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Packages beginning with letter E

e16-1.0.14-1.3 A Good-Looking Window Manager for the X Window System linux/x86_64
e17-0.17.6-1.4 The window manager linux/x86_64
e17-branding-openSUSE-0.1-9.1 E17 openSUSE branding linux/x86_64
e17-branding-upstream-0.17.6-1.4 E17 files for upstream branding linux/x86_64
e17-devel-0.17.6-1.4 E17 development files linux/x86_64
e17-doc-html-0.17.6-1.4 HTML documentation of Enlightenment linux/x86_64
e17-theme-default-0.17.6-1.4 Default E17 theme linux/x86_64
e2fsprogs-1.42.12-1.1 Utilities for the Second Extended File System linux/x86_64New
e2fsprogs-devel-1.42.12-1.1 Dummy development package linux/x86_64New
e3-2.8-17.5 Tiny Editor with Many Different Modes like Vi, Emacs, and Wordstar linux/x86_64
e_dbus-1.7.10-1.4 Dbus wrapping and glue layer library linux/x86_64
e_dbus-devel-1.7.10-1.4 E_Dbus development package linux/x86_64
e_dbus-doc-html-1.7.10-1.4 HTML documentation of E_Dbus linux/x86_64
eaglemode-0.84.0-8.7 Eagle Mode the deep application Cosmos linux/x86_64
easytag-2.2.2-1.2 GTK+ tag editor for audio files linux/x86_64
eb-4.3-124.7 EB is a C Library for Accessing CD-ROM Books linux/x86_64
eb-devel-4.3-124.7 EB Header Files and Libraries linux/x86_64
eblook-1.6.1-158.7 Command Line Tool for Searching Electronic Dictionaries linux/x86_64
ebook-tools-0.2.2-2.2 A library for reading ebook files linux/x86_64
ebtables- Ethernet Bridge Tables linux/x86_64
ebview-0.3.6-243.8 Electronic Book Viewer: Program for Reading EPWING CD-ROM Dictionaries linux/x86_64
echievements-3-3.8 E17 Echievements module linux/x86_64
echomixer-1.0.5-6.1 Echoaudio console application linux/x86_64New
eciadsl-usermode-0.11-152.8 A Beta-Quality Usermode Driver for the ECI ADSL USB Modem linux/x86_64
eclipse-swt-4.333-2.2 SWT Library for GTK2 linux/x86_64
ecryptfs-utils-104-1.1 Userspace Utilities for ecryptfs linux/x86_64New
ecryptfs-utils-32bit-104-1.1 Userspace Utilities for ecryptfs linux/x86_64New
ed-1.10-1.4 GNU ed is a line-oriented text editor linux/x86_64
editres-1.0.6-6.4 Dynamic resource editor for X Toolkit applications linux/x86_64
edje-1.10.2-2.2 Abstract GUI layout and animation object library linux/x86_64
eekboard-1.0.8-6.5 An easy to use virtual keyboard toolkit linux/x86_64
eekboard-devel-1.0.8-6.5 Development Files for libskk linux/x86_64
efax-gtk-3.2.13-1.2 GTK+ front end for the efax program linux/x86_64
efibootmgr-0.6.0-2.2 EFI Boot Manager linux/x86_64
efl-1.10.2-2.2 Enlightenment Foundation Libraries - set of libraries used (not only) by E17 linux/x86_64
efl-devel-1.10.2-2.2 Headers, pkgconfig files and other files for development with EFL linux/x86_64
efl-doc-html-1.10.2-2.2 EFL reference man pages linux/x86_64
efl-examples-1.10.2-2.2 Examples of EFL usage linux/x86_64
efl-testsuite-1.10.2-2.2 EFL testsuite linux/x86_64
eiciel-0.9.9-1.1 GNOME ACL viewer and editor linux/x86_64
ekiga-4.0.1-6.2 A GNOME based SIP/H323 teleconferencing application linux/x86_64
ekiga-plugins-evolution-4.0.1-6.2 Evolution plugin for ekiga linux/x86_64
elementary-1.10.2-9.2 The widget set for enlightenment linux/x86_64
elementary-devel-1.10.2-9.2 Elementary development package linux/x86_64
elementary-examples-1.10.2-9.2 Elementary examples linux/x86_64
elemines-0.2.3-4.6 Simple game to train concentration and memory linux/x86_64
elftoaout-2.3-17.7 Utility for converting ELF binaries to a.out linux/x86_64
elfutils-0.158-6.1 Higher-level library to access ELF linux/x86_64New
elilo-3.16-2.1 EFI Linux Loader linux/x86_64
emacs-24.3-19.1 GNU Emacs Base Package linux/x86_64New
emacs-nox-24.3-19.1 GNU Emacs-nox: An Emacs Binary without X Window System Support linux/x86_64New
emacs-vm-8.2.0b-1.6 VM - a mail reader for GNU Emacs linux/x86_64
emacs-x11-24.3-19.1 GNU Emacs: Emacs binary with X Window System Support linux/x86_64New
embryo-1.10.2-2.2 Abstract GUI layout and animation object library linux/x86_64
emerillon-0.1.90-8.8 Map viewer for GNOME linux/x86_64
