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intel-vaapi-driver-2.4.0-lp152.1.4 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 for x86_64

Name: intel-vaapi-driver Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 2.4.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.1.4 Build date: Sat May 16 19:25:03 2020
Group: System/Libraries Build host: build76
Size: 8187384 Source RPM: intel-vaapi-driver-2.4.0-lp152.1.4.src.rpm
Summary: Intel Driver for Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux
Intel Driver for Libva is a library providing the VA API video acceleration API.






* Mon Feb 17 2020 Stefan Dirsch <>
  - Update to version 2.4.0
    * Fix the dependency on libEGL (boo#1163093)
    * Fix ROI support
    * Fix FD leaks on Wayland
    * Fix BRC setting
    * Fix VP8 encoder
    * Fix VP9 encoder
    * Fix meson build
  - supersedes patches:
    * U_vaapi_Check-interface-from-libva.patch
    * U_vaapi_Revert-VPP-clear-surface.patch
    * U_vaapi_Return-false-instead-assertion-fail.patch
    * U_vaapi_HEVC-encoder-correct-minimal-bitrate.patch
    * U_vaapi_Remove-dep-on-EncRoi-attr.patch
    * U_vaapi_Fix-off-by-one-in-ROI-regions.patch
* Fri Mar 15 2019 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Add upstream bug fix patches:
    * U_vaapi_HEVC-encoder-correct-minimal-bitrate.patch
    * U_vaapi_Remove-dep-on-EncRoi-attr.patch
    * U_vaapi_Fix-off-by-one-in-ROI-regions.patch
* Thu Mar 07 2019 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Add upstream bug fix patches:
    * U_vaapi_Check-interface-from-libva.patch
    * U_vaapi_Revert-VPP-clear-surface.patch
    * U_vaapi_Return-false-instead-assertion-fail.patch
* Tue Feb 19 2019
  - Pass -Denable_hybrid_codec=true instead of false, build hybrid
    codec support.
* Sat Dec 29 2018
  - Update to version 2.3.0:
    * Add new PCI ID for KBL and CFL
    * Fix frame corruption when there are big MVs in VP8 encoding
    * Fix dynamically bitrate resetting in AVC encoding
    * Fix build errors when the toolchain doesn't support
    - fstack-protector
    * Fix memory leak issue
    * Make sure the achieved bitrate meet the requirement for VP8
    * Optimize VPP on GEN8
  - Switch to meson buildsystem:
    * Add meson BuildRequires and macros.
    * Drop libtool BuildRequires.
* Tue Nov 13 2018
  - Update to version 2.2.0
    * Bump version to 2.2.0
    * Add new PCI ID for KBL-Y
    * Add meson support
    * Fix for VC1 decoding issues
    * Fix VP8 encoding issues
    * Fix the over-run issue in HEVC encoding
    * Fix the max MV length in MPEG-2 encoding
    * Fix packed header mode
    * Fix building issue on Android
* Wed May 30 2018
  - Add pkgconfig(libva-wayland) BuildRequires: Build full wayland
* Sun May 06 2018
  - Update to version 2.1.0:
    * Add support for CannonLake (aka. CNL):
    - Decoding: H.264/MPEG-2/VC-1/JPEG/VP8/HEVC/HEVC 10-bit/VP9/VP9
    - Encoding: H.264/MPEG-2/JPEG/VP8/VP9
    - VPP: CSC/scaling/NoiseReduction/Deinterlacing{Bob,
      MotionAdaptive, MotionCompensated}/ColorBalance/STD
    * Add support for VC1 interlaced video decoding
    * Add support for Stats/PreEnc on GEN9
    * Add support for vaExportSurfaceHandle()
    * Add new PCI IDs for CFL
    * Add minimum resolution query for encoder
    * Enhance the logging to provide informational messages
    * Fix VP9 brc issue on KBL
* Tue Nov 14 2017
  - Update to version 2.0.0:
    * Add support for Coffee Lake (aka. CFL).
    * Decoding: H.264/MPEG-2/VC-1/JPEG/VP8/HEVC/HEVC
      10-bit/VP9/VP9 10-bit.
    * Encoding: H.264/MPEG-2/JPEG/VP8/VP9/HEVC/HEVC 10-bit/AVC low
      power CQP/CBR/VBR mode.
