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pdns-4.7.3-bp155.1.6 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.5 for x86_64

Name: pdns Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP5
Version: 4.7.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp155.1.6 Build date: Mon May 22 13:42:58 2023
Group: Productivity/Networking/DNS/Servers Build host: lamb62
Size: 29533130 Source RPM: pdns-4.7.3-bp155.1.6.src.rpm
Summary: Authoritative-only nameserver
The PowerDNS Nameserver is a authoritative-only nameserver.
It conforms to contemporary DNS standards documents. Furthermore, PowerDNS
interfaces with almost any database.






* Fri Dec 09 2022 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.7.3
    * Improvements
    - API: slightly clearer message when a backend cannot create domains PR#12296
    * Bug Fixes
    - lmdb: make outgoing notifications work PR#12299
    - lmdb: implement alsoNotifies PR#12266
    - API: do not create SOA and NS records for consumer zones PR#12291
    - API: fix newly created zone not rectified PR#12273
    - fix invalid catalog zone sql query for gpgsqlbackend PR#12272
    - fix pdns_control list-zones PR#12181
* Tue Nov 01 2022 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.7.2
    * Un-reverse xfr freshness check PR#12130
* Mon Oct 31 2022 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.7.1
    * include auth 4.7 schema upgrade files in tarballs and packages PR#12110
    * catalog zones: avoid bulk zone reset while migrating to a catalog PR#12124
    * catalog zones: stop wasting options update queries PR#12124
* Thu Oct 20 2022 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.7.0
    * LUA records, when queried over TCP, can now re-use a Lua state,
      giving a serious performance boost.
    * lmdbbackend databases now get a UUID assigned, making it easy for
      external software to spot if a database was completely replaced
    * lmdbbackend databases now optionally use random IDs for objects
    * a new LUA function called ifurlextup, and improvements in other LUA
      record functions
    * autoprimary management in pdnsutil and the HTTP API
    * in beta, a key roller daemon, currently not packaged
    * pdnsutil check-zone, skip metadata check for backends without getAllDomainMetadata() PR#12085
    * Fix compilation of the event ports multiplexer PR#12069
* Wed Aug 10 2022 Adam Majer <>
  - Use systemd_ordering macro so we can use pdns inside containers
* Wed Jul 13 2022 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.6.3
    * fix deleteDomain() in lmdb backend (Kees Monshouwer) PR#11765
    * RFC2136: match autosplit TXT correctly PR#11746
* Tue Apr 12 2022 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.6.2
    * New Features
    - API: fetch individual rrsets
      References: pull request 11409
    - LUA: add ifurlextup function
      References: pull request 11408
    * Improvements
    - LMDB backports:
      + each LMDB database now gets a UUID
      + lmdbbackend can now (optionally: lmdb-random-ids) use random IDs instead of incremental IDs for objects
      + LMDB map size is now configurable (lmdb-map-size)
      + one uninitialised memory issue that was fixed
      References: pull request 11406
    * Bug Fixes
    - fix proxy protocol query statistics and add more detailed latency metrics
      References: pull request 11407
* Mon Mar 28 2022 Adam Majer <>
  - Fix build for SLE12
  - Remove dependency on protobuf since pdns now includes protozero
  - Add bundled provides to spec file
* Fri Mar 25 2022 Adam Majer <>
  - Update to 4.6.1
    * fixes incomplete validation of incoming IXFR transfer for
    secondary zones for which IXFR transfers have been enabled and
    the network path to the primary server is not trusted. Note that
    IXFR transfers are not enabled by default.
