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lsof-4.84-15.1.2 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 12.2 for i586

Name: lsof Distribution: openSUSE 12.2
Version: 4.84 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 15.1.2 Build date: Sun Jul 15 06:11:11 2012
Group: System/Monitoring Build host: build11
Size: 972876 Source RPM: lsof-4.84-15.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: A Program That Lists Information about Files Opened by Processes
Lsof lists information about files opened by processes. An open file
may be a regular file, a directory, a block special file, a character
special file, an executing text reference, a library, a stream, or a
network file (Internet socket, NFS file, or UNIX domain socket.)  A
specific  file or all the files in a file system may be selected by

    Victor A. Abell <>






* Mon Mar 26 2012
  - license update: Zlib
    lsof license is most similar to Zlib (also use SPDX format)
* Tue Aug 16 2011
  - repack the tarball to remove legally problematic files
* Mon Jun 27 2011
  - change perl reference to /usr/bin/perl which actually exists
* Thu Jun 09 2011
  - perl4 refference causes missing perl4 dependency
* Wed Jan 12 2011
  - portability fixes (by Pascal)
* Sun Aug 29 2010
  - Do not include build host specific information including
    date and compilation time to make build-compare happy
* Tue Aug 17 2010
  - update to lsof 4.84
    * corrects a man page nroff command error
    * recognizes FreeBSD 7.3
    * adds improved task support, initially for Linux
* Fri Apr 09 2010
  - update to lsof 4.83
    * corrects an over-zealous test that causes lsof to produce no
      ouput when the HASSECURITY and HASNOSOCKSECURITTY have been
      specified at lsof build time
    * fixes a typo with the LINUX_HASSELUNIX Configure variable
    * accepts LSOF_RANLIB from the environment
    * added Linux test for __UCLIBC__
* Fri Feb 19 2010
  - fix 64bit issue (gcc 4.5)
* Sun Dec 20 2009
  - enable parallel build



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