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libopenal1-32bit-1.17.2-3.7.41 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.5 for x86_64

Name: libopenal1-32bit Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 1.17.2 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 3.7.41 Build date: Fri Apr 5 18:32:25 2019
Group: System/Libraries Build host: sheep89
Size: 657328 Source RPM: openal-soft-1.17.2-3.7.41.src.rpm
Summary: OpenAL Soft
OpenAL is an audio library designed in the spirit of OpenGL--machine
independent, cross platform, and data format neutral with a clean,
simple C-based API.

OpenAL provides capabilities for playing audio in a virtual 3D
environment. Distance attenuation, doppler shift, and directional
sound emitters are among the features handled by the API. More
advanced effects, including air absorption, occlusion, and
environmental reverb, are available through the EFX extension. It
also facilitates streaming audio, multi-channel buffers, and audio

OpenAL Soft is an LGPL-licensed, cross-platform, software
implementation of the OpenAL API.




LGPL-2.1+ and GPL-2.0+


* Tue Aug 21 2018
  - Remove Apache-2.0 licensed file during %prep since we actually don't
    need it so we're sure not to use it.
  - Use %license tag
* Tue May 15 2018
  - add fix-neon-build.patch for armv7l build
* Wed Nov 16 2016
  - Add missing dependency for JACK backend
* Thu Feb 11 2016
  - Update to 1.17.2
    * Implemented device enumeration for OSSv4.
    * Fixed building on non-Windows systems without POSIX-2008.
    * Fixed Dedicated Dialog and Dedicated LFE effect output.
    * Added a build option to override the share install dir.
    * Added a build option to static-link libgcc for MinGW.
  - Changes for 1.17.1
    * Fixed building with JACK and without PulseAudio.
    * Fixed building on FreeBSD.
    * Fixed the ALSA backend's allow-resampler option.
    * Fixed handling of inexact ALSA period counts.
    * Altered device naming scheme on Windows backends to better
      match other drivers.
    * Updated the CoreAudio backend to use the AudioComponent API.
      This clears up deprecation warnings for OSX 10.11, although
      requires OSX 10.6 or newer.
  - Changes for 1.17.0
    * Implemented a JACK playback backend.
    * Implemented the AL_EXT_BFORMAT and AL_EXT_MULAW_BFORMAT
    * Implemented the ALC_SOFT_HRTF extension.
    * Implemented C, SSE3, and SSE4.1 based 4- and 8-point Sinc
    * Implemented a C and SSE based band-limited Sinc resampler.
      This does 12- to 24-point Sinc resampling, and performs
    * Implemented B-Format output support for the wave file writer.
      This creates FuMa-style first-order Ambisonics wave files
      (AMB format).
    * Implemented a stereo-mode config option for treating stereo
      modes as either speakers or headphones.
    * Implemented per-device configuration options.
    * Fixed handling of PulseAudio and MMDevAPI devices that have
      identical descriptions.
    * Fixed a potential lockup when stopping playback of suspended
      PulseAudio devices.
    * Fixed logging of Unicode characters on Windows.
    * Fixed 5.1 surround sound channels. By default it will now
      use the side channels for the surround output. A
      configuration using rear channels is still available.
    * Fixed the QSA backend potentially altering the capture
  - Update project and download url
  - Dropped upstreamed fix-neon-build.patch
  - Refreshed openal-no-autospawn.diff
* Fri Oct 02 2015
  - replace openal-soft-arm_neon-only-for-32bit.patch with
    fix-neon-build.patch to fix the build instead of disabling neon
* Tue Sep 29 2015
  - add openal-soft-arm_neon-only-for-32bit.patch to fix build
    on aarch64
* Sun Sep 20 2015
  - baselibs for -devel too for building wine.
* Tue Apr 21 2015
  - Use %cmake_install macro
  - Add dependency on pkg-config
  - Remove missingok from ghost file, it should not be needed
* Fri Mar 13 2015
  - remove conflicts with openal. That package doesn't exist since
    11.1 and actually only the library conflicts.
  - add back ldconfig calls for libopenal0
  - mark alsoft.conf as %config(noreplace,missingok) to silence
    rpmlint once the rpmlint bug is fixed.
* Sun Feb 15 2015
  - Update to version 1.16.0
    * Implemented EFX Chorus, Flanger, Distortion, Equalizer, and Compressor
    * Implemented high-pass and band-pass EFX filters.
    * Implemented the high-pass filter for the EAXReverb effect.
    * Implemented SSE2 and SSE4.1 linear resamplers.
    * Implemented Neon-enhanced non-HRTF mixers.
    * Implemented a QSA backend, for QNX.
    * Implemented the ALC_SOFT_pause_device, AL_SOFT_deferred_updates,
    * AL_SOFT_block_alignment, AL_SOFT_MSADPCM, and AL_SOFT_source_length
    * Fixed resetting mmdevapi backend devices.
    * Fixed clamping when converting 32-bit float samples to integer.
    * Fixed modulation range in the Modulator effect.
    * Several fixes for the OpenSL playback backend.
    * Fixed device specifier names that have Unicode characters on Windows.
    * Added support for filenames and paths with Unicode (UTF-8) characters on
    * Added support for alsoft.conf config files found in XDG Base Directory
    * Specification locations (XDG_CONFIG_DIRS and XDG_CONFIG_HOME, or their
      defaults) on non-Windows systems.
    * Added a GUI configuration utility (requires Qt 4.8).
    * Added support for environment variable expansion in config options (not
      keys or section names).
    * Added an example that uses SDL2 and ffmpeg.
    * Modified examples to use SDL_sound.
    * Modified CMake config option names for better sorting.
    * HRTF data sets specified in the hrtf_tables config option may now be
      relative or absolute filenames.
    * Made the default HRTF data set an external file, and added a data set for
      48khz playback in addition to 44.1khz.
    * Added support for C11 atomic methods.
    * Improved support for some non-GNU build systems.
  - Add gcc-c++ requirement; new dependency
  - Use %cmake macro



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