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otrs-itsm-3.1.4-20.1.2 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE 12.2 for noarch

Name: otrs-itsm Distribution: openSUSE 12.2
Version: 3.1.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 20.1.2 Build date: Mon Jul 9 14:15:15 2012
Group: Productivity/Networking/Email/Utilities Build host: build23
Size: 81381054 Source RPM: otrs-3.1.6-20.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: ITIL (R) focused IT service management
OTRS::ITSM implements ITIL (R) focused IT service management.

You need a OTRS 3.1.6 ( installation.

Make sure your database accepts packages over 5 MB in size. A MySQL database
for example accepts packages up to 1 MB by default. In this case, the value for
max_allowed_packet must be increased. The recommended maximum size accepted is
20 MB.

please see README.itsm for further details, which comes with otrs package

Required OTRS::ITSM modules can be found under /srv/otrs/itsm

Authors list: see CREDITS






* Mon Jun 11 2012
  - cleanup source, spec
    * - remove 'permissions' stuff
  - fix changes file
* Tue Jun 05 2012
  - update to 3.1.6
    * Bug#8495 - Generic Agent TicketAction single value attributes
      should not let multiple selection.
    * Bug#8378 - Validation fails if the ID of the element contains a
      dot (.) or a colon (:).
    * Bug#7532 - 'Field is required' message should be removed in RTE if
      content is added.
    * Bug#8514 - Long words in description break rendering of SysConfig
    * Bug#8537 - DynamicField caching issue.
    * Bug#8482 - Responsible of a ticket without responsible permission.
    * Bug#8485 - CustomerUser validation fails in GI Ticket Operations
      if there is no ValidID in the mapping.
    * Bug#8529 - Fixed print to STDERR in
    * Bug#8427 - Dynamic Field Type Multiselect not shown in Notification
    * Bug#8189 - AgentTicketCompose: Pressing "Enter" will delete
    * Bug#7844 - Escalation Event does not respect service calendar of
    * Bug#8228 - Ticket::Frontend::AgentTicketNote###StateDefault
      doesn't work.
    * Bug#8519 - Kernel::System::TicketSearch->TicketSearch() doesn't
      properly handle array references in SortBy parameter
    * Bug#7519 - AJAX-reload of SMIME-fields did not work properly.
    * Bug#8518 - Crypt on multiple recipients error replaces Crypt
    * Bug#8164 - Internal articles are visible within customer ticket
    * Bug#8506 - Customer email link won't open in popup as expected.
    * Bug#7844 - Escalation Event does not respect service calendar of
    * Bug#8498 - OpenSSL 1.0.0 does not get the stored SMIME
      certificates when -CApath is used in the command.
    * Bug#8337 - Parentheses in user last_name / first_name are not
    * Bug#8467 - Reply to an e-mail address with ' not possible.
    * Bug#8352 - Wrong substitution regex in>ToAscii.
    * Bug#8401 - DynamicField Update doesn't update the
      X-OTRS-DynamicField-XXX Fields in Postmaster Filters.
    * Bug#5746 - Using PerlEx you have to restart IIS each time a setting
      is changed in SysConfig.
    * Bug#8452 - Dynamic Field Date/Time not working when server runs on
    - The detailed ChangeLog can be found at:
  - Update ITSM to 3.1.4:
    * Bug#8479 - Change and workorder notification records are not
      deleted during module uninstallation.
    * Bug#8484 - Can't create cache for Change Management Toolbar
      Modules on win32 platform.
    * Bug#8453 - Saved time in ITSMChangeManagement screens adds UTC
    * Bug#8487 - Usage of event.stopPropagation() causes javascript
      error in IE8.
    * Bug#8488 - Change search should require at least one search
    * Bug#8507nbsp;- Font size is ignored for text if input is made in
      certain order.
    * Bug#8515 - Search icon shows the ticket search instead of the
      change search when the current screen is the workorder zoom.
    * Bug#8521 - Back-Link in Workorder-Zoom returns to the previous
      page, but does not reload the page
      (the page comes from the browser cache).
