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kimtoy-1.9-2.1.2 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE 12.2 for x86_64

Name: kimtoy Distribution: openSUSE 12.2
Version: 1.9 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1.2 Build date: Tue Jul 17 08:52:12 2012
Group: System/I18n/Chinese Build host: build11
Size: 726886 Source RPM: kimtoy-1.9-2.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: An input method frontend for KDE
KIMToy is an input method frontend for KDE. It is an alternative to kimpanel plasmoid. KIMToy uses the same dbus ipc specification as kimpanel, say org.kde.impanel, so where kimpanel works, where KIMToy works.

KIMToy is a standalone application, has no dependence on plasma, so it won\'t make your whole desktop unstable.

KIMToy aims to provide a stable and intergrated frontend for Asian input method, such as fcitx, scim and ibus.

KIMToy makes easy for fcitx/ibus/scim users. These three input method should work out of box since KIMToy-0.2.

KIMToy is able to load sogou input method theme since KIMToy-0.4.






* Thu May 31 2012
  - Upstream version 1.9
    * highlight candidate cursor
    * statusbar filter menu do not popup out of screen
    * scim-panel register helper property on startup
    * ibus-panel provide additional attr field
    * add configure input method system tray context menu entry
    * fix issue that input method can not be changed when used in gtk app
    * fix wrong color parse logic in sogou theme
    * fix dangling property after switching to other input method
* Tue May 22 2012
  - Upstream version 1.8
    * fix build issue with newer glibc
    * fix preedit bar shadow issue with oxygen-transparent
    * fix unexpected position changes after typing too long preedit string
    * automatic preedit bar anchor position
    * fcitx-kbd is now recognized as direct input mode
    * fix missing domain of nco elements in strigi analyzer
    * try to show candidate only if no preedit text exists
    * do not enable bold font using sogou surface and fcitx surface
* Tue May 01 2012
  - Upstream version 1.7.1
    * no shadow for preedit bar
    Updates of 1.7.0 (they're released on the same day)
    * tray icon can be manipulated separately
    * fix overlay pixmap vcenter/hcenter layout position
    * fix render issue when background pixmap has zero margins
    * preedit bar always stays on top
* Fri Mar 30 2012
  - Update version 1.6
    * statusbar will not overlap fullscreen application
    * fix scim-kconfig symbol name so to be loaded correctly
    * rewrite scim-panel using dbus-c++
    * fix the issue that scim panel freezes after quit
    * add trayicon bar mode
    * disable statusbar theme and property widget meanwhile
    * fix a rare crash in loading theme
    * update libpng-apng copy to 1.5.9
* Tue Mar 13 2012
  - remove dependency: libpng-apng.
    * reason: libpng upstream rejected Mozilla's apng. so can't be
      included in SuSE.
* Mon Feb 20 2012
  - Upstream version 1.5
    * ability to filter property widget on statusbar
    * fix broken rendering issue on property when applying theme changes
    * fix build issue using ibus-1.4.1
    * enable ibus xim server by default
  - Added missing icon: draw-freehand.svg and .svgz
    * convert svg to multiple sized pngs using rsvg-view. borrowed from mypaint.
  - Added xim.d-kimtoy
* Thu Jan 26 2012
  - Upstream version 1.4
    * optimize scaled pixmap drawing
    * do not detect running ibus if option -r has been set
    * remove hardcoded install path
    * status property widget theme support
    * fix boolean value reading in ibus-kconfig
    * fix compability issue caused by letter case in sogou theme
* Mon Nov 21 2011
  - Fix build for x86_64
  - ibus support module was not built due to incorrect path in SuSE,
    waiting for upstream to solve the problem.
* Mon Nov 21 2011
  - Upstream version 1.3.1
    * fix build issue using old gio
    * add -r option to ibus-daemon parameter
* Sat Nov 19 2011
  - Upstream version 1.3
    * add strigi analyzer for *.ssf and *.fskin files
    * change the install destination of ibus/scim files
    * add scim kconfig module and enable it by default
    * enable ibus kconfig module by default
    * support the animation feature in sogou theme
    * add option to enable/disable animation
