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abcde- RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 12.2 for i586

Name: abcde Distribution: openSUSE 12.2
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 76.1.2 Build date: Sun Jul 15 06:09:45 2012
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/Sound/Utilities Build host: build18
Size: 196250 Source RPM: abcde-
Summary: A Better CD Encoder
A front-end program to cdparanoia, wget, cd-discid, id3, and your
favorite Ogg or MP3 encoder (defaults to oggenc). Grabs an entire CD
and converts each track to Ogg or MP3 then comments or ID3 tags each
file with one command.






* Wed Oct 05 2011
  - cross-build fix: use %__cc macro
* Sat Sep 17 2011
  - Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
* Thu Feb 10 2011
  - added recommends id3v2
* Fri Oct 31 2008
  - apply patch from bnc#419800 to fix
    "abcde quotes some variables incorrectly"
* Tue Nov 27 2007
  - update to tons of debian bug reports fixed, e.g.
    * Default to UNICODE (UTF8) tags and comments (Closes: #282332).
    - Added CDDBPROTO option in config file (Closes: #349951)
    * Added a missing "INDEX 01" entry for CUE sheet creation.
    * Avoid completing the encoding of files if we aborted previously.
    * Embed the CUE sheet if we have a cuesheet file and we have a single FLAC
      file, even if we are not tagging. This way we can use the file as a source
      even if it is not tagged/named properly.
    * Fails to quote filenames properly (Closes: #355296)
* Thu Sep 07 2006
  - update to 2.3.3:
    * Rips done in a single track were getting tagged as Various. Corrected.
    * Possibly eliminated some bashisms from using a variable as a variable
      (Closes: #324399). Thanks to A Costa.
    * MKCUE needs to be passed some $CDROM as an option, or otherwise it will
      not read the CDROM, in case is not /dev/cdrom.
    * Also, make the CUEREADER a bit more general, since we might be using other
      CUE extractors.
    * Defining the tracknumber now resets the first track if given a number
      different than 1 (that is: abcde -T 1 2-10 creates songs 1 to 9).
    * Modified the FAQ to reflect the changes on Marillat's repo
      (Closes: #315724).
    * Should be "space" safe: works properly when the working directory contains
      a space (Closes: #147493).
    * Repared the CD query for the discid code. When failing to read a disc,
      actually report that there might be no disc in the drive.
    * Right now, walk over the different encoders we Depends: on in Debian and
      use the one available: if a user has a FLAC encoder, abcde will no install
      vorbis-tools, so it will fail to run out of the box (Closes: #321216)
    * Added CUE support. Still experimental...
    * Added FLAC on Ogg. Still not activated, since we cannot get comments added
      as a post-process action.
    * Applied patches from Fedora Core (Credit goes to Nils Philippsen
    * Added a post_read() function to be executed before ejecting the CD.
    * Typos reported by A Costa corrected (Closes: #311463)
    * Problem with abcde being run in a directory with files containing only
      numbers solved (Closes: #313628).
    * vorbiscomment uses now "-R" (Closes: #303566).
    * "-t" and "-T" use the first track as a starter for the track list.
      (Closes: #305749).
    * Added CDPARANOIACDROMBUS option to define -d in case of using IDE and SCSI
      in case of using ide-scsi emulation layer (Closes: #290768).
    * Define metaflac in abcde.conf (Closes: #303555)
    * Double quotation added to solve parsing * as a wildcard (Closes: #302904).
      Thanks to Christian Grigis for the patch. Also (Closes: #268088).
    * CDPARANOIAOUTPUT missed some quotes.
    * Removed some useless lines.
    * If BATCH is used with ONETRACK, disable BATCH.
    * Small typos with CDROM comparisons.
    * Logic for CDROM variable improved.
    * Changed the way we call flac, to adapt to the new times:
    - -import-vc-from= to --import-tags-from.
    * DOSPLAYLIST was not included in the list of options.
    * Options passed to the encoder by using <-o ogg:"-b 192"> are now
      supported. One can modify the way abcde encodes just for the current CD.
    * Unfortunatelly I forgot to add the starting number for tags in Ogg. For
      MP3 is a bit more difficult, since it needs changing the X/YY code.
    * Also, the order of the tags in metaflac is important for the utf8 names.
      Thanks to Frederik Juul Christiani (Closes: #297482)
    * Added CDROMID in the .conf file, for reader programs that need it
      (Closes: #297005)
    * Added a check for cdparanoia when encountering data-only CDs.
    * Use the default while erasing an existing playlist (Closes: #288835).
    * Does not destroy track information when a track contains "=" in the name
      (Closes: #290709).
    * Quotes missing when evaluating a value (Closes: #284018).
    * Spotted and solved a problem with the way the data tracks were detected
      (Closes: #282647).
* Wed Jan 25 2006
  - converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Wed Nov 02 2005
  - make CDROM != /dev/cdrom work
* Fri Jan 21 2005
  - update to 2.2.0
* Thu Aug 05 2004
  - update to 2.1.19



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