    (CVE-2022-27227, bsc#1197525)
* Tue Jan 25 2022 Michael Ströder <>
  - Removed random from --with-dynmodules= because randombackend was removed
  - Update to 4.6.0
    * New Features
    - support for incoming PROXY headers
    - support for EDNS cookies
    - autoprimary management via pdnsutil and the API
    * Improvements
    - add zone removal to the zone cache (Kees Monshouwer)
    - docker images: Remove capability requirements
    * Bug Fixes
    - pdnsutil edit-zone: fix n and e behaviour on increase-serial prompt
    - lmdb: check if the lookup name is part of the zone (Kees Monshouwer)
    - lmdb: fix records removal in deleteDomain(); improve tcp exception handling
* Fri Jan 21 2022 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.5.3
    * Improvements
    - 2136: improve some log messages
    * Bug Fixes
    - lmdb, check if the lookup name is part of the zone
    - pdnsutil edit-zone: fix n and e behaviour on increase-serial prompt
    - improve tcp exception handling
    - lmdb: fix records removal in deleteDomain()
    - 2136: apply new TTL to whole RRset, not only to the added record
* Wed Nov 10 2021 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.5.2 with bug fixes:
    * bindbackend: skip rejected zones during list and search PR#10968
    * make the zone cache more robust for bad data and save some SOA queries for DNSSEC zones PR#10964
    * api, check SOA location PR#10962
    * improve dnsname exception handling for SOA records PR#10952
    * improve SOA parse exception handling PR#10792
    * try to reload rejected zones in bind-backend once every bind-check-interval PR#10778
* Mon Jul 26 2021 Adam Majer <>
  - Update to 4.5.1
    * Fixes a remote DoS when server receives query with QTYPE 65535
      (bsc#1188495, CVE-2021-36754)
  - update keyring file
  - no longer builds on 32-bit arches (since 4.5.0 release)
* Tue Jul 13 2021 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.5.0
    * With version 4.5.0, support for platforms with a time_t type smaller
      than 64 bits is dropped.
    * The ‘zone cache’, which allows PowerDNS to keep a list of zones in
      memory, updated periodically.
    * Priority ordering in the AXFR queue in PowerDNS running as a secondary.
    * Small improvements and fixes.
* Mon Feb 08 2021 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.4.1
    * Improvements
    - debian packaging update #9965
    - dockerfiles: do not claim equivs-dummy is built from the pdns source package #9953
    - Fix missing #include for gcc-11#9952
    - lmdb: Do a mdb_readers_check to clean up stale readers on database load #9946
    * Bug Fixes
    - fix TCP answer counters #10008
    - run deleteDomain() inside a transaction #10039
    - lmdb: do not reuse backend that has seen corrupted data #9985
    - lmdb: serialise LMDBBackend construction to ensure only a single schema upgrade is attempted #9949
    - backport some asan/ubsan fixes #9923
    - pdnsutil edit-zone: do not exit on ZoneParser exception #9912
* Fri Dec 18 2020 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.4.0
    * the LMDB backend now supports long record content, making it
      production ready for everybody
    * the SVCB and HTTPS record types are supported, with limited
      additional processing
    * transaction handling in the 2136 handler and the HTTP API was again
      improved a lot, avoiding various spurious issues users may have noticed
      if they do a lot of changes
    * a new setting (consistent-backends) offers a roughly 30% speedup,
      subject to conditions
    * we finally emit Prometheus metrics!
  - 9070.patch: upstreamed and removed
* Mon Dec 07 2020 Adam Majer <>
  - Drop GSS-TSIG support in the spec file as it's a removed from the
    upcoming 4.4.0 version due to security issues and lack of testing
* Tue Sep 22 2020 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.3.1 especially a security fix for
    PowerDNS Security Advisory 2020-05 (CVE-2020-17482, bsc#1176535)
    Other improvements and bug fixes include,
    * gpgsql: Reintroduce prepared statements
    * Handle the extra single-row result set of MySQL stored procedures
    * Raise an exception on invalid hex content in unknown records
    For details, see
* Mon Sep 14 2020 Adam Majer <>
  - 9070.patch: backport compilation fix vs. latest Boost 1.74
    based on (bsc#1176312)
* Tue Apr 07 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 4.3.0:
    A lot of internals have been reworked, with some visible changes
    for users. If you read the upgrade notes for a beta or RC, please
    read them again!
    A notable new feature in 4.3 is support for hiding DNSSEC keys,
    which makes it possible to do algorithm rollovers. This feature
    was contributed by Robin Geuze of TransIP, thanks! Another
    interesting new feature is support for automatically publishing
    CDS/CDNSKEY records with a single pdns.conf setting.