emerillon-devel-0.1.90-8.8 Map viewer for GNOME -- Development Files linux/x86_64
emil-2.1.0beta9-966.7 E-Mail Filter linux/x86_64
emotion-generic-players-1.10.0-1.1 Set of generic players for Emotion linux/x86_64
empathy-3.12.4-1.2 Instant Messenger Client for GNOME, based on Telepathy linux/x86_64
enblend-enfuse-4.1.3-1.2 Tool for Composing Images linux/x86_64
enca-1.15-1.5 Detects encoding of text files linux/x86_64
enca-devel-1.15-1.5 Header files and libraries for Enca development linux/x86_64
encfs-1.7.4-24.1 Userspace Encrypted File System linux/x86_64
enchant-devel-1.6.0-21.7 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/x86_64
enchant-tools-1.6.0-21.7 Generic Spell Checking Library - Command Line Tools linux/x86_64
enchant-voikko-1.6.0-21.7 Generic Spell Checking Library - Voikko Plugin linux/x86_64
enchant-voikko-32bit-1.6.0-21.7 Generic Spell Checking Library - Voikko Plugin linux/x86_64
enchant-zemberek-32bit-1.6.0-21.7 Generic Spell Checking Library - Zemberek Plugin linux/x86_64
engauge-digitizer-5.1-5.7 Ditigize old graphs into numbers again linux/x86_64
engine_pkcs11-0.1.8-16.7 OpenSSL PKCS#11 Engine linux/x86_64
engrampa-1.8.0-1.3 MATE Desktop archive manager linux/x86_64
enigmail-1.7.2-1.1 OpenPGP addon for Thunderbird and SeaMonkey linux/x86_64New
enlightenment-0.18.8-1.1 The window manager linux/x86_64
enlightenment-branding-openSUSE-0.1-1.2 Enlightenment openSUSE branding linux/x86_64
enlightenment-branding-upstream-0.18.8-1.1 Enlightenment files for upstream branding linux/x86_64
enlightenment-devel-0.18.8-1.1 Enightenment development files linux/x86_64
enlightenment-doc-html-0.18.8-1.1 HTML documentation of Enlightenment linux/x86_64
enlightenment-theme-dark-1.10.2-9.2 Default Enlightenment theme(Dark) linux/x86_64
enlightenment-theme-upstream-0.18.0-9.2 Default Enlightenment theme linux/x86_64
enscript-1.6.4-181.7 An ASCII to PostScript(tm) Converter linux/x86_64
entangle-0.6.0-1.2 A photobooth like application for libgphoto2 linux/x86_64
entangle-doc-0.6.0-1.2 Documentation for entangle linux/x86_64
envy24control-0.6.0-6.1 Control tool for Envy24 (ice1712) based soundcards linux/x86_64New
eog-3.12.2-1.2 Image Viewer for GNOME linux/x86_64
eog-devel-3.12.2-1.2 Image Viewer for GNOME linux/x86_64
eog-plugins-3.12.1-1.2 A collection of plugins for Eye of GNOME linux/x86_64
eom-1.8.0-4.1 MATE Desktop graphics viewer linux/x86_64New
eom-devel-1.8.0-4.1 MATE Desktop graphics viewer development files linux/x86_64New
eperiodique-0.5-1.1 Periodic table of elements in EFL linux/x86_64
epic-2.10-21.3 Enhanced Programmable ircII Client linux/x86_64
epiphany-3.12.1-1.2 GNOME Web Browser linux/x86_64
epplet-base-0.10-73.1 Applets for the Enlightenment Window Manager linux/x86_64
epson-inkjet-printer-escpr-1.4.0-1.2 Epson ESC/P-R Inkjet Printer Driver linux/x86_64
equalx-0.7.1-1.4 Editor for writing and exporting TeX/LaTeX equations linux/x86_64
erlang-17.1-2.1 General-purpose programming language and runtime environment linux/x86_64
erlang-debugger-17.1-2.1 A debugger for debugging and testing of Erlang programs linux/x86_64
erlang-debugger-src-17.1-2.1 Erlang/OTP debugger application sources linux/x86_64
erlang-dialyzer-17.1-2.1 A DIscrepany AnaLYZer for ERlang programs linux/x86_64
erlang-dialyzer-src-17.1-2.1 Erlang/OTP dialyzer application sources linux/x86_64
erlang-doc-17.1-2.1 Erlang documentation linux/x86_64
erlang-epmd-17.1-2.1 Erlang Port Mapper daemon linux/x86_64
erlang-et-17.1-2.1 An event tracer for Erlang programs linux/x86_64
erlang-et-src-17.1-2.1 Erlang/OTP et application sources linux/x86_64
erlang-gs-17.1-2.1 A library for Tcl/Tk support in Erlang linux/x86_64
erlang-gs-src-17.1-2.1 Erlang/OTP gs application sources linux/x86_64
erlang-jinterface-17.1-2.1 Erlang Java Interface linux/x86_64
erlang-jinterface-src-17.1-2.1 Erlang/OTP jinterface application sources linux/x86_64
erlang-observer-17.1-2.1 A GUI tool for observing an erlang system linux/x86_64
erlang-observer-src-17.1-2.1 Erlang/OTP observer application sources linux/x86_64