    * Bug#8538 - AgentTicketZoom does not show "Review Required" Field.
* Wed May 16 2012
  - fix itsm sources
    * dos2unix INSTALL-3.1.ITSM
    * readd packages30
    * readd packages31/*3.1.{1,2}.opm
  - fix itsm deps
  - remove/disable permissions file stuff
  - exclude bin/
  - fix perl deps
    * use module names, not pkg names
* Wed May 16 2012
  - Update to 3.1.5:
    - Updated Hungarian translation, thanks to Csaba Nemeth!
    - Added possibility to specify a cache type for selective cache
      cleaning in bin/otrs.DeleteCache.
    - Added possibility to define ACL rules by user role.
    - Bug#8466 - On Win32 GenericInterface does not return results
    - Bug#8465 - Can't create cache for web service debug log on Win32
    - Bug#7919 - Translation of ticket states in CSV Export of
    - Bug#8461 - CustomerTicketSearch doesn't use ticket ACL rules.
    - Bug#7877 - SMIME emails don't get parsed properly (follow-up
    - Bug#8446 - Dynamic Field type TextArea missing > 3800 characters
    - Bug#8447 - Checkbox Dynamic Field is incorrectly calculated in
    - Bug#8328 - Statistics ignores any restrictions on dynamic fields.
    - Bug#8439 - AgentTicketForward: ticket not unlocked after selecting
      a close state.
    - Bug#7168 - Ticket Overview Control Row can only be one line high.
    - Bug#8437 - Dynamic Field order duplicated when change the order
      of a field.
    - Bug#8409 - Deselecting 'select all' in queue view does not work.
    - Bug#8424 - Ticket articles of large tickets cannot be opened.
    - Bug#8415 - Setting Ticket::Responsible ignored by AgentTicketActionCommon.
    - Bug#8288 - Autocomplete search results show up in Times font when
      using Internet Explorer.
    - Bug#8414 - ACL for AgentTicketCustomer in AgentTicketZoom doesn't
      affect CustomerID link in ticket information.
    - Updated CKEditor to version 3.6.3, fixing several bugs.
    - Bug#8369 - Incorrect handling of Ticket ACL in AJAX Updates.
  - Update ITSM to 3.1.3:
    - Added Portuguese translations for Portugal, thanks to Rui
    - Small performance improvement when creating a change from a
    - Bug# 8261 - Bad performance when moving timeslot in
    - Bug# 8265 - Error in ITSM Incident Problem Management statistics.
    - Bug# 8302 - CI class names are not translated in
    - Bug# 8303 - Wrong charset for
    - Bug# 8293 - Cannot delete change search profile.
    - Bug# 8362 - Change-Delete menu link is visible for other
      group members than itsm-change-manager.
    - Bug# 8366 - Number of SQL statements could be decreased when
      deleting a change.
    - Bug# 8386 - Change Mangement Toolbar Modules could use caching
      to reduce the number of SQL statements.
    - Bug# 8396 - Dynamic Field creation problem on migrated framework.
    - Bug# 8305 - Possible SQL injection problem in change search.
* Tue Apr 24 2012
  - update to 3.1.4
    * Bug#8284 - The text "Cc: ( added database email!" is confusing.
    * Bug#8392 - DynamicFieldAdd returns wrong value.
    * Bug#8387 - UseSyncBackend configuration does not conform to OTRS style.
    * Bug#8367 - Customer entry not marked as mandatory.
    * Bug#8348 - Wrong pop-up close behavior when no URL is given and SessionUseCookie is set to No.
    * Bug#8346 - Incoming phone calls trigger NewTicket notification, even for existing tickets.
    * Bug#8353 - Small typo in print CSS.
    * Bug#8370 - AgentTicketForward does not set pending date for pending states.
    * Bug#8368 - Personal queues update is not reflected in UI.
    * Bug#8363 - SOAP Transport can't send a value '0'.
    * Bug#8356 - ACLs for DynamicFields does not work on AgentTicketSearch.
    * Bug#8336 - broken.