    Please note that 4.3.0 comes with a mandatory database schema
  - refreshed patch pdns-4.0.3_allow_dacoverride_in_capset.patch
  - dropped subpackages for mydns and opendbx
  - change run directory from /var/run/ to /run/
  - pdns-backend-lua now has the lua2 backend
* Sun Apr 05 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - guard ixfrdist support so it is only enabled on the distros that
    have the dependencies
* Sun Apr 05 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - add ixfrdist to the systemd macros
  - add instantiated services to the systemd macros
* Sun Apr 05 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - enable ixfrdist
  - enable lmdb support on Tumbleweed
    - new BR for libboost_serialization-devel and lmdb-devel
  - fix configure option for libsodium
* Thu Mar 05 2020 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - Build with libmaxminddb instead of the obsolete GeoIP (bsc#1156196)
* Mon Dec 02 2019 Adam Majer <>
  - Update to 4.2.1:
    New features
    * Add SLAVE-RENOTIFY zone metadata support
    * Add configurable timeout for inbound
    * for gmysql backend, add an option to send the SSL capability flag
    * Register a few known RR types
    * bindbackend: use metadata for also-notifies as well
    * pdnsutil increase-serial: under SOA-EDIT=INCEPTION-EPOCH,
      bump as if it is EPOCH
    * API: optionally do not return dnssec info in domain list
    Bug Fixes
    * LUA view: do not crash on empty IP list
    * API: Accept headers without spaces
    * Avoid database state-related SERVFAILs after a LUA error
    * Fix broken edit-zone and other features with the LMDB backend
    * rfc2136, pdnsutil: somewhat improve duplicate record handling
* Fri Aug 30 2019 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.2.0:
    - New features:
    * Lua records
    * ixfrdist
    * a new LMDB backend
    - Important functional changes:
    * the default UDP response size limit has been changed from 1680 to 1232
    * the autoserial feature has been removed
  - pdns-4.0.3_allow_dacoverride_in_capset.patch: refreshed
* Thu Aug 08 2019 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.1.13:
    * #8157: gpgsqlbackend: add missing schema file to Makefile
    * #8162: stop using select() in places where FDs can be >1023
* Thu Aug 01 2019 Adam Majer <>
  - Update to 4.1.11:
    * update postgresql schema to address a possible denial of service
      by an authorized user by inserting a crafted record in a MASTER
      type zone under their control. (bsc#1142810, CVE-2019-10203)
    To fix the issue, run the following command against your PostgreSQL
    pdns database:
      ALTER TABLE domains ALTER notified_serial TYPE bigint
      USING CASE WHEN notified_serial >= 0
      THEN notified_serial::bigint END;
  - spec file simplifications and cleanup
* Fri Jun 21 2019 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.1.10 with security fixes:
    * fixes a denial of service but when authorized user to cause
      the server to exit by inserting a crafted record in a MASTER
      type zone under their control. (bsc#1138582, CVE-2019-10162)
    * fixes a denial of service of slave server when an authorized
      master server sends large number of NOTIFY messages
      (bsc#1138582, CVE-2019-10163)
* Tue Jun 18 2019 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.1.9
    * #7922: by popular demand, the option to disable superslave support
      has been backported from 4.2.0 to 4.1.9
    * #7921: `pdnsutil b2b-migrate` would lose NSEC3 settings.
      This has been corrected now.
* Fri Mar 22 2019 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.1.8
    * #7604: Correctly interpret an empty AXFR response to an IXFR query,
    * #7610: Fix replying from ANY address for non-standard port,
    * #7609: Fix rectify for ENT records in narrow zones,
    * #7607: Do not compress the root,
    * #7608: Fix dot stripping in `setcontent()`,
    * #7605: Fix invalid SOA record in MySQL which prevented the authoritative server from starting,
    * #7603: Prevent leak of file descriptor if running out of ports for incoming AXFR,
    * #7602: Fix API search failed with “Commands out of sync; you can’t run this command now”,
    * #7509: Plug `mysql_thread_init` memory leak,
    * #7567: EL6: fix `CXXFLAGS` to build with compiler optimizations.
