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libtool-32bit-2.4.2-5.1.2 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE 12.2 for x86_64

Name: libtool-32bit Distribution: openSUSE 12.2
Version: 2.4.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 5.1.2 Build date: Sun Jul 15 07:13:38 2012
Group: Development/Tools/Building Build host: build30
Size: 171019 Source RPM: libtool-2.4.2-5.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: A Tool to Build Shared Libraries
GNU libtool is a set of shell scripts to automatically configure UNIX
architectures to build shared libraries in a generic fashion.






* Tue Nov 29 2011
  - buildrequire automake for file list check
* Thu Nov 10 2011
  - update to 2.4.2:
    - The generic approximation of the command line length limit (when getconf is
      not available) works again.  Regression introduced in v2.2.6-39-g9c3d4d8.
    - The bug that leaked developer tool paths into the release tarballs
      from ./bootstrap is fixed.
    - Improved support for the Cuda Compiler Driver (nvcc) on Darwin.
    - For GCC LTO support, the -fuse-linker-plugin switch is now also removed
      when computing compiler postdeps.
    - The undocumented hardcode_libdir_flag_spec_ld tag variable has been
      removed in favor of using hardcode_libdir_flag_spec with $wl set to empty.
* Fri Sep 16 2011
  - don't use _service
* Fri Jul 29 2011
  - Add gcc-c++ gcc-fortran and gcc-objc to buildrequires so that
    packages using the system wide libtool script compile.
  - Add a rpmlintrc to shut up rpmlint on most warnings.
* Mon Mar 14 2011
  - require automake and provide symbolic names for libltdl
* Wed Mar 09 2011
  - update to 2.4, which has quite some new stuff. Limiting here to
    incompatible changes:
    - The fix_srcfile_path variable has been replaced by a more thorough
      mechanism triggered by the to_tool_file_cmd variable.
    - The wrapper command line option support described above introduces the
      following incompatibility: the wrapper will remove any command line
      options that begin with '--lt-*' from the argument list before launching
      (uninstalled) programs. Any '--lt-*' option on the command line not
      recognized by the wrapper will result in an error.
    - The type of the symbol lists variables (lt_*_LTX_preloaded_symbols) has
      been fixed in the manual and in a couple of tests to match the actual
* Mon Feb 28 2011
  - Fix AC_LANG_PROGRAM warnings (bnc#675573)
* Sun Oct 31 2010
  - Use %_smp_mflags
* Mon May 31 2010
  - add an empty install section
* Thu May 27 2010
  - split out the test suite that takes 95% of the build time
* Thu May 27 2010
  - tar is in /bin/tar, so a requires to /usr/bin/tar doesn't work
* Fri May 07 2010
  - Libtool needs tar so add it as Requires (bnc#526298).
* Sun Dec 13 2009
  - add baselibs.conf as source2
* Sat Dec 12 2009
  - Add libtool-no-hostname.patch to not write hostname in libtool
    to avoid rebuilds where nothing has changed beside the build host.
* Wed Nov 18 2009
  - VUL-0 CVE-2009-3736 Update to 2.2.6b (bnc#556122):
    * Fix libltdl to no longer attempt to dlopen() the old_library
      listed in the .la file. Now will use only the preopen loader to
      attempt to load it. This may be a security issue, all users are
      advised to upgrade.
    * Similarly, don't open from the current directory, this
      changes the behavior of libltdl to match the documentation.
    * Adapt test suite to changes.



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