    * Bug#8349 - Caching breaks Admin frontend.
    * Bug#7877 - SMIME emails don't get parsed properly.
    * Disabled error message in RemoveSessionID().
    * Repaired broken cache handling in DynamicFieldList().
    - The detailed ChangeLog can be found at:
    * for more info please see release-notes\
  - rework permissions
    * otrs_root/otrs/var/log (660,otrs,www,2775)
    * otrs_root/otrs/bin (750,root,www,755)
  - rework README files
    * add some usefull mysql info
  - fix init
    * on 'start', start scheduler if not already running
  - add missing bin_files
  - fix sysconfig file
    * do not use (hostname -f)
* Wed Apr 04 2012
  - update to 3.1.3
    * Bug#8343 - Configuration of additional modules can be lost during
    * Renamed form id in AgentLinkObject.dtl to make sure it doesn't
      interfere with wrong CSS.
    * Bug#8333 - Type option '-' should not be available in
      ActionTicketCommon screens.
    * Bug#8331 - Unable to delete ticket with > 1000 articles on Oracle
    * Bug#8335 - Cache keys are not always properly constructed.
    * Dynamic fields and associated values can now be deleted in the
      admin area.
    * Do not show the empty item in dynamic field search fields.
    * Fixed an issue where would die because of
      certain free text or free time configuration settings.
    * Bug#8334 migration fails if FreeTime fields are not in use.
    * Bug#8320 - IMAP FLAGS (\Seen \Recent) are appended to article body
      by upgrading bundled Net::IMAP::Simple to version 1.2030.
    * Bug#8286 - Adressbook forgets selected entries.
    * Bug#8297 - Selectbox for new owner causes ajax update on every
      change made via keyboard.
    * Bug#7545 - AgentTicketBounce lacks permission checks.
    - The detailed ChangeLog can be found at:
    * for more info please see release-notes\
  - rebase perm patch
  - add permissions file
* Mon Mar 12 2012
  - update to 3.1.2
    * Bug#8282 - Dropdown and Multiselect Dynamic Fields without Possible values
      causes errors with LayoutObject BuildSelection function.
    * Bug#8277 - DynamicField values not deleted when ticket is deleted.
    * Bug#8274 - Dynamic Fields ACLs does not work correctly at Ticket Split.
    * Improved#7526 - Fixed handling of special characters (, ), &, - within statistics.
    * Bug#8255 - TicketSearch in DynamicFields doesn't support ExtendedSearchCondition.
    * Bug#8258 - DynamicField date value is reset to NULL.
    * Bug#8214 - OTRS Init script on Red Hat / SUSE fails to check scheduler.
    * Bug#8227 - LDAP user syncronisation doesn't work.
    * Bug#8235 - Searching on DynamicFields, results are lost on next page.
    * Bug#8252 - Small typo in German translation of AgentTicketZoom.
    * Bug#8226 - Problem with Customized DynamicFields in TicketOverviewSmall.
    * Bug#8233 - DB error migrating stats on Oracle.
    * Bug#8224 - Admin Responses screen does not allow to filter responses.
    * Bug#7652 - OpenSearch providers are served with wrong mime type. Follow-up fix.
    * Bug#8140 - Shortcut for creating new e-mail ticket doesn't work. The hotkey
      for "new email ticket" was changed from e to m to avoid a collision.
    * Bug#8144 - Typo and improved logging in
    * Bug#8183 - Canceling AgentTicketCompose on an unlocked ticket generates
      ChallengeToken error.
    * Bug#8219 - TicketCreate and TicketUpdate ticket operations in the
      GenericInterface require a valid CustomerUser.
    * Bug#8201 - Popup in browser always open on leftmost display when using
      dual monitor setup.
    * Bug#8202 - Kernel::System::JSON->Decode() dies when providing malformed JSON.
    * Bug#8211 - Typos in Labels: DYNAMICFILED can cause internal server errors.
    * Bug#7109 - Statistics error when PDF support is not active.
