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Packages beginning with letter F

f2c-0.23-bp154.1.22 A Fortran-77 to C Translator linux/x86_64
f2c-devel-0.23-bp154.1.22 Files for Developing with f2c linux/x86_64
f2fs-tools-1.14.0.g67-bp154.1.19 Utilities for the Flash-friendly Filesystem (F2FS) linux/x86_64
f2fs-tools-devel-1.14.0.g67-bp154.1.19 Development files for f2fs linux/x86_64
f3-8.0-bp154.1.51 Fight Flash Fraud / Fight Fake Flash linux/x86_64
fIcy-1.0.21-bp154.1.23 Icecast/Shoutcast Stream Grabber linux/x86_64
fabtests-1.13.2-150400.1.11 Test suite for libfabric API linux/x86_64
fairymax-5.0b-bp154.1.23 A xboard compatible chess and chess-variant engine linux/x86_64
fakechroot-2.20.1-bp154.1.22 Preloadable library for a fake chroot environment linux/x86_64
fakeroot-1.25.3-bp154.2.18 Wrapper that gives a fake root environment linux/x86_64
falkon-3.2.0-bp154.1.21 Modern web browser linux/x86_64
falkon-gnome-keyring-3.2.0-bp154.1.21 GNOME Keyring plugin for Falkon linux/x86_64
falkon-kde-3.2.0-bp154.1.21 Plugin for tighter integration of KDE technologies linux/x86_64
farstream-devel-0.2.9+4-150400.1.12 GStreamer modules and libraries for videoconferencing -- Development files linux/x86_64
fastjar-0.98-3.6.2 Java package archiver linux/x86_64
fastjet-contrib-devel-1.046-bp154.1.103 Headers for fastjet-contrib linux/x86_64
fastjet-contrib-devel-static-1.046-bp154.1.103 Static libraries and headers for fastjet-contrib linux/x86_64
fastjet-devel-3.4.0-bp154.1.56 Shared libraries for fastjet core package linux/x86_64
fastjet-plugin-siscone-3.4.0-bp154.1.56 SISCone plugin for fastjet linux/x86_64
fastjet-plugin-siscone-devel-3.4.0-bp154.1.56 SISCone plugin for fastjet linux/x86_64
fatrace-0.15-bp154.1.23 System wide file access event reporting utility linux/x86_64
fatsort- FAT Filesystem Sorting Utility linux/x86_64
fb-util-for-appx-0.1-bp154.1.26 Tool creating APPX packages linux/x86_64
fbi-2.14-bp154.1.30 Image Viewer for the Linux Framebuffer Console linux/x86_64
fbiterm-0.5.20040304-5.3.1 Internationalized Terminal Emulator for Framebuffers linux/x86_64
fbpdf-2.14-bp154.1.30 PDF viewer for Linux framebuffer devices linux/x86_64
fbreader-0.99.4-bp154.1.61 E-book reader linux/x86_64
fbterm-1.8-bp154.1.20 A fast framebuffer-based terminal emulator linux/x86_64
fcft-devel-3.0.1-bp154.1.35 Header files for fcft, a font loading and rasterization library linux/x86_64
fcgiwrap-1.1.0+18+g99c942c-bp154.1.34 FastCGI wrapper for CGI scripts linux/x86_64
fcgiwrap-nginx-1.1.0+18+g99c942c-bp154.1.34 System services for using fcgiwrap with nginx linux/x86_64
fcitx- Flexible Context-aware Input Tool with eXtension linux/x86_64
fcitx-anthy-0.2.4-bp154.1.63 Japanese Anthy IME Wrapper for Fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-chewing-0.2.3-bp154.1.59 Chewing Wrapper for Fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-cloudpinyin-0.3.7-bp154.1.59 Cloudpinyin module for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-config-gtk3-0.4.10-bp154.1.58 GTK GUI Config tool for FCITX linux/x86_64
fcitx-devel- Development files for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-fbterm-0.2.0-bp154.1.64 Fbterm Support for Fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-googlepinyin-0.1.6-bp154.1.59 Googlepinyin module for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-gtk2- Gtk2 IM module for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-gtk2-32bit- Gtk2 IM module for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-gtk3- Gtk3 IM module for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-gtk3-32bit- Gtk3 IM module for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-hangul-0.3.1-bp154.1.65 Hangul Module for Fcitx IM Framework linux/x86_64
