lircd-setup runs as a one-shot service before lircd,
      performing setup commands as root (#121).
    * Several new examples in contrib/, notably lircrc templates for
      many popular LIRC applications and improved udev rules.
    * The default driver does not require root perms if the protocol
      is correct (#133).
    * Add an "auto" device to devinput driver for single-device
      usecase (#134).
    * irrecord has been taught to handle remotes without gap (#98).
    * The --uinput lircd option is deprecated, obsoleted by the
      lircd.uinput.service systemd service. See lircd-uinput(8).
    * CLI options for mode2, xmode2 and irrecord has been streamlined.
      All tools falls back to lircd defaults where it makes sense.
    * The driver API has been expanded with functions to enumerate
      devices. See configs/README and lib/driver.h.
    * New logging API with hooks for enhanced messages and filtering
      (also #129).
    * The out-of-tree build interface is enhanced with hooks for external
      drivers to rebuild documentation and add a config file.
    * lircd: Fix too-short gap  when sending/blasting (#158).
    * lircd: Fix typo causing lost deinit_func() calls (#179).
    * irrecord fixes:
    - Fix broken namespace checks on recent kernels (#187).
    - Buggy handling of not decoded buttons in irrecord (#146).
    - Repeated buttons problems (#149)
    - Endless loop when key is not recognized (#146)
    - Endless loop on idendifying toggle mark (#139)
    * lirs-lsremotes: Don't use non-standard GLOB_BRACE (#174).
    * lib: Fix  misleading logprintf comments (#179)
    * lib: Clean up loglevel handling (#178).
    * Fix --plugindir not being respected (#144).
    * Fix gid and supplementary groups in CLI apps dropping root.
    * Fix a crash in irrecord when invoked without options.
    * Fix bad parsing of --options-file unless given first (#165).
    * plugins/default: Don't require write access if not needed (#133).
    * plugins/atilibusb: Fix crash for non-existing device (#145).
    * plugins/audio_alsa : Fix blocking regression bug (#169).
    * plugins/file: Fix bad test for LIRCCODE cases (#171).
    * plugins/ftdi: Bugfixes: 4157fe1, 92e2d1d, #182.
    * plugins/girs: Bugfixes.
    * plugins/default: Remotes become too sensitive in 0.9.3 (#148)
    * plugins/default: Walk around kernel bug generating multiple
      spaces (#172).
    * doc: lircd.conf: Document suppress_repeat parameter.
    * Clean up docs, remove circular links (#136). Documentation is
      now only in
    * build: Add explicit default -L${libdir} linker flag.
    * build: Fix Debian FTBS compilation error.
  - Add some missing dependencies
    * doxygen
    * kmod-compat
    * pkgconfig(sm)
  - Replace pkgconfig(libusb-1.0) with pkgconfig(libusb); fow some
    reasons, lirc now relies on compat libusb
  - Remove obsolete configure switches
  - Update 0001-Fix-segfault-when-starting-lircd-AUR-41581.patch
* Thu Mar 17 2016
  - remove lirc.4 as this is part of man-pages from 4.05 on
* Sun Dec 06 2015
  - Ensure lirc build against libusb-1.0; replace libusb-devel with
* Sun Oct 25 2015
  - Update to 0.9.3a
    * Broken fix for kernel bug reverted (#148, #119). This makes
      lirc incompatible with at least the 4.04 kernels. kernels
      < 4.0 and > 4.1.6 seemingly works.
    * Several irrecord fixes (#146, #139, d8826b, #141).
    * Some fixes for poll() usage, one of which blocked irrecord
      (02c2480, d9339b6).
    * lib: Fix parsing of multiple files (#141).
    * lib: Fix privilege dropping code and a compiler flag (e8be7ae,
    * lirc-lsplugins: Fix --plugindir not being respected (#144).
    * atilibusb: Fix crash for non-existing device (#145).
    * plugins: file.c: Fix off-by-one sscanf error (#138).
* Mon Sep 28 2015
  - Add missing dependency on libirman (boo#941883)
  - Update way tmpfiles.d are created
  - Use correct symlinks for services
* Mon Sep 07 2015
  - Update to version 0.9.3
    * New build dependency: xsltproc (sometimes coming with libxml).
    * The irexec semantics have been changed so that the invoked programs
      run disconnected from the main irexec process. See irexec(1) (#92).
    * irrecord has got some love:
    * irrecord handles multiple definitions of same symbol OK (#78)
    * irrecord : Warns about single-key config files (#77)
    * irrecord : Checks for ambient light disturbances (#76)
    * irrecord : New option allows updating of existing template file.
    * irrecord : Template handling bug fixed
    * irrecord : -l --list-namespace option parsing bug fixed (#101).
    * irrecord : Minor fixes to irrecord-ui including -k option parsing fixed.
    * mode2 has been updated
    * mode2 : Handle also LIRCCODE devices (#94),
    * mode2 : Drop root privileges (#91)
    * mode2 : Add new scope-like display
    * mode2 : Handle the--driver-options switch
    * xmode2 has been updated to handle udp driver, the new --driver-options
      switch + some general overhaul.
