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Packages beginning with letter W

w3c-markup-validator-1.3-bp153.1.89 W3C Markup Validator linux/noarch
w3c-markup-validator-libs-1.3-bp153.1.89 SGML and XML DTDs for the W3C Markup Validator linux/noarch
w3mir-1.0.10-bp153.667.14 HTTP Copying and Mirroring Tool linux/noarch
wallpaper-branding-SLE-15-31.13 SLE default wallpapers linux/noarch
wallpaper-branding-openSUSE-15.3.20210112-lp153.1.26 openSUSE Leap 15.3 default wallpapers linux/noarch
wallpapers-openSUSE-extra-15-bp153.1.14 openSUSE Extra Wallpapers linux/noarch
wallstreet-1.12-bp153.1.11 Fill your console with Wall Street-like news and stats linux/noarch
wang-fonts-1.3.0-bp153.1.12 Chinese (Unicode) TrueType fonts by Dr linux/noarch
warzone2100-data-3.2.3-bp153.1.16 Data files for Warzone 2100 linux/noarch
wayland-protocols-devel-1.18-1.37 Wayland protocols that adds functionality not available in the core protocol linux/noarch
wcslib-doc-7.3.1-bp153.1.7 Documentation for wcslib library linux/noarch
wdiff-lang-1.2.2-bp153.1.15 Translations for package wdiff linux/noarch
weave-k8s-yaml-2.6.2-bp153.1.70 Kubernetes yaml file to run weave container linux/noarch
webalizer-flags-2.23-bp153.1.16 Flags of the World linux/noarch
webdot-2.30-bp153.1.14 A CGI graph server script that uses tcldot from graphviz linux/noarch
websocketpp-devel-0.8.2-bp153.1.14 Development files for websocketpp, a C++ WebSocket Protocol Library linux/noarch
weechat-lang-2.8-bp153.1.23 Translations for package weechat linux/noarch
weld-parent-34-bp153.1.18 Parent POM for Weld linux/noarch
werken-xpath-0.9.4-1.76 XPath implementation using JDOM linux/noarch
werken-xpath-javadoc-0.9.4-1.76 Javadoc for werken-xpath linux/noarch
wesnoth-data-1.15.3-bp153.1.18 Architecture independent data for Battle for Wesnoth linux/noarch
wget-lang-1.20.3-3.9.2 Translations for package wget linux/noarch
wgetpaste-2.28-bp153.1.11 Command-line interface to various pastebins linux/noarch
when-command-0.9.12~beta5-bp153.1.13 Configurable user task scheduler linux/noarch
when-command-lang-0.9.12~beta5-bp153.1.13 Translations for package when-command linux/noarch
whfc-1.2.3-bp153.1.14 A client for the network fax server HylaFAX 4.x under Microsoft Windows(r) linux/noarch
whohas-0.29-bp153.1.14 Package list querying tool linux/noarch
widelands-data-build20-bp153.1.19 Data files for Widelands linux/noarch
wine-gecko-2.47.2-bp153.1.10 The Wine specific Gecko HTML rendering engine linux/noarch
wireless-regdb-2019.06.03-3.14.1 802.11 regulatory domain database linux/noarch
withlock-0.4-bp153.1.11 A locking wrapper script linux/noarch
wm-icons-0.4.0-bp153.1.14 Window Manager Icons, themable icon distribution linux/noarch
wol-lang-0.7.1-2.5 Translations for package wol linux/noarch
wol-udev-rules-0.7.1-2.5 Udev rules for activate wol via a magic packet on ethernet devices linux/noarch
wondershaper-1.1a-bp153.1.13 Wondershaper is a QOS (Quality of Service) script. linux/noarch
woodstox-core-5.2.0-bp153.1.113 XML processor linux/noarch
woodstox-core-javadoc-5.2.0-bp153.1.113 API documentation for woodstox-core linux/noarch
words-2015.02.15-bp153.1.15 An English words dictionary linux/noarch
words-british-2015.02.15-bp153.1.15 A British words dictionary linux/noarch
words-canadian-2015.02.15-bp153.1.15 A Canadian words dictionary linux/noarch
wp-cli-2.4.0-bp153.1.11 WordPress command-line interface linux/noarch
wqy-bitmap-fonts-0.9.9_0-bp153.1.12 Wen Quan Yi Bitmap Song CJK Fonts linux/noarch
wqy-microhei-fonts-0.2.0+snapshot20150915-1.22 WenQuanYi Micro Hei CJK Font linux/noarch
wqy-zenhei-fonts-0.9.47+snapshot20141019-bp153.1.12 Open-source Chinese Font for Hei Ti linux/noarch
ws-jaxme-0.5.2-10.70 Open source implementation of JAXB linux/noarch
ws-jaxme-javadoc-0.5.2-10.70 Open source implementation of JAXB linux/noarch
ws-jaxme-manual-0.5.2-10.70 Open source implementation of JAXB linux/noarch
wsdl4j-1.6.3-2.89 Web Services Description Language Toolkit for Java linux/noarch
wsdl4j-javadoc-1.6.3-2.89 Javadoc for wsdl4j linux/noarch
wxMaxima-lang-20.06.6-bp153.1.18 Translations for package wxMaxima linux/noarch
wxWidgets-3_0-docs-3.0.4-bp153.1.13 wxWidgets Documentation linux/noarch
wxWidgets-docs-2.8.12-bp153.1.13 wxWidgets Documentation linux/noarch
wxWidgets-lang-3.0.3-5.54 Translations for wxWidgets linux/noarch
wxhexeditor-lang-0.24-bp153.2.1 Translations for package wxhexeditor linux/noarch
wxmp3gain-lang-4.0-bp153.1.17 Translations for package wxmp3gain linux/noarch
wyrmsun-3.5.4-bp153.1.14 Strategy game based on history, mythology and fiction linux/noarch

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