fcitx-kkc-0.1.4-bp154.1.65 Japanese KKC IME Wrapper for Fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-libpinyin-0.5.3-bp154.1.122 Libpinyin Wrapper for Fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-m17n-0.2.4-bp154.1.55 M17N engine for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-mozc-2.26.4276.102-150400.1.7 The Mozc backend for Fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-pinyin- Chinese Pinyin engine for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-pinyin-tools- Fcitx tools to make pinyin match list linux/x86_64
fcitx-pylogger-1.0-bp154.1.58 A Fcitx Typo Tracking Tool linux/x86_64
fcitx-qt5-1.2.7-bp154.1.107 Fcitx QT5 Input Context linux/x86_64
fcitx-qt5-devel-1.2.7-bp154.1.107 Development files for fcitx-qt5 linux/x86_64
fcitx-quwei- Chinese Zone-bit(QuWei) engine for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-rime-0.3.2-bp154.2.60 Rime input engine support for Fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-sayura-0.1.2-bp154.1.60 Fcitx input module for Sinhala linux/x86_64
fcitx-skk-0.1.4-bp154.1.57 Japanese SKK IME Wrapper for Fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-sunpinyin-0.4.2-bp154.1.66 Sunpinyin module for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-table- Table engine for fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-table-tools- Fcitx tools to make tables linux/x86_64
fcitx-ui-light-0.1.3-bp154.1.56 Light Weight UI for Fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-unikey-0.2.7-bp154.1.63 Vietnamese unikey support for Fcitx linux/x86_64
fcitx-zhuyin-0.1.0+git20150626.36064e1-bp154.1.60 Libzhuyin Wrapper for Fcitx linux/x86_64
fcoe-utils-1.0.34-12.3.1 FCoE userspace management tools linux/x86_64
fcwnn-1.1.1a023.1-bp154.2.55 Free cWnn Chinese Input System (Mainland China) linux/x86_64
fcwnn-devel-1.1.1a023.1-bp154.2.55 Development Libraries and Header Files for Free cWnn linux/x86_64
fcwnncom-1.1.1a023.1-bp154.2.55 Free cWnn/tWnn Chinese Input System Common Files (Mainland and Taiwan) linux/x86_64
fd-8.3.0-bp154.1.27 An alternative to the "find" utility linux/x86_64
fd0ssh-20170430-1.27 Helper program for using a pipe for SSH authentication linux/x86_64
fdupes-2.1.2-150400.1.86 Tool to identify or delete duplicate files linux/x86_64
featherpad-1.0.1-bp154.1.77 Qt5-based plaintext editor linux/x86_64
fec-devel-3.0.0+git.20160910-bp154.1.56 Development files for the libfec library linux/x86_64
fedfs-utils-admin-0.10.7-2.27 Utilities for administering FedFS domains linux/x86_64
fedfs-utils-client-0.10.7-2.27 Utilities for mounting FedFS domains linux/x86_64
fedfs-utils-devel-0.10.7-2.27 Development files and libraries for the nfs-plugin linux/x86_64
fedfs-utils-nsdbparams-0.10.7-2.27 FedFS nsdbparams utility linux/x86_64
fedfs-utils-server-0.10.7-2.27 Utilities for serving FedFS domains linux/x86_64
feh-3.7.2-bp154.1.25 X11 image viewer linux/x86_64
fence-agents-4.9.0+git.1624456340.8d746be9-150300.3.8.1 Fence Agents for High Availability linux/x86_64
fence-agents-amt_ws-4.9.0+git.1624456340.8d746be9-150300.3.8.1 Fence Agent for Intel AMT (WS) linux/x86_64
fence-agents-devel-4.9.0+git.1624456340.8d746be9-150300.3.8.1 Fence Agents for High Availability linux/x86_64
fence-sanlock-3.6.0-150000.4.3.1 Fence agent using sanlock and wdmd linux/x86_64
festival-2.5.0-bp154.2.20 The Speech Synthesis System linux/x86_64
festival-devel-2.5.0-bp154.2.20 Development Package for Festival linux/x86_64
fetchmail-6.4.22-20.26.1 Full-Featured POP and IMAP Mail Retrieval Daemon linux/x86_64
fetchmailconf-6.4.22-20.26.1 Fetchmail Configuration Utility linux/x86_64
ffado-2.4.3-bp154.1.72 FireWire 1394 support for audio devices, svn snapshot linux/x86_64
ffcall-2.4-bp154.1.36 Libraries for foreign function call interfaces linux/x86_64
fflas-ffpack-devel-2.5.0-bp154.1.51 Development files for FFLAS-FFPACK linux/x86_64
ffmpeg-3.4.2-11.17.1 Library for working with various multimedia formats linux/x86_64
ffmpeg-4-4.4-150400.1.13 Set of libraries for working with various multimedia formats linux/x86_64
ffmpeg-4-libavcodec-devel-4.4-150400.1.13 Development files for FFmpeg's codec library linux/x86_64
ffmpeg-4-libavdevice-devel-4.4-150400.1.13 Development files for FFmpeg's device library linux/x86_64