    - The detailed ChangeLog can be found at:
    * for more info please see release-notes\
  - fix post
    * add if suse_version around a2enmod
* Tue Feb 28 2012
  - update OTRS::ITSM to 3.1.2
    * for more info please see\
  - fix usermod (-d)
  - fix post (FIRST_ARG)
* Thu Feb 23 2012
  - rework docs
    * updated otrs.README files
    * updated itsm.README files
    * add UPGRADING.SuSE to doc
    * fix docs destinations
    - otrs/-itsm now has COPYING and needed README
    * remove obsolete docs from doc
  - rpmlintrc
    * addFilter('files-duplicate /srv/otrs/Kernel/')
    * addFilter('files-duplicate /srv/otrs/Kernel/Config/')
  - fix itsm deps
* Mon Feb 20 2012
  - add init scripts
    * otrs, otrs-scheduler
    * remove init patch
  - rework sysconfig file
* Tue Feb 14 2012
  - update to 3.1.1
    * Fixed bug#8199 - Linked tickets open only in tabs.
    * Fixed bug#8148 - Wrong presentation of queue structure in
    * Fixed bug#8137 - Issues with Owner list refresh when selecting
      a new Owner.
    * Fixed bug#8180 - bin/ exit code is wrong.
    * for more info please see CHANGES file\
  - update OTRS::ITSM to 3.1.1
    * for more info please see\
  - rebase patches
    * perm, httpd_conf patch
  - rework init patch
  - update to reflect new versions (ITSM)
  - update sysconfig file
  - remove INSTALL from doc
* Fri Dec 02 2011
  - Fix wrong tests in init script;
  - Fix permissions in bin to properly functioning of cron tasks;
  - Fix sysconfig variable for OTRS_CLEANUP;
  - Refresh all patches with -p0.
* Fri Nov 18 2011
  - update to 3.0.11
    o several OTRS bug fixes (
      for more info please see CHANGES file
* Fri Sep 02 2011
  - update to 3.0.10
    o several OTRS bug fixes (
      for more info please see CHANGES file
  - update OTRS::ITSM to 3.0.5
    o for more info please see
  - rpmlint:
    * incorrect-fsf-address,
* Sat Jul 16 2011
  - fix fdupes
    o not on Kernel dir, cause of config files
* Sat Jul 09 2011
  - update to 3.0.9
    o several OTRS bug fixes (
      for more info please see CHANGES file
  - update OTRS::ITSM to 3.0.4
    o for more info please see
  - rebase httpd_conf patch
  - fix rpmlint (Files listed twice)
  - update description (License: AGPL)
* Sun Jun 19 2011
  - update to 3.0.8
    o several OTRS bug fixes (
      for more info please see CHANGES file
* Sun May 22 2011
  - update to 3.0.7
    o several OTRS bug fixes (
      for more info please see CHANGES file
  - update OTRS::ITSM to 3.0.3
    o for more info please see
  - reworked init patch
    o removed 2.4.7-init
    o added 3.0.7-init
  - move /opt to /srv
    o add 3.0.7-httpd_conf patch
    o updated
    - sysconfig.otrs
    - itsm.README.{de,en}
  - spec mods
    o add macro {otrs_root}
    o macro usage
    o wrong-file-end-of-line-encoding
  - do not overwrite Kernel/* on update
  - rework dir/file permissions
    o remove sbits from var/{article,log}
    o add 3.0.7-perm patch (no check_permission on /bin/)
* Sat May 07 2011
  - update to 2.4.10
    (fix for OSA-2011-01,
    - 2011-03-23 Updated Brazilian Portugese translation, thanks to
      Murilo Moreira de Oliveira!
    - 2011-03-18 Added required settings for oracle databases in
    - 2011-03-07 Fixed bug#6014 - Printed pdf tickets are not searchable.
    - 2011-02-17 Fixed bug#6906 - Vendor URL points to Basename+URL
      instead of URL.
    - 2011-01-25 Event Based notification - respect "Include Attachments
      to Notification".
    - 2010-12-17 Fixed bug#6510 - Signature ID missing.