* Mon Mar 18 2019 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.1.7 with a security fix:
    * Insufficient validation in the HTTP remote backend
      (bsc#1129734, CVE-2019-3871)
* Mon Mar 18 2019 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.1.6
    * Prevent more than one CNAME/SOA record in the same RRset
* Wed Mar 13 2019 Dirk Mueller <>
  - adjust buildrequires for mariadb 10.2.x on SLES
* Wed Nov 07 2018 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 4.1.5
    * Improvements
    - Apply alias scopemask after chasing
    - Release memory in case of error in the openssl ecdsa constructor
    - Switch to devtoolset 7 for el6
    * Bug Fixes
    - Crafted zone record can cause a denial of service
      (bsc#1114157, CVE-2018-10851)
    - Packet cache pollution via crafted query
      (bsc#1114169, CVE-2018-14626)
    - Fix compilation with libressl 2.7.0+
    - Actually truncate truncated responses
* Wed Aug 29 2018
  - Update to 4.1.4
    - Improvements
    * #6590: Fix warnings reported by gcc 8.1.0.
    * #6632, #6844, #6842, #6848: Make the gmysql backend future-proof
    * #6685, #6686: Initialize some missed qtypes.
    - Bug Fixes
    * #6780: Avoid concurrent records/comments iteration from
      running out of sync.
    * #6816: Fix a crash in the API when adding records.
    * #4457, #6691: pdns_control notify: handle slave without
      renotify properly.
    * #6736, #6738: Reset the TSIG state between queries.
    * #6857: Remove SOA-check backoff on incoming notify and fix
      lock handling.
    * #6858: Fix an issue where updating a record via DNS-UPDATE in
      a child zone that also exists in the parent zone, we would
      incorrectly apply the update to the parent zone.
    * #6676, #6677: Geoipbackend: check geoip_id_by_addr_gl and
      geoip_id_by_addr_v6_gl return value. (Aki Tuomi)
* Thu May 24 2018
  - Use HTTPS links in .spec file like mentioned in PowerDNS announcements
  - removed obsolete 6370.patch
  - Update to 4.1.3
    - Improvements
    * #6239, #6559: pdnsutil: use new domain in b2bmigrate (Aki Tuomi)
    * #6130: Update copyright years to 2018 (Matt Nordhoff)
    * #6312, #6545: Lower ‘packet too short’ loglevel
    - Bug Fixes
    * #6441, #6614: Restrict creation of OPT and TSIG RRsets
    * #6228, #6370: Fix handling of user-defined axfr filters return values
    * #6584, #6585, #6608: Prevent the GeoIP backend from copying
      NetMaskTrees around, fixes slow-downs in certain configurations
      (Aki Tuomi)
    * #6654, #6659: Ensure alias answers over TCP have correct name
* Fri May 11 2018
  - Update to 4.1.2
    - Improvements
    * API: increase serial after dnssec related updates
    * Auth: lower ‘packet too short’ loglevel
    * Make check-zone error on rows that have content but shouldn’t
    * Auth: avoid an isane amount of new backend connections during an axfr
    * Report unparseable data in stoul invalid_argument exception
    * Backport: recheck serial when axfr is done
    * Backport: add tcp support for alias
    - Bug Fixes
    * Auth: allocate new statements after reconnecting to postgresql
    * Auth-bindbackend: only compare ips in ismaster() (Kees Monshouwer)
    * Rather than crash, sheepishly report no file/linenum
    * Document undocumented config vars
    * Backport #6276 (auth 4.1.x): prevent cname + other data with dnsupdate
    - misc
    * Move includes around to avoid boost L conflict
    * Backport: update edns option code list
    * Auth: link dnspcap2protobuf against librt when needed
    * Fix a warning on botan >= 2.5.0
    * Auth 4.1.x: unbreak build
    * Dnsreplay: bail out on a too small outgoing buffer (CVE-2018-1046 bsc#1092540)
* Mon Apr 23 2018
  - add patch for upstream issue #6228
* Fri Apr 13 2018
  - geoip not available on SLE15 but protobuf support is available.