ffmpeg-4-libavfilter-devel-4.4-150400.1.13 Development files for FFmpeg's audio/video filter library linux/x86_64
ffmpeg-4-libavformat-devel-4.4-150400.1.13 Development files for FFmpeg's stream format library linux/x86_64
ffmpeg-4-libavresample-devel-4.4-150400.1.13 Development files for libavresample as present in FFmpeg linux/x86_64
ffmpeg-4-libavutil-devel-4.4-150400.1.13 Development files for FFmpeg's utility library linux/x86_64
ffmpeg-4-libpostproc-devel-4.4-150400.1.13 Development files for the FFmpeg post-processing library linux/x86_64
ffmpeg-4-libswresample-devel-4.4-150400.1.13 Development files for the FFmpeg software resampling library linux/x86_64
ffmpeg-4-libswscale-devel-4.4-150400.1.13 Development files for FFmpeg's image scaling and colorspace library linux/x86_64
ffmpeg-4-private-devel-4.4-150400.1.13 Some FFmpeg private headers linux/x86_64
ffmpeg-private-devel-3.4.2-11.17.1 Some FFmpeg private headers linux/x86_64
ffmpegthumbnailer-2.2.2-bp154.1.72 Video thumbnailer that can be used by file managers linux/x86_64
ffmpegthumbs-21.12.3-bp154.1.35 FFmpeg-based thumbnail creator for video files linux/x86_64
ffmsindex-2.40-bp154.1.42 Wrapper library around libffmpeg linux/x86_64
ffnvcodec-devel- FFmpeg version of NVIDIA codec API headers linux/x86_64
ffsb-6.0_rc2-bp154.2.20 Flexible File System Benchmark linux/x86_64
fftw3-devel-3.3.9-1.6 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/x86_64
fftw3-gnu-hpc-devel-3.3.9-1.5 Dependency package for fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-hpc-devel linux/x86_64
fftw3-gnu-mpich-hpc-devel-3.3.9-1.5 Dependency package for fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-mpich-hpc-devel linux/x86_64
fftw3-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-devel-3.3.9-1.17 Dependency package for fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-devel linux/x86_64
fftw3-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-devel-3.3.9-1.6 Dependency package for fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-devel linux/x86_64
fftw3-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-devel-3.3.9-1.6 Dependency package for fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-devel linux/x86_64
fftw3-gnu-openmpi4-hpc-devel-3.3.9-1.6 Dependency package for fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-openmpi4-hpc-devel linux/x86_64
fftw3-mpi-devel-3.3.9-1.6 Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) C subroutine library linux/x86_64
fftw3-openmp-devel-3.3.9-1.6 Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) C subroutine library linux/x86_64
fftw3-threads-devel-3.3.9-1.6 Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) C subroutine library linux/x86_64
fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-hpc-devel-3.3.9-1.5 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/x86_64
fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-hpc-devel-static-3.3.9-1.5 Static libraries for fftw3 linux/x86_64
fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-mpich-hpc-devel-3.3.9-1.5 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/x86_64
fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-mpich-hpc-devel-static-3.3.9-1.5 Static libraries for fftw3 linux/x86_64
fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-devel-3.3.9-1.17 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/x86_64
fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-devel-static-3.3.9-1.17 Static libraries for fftw3 linux/x86_64
fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-devel-3.3.9-1.6 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/x86_64
fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-devel-static-3.3.9-1.6 Static libraries for fftw3 linux/x86_64
fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-devel-3.3.9-1.6 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/x86_64
fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-devel-static-3.3.9-1.6 Static libraries for fftw3 linux/x86_64
fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-openmpi4-hpc-devel-3.3.9-1.6 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/x86_64
fftw3_3_3_9-gnu-openmpi4-hpc-devel-static-3.3.9-1.6 Static libraries for fftw3 linux/x86_64
fhourstones-3.1+git.20150122-bp154.2.20 The Fhourstones Benchmark linux/x86_64
fife-devel-0.4.2-bp154.2.16 Development files for the FIFE 2D game engine linux/x86_64
fifechan-devel-0.1.5-bp154.1.56 Header files for fifechan linux/x86_64
figlet-2.2.5-1.26 Tool for Creating Cool ASCII-Art Signatures linux/x86_64
file-5.32-7.14.1 A Tool to Determine File Types linux/x86_64
file-devel-5.32-7.14.1 Development files for libmagic, a library to determine file types linux/x86_64
file-devel-32bit-5.32-7.14.1 Development files for libmagic, a library to determine file types linux/x86_64
file-roller-3.40.0-150400.3.13 An Archive Manager for GNOME linux/x86_64
file-unpack-0.70-bp154.2.18 Command line tool to unpack anything linux/x86_64
filebench- File system and storage benchmark linux/x86_64
filelight-21.12.3-bp154.1.38 Graphical disk usage viewer linux/x86_64
filesystem-15.0-11.8.1 Basic Directory Layout linux/x86_64
filezilla-3.31.0-bp154.1.66 A GUI FTP and SFTP Client linux/x86_64
fillets-ng-1.0.1-bp154.2.32 Fish Fillets - Next Generation linux/x86_64
fillup-1.42-2.18 Tool for Merging Config Files linux/x86_64
filter_audio-devel-0.0.1-bp154.1.35 Development headers for filter_audio linux/x86_64
finch-2.14.8-150400.1.10 Text-Based User Interface for Pidgin Instant Messaging Client linux/x86_64
finch-devel-2.14.8-150400.1.10 Headers etc. for finch Stuffs linux/x86_64
findutils-4.8.0-1.20 The GNU versions of find utilities (find and xargs) linux/x86_64
finger-1.3-1.27 Show User Information (Client) linux/x86_64
finger-server-1.3-1.27 A Server for Showing User Information linux/x86_64
fio-3.23-4.5.1 Flexible I/O tester linux/x86_64
fips-3.4.0-bp154.1.62 OpenGL-based FITS image viewer linux/x86_64
fipscheck-1.4.1-3.3.1 A library for integrity verification of FIPS validated modules linux/x86_64
fipscheck-devel-1.4.1-3.3.1 Development files for fipscheck linux/x86_64
firebird- Database system (common files) linux/x86_64
firebird-examples- Example files for Firebird RDBMS linux/x86_64
firebird-server- Server files of Firebird RDBMS linux/x86_64
firebird-utils- Firebird RDBMS management utilities linux/x86_64
firecracker-1.0.0-bp154.1.30 Virtual Machine Monitor for creating microVMs linux/x86_64
firectl-0.1.50-bp154.1.38 Command-line tool to run Firecracker microVMs linux/x86_64
firefox-esr-branding-openSUSE-68-lp154.5.1 openSUSE branding of MozillaFirefox linux/x86_64
firefox-uget-integrator-1.0.0-bp154.1.20 Integration of uGet with Firefox linux/x86_64
firejail-0.9.66-bp154.1.22 Linux namepaces sandbox program linux/x86_64
firejail-bash-completion-0.9.66-bp154.1.22 Firejail Bash completion linux/x86_64
firejail-zsh-completion-0.9.66-bp154.1.22 Firejail zsh completion linux/x86_64
firescope-0.2-bp154.1.23 Read linux kernel logs over firewire linux/x86_64
firewalld-prometheus-config-0.1-150100.4.9.2 Firewalld configuration file for Prometheus linux/x86_64
fish-3.3.1-bp154.2.59 The "friendly interactive shell" linux/x86_64
fish-devel-3.3.1-bp154.2.59 Devel files for the fish shell linux/x86_64
fityk-1.3.1-bp154.2.57 Non-linear curve fitting and data analysis linux/x86_64
fityk-devel-1.3.1-bp154.2.57 Header files, libraries and development documentation for fityk linux/x86_64
five-or-more-3.32.2-bp154.1.51 "Five or More" Game for GNOME linux/x86_64
fixesproto-devel-6.0-150400.1.4 The X11 Protocol: X Fixes extension linux/x86_64
fkwnn-1.1.1a023.1-bp154.2.55 Free kWnn Korean Input System linux/x86_64
fkwnn-devel-1.1.1a023.1-bp154.2.55 Development Libraries and Header Files for Free kWnn linux/x86_64
flac-1.3.2-3.9.1 Free Lossless Audio Codec linux/x86_64
flac-devel-1.3.2-3.9.1 FLAC Library Development Package linux/x86_64
flac-devel-32bit-1.3.2-3.9.1 FLAC Library Development Package linux/x86_64