erlang-rabbitmq-client-3.3.1-2.1 RabbitMQ AMQP language bindings for Erlang linux/x86_64
erlang-reltool-17.1-2.1 A release management tool linux/x86_64
erlang-reltool-src-17.1-2.1 Erlang/OTP reltool application sources linux/x86_64
erlang-src-17.1-2.1 Erlang/OTP applications sources linux/x86_64
erlang-wx-17.1-2.1 A library for wxWidgets support in Erlang linux/x86_64
erlang-wx-src-17.1-2.1 Erlang/OTP wx application sources linux/x86_64
esound-daemon-0.2.41-27.7 A sound daemon for Enlightenment and GNOME linux/x86_64
esound-utils-0.2.41-27.7 A sound daemon for Enlightenment and GNOME linux/x86_64
espeak-1.48.04-1.2 Software speech synthesizer (text-to-speech) linux/x86_64
espeak-devel-1.48.04-1.2 Software speech synthesizer (text-to-speech) -- Development Files linux/x86_64
espeakedit-1.46.02-5.6 Software speech synthesizer (text-to-speech) linux/x86_64
espresso-3.3.0-1.1 Parallel simulation software for soft matter research linux/x86_64New
espresso-openmpi-3.3.0-1.1 Architecture independent data files for ESPResSo linux/x86_64New
etags-24.3-19.1 Generate Tag Files for Use with Emacs linux/x86_64New
etckeeper-1.13-1.1 Store /etc under Version Control linux/x86_64
etckeeper-cron-1.13-1.1 The etckeeper cron function linux/x86_64
etckeeper-zypp-plugin-1.13-1.1 The etckeeper integration function with ZYpp linux/x86_64
etherape-0.9.13-1.4 A Graphical Network Monitor linux/x86_64
ethtool-3.12.1-3.4 Examine and Tune Ethernet-Based Network Interfaces linux/x86_64
etrophy-0.5.1-6.1 Library managing scores, trophies and unlockables linux/x86_64
etrophy-devel-0.5.1-6.1 Etrophy development files linux/x86_64
evas-generic-loaders-1.10.0-1.1 Set of generic loaders for Evas linux/x86_64
evieproto-devel-1.1.1-1.1 The X Protocol linux/x86_64
evince-3.12.2-1.1 GNOME Document Viewer linux/x86_64
evince-devel-3.12.2-1.1 GNOME Document Viewer linux/x86_64
evolution-3.12.5-1.1 The Integrated GNOME Mail, Calendar, and Address Book Suite linux/x86_64
evolution-data-server-3.12.5-4.1 Evolution Data Server linux/x86_64
evolution-data-server-devel-3.12.5-4.1 Evolution Data Server - Development Files linux/x86_64
evolution-data-server-doc-3.12.5-4.1 Evolution Data Server - Developer Documentation linux/x86_64
evolution-devel-3.12.5-1.1 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/x86_64
evolution-ews-3.12.5-1.1 Exchange Connector for Evolution, compatible with Exchange 2007 and later linux/x86_64
evolution-ews-devel-3.12.5-1.1 Client library for Accessing Exchange Servers -- Development Files linux/x86_64
evolution-plugin-rss-0.3.93-7.2 Evolution Plugin for RSS Feeds Support linux/x86_64
evtest-1.31-1.1 Input device event monitor and query tool linux/x86_64
exempi-tools-2.2.1-3.7 XMP support library -- Tools linux/x86_64
exif-0.6.21-5.7 Small Command Line Utility to Show and Change EXIF Information in JPEG Files linux/x86_64
exiftran-2.09-7.6 Transform Digital Camera JPEG Images linux/x86_64
exim-4.83-2.1 The Exim Mail Transfer Agent, a Replacement for sendmail linux/x86_64
eximon-4.83-2.1 Eximon, an graphical frontend to administer Exim's mail queue linux/x86_64
eximstats-html-4.83-2.1 Create HTML reports of exim logs linux/x86_64
exiv2-0.24-3.4 Tool to access image Exif metadata linux/x86_64
exo-devel-0.10.2-7.5 Development Files for exo linux/x86_64
exo-tools-0.10.2-7.5 Tools for exo linux/x86_64
expat-2.1.0-13.8 XML Parser Toolkit linux/x86_64
expect-5.45-15.7 A Tool for Automating Interactive Programs linux/x86_64
expect-devel-5.45-15.7 Header Files and C API Documentation for expect linux/x86_64
ext3grep-0.10.2-6.7 A tool to possibly recover deleted content on ext3 file systems linux/x86_64
ext4magic-0.3.1-3.7 Can help to recover deleted files on ext3/4 filesystems linux/x86_64
extra-cmake-modules-1.1.0-1.1 CMake modules linux/x86_64
extreme-tuxracer-0.4-119.9 Open source racing game featuring Tux the Linux Penguin linux/x86_64
ez-ipupdate-3.0.11b8-286.5 A Small Utility for Updating a Dynamic DNS Service linux/x86_64

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