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nagios-3.3.1-9.2.2 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE 12.1 for x86_64

Name: nagios Distribution: openSUSE 12.1
Version: 3.3.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 9.2.2 Build date: Sat Oct 29 22:16:20 2011
Group: System/Monitoring Build host: build34
Size: 1056023 Source RPM: nagios-3.3.1-9.2.2.src.rpm
Summary: The Nagios Network Monitor
Nagios is a program that will monitor hosts and services on your
network. It has the ability to email or page you when a problem arises
and when a problem is resolved. Nagios is written in C and is designed
to run under Linux (and some other *NIX variants) as a background
process, intermittently running checks on various services that you

The actual service checks are performed by separate "plugin" programs
which return the status of the checks to Nagios. The plugins are
available at

This package provides core programs for Nagios. The web interface,
documentation, and development files are built as separate packages

    Ethan Galstad <>






* Fri Oct 07 2011
  - also check (and fix) the ownership of the directory where
    $status_file lives - Nagios uses this directory for temporary
* Mon Aug 01 2011
  - update to 3.3.1
    * Fixes status.cgi when called with no parameters, where host should be
    set to all if none specified (Michael Friedrich)
    * Fixes possible validation error with empty hostgroups/servicegroups
    (Sven-Göran Bergh)
    * Performance-data handling and checking is now thread-safe so long as
    embedded perl is not used.
    * Children should no longer hang on mutex locks held in parent for
    localtime() (and similar) calls.
    * Debug logging is now properly serialized, using soft-locking with a
    timeout of 150 milliseconds to avoid multiple threads competing for the
    privilege to write debug info.
    * Fixed extraneous alerts for services when host is down
    * Fixed incorrect parsing of multi-line host check results (Jochen Bern)
    * Fixed bug with passive host checks being incorrectly sent to event
    brokers as active checks
    * Fixed bug where passive host check status updates were not being
    propagated to event brokers
* Tue Jul 26 2011
  - fixed typos in nagios.spec
* Fri Jul 08 2011
  - removed setuid bit from /var/spool/nagios - configure the
    right permissions on service start instead
  - use the right STDERR in the cron script
  - cleanup files section
* Tue Jul 05 2011
  - integrated cron script from Daniel Kozar (bnc#701208)
* Mon Jul 04 2011
  - fixes in init script if check_external_commands are enabled
  - added nagios-3.2.3-CVE-2011-1523.patch to fix
    CVE-2011-1523 (bnc#682966)
* Sun Mar 13 2011
  - install /var/spool/nagios with setgroup bit set, so all new files
    in this directory belong to the command group (maybe we should
    use a permissions file for this?)
* Wed Oct 06 2010
  - update to 3.2.3:
    + Fixes problem where disabling all active hosts/services was not
      taking effect
    + Fixes for compiler warnings (code cleanup by Stephen Gran)
    + Fixes for format errors in event handler logging (Guillaume Rousse)
    + Fixed incorrect info in sample nagios.cfg file for
      state_retention_file (Michael Friedrich)
    + Fixed broker_event_handler() to return ERR if data is NULL
      (Michael Friedrich)
  - rebased all patches
  - adapted nagios-disable_phone_home.patch
* Mon Sep 20 2010
  - removed unneeded filter "permissions-directory-setuid-bit" from
* Tue Sep 07 2010
  - cleaned spec and sources, removed unused patches from source
* Wed Sep 01 2010
  - reworked phone-home patch
* Wed Sep 01 2010
  - Update to nagios 3.2.2, excerpt from changelog:
    * Fix for choosing next valid time on day of DST change when clocks go
    one hour backwards
    * Fix for nagios now erroring when "Error: Could not find any
    contactgroup matching..." displayed
    * Fix tap tests for Solaris 10 and newer versions of Test::Harness
    * Fix for notifications not being sent out when scheduled downtime is
    cancelled (Daniel Pouzzner)
    * Fix for first notification delay being calculated incorrectly, and
    notifications potentially going out early (Pawel Malachowski)
    * Fix for text of scheduling downtime of all services on a host (Holger
    * Fix for services inheriting notification period from hosts if not
    defined (Gordon Messmer)
    * Fix for incorrect service states on host failures (bug #130 Petya Kohts)
    * Fix for incorrect service state attributes being set on host failures
    (bug #128 Petya Kohts)
    * Fix for non-scheduled hosts and services not being updated in NDOUtils
    * Fix for incorrect host state counts in status CGI when viewing
    servicegroups (bug #72)
    * Fix for new Splunk integration query parameters (bug #136)
    * Fix for extra field header in availability CSV export (bug #113)
