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xtrans-1.2.7-2.1.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE 12.2 for noarch

Name: xtrans Distribution: openSUSE 12.2
Version: 1.2.7 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1.1 Build date: Sat Jun 23 17:55:35 2012
Group: Development/Libraries/X11 Build host: build20
Size: 335849 Source RPM: xtrans-1.2.7-2.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Library to handle network protocol transport in X
xtrans is a library of code that is shared among various X packages to
handle network protocol transport in a modular fashion, allowing a
single place to add new transport types. It is used by the X server,
libX11, libICE, the X font server, and related components.






* Sun Apr 15 2012
  - Rename source and binary package from xorg-x11-xtrans-devel to
  - Add Provides/Obsoletes for xorg-x11-xtrans-devel to smooth
  - Pass --docdir=%{_docdir}/xtrans to configure to install
    xtrans.xml in the right doc directory, instead of
* Wed Apr 11 2012
  - Update to xtrans 1.2.7:
    + Lot of cleanups, both from manual inspection and from automated
      static code analysis
    + Bug fixes, including:
    - fix some resource & memory leaks
    - avoid buffer overrun in SocketReopen
    + Remove decnet leftover
    + Remove SUN specific code, let solaris create .X11-pipe with
      sticky bit on
    + Documentation & build configuration improvments
  - Include version of xtrans in the version of the package. For
    instance, this will now be 7.6_1.2.7.
  - Add pkgconfig(xorg-macros) BuildRequires.
* Thu Mar 22 2012
  - Parallel build with %_smp_mflags; strip redundant sections/tags
* Wed Jan 11 2012
  - fixed build on factory
  - package build errors fixed
* Tue Dec 21 2010
  - bumped version number to 7.6
* Tue Nov 09 2010
  - xtrans 1.2.6
    * This minor release converts the libxtrans API documentation
      from troff to DocBook/XML and updates it for the current state
      of the code.
      It also includes some minor bug fixes, and of course, the usual
      recent collection of build configuration improvements and
      janitorial cleanups.
* Sun Apr 04 2010
  - xtrans 1.2.5
  - adjusted p_xauth.diff
  - bumped version number to 7.5
* Mon Dec 14 2009
  - enable parallel building
* Sat Aug 01 2009
  - xtrans 1.2.4
    * various fixes
  - obsoletes xtrans-sig11.diff
* Thu Feb 26 2009
  - xtrans 1.2.3



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