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xinetd-2.3.15-7.2.2 RPM for ppc64

From OpenSuSE 13.2 for ppc / ppc64

Name: xinetd Distribution: openSUSE 13.2
Version: 2.3.15 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 7.2.2 Build date: Wed Oct 22 14:00:58 2014
Group: Productivity/Networking/System Build host: build66
Size: 349435 Source RPM: xinetd-2.3.15-7.2.2.src.rpm
Summary: An 'inetd' with Expanded Functionality
xinetd takes the abilities of inetd and appends additional

- Access Control
- Prevention of 'denial of access' attacks
- Extensive logging abilities
- Clear configuration file






* Fri Aug 29 2014
  - Update license tag to use SPDX 1.2.
* Sat Jun 14 2014
  - Drop xinetd.conf not used in spec and we use upstream one anyway.
* Fri Jun 13 2014
  - Revert the syslog target as it is obsolete.
* Fri Jun 13 2014
  - Fix error in logs when disabling service and reloading; bnc#870904
    * xinetd-deactivating-error.patch
* Wed Jun 11 2014
  - Wait for the syslog target too.
* Mon Mar 31 2014
  - Add support for setting maximum number of open files (bnc#855685)
    * added xinetd-2.3.14-file-limit.patch
    * added xinetd-2.3.14-restore-nofile-limits.patch
  - fixes for security vulnerabilities
    * CVE-2013-4342 (bnc#844230)
    - xinetd ignores user and group directives for tcpmux services
    - added xinetd-CVE-2013-4342.patch
* Mon Mar 17 2014
  - Also removed obsolete from start order (bnc#866433)
* Mon Mar 17 2014
  - Make sure that xinetd service becomes real after network is up (bnc#866433)
* Fri Apr 19 2013
  - update to 2.3.15
    * If the address we're binding to is a multicast address, do the multicast join.
    * Merge the Fedora patch to turn off libwrap processing on tcp rpc services.
    Patch xinetd-2.3.12-tcp_rpc.patch.
    * Merge the Fedora patch to add labeled networking.
    Patch xinetd-2.3.14-label.patch r1.4.
    * Merge the Fedora patch to fix getpeercon() for labeled networking in MLS environments.
    Patch xinetd-2.3.14-contextconf.patch r1.1
    * Merge the Fedora patch for int->ssize_t. Patch xinetd-2.3.14-ssize_t.patch r1.1
    * Change compiler flags, -Wconversion generates excessive and unnecessary
    warnings with gcc, particularly all cases of ntohs(uint16_t). Additionally add -Wno-unused
    to prevent unnecessary warnings regarding unused function parameters when the
    function is a callback conforming to a standard interface.
    * Merge patch from Thomas Swan regarding CVE-2012-0862
  - merged the SUSE xinetd.conf with the upstream one
    this changes default target for logging - now the syslog is used
    instead of /var/log/xinetd.log
    * xinetd-config.patch
  - logrotate dependency has been dropped and config file is installed
    in /usr/share/doc/packages/xinetd
  - drop rc.xinetd and add xinetd.service instead
  - add an entry to README.SUSE explaining the systemd socket activation
* Fri Apr 05 2013
  - Add Source URL, see
* Sat Sep 15 2012
  - fix typo in license string - it's SUSE-xinetd
* Tue May 29 2012
  - license update: SUSE-xinedt
    Use this license from until upstream SPDX accepts
    xinetd into the official list
* Wed Dec 21 2011
  - add autoconf as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Wed Dec 21 2011
  - remove call to suse_update_config (very old work around)
* Thu Nov 17 2011
  - added xinetd-2.3.14-nodeadlock-revisited.patch: ignore SIGCONT
    and avoid print in signal handler (bnc#726737)
* Wed Apr 21 2010
  - added ident-bind.patch : use right size of addresses in bind() call.
    Also use getpeername addresses when connecting to ident service to
    prevent address family mismatch between socket(),
    bind() and connect() calls. (bnc#598305)
* Tue Jan 26 2010
  - SPARC64 requires large PIE model
* Sun Dec 20 2009
  - enable parallel build
* Tue Sep 15 2009
  - fixed rc.xinetd [bnc#457903]:
    * rc-script start: check if xinetd isn't already running
    * rc-script stop: wait until pid file has disappeared



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