    - 2010-12-14 Fixed bug#6532 - With multiple inline images, only
      first one is preserved when replying.
    - 2010-12-13 Fixed bug#6520 - doesn't backup with strong
    - 2010-12-09 Fixed bug#6488 - creating
      wrong files.
    - 2010-12-09 Fixed bug#3984 - HTML Notifications - Links to
      ticketsystem are not clickable.
    - 2010-12-02 Fixed bug#6366 - gnupg signatures not working correct
      for partly signed messages.
    - 2010-11-29 Fixed bug#5981 - Warnings from TransfromDateSelection()
      in AgentTicketMove.
    - 2010-11-23 Fixed bug#6131 - Lack of warning for revoked and expired
      PGP keys in email compose screens.
    - 2010-11-04 Fixed bug#6211 - Wrong TicketFreeText-value in ticket
      creation by using event notifications.
    - 2010-11-02 Email.ticket: wrong signature is shown.
    - 2010-10-26 Improved German translation, thanks to Stelios Gikas!
    - 2010-10-13 Fixed some Perl "uninitialized value" warnings.
    - 2010-10-12 Fixed bug#6087 - Search template name is broken if
      & or ; is used.
  - update OTRS::ITSM to 2.1.3
    * Added persian translation for Change Management, thanks to Masoud
      Ramezani <>
    * Bug# 6908 - Uninstalling the Change Management module and
      installing it again does not delete the cache.
    * Bug# 6918 - Search for changes between 12.2. and 13.2. does not
      find changes terminated for the 12.2. at 00:00.
    * Bug# 6989 - Missing condition check while Workorder deletion if
      condition is not valid.
    * Bug# 7067 - Condition Edit screen does not store the number zero
      0 for value fields.
    * Bug# 7069 - Condition Operator "Less Than" recognizes equal
      values as less than.
    * Bug# 7068 - Can not use number zero 0 or numbers with a decimal
      point in condition expressions with compare operator "less than"
      or "greater than".
    * Bug# 7070 - Can not use negative numbers in condition expressions
      with compare operator "less than" or "greater than".
    * Bug# 7131 - Limiting CI classes is not fully respected when
      linking CIs.
    * Bug# 7065 - !ConfigItemDelete function doesn't delete link
      relations before deleting CIs.
    * Bug# 7196 - Not possible to set the workorder agent to "empty"
      in an action.
* Thu Mar 03 2011
  - update OTRS::ITSM to Version 2.1.2
    * Added persian translation for Change Management, thanks to
      Masoud Ramezani <masoud.ramezani at>
    * Bug# 6164 - Change and Workorder actual start time is not reset
      when a template has been used.
    * Bug# 6148 - Link of FreeText fields in Change Management not working.
    * Bug# 6074 - Change print does not translate states in HTML output.
    * Bug# 6534 - Calculated current incident state of a service is
      not reset if a link to a CI is removed.
    * Bug# 6571 - Conditions are executed before history entry is written.
    * Bug# 6632 - Unittest shows error log message: Argument
      "\x{35}\x{2c}..." isn't numeric in numeric eq (==).
    * Bug# 6161 - Can't locate object method "EventHandlerInit" issues
      on mod_perl environments.
  - cleanup spec
    o removed (obsolete) version from header
    o updated (c) 2011
    o removed norootforbuild
* Tue Dec 14 2010
  - update to 2.4.9
    - 2010-09-30 Fixed bug#6016 - AgentTicketZoom is vunerable to XSS
      attacks from HTML e-mails. (OSA-2010-03)
    - 2010-09-22 Fixed bug#5903 - E-mail notification links don't
      contain <a href... tags.
    - 2010-09-29 Fixed bug#6030 - Event notifications get's fired
      several times on event "TicketFreeTextUpdate".
    - 2010-09-22 Fixed bug#5941 - Error in Apache log when no tickets
      and/or customers in dashboard.
    - 2010-09-14 Fixed bug#5541 - Dashboard Chart generates error in
      webserver log.
    - 2010-09-09 Fixed bug#5462 -
      Kernel::System::Ticket::TicketEscalationIndexBuild() does not
      invalidate the cache.