    * irrecord has been split into a library and a cli interface (#36).
      The library interface is unstable.
    * irtoy: New support for debug LEDs. New documentation file, support
      in lirc-setup and driver table doc added.
    * The udp driver is patched to allow adjustable clockrates, see new
      udp_driver.html driver doc.
    * The mplay driver has been updated with patches which has been
      available "out there".
    * The select() calls in lircd, lircrcd and library routines have
      been replaced with poll() to avoid crashes when file descriptors
      becomes > 1024 (#109).
    * Set supplementary groups using effective-user (RH bz 1253907).
    * Work around kernel bug in /dev/lirc0 output (#119).
    * lircmd: Several option parsing bugs fixed, one of which blocked the
      systemd service (#104, RH bz 1234155).
    * lirc-lsremotes now displays logs after parsing files, making more
      parsing warnings visible.
    * lirc-config-tool is fixed to comply with guidelines (#105).
    * Bug in irexec when using modes fixed (#102).
    * Create log directory if required (#124).
    * lirc-setup: Fixed name clash on recent python versions.
    * The library routines for parsing lircd.conf now warns for duplicate
      keys and values (#107).
    * Enhanced pkg-config support for drivers compiled out-of-tree
      (see driver-api in the manual).
    * Unlinked and hard to find driver docs and manpages have been linked.
    * The documentation is heavily revised. Old obsolete text is removed,
      the manual is reorganized, some info is moved to manpages and a lot
      of minor updates and bugfixes.
    * The compiler has been switched to c++, and filenames are updated
      to *.cpp (#79)
    * The lircd.simsend and lircd.simreceive tools have been removed, superseeded
      by irsimsend and irsimreceive.
    * A new kernel driver irpipe has been added. This allows feeding data from
      userspace to lircd, which can use the /dev/irpipeX device as a clean
      substitute for /dev/lircX. A companion CLI tool irpipe(1) is also added.
    * Options parsing (notably -U) and just listing first remote bugs in
      irsimsend have been fixed.
    * Overall code formatting is improved with more consistent layout and
      updated git hook. See'
    * Build: now uses parallel make by default.
    * Hardcoded CFLAGS in Makefiles fixed (#124).
  - Update patches
    * 0002-lircd-Fix-bad-default-for-lircdfile.patch
    * 0004-lircd-fix-compiler-error-format-security-error.patch
  - Remove imon2_conf.patch; fixed on upstream release
  - Add a dependency to libxslt-tools and gcc-c++
  - Add libirrecord0 subpackage
* Fri Jul 31 2015
  - Do not hard depend on systemd - all macro uses support soft
* Fri Jul 31 2015
  - Ignore absence of systemd-tmpfiles, it won't be present in the
    build env.
* Mon Mar 23 2015
  - Fix a typo in obsolete tag
* Thu Mar 19 2015
  - lirc-core provides and obsoletes lirc
  - Fix lirc-disable-kernel-rc requirement
* Tue Feb 17 2015
  - Update to version 0.9.2a
    * Maintenance release: bugfixes, no new features.
    * Notably fixes #85, multiple --connect regression.
    * Fixes bad bug for locating ~/.lircrc config file.
    * Documentation and updates.
    * All in all 19 patches.
  - Split each lirc module in his own package
    * core : contains needed binaries to run basically lirc; it obsoletes
      previous lirc package
    * config: contains tools and data to ease the LIRC configuration process.
      it provides and obsoletes the previous "remotes" packages as
      remotes config files are not provided anymore and the config
      package provides a tool to config a remote
    * liblirc_driver0 : provides the driver library
    * liblirc0 : the main library
    * drv-ftdi: provides ftdi support
    * drv-portaudio : provides portaudio support
    * tools-gui : tools for debugging lirc
  - Add pkgconfig(libftdi1) require for Factory; ftdi is only availables
    on Factory
  - Add pkgconfig(portaudio-2.0) require; build with portaudio support
  - Add python3 build require instead of python; python3 is now the
  - Add python3-PyYAML build require and requirement for lirc-config;
    needed for generating table.html and lirc.hwdb, and is a direct
    dependency of lirc-setup
  - Remove help2man require; dropped by upstream
  - Remove lirc-0.9.1a-fix-bashisms.patch; fixed on upstream release
  - Remove 0003-0.9.1a-Bugfix-segfault-when-parsing-connect-in-confi.patch
    fixed on upstream release
  - Update patches
    * 0001-Fix-segfault-when-starting-lircd-AUR-41581.patch
    * 0002-lircd-Fix-bad-default-for-lircdfile.patch
  - Remove old and not needed lirc-64bit obsoletion
  - Add liblirc_driver0 and liblirc0 to baselibs.conf
* Fri Nov 28 2014
  - fix bashism in script
  - add patches:
    * lirc-0.9.1a-fix-bashisms.patch
* Sun Oct 19 2014
  - Run spec-cleaner
  - Replace xorg-x11-devel with pkgconfig(x11)
  - Do not run autoreconf, is broken and patches
    are not modifying autotools files.



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