flacon-7.0.1-bp154.1.68 Audio File Encoder linux/x86_64
flamerobin- Graphical client for Firebird linux/x86_64
flameshot-0.10.2-bp154.1.75 Screenshot software linux/x86_64
flann-devel-1.9.1-bp154.1.34 Development files for flann linux/x86_64
flannel-0.11.0-bp154.1.42 An etcd backed network fabric for containers linux/x86_64
flare-1.12-bp154.1.30 Free Libre Action Roleplaying Engine linux/x86_64
flarq-4.1.20-bp154.1.40 Transmitting and receiving frames of ARQ data (hamradio) linux/x86_64
flashrom-1.2-bp154.1.32 A universal flash programming utility linux/x86_64
flatbuffers-devel-2.0.0-bp154.1.42 Development files for flatbuffers linux/x86_64
flatpak-1.12.5-150400.1.11 OSTree based application bundles management linux/x86_64
flatpak-builder-1.2.2-150400.1.9 Tool to build flatpaks from source linux/x86_64
flatpak-devel-1.12.5-150400.1.11 Development files for the flatpak library linux/x86_64
flatpak-zsh-completion-1.12.5-150400.1.11 Zsh tab-completion for flatpak linux/x86_64
fldigi-4.1.20-bp154.1.40 Digital modem program (hamradio) linux/x86_64
flex-2.6.4-3.157 Fast Lexical Analyzer Generator linux/x86_64
flickcurl-1.26-bp154.1.50 Command-Line Tools for the Flickr Web Service linux/x86_64
flickcurl-doc-1.26-bp154.1.50 Documentation for flickcurl, a Flickr Web Service C library linux/x86_64
flint-devel-2.8.2-bp154.1.21 Development files for flint linux/x86_64
florence-0.6.3-bp154.2.70 Extensible scalable on-screen virtual keyboard linux/x86_64
florence-devel-0.6.3-bp154.2.70 Development files for florence linux/x86_64
flowgrind-0.8.0-bp154.2.38 Network performance measurement linux/x86_64
fltk-devel-1.3.4-5.3.1 Development files for the FLTK GUI toolkit linux/x86_64
fltk-devel-32bit-1.3.4-5.3.1 Development files for the FLTK GUI toolkit linux/x86_64
fltk-devel-static-1.3.4-5.3.1 Static libraries for the FLTK GUI toolkit linux/x86_64
fluidsynth-2.2.2-bp154.1.134 A Real-Time Software Synthesizer That Uses Soundfont(tm) linux/x86_64
fluidsynth-devel-2.2.2-bp154.1.134 Development package for the fluidsynth library linux/x86_64
fluidsynth-dssi-1.9.9+git13012019-bp154.1.42 Fluidsynth Plug-In for Disposable Soft Synth Interface linux/x86_64
fluxbox-1.3.7-bp154.2.20 A window manager for X based on Blackbox 0.61.1 linux/x86_64
flxmlrpc-devel-1.0.1-bp154.1.23 Flxmlrpc development libraries linux/x86_64
fly-2.0.1-bp154.1.25 A Script to Create PNGs linux/x86_64
fmt-devel-8.0.1-150400.1.8 Development files for fmt, a formatting library linux/x86_64
fnotifystat-0.02.01-bp154.1.23 File activity monitoring tool linux/x86_64
focuswriter-1.7.6-bp154.1.93 A fullscreen, distraction-free writing program linux/x86_64
folks-data-0.15.3-150400.3.9 Data files for libfolks, a library to create metacontacts from many sources linux/x86_64
folks-devel-0.15.3-150400.3.9 Development files for libfolks linux/x86_64
folks-tools-0.15.3-150400.3.9 Additional utilities related to libfolks linux/x86_64
foma-0.9.18+git20170507.07bb944-1.27 Finite-state compiler and C library linux/x86_64
foma-devel-0.9.18+git20170507.07bb944-1.27 Finite-state C library development files and headers linux/x86_64
fondu-1.0.060102-bp154.1.23 Converts between mac and unix fonts linux/x86_64
font-specimen-20150202-bp154.2.28 Font Specimen Creator linux/x86_64
font-specimen-devel-20150202-bp154.2.28 Development Files for libspecimen0 linux/x86_64
font-util-1.3.1-1.22 X.Org font package creation/installation utilities linux/x86_64
fontcacheproto-devel-0.1.3-1.22 The X11 Protocol: Fontcache extension linux/x86_64
fontconfig-2.13.1-150400.1.4 Library for Font Configuration linux/x86_64
fontconfig-32bit-2.13.1-150400.1.4 Library for Font Configuration linux/x86_64
fontconfig-devel-2.13.1-150400.1.4 Header files for fontconfig linux/x86_64
fontconfig-devel-32bit-2.13.1-150400.1.4 Header files for fontconfig linux/x86_64
fontforge-20200314-3.3.1 A Font Editor linux/x86_64
fontforge-devel-20200314-3.3.1 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/x86_64