* Fri Feb 16 2018
  - Update to version 4.1.1:
    bug-fix only release, with fixes to the LDAP and MySQL backends,
    the pdnsutil tool, and PDNS internals
* Thu Nov 30 2017
  - Update to version 4.1.0:
    + Recursor passthrough removal. Migration plans for users of
      recursor passthrough are in documentation and available at,
    + Improved performance: 4x speedup in some scenarios
    + Crypto API: DNSSEC fully configurable via RESTful API
    + Database: enhanced reconnection logic solving problems
      associated with idle disonnection from database servers.
    + Documentation improvements
    + Support for TCP Fast Open
    + Removed deprecated SOA-EDIT values: INCEPTION and INCEPTION-WEEK
  - pkgconfig(krb5) is now always required for building LDAP backend
  - pdns-4.0.4_mysql-schema-mariadb.patch: removed, upstreamed
* Mon Nov 27 2017
  - package schema files in ldap subpackage
* Mon Nov 27 2017
  - Update to version 4.0.5:
    + fixes CVE-2017-15091: Missing check on API operations
    + Bindbackend: do not corrupt data supplied by other backends in
    + For create-slave-zone, actually add all slaves, and not only
      first n times
    + Check return value for all getTSIGKey calls.
    + Publish inactive KSK/CSK as CDNSKEY/CDS
    + Treat requestor’s payload size lower than 512 as equal to 512
    + Correctly purge entries from the caches after a transfer
    + LuaWrapper: Allow embedded NULs in strings received from Lua
    + Stubresolver: Use only recursor setting if given
    + mydnsbackend: Add getAllDomains
    + LuaJIT 2.1: Lua fallback functionality no longer uses Lua namespace
    + gpgsql: make statement names actually unique
    + API: prevent sending nameservers list and zone-level NS in rrsets
* Tue Oct 31 2017
  - Ensure descriptions are neutral. Remove ineffective --with-pic.
  - Do not ignore errors from useradd.
  - Trim idempotent %if..%endif around %package.
* Thu Oct 19 2017
  - Added pdns.keyring linked from
* Fri Sep 29 2017
  - Don't BuildRequire Botan 1.x which will be dropped (bsc#1055322)
    * upstream support for Botan was dropped in favor of OpenSSL, see
* Sun Jul 30 2017
  - This makes the schema fit storage requirements of various
    mysql/mariadb versions. pdns-4.0.4_mysql-schema-mariadb.patch
  - preset uid and gid in configuration
* Fri Jun 23 2017
  - fixed use of pdns_protobuf
* Fri Jun 23 2017
  - update to 4.0.4
    - fixes ed25519 signer. This signer hashed the message before
      signing, resulting in unverifiable signatures.
    - send a notification to all slave servers after every dnsupdate
    for complete list of changes, see
* Fri Mar 31 2017
  - added pdns-4.0.3_allow_dacoverride_in_capset.patch:
    Adding CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE to fix startup problems with sqlite3
* Thu Feb 02 2017
  - use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
* Tue Jan 17 2017
  - update to 4.0.3 which obsoletes b854d9f.diff
* Fri Jan 13 2017
  - b854d9f.diff: revert upstream change that caused a regression
    with multiple-backends
* Fri Jan 13 2017
  - update to 4.0.2:
    The following security issues were fixed:
    - 2016-02: Crafted queries can cause abnormal CPU usage
    (CVE-2016-7068, boo#1018326)
    - 2016-03: Denial of service via the web server
    (CVE-2016-7072, boo#1018327)
    - 2016-04: Insufficient validation of TSIG signatures
    (CVE-2016-7073, CVE-2016-7074, boo#1018328)
    - 2016-05: Crafted zone record can cause a denial of service
    (CVE-2016-2120, boo#1018329)
    For complete changelog, see
* Mon Dec 12 2016
  - BuildRequire pkgconfig(libsystemd) instead of
    pkgconfig(libsystemd-daemon): these libs were merged in systemd
    209 times. The build system is capable of finding either one.