    - (2010/08/27) Fixed bug#5667 - Rich Text is not working in ipad.
      It's not possible to add a note or close a ticket.
    - (2010/08/25) Fixed bug#5266 - Ticket Zoom shows wrong html
      content if there is no text but two html attachments in there.
  - update OTRS::ITSM to Version 2.1.1
    o updated, README.{de,en}
  - License is AGPLv3
* Mon Dec 13 2010
  - fix for bnc#640830
    o OSA-2010-02
  - submit to openSUSE:11.3:Update:Test
* Fri Oct 22 2010
  - Remove comparison of %suse_version against suse releases that are
    no longer in maintenance.
* Wed Sep 29 2010
  - update to version 2.4.8
    - (2010/08/20) Fixed bug#5742 - Outgoing email link detection does not work properly.
    - (2010/08/18) Fixed bug#5444 - TicketZoom mask vulnerable to XSS.
    - (2010/08/09) Fixed bug#5698 - Ticket Assignment includes '(' character.
    - (2010/07/20) Fixed bug#4483 - AgentTicketActions, set radio button when select
      old/ new owner are selected, fix wrong javascript behavior.
    - (2010/07/15) Fixed bug#5416 - AgentTicketMove does not support Pending Date.
    - (2010/07/15) Fixed bug#5556 - Broken unicode chars in CustomerUser selections.
    - (2010/07/14) Fixed bug#5132 - New owner validation always ask to set a owner.
    - (2010/07/13) Fixed bug#5210 - LinkQuote consumes all CPU memory when processing a
      large amount of data.
    - (2010/07/13) Fixed bug#5550 - Broken linebreaks in textareas of Google Chrome.
    - (2010/07/07) Fixed bug#5541 - Dashboard Chart generates error in webserver log.
    - (2010/07/01) Fixed bug#5512 - Bulk Action No Access is displayed incorrectly.
    - (2010/06/25) Updated Danish translation, thanks to Jesper Rønnov,
      Faaborg-Midtfyn Kommune!
    - (2010/06/24) Fixed bug#5445 - Reflected XSS vulnerability.
    - (2010/06/16) Fixed bug#5488 - AutoPriorityIncrease runs into failures.
    - (2010/06/16) Fixed bug#5478 - Web Installer has 'editable' license text.
    - (2010/05/31) Fixed bug#5385 - Queue name is not used in signature on ticket
    - (2010/05/28) Fixed bug#5235 - Link in response not shown as link.
    - (2010/05/28) Added PNG version of data model in doc directory.
    - (2010/05/28) Fixed bug#5395 - Function $LanguageObject->Time() can't process
    - (2010/05/25) Fixed bug#5397 - Response not converted to Ascii when Rich Text
      Editor is disabled.
    - (2010/05/24) Fixed bug#5383 - Fckeditor localization not working for some
      languages such as Brazilian Portuguese.
    - (2010/05/07) Fixed bug#5336 - Also set execute bit on scripts/tools.
    - (2010/04/30) Make it possible to use a version argument with bin/
    - (2010/04/21) Fixed bug#5266 - Ticket Zoom shows wrong html content if there
      is no text but two html attachments in there.
    - (2010/04/15) Fixed bug#5242 - Newlines are not displayed in html notification
      mails on Lotus Notes
    - (2010/04/14) Fixed bug#4999 - Cache for customer user is not refreshed when
      a preference is updated.
    - (2010/04/13) Fixed bug#5152 - responsible_user_id in ticket table is wrong in
    - (2010/04/12) Fixed bug#5108 - The RSS date was not displayed correctly.
    - (2010/04/12) Fixed bug#5112 - Redirecting to a valid screen after unsubscribing
      from a ticket where the agent does not have permissions on the queue.
    - (2010/04/06) Fixed bug#4986 - There is no activate/deactivate check for
      Graphsize menu when the page loads in Stats Definition
    - (2010/04/01) Fixed bug#4786 - AgentTicketCompose ONLY: Defining a next state,
      then adding and attachment, resets the next state upon screen refresh.