fontobene-qt5-devel-0.2.0-bp154.1.45 FontoBene parser for Qt5 (header-only) linux/x86_64
fontsproto-devel-2.1.3-1.22 The X11 Protocol: X Fonts extension linux/x86_64
fonttosfnt-1.1.0-3.3.1 Utility to wrap a bitmap font in a sfnt (TrueType) wrapper linux/x86_64
foot-1.11.0-bp154.1.18 A Wayland terminal emulator linux/x86_64
foot-extra-terminfo-1.11.0-bp154.1.18 Extra terminfo files for the foot terminal emulator linux/x86_64
forkbomb-1.4-bp154.1.23 Controlled fork() bomber for testing heavy system load linux/x86_64
forkstat-0.02.14-bp154.1.23 Process fork/exec/exit monitoring tool linux/x86_64
form-4.2.1-bp154.2.47 A Symbolic Manipulation System linux/x86_64
fortune-2.10.0-bp154.1.18 Random Saying linux/x86_64
fossil-2.16-bp154.1.40 Distributed software configuration management linux/x86_64
fotowall-1.0-bp154.2.64 A wallpaper generator linux/x86_64
four-in-a-row-3.38.1-bp154.1.94 Connect Four Game for GNOME linux/x86_64
fox16-devel-1.6.57-bp154.1.109 Development Files and Documentation for the FOX GUI Toolkit 1.6 linux/x86_64
fox16-devel-static-1.6.57-bp154.1.109 Static Libraries for the FOX Toolkit 1.6 linux/x86_64
fox16-example-apps-1.6.57-bp154.1.109 Example applications for the FOX GUI toolkit linux/x86_64
fparser-devel-4.5.2-bp154.1.42 Development files for libfparser linux/x86_64
fpc-3.2.2-bp154.2.37 Free Pascal Compiler linux/x86_64
fpc-doc-3.2.2-bp154.2.42 Freepascal Compiler documentation linux/x86_64
fpc-src-3.2.2-bp154.2.37 Freepascal Compiler - sources linux/x86_64
fping-4.0-4.3.2 A program to ping multiple hosts linux/x86_64
fplll-5.4.1-bp154.1.19 Lenstra-Lovász Lattice Basis Reduction Algorithm Library linux/x86_64
fplll-devel-5.4.1-bp154.1.19 Development files for Lattice Basis Reduction with libfplll linux/x86_64
fprintd-1.94.1-bp154.1.30 D-Bus service for Fingerprint reader access linux/x86_64
fprintd-pam-1.94.1-bp154.1.30 PAM module for fingerprint authentication linux/x86_64
frame-2.5.0+bzr20160809-bp154.2.87 Touch frame library linux/x86_64
frame-devel-2.5.0+bzr20160809-bp154.2.87 Touch frame library development files linux/x86_64
frameworkintegration-devel-5.90.0-bp154.1.41 Plugins responsible for better integration of Qt applications in KDE Workspace linux/x86_64
frameworkintegration-plugin-5.90.0-bp154.1.41 Plugins responsible for better integration of Qt applications in KDE Workspace linux/x86_64
freealut-devel-1.1.0-bp154.1.73 Static libraries, header files and tests for openal library linux/x86_64
freecell-solver-6.6.0-bp154.1.19 A Freecell Solver linux/x86_64
freecell-solver-devel-6.6.0-bp154.1.19 Freecell Solver development package linux/x86_64
freeciv-2.6.5-bp154.1.61 Free Civilization Clone linux/x86_64
freeciv-gtk3-2.6.5-bp154.1.61 Gtk3 client for freeciv linux/x86_64
freeciv-lang-2.6.5-bp154.1.61 Translation files for freeciv linux/x86_64
freeciv-qt-2.6.5-bp154.1.61 Qt client for freeciv linux/x86_64
freedup-1.6~3-bp154.1.23 Links substantially identical, duplicate files to save file system space linux/x86_64
freeglut-demo-3.2.1-1.24 Demonstration applications for the freeglut library linux/x86_64
freeglut-devel-3.2.1-1.24 Development libraries, includes and man pages for freeglut (GLUT Library) linux/x86_64
freeglut-devel-32bit-3.2.1-1.24 Development libraries, includes and man pages for freeglut (GLUT Library) linux/x86_64
freeimage-devel-3.18.0-bp154.1.72 Development Files for FreeImage linux/x86_64
freeipmi-1.6.8-150400.1.11 IPMI Service Processor, BMC management tool linux/x86_64
freeipmi-bmc-watchdog-1.6.8-150400.1.11 FreeIPMI BMC watchdog linux/x86_64
freeipmi-devel-1.6.8-150400.1.11 Development package for FreeIPMI linux/x86_64
freeipmi-ipmidetectd-1.6.8-150400.1.11 IPMI node detection monitoring daemon linux/x86_64
freeipmi-ipmiseld-1.6.8-150400.1.11 Polls system event logs (SEL) linux/x86_64
freeorion- A turn-based space empire and galactic conquest (4X) computer game linux/x86_64
freeradius-client-1.1.7-150400.12.3 FreeRADIUS Client Software linux/x86_64