    * VPP: CSC/scaling/NoiseReduction/Deinterlacing{Bob,
      MotionAdaptive, MotionCompensated}/ColorBalance/STD.
    * Add support for H264 FEI on SKL.
    * Add support for HEVC ROI encoding.
    * Add support for intensity compensation for VC-1 decoding.
    * Improve the quality of the H264 encoder on BDW/BSW.
    * Improve the CSC performance between I420/NV12/P010/YUY2/VYUY
    * Improve the performace of va{Get, Put}Image for
      I420/NV12/P010/YUY2/VYUY format.
    * Fix image corruption for VP9 decoding.
    * Fix race condition in wayland support.
    * Fix ROI support in VDEnc support.
    * Fix corrupted stream when using VDEnc CBR/VBR.
    * Fix GCC 7.1.1 warnings/errors.
    * Update the HEVC encoding kernel.
  - No longer pass conditional disable-wayland, all currently
    supported versions of openSUSE support wayland.
  - Drop u_wayland-includes.diff, seems that it is not really needed
    anymore, builds fine without it, even if the patch applies
    cleanly still.
  - Pass explicit enable-drm, enable-x11 and enable-wayland to
    configure, ensure we build all supported backends.
  - Following the above, add explicit pkgconfig(libva),
    pkgconfig(libva-drm), pkgconfig(wayland-client), pkgconfig(x11),
    pkgconfig(xext) and pkgconfig(xfixes) BuildRequires: Align with
    what configure looks for.
  - Drop obsolete xz BuildRequires: No longer needed.
* Sat Aug 26 2017
  - Remove unnecessary ldconfig calls.
* Fri Aug 18 2017
  - updated tarball/signature with upstream ones
* Wed Aug 16 2017
  - pkg rename vaapi-intel-driver > intel-vaapi-driver
    * add Obsoletes/Provides
    * add Supplements for xf86-video-intel
* Wed Aug 16 2017
  - Version 1.8.3 - 28.Jun.2017
    * Add support for Gemini Lake (aka. GLK)
    - Decoding: H.264/MPEG-2/VC-1/JPEG/VP8/HEVC/HEVC 10-bit/VP9/VP9 10-bit
    - Encoding: H.264/MPEG-2/JPEG/VP8/VP9/HEVC/HEVC 10-bit/AVC low power CQP mode
    - VPP: CSC/scaling/NoiseReduction/Deinterlacing{
      Bob, MotionAdaptive, MotionCompensated}/ColorBalance/STD
    * Improve the quality of the HEVC encoder on SKL+ for CQP and CBR mode
    * Add support for HEVC VBR mode on SKL+
    * Set the quality range for HEVC / AVC encoder to 7
    * Fix VP9 encoding quality issue on KBL
    * Fix build issue on Android
    * Fix the wrong order for AUD NAL unit in AVC encoder
    * Fix the condition of enabling H.264 MB rate control
    * Fix the memory leak issue in JPEG decoding
* Fri Aug 04 2017
  - Version 1.8.2
    * Add support for querying slice structure for AVC encoding
    * Add support for AVC multi-slice encoding on SKL+
    * Add support for MVC encoding on SKL+
    * Fix bad frame on SKL and BXT when the quality level is set to 1
* Wed Apr 19 2017
  - fix changes file
    * fix Version string
  - sync tarball and sha1sum with upstream
    * sha1sum was also sourcefile
    * source file had wrong checksum
* Tue Apr 18 2017
  - Version 1.8.1 - 10.Apr.2017
    * Add support for VAConfigAttribEncMaxSlices
    * Disable AVC multi-slice encoding on SKL+
    * Disable AVC ROI encoding on SKL+
    * Disable bitrate control per temporal layer on SKL+
    * Disable MVC encoding on SKL+
  - add sha1sum file
* Sat Apr 15 2017
  - Version 1.8.0 - 31.Mrz.2017
    * Improve the quality of the H.264 encoder on SKL+ for CQP and CBR mode
    * Improve the quality of the VP8 encoder on BSW+ for CQP and CBR mode
    * Add support for H.264 VBR mode on SKL+
    * Add support for VP8 VBR mode on BSW+
    * Add support for low-power H.264 encoder on BXT and KBL
    * Add support for CBR / VBR with low-power H.264 encoder on SKL+