* Sat Jul 30 2016
  - update to 4.0.1
    Bug fixes
    - #4126 Wait for the connection to the carbon server to be established
    - #4206 Don't try to deallocate empty PG statements
    - #4245 Send the correct response when queried for an NSEC directly (Kees Monshouwer)
    - #4252 Don't include bind files if length <= 2 or > sizeof(filename)
    - #4255 Catch runtime_error when parsing a broken MNAME
    - #4044 Make DNSPacket return a ComboAddress for local and remote (Aki Tuomi)
    - #4056 OpenSSL 1.1.0 support (Christian Hofstaedtler)
    - #4169 Fix typos in a logmessage and exception (Christian Hofsteadtler)
    - #4183 pdnsutil: Remove checking of ctime and always diff the changes (Hannu Ylitalo)
    - #4192 dnsreplay: Only add Client Subnet stamp when asked
    - #4250 Use toLogString() for ringAccount (Kees Monshouwer)
    - #4133 Add limits to the size of received {A,I}XFR (CVE-2016-6172)
    - #4142 Add used filedescriptor statistic (Kees Monshouwer)
* Mon Jul 11 2016
  - update to 4.0.0
  - packaging changes:
    - remotebackend split out now
    - enabled experimental_gss_tsig support
    - enabled protobuf based stats support
    - no more xdb and lmdb backend
    - added odbc backend where supported
  - drop pdns-3.4.0-no_date_time.patch: replaced with
    - -enable-reproducible
* Sun May 29 2016
  - update to 3.4.9
    * use OpenSSL for ECDSA signing where available
    * allow common signing key
    * Add a disable-syslog setting
    * fix SOA caching with multiple backends
    * whitespace-related zone parsing fixes [ticket #3568]
    * bindbackend: fix, set domain in list()
* Wed Feb 03 2016
  - update to 3.4.8
    * Use AC_SEARCH_LIBS (Ruben Kerkhof)
    * Check for inet_aton in libresolv (Ruben Kerkhof)
    * Remove hardcoded -lresolv, -lnsl and -lsocket (Ruben Kerkhof)
    * pdnssec: don't check disabled records (Pieter Lexis)
    * pdnssec: check all records (including disabled ones)
      only in verbose mode (Kees Monshouwer)
    * traling dot in DNAME content (Kees Monshouwer)
    * Fix luabackend compilation on FreeBSD i386 (RvdE)
    * silence g++ 6.0 warnings and error (Kees Monshouwer)
    * add gcc 5.3 and 6.0 support to boost.m4 (Kees Monshouwer)
* Tue Nov 03 2015
  - update to 3.4.7
    Bug fixes:
    * Ignore invalid/empty TKEY and TSIG records (Christian Hofstaedtler)
    * Don't reply to truncated queries (Christian Hofstaedtler)
    * don't log out-of-zone ents during AXFR in (Kees Monshouwer)
    * Prevent XSS by escaping user input. Thanks to Pierre Jaury and Damien
    Cauquil at Sysdream for pointing this out.
    * Handle NULL and boolean properly in gPGSql (Aki Tuomi)
    * Improve negative caching (Kees Monshouwer)
    * Do not divide timeout twice (Aki Tuomi)
    * Correctly sort records with a priority.
    * Direct query answers and correct zone-rectification in the GeoIP
    backend (Aki Tuomi)
    * Use token names to identify PKCS#11 keys (Aki Tuomi)
    * Fix typo in an error message (Arjen Zonneveld)
    * limit NSEC3 iterations in bindbackend (Kees Monshouwer)
    * Initialize minbody (Aki Tuomi)
    New features:
    * OPENPGPKEY record-type (James Cloos and Kees Monshouwer)
    * add global soa-edit settings (Kees Monshouwer)
* Wed Sep 02 2015
  - update to 3.4.6 [boo#943078] CVE-2015-5230
    Bug fixes:
    * Avoid superfluous backend recycling
    * Removal of dnsdist from the authoritative server distribution
    * Add EDNS unknown version handling and tests EDNS unknown version
    * Update YaHTTP to v0.1.7
    * Make trailing/leading spaces stand out in pdnssec check_zone
    * GCC 5.2 support and sync boost.m4 macro with upstream
    * Log answer packets only if log-dns-details is enabled
* Tue Jun 09 2015
  - update to 3.4.5
    Bug fixes:
    * be careful reading empty lines in our config parser and prevent
    integer overflow.