freeradius-client-devel-1.1.7-150400.12.3 Header files, libraries and development documentation for freeradius-client linux/x86_64
freeradius-client-libs-1.1.7-150400.12.3 Shared library of FreeRADIUS Client linux/x86_64
freeradius-server-3.0.25-150400.2.5 RADIUS Server linux/x86_64
freeradius-server-devel-3.0.25-150400.2.5 FreeRADIUS Development Files linux/x86_64
freeradius-server-doc-3.0.25-150400.2.5 FreeRADIUS Documentation linux/x86_64
freeradius-server-krb5-3.0.25-150400.2.5 Kerberos 5 support for freeradius linux/x86_64
freeradius-server-ldap-3.0.25-150400.2.5 LDAP support for freeradius linux/x86_64
freeradius-server-ldap-schemas-3.0.25-150400.2.5 FreeRADIUS support for OpenLDAP linux/x86_64
freeradius-server-libs-3.0.25-150400.2.5 FreeRADIUS shared library linux/x86_64
freeradius-server-mysql-3.0.25-150400.2.5 MySQL support for freeradius linux/x86_64
freeradius-server-perl-3.0.25-150400.2.5 Perl support for freeradius linux/x86_64
freeradius-server-postgresql-3.0.25-150400.2.5 Postgresql support for freeradius linux/x86_64
freeradius-server-python3-3.0.25-150400.2.5 Python3 support for freeradius linux/x86_64
freeradius-server-sqlite-3.0.25-150400.2.5 SQLite support for freeradius linux/x86_64
freeradius-server-utils-3.0.25-150400.2.5 FreeRADIUS Clients linux/x86_64
freerdp-2.4.0-150400.1.12 Remote Desktop Viewer Client linux/x86_64
freerdp-devel-2.4.0-150400.1.12 Development Files for freerdp linux/x86_64
freerdp-proxy-2.4.0-150400.1.12 Remote Desktop Security and Monitorig Proxy Server linux/x86_64
freerdp-server-2.4.0-150400.1.12 Remote Desktop Server linux/x86_64
freerdp-wayland-2.4.0-150400.1.12 Remote Desktop Viewer Client linux/x86_64
freesrp-devel-0.3.0-bp154.1.41 Development files for libfreesrp linux/x86_64
freesrp-udev-0.3.0-bp154.1.41 Udev rules for FreeSRP linux/x86_64
freetds-config-1.1.36-150400.12.3 A free re-implementation of the TDS (Tabular Data Stream) protocol linux/x86_64
freetds-devel-1.1.36-150400.12.3 Include files needed for development with FreeTDS linux/x86_64
freetds-doc-1.1.36-150400.12.3 User documentation for FreeTDS linux/x86_64
freetds-tools-1.1.36-150400.12.3 Applications for working with the TDS (Tabular Data Stream) protocol linux/x86_64
freetype-1.3.1-bp154.2.61 TrueType Font Engine linux/x86_64
freetype-devel-1.3.1-bp154.2.61 Development files for the TrueType Font Engine linux/x86_64
freetype-tools-1.3.1-bp154.2.61 Bundled Tests, Demos and Tools for FreeType (Needed for CJK-LaTeX) linux/x86_64
freetype2-devel-2.10.1-4.8.1 Development environment for the freetype2 TrueType font library linux/x86_64
freetype2-devel-32bit-2.10.1-4.8.1 Development environment for the freetype2 TrueType font library linux/x86_64
freexl-devel-1.0.6-bp154.1.55 Development files for freexl linux/x86_64
frei0r-plugins-1.7.0-bp154.1.99 Collection of video sources and filters plugins linux/x86_64
frei0r-plugins-devel-1.7.0-bp154.1.99 Frei0r plugin API for video sources and filters linux/x86_64
frei0r-plugins-opencv-1.7.0-bp154.1.99 OpenCV video sources and filters plugins linux/x86_64
freshplayerplugin-0.3.11-bp154.2.35 PPAPI2NPAPI compatibility layer linux/x86_64
fribidi-1.0.10-150400.1.7 An implementation of the Unicode BiDi algorithm linux/x86_64
fribidi-devel-1.0.10-150400.1.7 Development Files for FriBiDi linux/x86_64
frink-2.3.1.a2-bp154.1.23 Static Testing and Formatting for Tcl Programs linux/x86_64
fritzing-0.9.4-bp154.1.70 Electronic Design Automation platform featuring prototype to product linux/x86_64
frogr-1.6-bp154.1.73 Tool to Manage Flickr Accounts linux/x86_64
frozen-bubble-2.212-bp154.2.28 Puzzle with Bubbles linux/x86_64
frozen-bubble-server-2.212-bp154.2.28 Puzzle with Bubbles - Server linux/x86_64
frr-7.4-150300.4.3.1 FRRouting Routing daemon linux/x86_64
frr-devel-7.4-150300.4.3.1 Header and object files for frr development linux/x86_64
fs-uae-3.0.5-bp154.1.153 Amiga emulator with on-screen GUI and online play support linux/x86_64
fs_mark-3.3-bp154.1.23 Filesystem benchmark linux/x86_64
fsarchiver-0.8.6-bp154.1.24 Filesystem Archiver linux/x86_64