      (A HuC Firmware and a HuC supported Linux kernel are required)
    * Add support for CSC and scaling with 10bit P010/I010 surface
    * Optimize CSC and scaling with 8bit NV12 and I420 surface
    * Fix the wrong memory object cache setting on SKL+
    * Fix the EU number in media pipeline
    * Fix the wrong bit shift in H.264 encoder
    * Fix the 48bit graphics address on BSW+
    * Fix building on NetBSD
* Tue Apr 11 2017
  - SLE merge:
    * latest version for sle12 (fate #315643-315645, 319159-319161,
* Tue Apr 11 2017
  - sync openSUSE Leap/SLE build by making use of %is_opensuse macro;
    we don't build wayland on SLE, but enable it on Leap
* Mon Jan 30 2017
  - Intel vaapi driver project has moved to github
    Updating package for new project location
    project location :
* Tue Jan 17 2017
  - respect X11:XOrg patch guidelines
    * rename U_wayland-includes.diff -> u_wayland-includes.diff
    * fixed patch header in u_wayland-includes.diff
* Sun Jan 15 2017
  - Replace N_libva_Fix_wayland-client.h_include-path.patch,
    N_libva_Fix_wayland-client.h_include-path_1320.patch by
  - Drop redundant %clean section
* Thu Jan 12 2017
  - fix wayland-client.h include path
    * add N_libva_Fix_wayland-client.h_include-path.patch
    * add N_libva_Fix_wayland-client.h_include-path_1320.patch
  - remove n_Don-t-check-WAYLAND_SCANNER-if-wayland-isn-t-used-or.patch
* Sat Dec 31 2016
  - Version 1.7.3 - 10.Nov.2016
    * Add support for HEVC 10bit encoding on KBL
    * Integrate the Google Test Framework for unit testing
    * Add support for bitrate control per temporal layer for SVC-T
    * Fix VA_STATUS_ERROR_UNIMPLEMENTED when sharpening with I420 surface
    * Fix crop issue when sharpening with NV12 surface
    * Fix GPU hang issue when using encoding with low power on SKL GT3+
  - rework n_Don-t-check-WAYLAND_SCANNER-if-wayland-isn-t-used-or.patch
* Sat Oct 22 2016
  - Version 1.7.2 - 05.Sep.2016
    * Update PCI IDs for KBL
    * Allow up to 8K JPEG decoding/encoding on SKL+
    * Add support for ROI on IVB+
    * Support I420/YV12 input surface for VP9 encoding
    * Fix assertion failure when decoding stream through VLC
    * Fix image corruption in ColorBalance and STDE on BDW+
    * Fix run2run issue in H.264 encoder
    * Fix video rendering corruption when using VAAPI postproc denoise on 1080p videos
    * Fix image corruption in ColorBalance with hue=-180
    * Fix memory leak in VP8 encoding
* Fri Aug 12 2016
  - Remove useless --with-pic, there are no static libs being built.
* Mon Jul 04 2016
  - fix deps for libva
* Mon Jul 04 2016
  - Update to version 1.7.1
    * Add support VP9 8bit encoding on KBL
    * Add support for low-power/high-performance H.264 encoder on SKL
    * Fix incorrect color space conversion in driver
    * Fix FPS caculation for HEVC encoder
    * Fix VP9 10bit decoding issues on KBL
    * Fix the noise issue when VA_FILTER_SCALING_HQ upscaling from
      1280x720 to 1920x1080 with YUY2 format on BDW+
  - n_Don-t-check-WAYLAND_SCANNER-if-wayland-isn-t-used-or.patch
    (reverted) in order to fix build against wayland
* Tue Jun 07 2016
  - Add baselibs.conf (boo#983331).
* Tue Apr 12 2016
  - Update to version 1.7.0
    * Add support for Kabylake
    - Decoding: H.264/MPEG-2/VC-1/JPEG/VP8/HEVC/HEVC 10-bit/VP9/VP9 10-bit
    - Encoding: H.264/MPEG-2/JPEG/VP8/HEVC
    - VPP: CSC/scaling/NoiseReduction/Deinterlacing{Bob, MotionAdaptive,
    * Add new SKL and BXT PCI IDs
    * Fix lots of VP9 decoding issues on BXT
* Fri Dec 18 2015
  - Stop passing --enable-hybrid-codec to configure, this feature
    seems to be not entirely ready yet.