    - (2010/03/29) Improved handling of the StateType attribute of
      StateGetStatesByType() in Kernel/System/
    - (2010/03/24) Fixed bug#5164 - Pending time not working if agent as an other
    - (2010/03/19) Fixed bug#5094 - Bulk pending date/time do not get applied to
    - (2010/03/18) Updated Ukrainian language translation, thanks to Belskii Artem!
    - (2010/03/10) Fixed bug#4416 - Merge: whitespace before ticketnumber is not
    - (2010/03/09) Fixed bug#5085 - Wrong colours codes in Stats::Graph::dclrs
    - (2010/03/08) Fixed bug#5102 - Notification sent to OTRS instead of Customer
    - (2010/03/04) Fixed bug#5044 - Missing translation in ticket history after
      responsible update.
    - (2010/03/02) Updated Czech translation, thanks to, s r.o. Jakub Hanus!
    - (2010/02/26) Fixed bug#4137 - Follow ups to internal forwarded message marked
      as customer reply.
    - (2010/02/23) Updated pt_BR translation file, thanks to Fabricio Luiz Machado!
    - (2010/02/22) Fixed bug#5020 - Framework version for stats export is outdated.
    - (2010/02/18) Fixed bug#4969 - Event Based Notification: Body Match field
      displays Subject Match value.
    - (2010/02/16) Fixed bug#4967 - Can't locate object method "new" via package
      error when using Perl 5.10.1.
    - (2010/02/15) Fixed bug#4977 - mod_perl is not used in fedora with RPM.
    - (2010/02/12) Fixed bug#4936 - Kernel::System::Main::FileWrite has race condition.
    - (2010/02/11) Fixed bug#4442 - Customer search fails when there is a space
      in the name.
    - (2010/02/11) Fixed bug#4822 - No fulltext search with more then one word
      for FAQ.
    - (2010/02/10) Fixed bug#4889 - Inline images from Lotus Notes are not
      displayed in ticket zoom.
    - (2010/02/09) Fixed bug#4658 - Cannot delete attachment from AdminAttachment
  - Recommend a few optional dependencies
* Thu Jun 10 2010
  - update to Version 2.4.7
    - (2010/02/04) Fixed SQL quoting issue (see also
    - (2010/02/03) Fixed bug#4937 - Accounted time per article is not
      displayed in PDF print.
    - (2010/02/03) Fixed bug#4848 - Issue with TicketOverView object
      (does not show all tickets when moving through list)
    - (2010/02/02) Fixed issue with migrating Customer Queue
      notifications to Event Based when upgrading OTRS 2.3 > 2.4.
    - (2010/02/01) Fixed bug#4393 - AgentTicketQueue - Small view takes
      long to load. -> New solution with own config option for each
      view mode (S/M/L)
      Admin -> SysConfig -> Ticket -> Frontend::Agent::TicketOverview.
    - (2010/01/25) Fixed bug#4818 - Removed inline image of forwarded
      message gets still included.
    - (2010/01/20) Fixed bug#4780 - Adding groups to a CustomerUser
      fails, adding CustomerUsers to a group works.
    - (2010/01/20) Fixed bug#4486 - Some preferences displayed in
      AdminUser are not correct.
    - (2010/01/18) Fixed bug#4770 - Attachments are stripped/not
      shown from outgoing emails in some scenarios with ms exchange.
    - (2010/01/15) Fixed bug#4735 - TicketFreeTime search in Customer
      frontend does not work as expected
    - (2010/01/15) Fixed bug#4758 - Dashboard RSS feeds doesn't display
      XML encoded entities correctly.
    - (2010/01/13) Fixed bug#4754 - Multiple tickets with a huge
      POP3 Mailbox - more then 2000 email in the box
      ("Deep recursion on subroutine").
    - (2010/01/13) Fixed bug#4713 - In ticket overview, after adding
      view=30 - no tickets are visible.