fslsfonts-1.0.5-bp154.1.23 Utility to list fonts served by X font server linux/x86_64
fstobdf-1.0.6-bp154.1.23 Program to read a font from an X font server linux/x86_64
fstrcmp-0.7.D001-bp154.1.55 Fuzzy string compare linux/x86_64
fstrcmp-devel-0.7.D001-bp154.1.55 Development files for libfstrcmp linux/x86_64
fstrm-0.3.2-1.16 Frame Streams implementation in C linux/x86_64
fstrm-devel-0.3.2-1.16 Development files for fstrm, a Frame Streams implementation in C linux/x86_64
fsvs-1.2.9-bp154.1.59 Backup/Restore/Versioning of large Data Sets with Meta-Data linux/x86_64
fswebcam-20200725-bp154.1.22 Tiny and flexible webcam program linux/x86_64
ft2demos-2.10.1-4.8.1 Freetype2 Utilities and Demo Programs linux/x86_64
ftbench-2.10.1-4.8.1 Run FreeType benchmarks linux/x86_64
ftdiff-2.10.1-4.8.1 Compare font hinting modes linux/x86_64
ftdump-2.10.1-4.8.1 Simple font dumper linux/x86_64
ftgamma-2.10.1-4.8.1 Screen gamma calibration helper linux/x86_64
ftgl-demo-2.4.0-150400.1.8 Demos for FTGL OpenGL font managing library linux/x86_64
ftgl-devel-2.4.0-150400.1.8 Development files for the FTGL OpenGL font managing library linux/x86_64
ftgrid-2.10.1-4.8.1 Simple glyph grid viewer linux/x86_64
ftinspect-2.10.1-4.8.1 Shows how a font gets rendered by FreeType linux/x86_64
ftlint-2.10.1-4.8.1 Simple font tester linux/x86_64
ftmulti-2.10.1-4.8.1 Multiple masters font viewer linux/x86_64
ftop-1.0-bp154.1.23 Open File Monitoring linux/x86_64
ftp-0.17-672.26 The Standard UNIX FTP Client linux/x86_64
ftstring-2.10.1-4.8.1 String viewer linux/x86_64
ftvalid-2.10.1-4.8.1 Layout table validator linux/x86_64
ftview-2.10.1-4.8.1 Simple glyph viewer linux/x86_64
ftwnn-1.1.1a023.1-bp154.2.55 Free tWnn Chinese Input System (Taiwan) linux/x86_64
fuse-2.9.7-3.3.1 User space File System linux/x86_64
fuse-devel-2.9.7-3.3.1 Development package for FUSE (userspace filesystem) modules linux/x86_64
fuse-devel-static-2.9.7-3.3.1 Development package for FUSE (userspace filesystem) modules linux/x86_64
fuse-doc-2.9.7-3.3.1 Document package for FUSE (userspace filesystem) linux/x86_64
fuse-exfat-1.3.0-bp154.1.20 exFAT file system implementation linux/x86_64
fuse-overlayfs-1.1.2-3.9.1 FUSE implementation for overlayfs linux/x86_64
fuse3-3.10.5-150400.1.7 Reference implementation of the "Filesystem in Userspace" linux/x86_64
fuse3-devel-3.10.5-150400.1.7 Development package for FUSE (userspace filesystem) modules linux/x86_64
fuse3-doc-3.10.5-150400.1.7 Documentation for the FUSE library version 3 linux/x86_64
fuseiso-20070708-bp154.1.36 FUSE module to mount CD-ROM images with ISO9660 filesystems in them linux/x86_64
fusesmb-0.8.7-bp154.1.72 SMB for FUSE linux/x86_64
fvwm2-2.6.9-bp154.1.36 The F Virtual Window Manager linux/x86_64
fwbuilder-5.3.7-bp154.2.73 Firewall Builder linux/x86_64
fwknop-2.6.10-bp154.2.59 The fwknop Client linux/x86_64
fwknop-gui-1.3-bp154.2.61 FireWall KNock OPerator Graphical User Interface linux/x86_64
fwknopd-2.6.10-bp154.2.59 The fwknop Server linux/x86_64
fwnn-1.1.1a023.1-bp154.2.55 FreeWnn Japanese Input System--Server Only linux/x86_64
fwnn-devel-1.1.1a023.1-bp154.2.55 Development Library and Header Files for FreeWnn linux/x86_64
fwnncom-1.1.1a023.1-bp154.2.55 Common Files for FreeWnn linux/x86_64
fwts-21.11.00-bp154.1.25 Firmware Test Suite linux/x86_64
fwupd-1.7.3-150400.2.7 Device firmware updater daemon linux/x86_64
fwupd-devel-1.7.3-150400.2.7 Allow session software to update device firmware linux/x86_64
fwupd-efi-1.2-150400.1.14 Firmware update EFI binaries linux/x86_64
fwupdate-12-11.8.2 Tools to manage UEFI firmware updates linux/x86_64
fwupdate-devel-12-11.8.2 Development headers for libfwup linux/x86_64
fwupdate-efi-12-11.8.2 UEFI binaries used by libfwup linux/x86_64
fxload-2013_01_03-bp154.1.21 Download Firmware into USB FX and FX2 Devices linux/x86_64
fzf-0.28.0-bp154.1.44 A command-line fuzzy finder linux/x86_64
fzy-0.9-bp154.1.24 A fuzzy text selector linux/x86_64

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