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nagios-plugins-users-1.4.15-15.1.5 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 12.2 for i586

Name: nagios-plugins-users Distribution: openSUSE 12.2
Version: 1.4.15 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 15.1.5 Build date: Tue Jul 24 02:41:36 2012
Group: System/Monitoring Build host: build22
Size: 38832 Source RPM: nagios-plugins-1.4.15-15.1.5.src.rpm
Summary: Check number of users currently logged in
This plugin checks the number of users currently logged in on the local system
and generates an error if the number exceeds the thresholds specified.




GPL-2.0+ and GPL-3.0


* Mon May 21 2012
  - Use BuildRequires: libgnutls-devel instead of gnutls-devel for
    Factory in keeping with gnutls package naming changes.
* Wed May 16 2012
  - rename nagios-plugins-libs to nagios-plugins-common as this
    package contains more than just the libraries
* Fri Apr 27 2012
  - fix build on ix86
  - only recommend subpackages that have new (and not always available
  - move examples directory to the libs package: the permissions
    file there is more useful here
  - new subpackage nagios-plugins-all recommending all other
* Thu Apr 26 2012
  - do not package check_xenvm on ix86 as this setup is (no longer)
* Wed Apr 25 2012
  - added nagios-plugins-enhance_check_sensors.patch (thanks to
    Craig Gardner): return unkown if the needed kernel module
    is not loaded
* Mon Apr 23 2012
  - introduce a new subpackage nagios-plugins-libs that contains
    most of the content of the former nagios-plugins package. That
    should make updates easier as the nagios-plugins package itself
    can now require all former included packages and the single
    check-packages just need to require the nagios-plugins-libs
    package on demand
  - change recommends to requires in nagios-plugins and
    nagios-plugins-extras, so users with 'solver.onlyRequires'=true
    can also upgrade to the new package layout without problems
  - provide the nagios-plugins-xenvm package only for x86 hardware
    as the required xen-tools are just built there
* Tue Apr 17 2012
  - update README.SuSE as users should also allow broadcasts in their
    firewall if they use check_dhcp (thanks to RÃ&frac;diger Oertel)
  - split up the checks into subpackages to follow the other
    distributions and allow users to install a minimal setup on their
    machines with minimal dependencies (moved dependencies into
  - run set_permissions on newer distributions
  - added nagios-plugins-wrong_return_in_check_swap.patch:
    preventing check_swap from returning OK, if no swap activated
* Wed Feb 22 2012
  - add GPL-3.0 implicitely to fix bnc #677711
* Wed Feb 08 2012
  - added hint to permissions file to nagios-plugins-README.SuSE
* Tue Oct 18 2011
  - fix missing Group in subpkg
  - remove Author from Description
* Fri Aug 12 2011
  - use nagios-rpm-macros rpm now to define global macros
  - use the following patches from Debian:
    + 05_check_linux_raid_fix_striped.dpatch
    + 10_check_disk_smb_spaces.dpatch
    + 11_check_disk_smb_NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.dpatch
    + 13_check_smtp_greeting.dpatch
    + 14_check_icmp_multiple_ips.dpatch
    + 15_check_sensors_fault.dpatch
  - split up nagios-plugins-fping package, and recommend it in
    nagios-plugins-extras for backwards compatibility
  - disable rpath in configure
  - sort configure arguments alphabetical
  - install check_bgpstate check in nagios-plugins-check_bgpstate
  - remove .pl endings from check_netapp and check_linux_raid, but
    provide symlinks for backwards compatibility
  - provide check_host and check_rta_multi for users changing from
* Mon Aug 01 2011
  - added info about check_dhcp in README.SuSE (see bnc #640367)
* Fri Oct 08 2010
  - unfuzz patch
* Wed Jul 28 2010