    * prevent crash after --list-modules (Ruben Kerkhof)
    * Limit the maximum length of a qname
    * Support /etc/default for our debian/ubuntu packages (Aki Tuomi)
    * Our Boost check doesn't recognize gcc 5.1 yet (Ruben Kerkhof)
    * Various PKCS#11 fixes and improvements (Aki Tuomi)
    * Several fixes for building on OpenBSD (Florian Obser)
    * Fix several issues found by Coverity (Aki Tuomi)
    * Look for mbedtls before polarssl (Ruben Kerkhof)
    * Detect Lua on OpenBSD (Ruben Kerkhof)
    * Let pkg-config determine botan dependency libs (Ruben Kerkhof)
    * kill some further mallocs and add note to remind us not to add them back
    * Move remotebackend-unix test socket to testsdir (Aki Tuomi)
    * Defer launch of coprocess until first question (Aki Tuomi)
    * pdnssec: check for glue and delegations in parent zones (Kees
* Mon Apr 27 2015
  - no longer ship dnsdist here, we will ship a new package based on
    the snapshots from
* Thu Apr 23 2015
  - update to 3.4.4 with a fix for CVE-2015-1868 (boo# 927569)
    Bug fixes:
    - commit ac3ae09: fix rectify-(all)-zones for mixed case domain
    - commit 2dea55e, commit 032d565, commit 55f2dbf: fix
    - commit 21cdbe5: Blocking IO in busy-wait for remote backend
      (Wieger Opmeer)
    - commit cc7b2ac: fix double dot for root MX/SRV in bind slave
      zone files (Kees Monshouwer)
    - commit c40307b: Properly lock lmdb database, fixes ticket #1954
      (Aki Tuomi)
    - commit 662e76d: Fix segfault in zone2lmdb (Ruben Kerkhof)
    New Features:
    - commit 5ae212e: pdnssec: warn for insecure wildcards in opt-out
    - commits cd3f21c, 8b582f6, 0b7e766, f743af9, dcde3c8 and
      f12fcf7: TKEY record type (Aki Tuomi)
    - commits 0fda1d9, 3dd139d, ba146ce, 25109e2, c011a01, 0600350,
      fc96b5e, 4414468, c163d41, f52c7f6, 8d56a31, 7821417, ea62bd9,
      c5ababd, 91c8351 and 073ac49: Many PKCS#11 improvements (Aki
    - commits 6f0d4f1 and 5eb33cb: Introduce xfrBlobNoSpaces and use
      them for TSIG (Aki Tuomi)
    - commit e4f48ab: allow "pdnssec set-nsec3 ZONE" for insecure
      zones; this saves on one rectify when securing a NSEC3 zone
    - commits cce95b9, e2e9243 and e82da97: Improvements to the
      config-file parsing (Aki Tuomi)
    - commit 2180e21: postgresql check should not touch LDFLAGS
      (Ruben Kerkhof)
    - commit 0481021: Log error when remote cannot do AXFR (Aki
    - commit 1ecc3a5: Speed improvements when AXFR is disabled
      (Christian Hofstaedtler)
    - commits 1f7334e and b17799a: NSEC3 and related RRSIGS are not
      part of the dnstree (Kees Monshouwer)
    - commits dd943dd and 58c4834: Change ifdef to check for
      __GLIBC__ instead of __linux__ to prevent errors with other
      libc's (James Taylor)
    - commit c929d50: Try to raise open files before dropping
      privileges (Aki Tuomi)
    - commit 69fd3dc: Add newline to carbon error message on auth
      (Aki Tuomi)
    - commit 3064f80: Make sure we send servfail on error (Aki Tuomi)
    - commit b004529: Ship in tarball (Ruben Kerkhof)
    - commit 9e6b24f: Allocate TCP buffer dynamically, decreasing
      stack usage
    - commit 267fdde: throw if getSOA gets non-SOA record
* Mon Mar 02 2015
  - update to 3.4.3
    Bug fixes:
    - [commit ceb49ce] pdns_control: exit 1 on unknown command (Ruben