    - (2010/01/12) Upgrade of cpan Net::IMAP::Simple from 1.17 to 1.1910
  - removed obsolete nochown patch
  - fixed deps
    o mysql > Recommends
  - rpmlint
    o reworked init patch
    - mysql > Should-Start
    - added missing Short-Description
    o spec
    - wrong-file-end-of-line-encoding
    - added BuildReq dos2unix
    o rpmlintrc
    - non-executable-script
    - hidden-file-or-dir
  - update OTRS::ITSM to Version 2.0.2
  - updated SOURCES
  - fix update of
    o remove noreplace
* Thu Jun 10 2010
  - bnc#613158 - nothing provides perl-Msql-Mysql-modules
    o fixed deps perl-Msql-Mysql-modules > perl-DBD-mysql
* Mon Feb 01 2010
  - update to Version 2.4.6
    o Bug# 4433 - When composing an email answer, StateDefault is
      ignored but first available state is used.
    o Bug# 4584 - Auto response did not use defined 'From' address,
      but instead the queue address.
    o Bug# 4551 - GenericAgent appends leading zeros to months for
      dates in search criteria when TimeInputFormat is set to
      "Input" when editing GenericAgent jobs.
    o Bug# 4435 - In-line images in quoted replies break in some
      scenarios like AgentTicketCompose and AgentTicketForward.
    o Bug# 4486 - Language and Out-of-Office information displayed
      in the admin interface for user management were not correct
      (but in the user preferences this worked fine).
    o Bug# 4482 - Owner update is possible without selecting a new owner.
    o Bug# 4246 - Response Templates fail to populate when original
      emails had <body> tags spanning more than one line, for
      instance from Windows Mail clients.
    o Bug# 4613 - Umlauts in notification messages and e-mail
      answers were replaced with "?" when using ArticleStorageFS
      config option as attachment storage backend.
    o Bug# 4498 - Rich Text Editor places whitespace in front
      of lines in plain text email body.
    o Bug# 4128 - Signature line breaks are stripped in E-mail
      ticket if the Rich Text Editor is disabled.
    o Bug# 4319 - After upgrade to 2.4, when composing an answer
      to old tickets the text 'No quotable message' appeared
      instead of the old message text.
    o Bug# 4464 - Spell checker (WYSIWYG + ispell) can't check
      text if it contains http:// links.
    o Bug# 4454 - scripts/ threw EncodeObject error
      and failed to work.
    o Bug# 4232 - Spell checker in Customer Interface gives
      "AgentSpelling not registered" error message.
    o Bug# 4704 - Package Manager: upload install fails with
      "Message: Need ContentType!" when using Google Chrome browser.
    o Bug# 4597 - Unnecessary slash in download links throws web
      server errors when accessing some links in AgentTicketZoom
      on Microsoft IIS webservers.
    o Bug# 4361 - Umlauts in Dashboard do not display correctly
      after refresh on a non-Unicode database.
    o Bug# 4781 - LDAP auth with "umlaut" not possible with OTRS
      in iso-8859-1 and utf-8 ldap directory, causing "No UserID
      found"-messages when logging in.
  - update OTRS::ITSM to Version 1.3.2
  - updated SOURCES
    o itsm.README.{en,de}
  - some spec fixes
* Thu Sep 03 2009
  - cleanup spec
    o removed #---------
    o removed rel, pid
    o fixed patch naming
    o fixed user/group check -> getent
    o fixed clean section
    o fixed PreReq
  - rpmlint stuff
    o added rpmlintrc
    * non-etc-or-var-file-marked-as-conffile
    o split up pkg
    * added doc
  - reworked init patch
    o no-reload-entry
* Sun Mar 15 2009
  - Update to new Version 2.3.4
    o a lot of fixes, please see CHANGES file
    o itsm.README.en
  - added OTRS::ITSM 1.2.3 modules
    o added to be able to install ITSM modules via local repo
      see itsm.README for more info
    o added apache2 restart
  - new nochown patch
  - renamed otrs-init.diff to otrs-init.patch
  - apache2-httpd-new.include.conf is now installed as
  - some rpmlint stuff



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