    * ship an internal libpng for systems without libpng-apng
    * print feature summary when building
    * fix the issue that properties are overlapped when positions are not enough using sogou theme
* Fri Nov 18 2011
  - Upstream version 1.2
    * fix multi screen geometry
    * theme preview list
    * knewstuff support for fcitx theme
    * adjust file install and path
    * fix a minor issue in ssf thumbnailer
* Fri Oct 07 2011
  - Disabled the autolaunch of fcitx. Now kimtoy can launched correctly.
* Thu Sep 29 2011
  - Upstream version 1.1
    * add option to custom background colorizing
    * adjust input method configuration page
    * update kimpanel dbus protocol
    * display text correctly when property icon is missing
    * adjust status bar layout
    * fix the issue that the preedit bar becomes broken in some conditions
    * fix the issue that the preedit bar and status bar is hidden by osd-lyrics
    * support the custom overlay pixmap feature in sogou theme
    * support custom seperator feature in sogou theme
    * only blur the themed region when using sogou theme
    * add thumbnailer for fcitx surface package file
    * support importing fcitx-4.1 .fskin themes
    * fix the layout issue of text in thumbnail image
* Sat Sep 10 2011
  - Initial build.
  - Upstream version 1.0.1
    * fix build issue with ibus-
  - Previous version changelog.
    * version 1.0
    * adapt command options and environment variables to fcitx-4.1
    * plasma theme support
    * new option to enable blur effect behind preedit bar and status bar
    * version 0.9
    * no longer draw the ugly page up/down arrows
    * change the function for filling themed area
    * autohide the panel when the input method is disabled
    * do not overlap the editing line when the preedit bar is positioned at the screen bottom
    * filter *.ssf files in selecting theme file dialog
    * fix the issue causing kimtoy to unexpectedly quit when closing configuration or about dialog
    * link kimtoy-ibus-panel with libgio-2.0
    * fix the issue that the color settings can not be saved
    * apply KDE global font settings by default
    * add ibus kconfig config service module(not enabled by default)
    * version 0.8.1
    * fix a major layout issue in loading sogou surface
    * version 0.8
    * reimplement kimtoy-ibus-panel using glib2 built-in dbus api
    * performance optimizing in kimtoy-ibus-panel
    * add thumbnailer for sogou surface package file
    * support both ibus 1.3.x and 1.4 unstable
    * version 0.7
    * fix vertical preedit bar layout issue when candidate count is over five
    * fix the information dialog text
    * the status bar icons now will show tooltips
    * the 10th candidate label is displayed zero now when using ibus backend
    * version 0.6
    * add options to enable/disable window mask and realtime resizing
    * fix pager symbol width calculation
    * fix the problem using multiple painter in preedit bar
    * fix the problem that the preedit bar does not appear in some cases
    * only show candidates when using ibus-sunpinyin
    * version 0.5
    * add transparent background support
    * add vertical preedit bar mode
    * add an option to enable KIMToy autostart when login to desktop
    * left click now popup the systray menu
    * fix crash if the theme file is missing or corrupted
    * add Chinese Simplified translation
    * optimizing for preedit bar painting event by cacheing pixmaps and mask regions
    * fix a minor issue in calculating text area width
    * small adjustment in configuration appearance page
    * version 0.4
    * important stable fix in kimtoy-ibus-panel(add multithread lock).
    * draw preedit/aux in one line.
    * custom font and color settings.
    * sogou input theme import support.
    * version 0.3
    * complete rewrite kimtoy-ibus-panel in pure C, no more python or pygtk dependences.
    * now the environment virables can be set when session starts.
    * some ui tweaks in configuration dialog.
    * QT_IM_MODULE env for ibus now defaults to ibus.
    * version 0.2
    * autostart input method feature.
    * the glue code for ibus/scim now included in KIMToy, no more kimpanel dependence.
    * the collapse button on statusbar was removed.
    * version 0.1
    * initial public release.



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