  - removed zlib from Requires to make rpmlint happy
  - update to 1.4.15
  - removed 1.4.14 specific Patches
  - fixes through update:
    * Fix check_ircd binding to wrong interface (#668778)
    * Add proxy-authorization option to check_http (Marcel Kuiper -
    [#1323230], Bryan Irvine - #2863925)
    * check_icmp now increment the sequence counter in each packet
    * Fix usage of repeated -o options in check_snmp
    * Try to detect arguments passed via --with-ping[6]-command and
    set options accordingly (#2908236)
    * Fix memory leak in check_http for large pages
    (Jimmy Bergman - #2957455)
    * Fix compilation with GCC 2.96 (Konstantin Khomoutov - #2977105)
    * Fix regression introduced in #1867716 where partially valid
    performance strings would not be printed anymore
    * Fix regression in check_http ssl checks on some servers -
    make SNI an option
    * Fix guest mode support in check_disk_smb
    * Fix check_disk_smb and check_ircd failures when run via ePN
    * check_ldap now allows for specifying an empty LDAP base
    * Fix compilation error of pst3 in Solaris 8
    * Fix check_radius returning OK on unexpected results
    (Craig Leres - #2911752)
    * Fix translations when extra-opts aren't enabled
    (Jan Wagner - #2832884)
    * Fix parsing of multi-line strings in check_snmp (broken in 1.4.14)
    and enhance output in such case (#2832451)
    * Fix detection of pst3 64-bit compile flags with Sun CC
    * Fix cmd_run overwriting the environment, which would break
    some commands that needed it
    * Allow check_ifstatus to accept version=2c - used to only allow
    version=2 (Brian Landers)
    * Fix examples in check_disk, where it implied was possible to
    suffix unit values to warn/crit parameters
* Fri Jun 18 2010
  - enable ipv6 usage (looks like default configure does not detect
    this right)
  - define ping6 commandline in configure
  - added Patches from Debian:
    + check_game_cmdline.patch
    + check_smtp_help.patch
    + check_snmp_perfdata.patch
* Sun Dec 20 2009
  - add nagios-plugins-1.4.14-implicit_decl.patch to spec file
* Tue Dec 15 2009
  - enhanced the documentation in the example permissions file
* Sun Dec 13 2009
  - added run_permissions in post in case somebody uses the delivered
    example file
* Sun Dec 06 2009
  - enabled extra-opts
  - fix pathnames to ntp commands
  - remove check_sensors on archs with no support for it
  - added the following patches:
    + nagios-plugins-1.4.14-ntpd.patch (remove wrong comment)
    + nagios-plugins-1.4.14-check_log.patch (fix pathnames)
    + nagios-plugins-1.4.14-command_cfg.patch (fix pathnames)
    + nagios-plugins-1.4.14-nmap.patch (fix tempdir)
    + nagios-plugins-1.4.14-check_inodes.patch (initialize vars)
    + nagios-plugins-1.4.14-implicit_decl.patch (fix implicit decl.)
    + nagios-plugins-1.4.14-check_ircd.patch (Make it working on
      multihomed host - thanks to
* Tue Nov 24 2009
  - refresh patches wit fuzz=0
* Wed Sep 16 2009
  - update to 1.4.14
    for a full list of changes have a look at
* Sat Jul 25 2009
  - moved example file command.cfg to doc directory, the nagios package
    brings its own configuration files, this command.cfg confuses
* Wed Jul 08 2009
  - added parameters to configure in spec to get more information from
    check_proc (bnc#519240)
* Fri Jun 05 2009
  - added contrib to doc
  - spec mods
    * cleanup specfile
      o RPM Tags
    * fixed deps on sub-pkg extras
    * use of rpm macros
    * add S:11, S:12 in prep
    * simplify filelist for libexecdir
      o checks for extras pkg are excluded in main pkg
    * reworked files for doc
* Fri May 15 2009
  - fixed buffer overflow in check_ntp_peer (bnc#498669)
* Wed Mar 04 2009
  - added accidentally removed README and example again



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