    - [commit 1406891]: evaluate KSK ZSK pairs per algorithm (Kees
    - [commit 3ca050f]: always set di.notified_serial in
      getAllDomains (Kees Monshouwer)
    - [commit d9d09e1]: pdns_control: don't open socket in /tmp
      (Ruben Kerkhof)
    New features:
    - [commit 2f67952]: Limit who can send us AXFR notify queries
      (Ruben Kerkhof)
    - [commit d7bec64]: respond REFUSED instead of NOERROR for
      "unknown zone" situations
    - [commit ebeb9d7]: Check for Lua 5.3 (Ruben Kerkhof)
    - [commit d09931d]: Check compiler for relro support instead of
      linker (Ruben Kerkhof)
    - [commit c4b0d0c]: Replace PacketHandler with UeberBackend where
      possible (Christian Hofstaedtler)
    - [commit 5a85152]: PacketHandler: Share UeberBackend with
      DNSSECKeeper (Christian Hofstaedtler)
    - [commit 97bd444]: fix building with GCC 5
    Experimental API changes (Christian Hofstaedtler):
    - [commit ca44706]: API: move shared DomainInfo reader into it's
      own function
    - [commit 102602f]: API: allow writing to domains.account field
    - [commit d82f632]: API: read and expose domain account field
    - [commit 2b06977]: API: be more strict when parsing record
    - [commit 2f72b7c]: API: Reject unknown types (TYPE0)
    - [commit d82f632]: API: read and expose domain account field
* Tue Feb 03 2015
  - set $LD for now. this fixes the configure check for relro,now.
* Tue Feb 03 2015
  - remove custom PIE handling. upstream does it for us now.
* Tue Feb 03 2015
  - update to 3.4.2
    This is a performance and bugfix update to 3.4.1 and any earlier
    version. For high traffic setups, including those using DNSSEC,
    upgrading to 3.4.2 may show tremendous performance increases.
    A list of changes since 3.4.1 follows. Please see the full
    clickable changelog at
  - move man pages to section 1 to follow upstream change
* Tue Nov 25 2014
  - disable botan and geoip on SLE_12 because of missing
* Tue Nov 11 2014
  - Fixed broken _localstatedir
* Sun Nov 09 2014 Led <>
  - fix bashisms in pre script
* Thu Oct 30 2014
  - update to version 3.4.1
    Changes since 3.4.0:
    * commit dcd6524, commit a8750a5, commit 7dc86bf, commit 2fda71f: PowerDNS now
    polls the security status of a release at startup and periodically. More
    detail on this feature, and how to turn it off, can be found in Section 2,
    “Security polling”.
    * commit 5fe6dc0: API: Replace HTTP Basic auth with static key in custom header
    * commit 4a95ab4: Use transaction for pdnssec increase-serial
    * commit 6e82a23: Don't empty ordername during pdnssec increase-serial
    * commit 535f4e3: honor SOA-EDIT while considering "empty IXFR" fallback, fixes
    ticket 1835. This fixes slaving of signed zones to IXFR-aware slaves like NSD
    or BIND.
* Tue Oct 28 2014
  - only enable geoip backend on distros newer than 12.3
    before the package lacks the pkg-config file and there is no
    fallback to finding geoip without it.
* Tue Oct 28 2014
  - fix permissions of the home directory
* Tue Oct 28 2014
  - enable some backends that we had forgotten:
    - pipe   (main package)
    - random (main package)
    - geoip  (new subpackage)
    - new BR: yaml-cpp-devel and GeoIP-devel



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