* Thu Dec 17 2015
  - Update to version 1.6.2:
    + Add support for Broxton:
    - Decoding: H.264/MPEG-2/VC-1/JPEG/VP8/HEVC/HEVC 10-bit/VP9.
    - Encoding: H.264/JPEG/VP8/HEVC.
    - VPP: CSC/scaling/NoiseReduction/Deinterlacing{Bob,
      MotionAdaptive, MotionCompensated}/ColorBalance/STD.
    + Add support for HEVC CBR on SKL
    + Fix the broken VA_FILTER_SCALING_HQ on SKL
    + Fix the incorrect loading of GPU shaders on GEN8/GEN9
    + Fix the wrong address relocation in VPP on GEN8/GEN9
    + Fix the wrong VAImage foramt (fdo#92088).
    + Fix YUV to RGB conversion on GEN7/GEN8/GEN9.
    + Fix the segmentation fault causing by NULL buffer object on SNB
    + Fix the wrong coordinate used in VPP (fdo#92811).
  - Changes from version 1.6.1:
    + Wrapper other backend driver to support VP9 hybrid decoding on
      BDW/BSW/SKL (--enable-hybrid-codec)
    + Fix HEVC decoding issue on BSW/SKL.
    + Fix HEVC encoding on SKL GT3.
    + Fix GPU hang issue when decoding H.264 MBAFF clips (fdo#91207).
    + Fix issues detected by klockwork scan.
    + Combine csc/scaling together to optimize the performance.
  - Pass --enable-hybrid-codec to configure following upstream.
  - Add pkgconfig(egl) BuildRequires: Configure checks for it, so
    lets build that support too.
  - Stop passing autoreconf, no needed as we do not have any patches.
* Fri Jul 31 2015
  - Update to version 1.6.0:
    + Add support for VP8 encode (CQP, CBR) on BSW/SKL.
    + Add support for HEVC decode on BSW.
    + Add support for HEVC encode (CQP) on SKL.
    + Add support for low-power mode (VA_PROC_PIPELINE_FAST) in VPP.
    + Improve the JPEG encode quality on BSW/SKL.
    + Optimize MPEG-2 start code search on IVB.
    + Fix memory leak issue with JPEG decode on IVB/HSW.
    + Fix HEVC decode issue on SKL.
    + Fix GPU hang issue caused by VP8 decode on BDW/BSW.
    + Fix MADI/MCDI issues on SNB/IVB.
* Sun Mar 29 2015
  - Update to version 1.5.1:
    + Fix forward reference requirement for Bob deinterlacing.
    + Fix a lot of potential rendering issues on GEN8+.
    + Fix scaling of NV12 surfaces when no output_region is set.
    + Fix the broken attribute setting of i965_GetConfigAttrib.
    + Fix the GetConfigAttributes() for JPEGBaseline profile.
    + Fix the wrong overlap setting for VC-1 decoding on GEN6+.
    + Fix VP8 decoding issue on GEN8+, HW needs 1 extra byte for each
    + Fix JPEG encoding issue.
    + Add support for aub dump.
    + Enhance STD on GEN8+.
    + Implement max width and height in QuerySurfaceAttributes.
    + Add new SKL PCI ids.
* Sun Feb 08 2015
  - Update to version 1.5.0:
    + Add support for Skylake.
    - Decoding: H.264/MPEG-2/VC-1/JPEG/VP8/HEVC.
    - Encoding: H.264/MPEG-2/JPEG.
    - VPP: CSC/scaling/NoiseReduction/Deinterlacing{Bob,
      MotionAdaptive, MotionCompensated}/ColorBalance/STD.
    + Add support for JPEG encoding on Braswell.
    + Add enhancement for video post/pre processing.
    + Fix out of tree builds.
* Mon Oct 27 2014
  - Update to 1.4.1; changes since release 1.2.0:
    * support for more GPUs
    * bunch of fixes
    * new features



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