    * Fix for macro processing code modifying input string (Jochen Bern)
    * Fix for event execution loop re-scheduling host checks instead of
    executing them if service checks are disabled (bug #152)
    * Fix for segfaults on Solaris (Torsten Huebler)
    * Fix for incorrect comment expiration times being passed to event
    broker (Mattieu Kermagot)
* Thu Jul 15 2010
  - back to the old file permissions (once again for clean
    nagios support)
  - readded nonsense stuff again
  - create/fix check_result_path if needed
* Fri Jul 09 2010
  - fix file/dir perms
    o once again for centreon support
  - spec mods
    o sort TAGS
    o added lost Authors (description)
    o macros
    o remove nonsense stuff
* Thu Jun 24 2010
  - rebase phone-home patch
* Tue Jun 22 2010
  - recommend nagios-plugins only to avoid buildcycles
* Fri Jun 18 2010
  - fix init script: touch files if they do not exist-
* Fri May 28 2010
  - disable patch8 - needs rebasing
  - install PIDDIR if it's not /var/run to avoid owner problems
    during start
  - always change ownership of standard files to the right values
* Mon May 24 2010
  - fix 'Schedule downtime for this host and all services' behavior
  - fix typos resulting in non used style declarations
  - fix deleting comments from the hashlist
  - rebase
  - fix a handful compiler warnings
  - do not allow nagios to phone home: disable online_update_checks
  - fix command-group
  - BuildRequire net-tools for enabling WAP
* Fri May 14 2010
  - check_verbose now always prints the resulting logfile - this
    allows to see the warnings
* Tue May 11 2010
  - ghost the pid directory
* Wed May 05 2010
  - fix broken files section
  - init skript now handles /var/run on tmpfs
  - small adaptions of init skript
  - default pidfile now /var/run/nagios/
  - add manpages from Debian package
  - add Debian patches:
    + nagios-fix_forced_servicechecks.patch
    + nagios-fix_encoding_trends.cgi.patch
    + nagios-fix_spurious_dollar_signs_added_to_command_lines.patch
* Tue Apr 06 2010
  - cleanup source
    o removed nagios-3.2.0
* Wed Mar 10 2010
  - update to 3.2.1:
    + Link to allow scheduling downtime for all services on a host
    + Speedup to CGIs when lots of comments or downtimes in status.dat file
    + Patch for new_mini_epn to allow for any command line length without
      breaking extra trailing or leading whitespace
    + Fix for incorrect scheduling when time has gone back an hour
      (partial fix for 24x7)
    + Fix for logging test, which was not timezone aware
      (bug #0000077 - Allan Clark)
    + Fix for CSS validation of padding: X
    + Fix for documentation re: case-insensitive nature of custom
      variables (Marc Powell)
    + Fix for template configurations which use negated wildcards
      (Tim Wilde)
* Mon Nov 23 2009
  - changed path to send_nsca in the eventhandler script according
      to the path given in the nagios-nsca package. BNC #486937
* Fri Nov 06 2009
  - added lost changes
    o Jun 24 2009
    o Jun 23 2009
  - spec mods
    o removed changelog
    o added LEGAL to doc
    o simplify install of extra SOURCES
  - added support for centreon
    o centreon is frontend GUI for nagios
    o changed perms/ownership in files section
* Fri Aug 21 2009
  - cleanup spec
    o fixed header
    o sorted TAGS
  - fixed deps
    o added missing Req nagios-plugins
* Fri Aug 14 2009
  - added Requires php and mod_php_any
* Thu Aug 13 2009
  - added ndo2db to Should-Start/Should-Stop in rcnagios
    changed permission of resource.cfg (needed by centreon)
      (Changes by
* Wed Aug 12 2009
  - update to 3.2.0:
    * Fix for read-only permissions bug in CGIs that caused problems viewing
    comments (bug #0000029)
    * Fix for incorrect CGI reports (availability, trends, etc.) when
    reporting period spans Daylight Savings Time (bug #0000046)
    * Fix for detection of truecolor support in GD library (Lars Hecking)
    * Reverted to use --datadir configure script option instead of the more
    recently introduced --datarootdir option
    * Status and retention files are now flushed/synced to disk to prevent
    incomplete information being displayed in CGIs
    * Fix for incorrect next service check time calculation when Nagios is
    reloaded with different timeperiod ranges
    * Updated Fedora quickstart guide to indicate PHP requirements
    * Known issue: Service checks that are defined with timeperiods that
    contain "exclude" directives are incorrectly re-scheduled.  Don't use
    these for now - we'll get this fixed for 3.4
* Wed Jun 24 2009
  - update to 3.1.2
    - fixes bug in host/service schduling logic that caused excessive
      CPU usage introduced with 3.1.0
* Tue Jun 23 2009
  - update to 3.1.1
    * New "important check command" flag for use in service templates, to
      aid configuration in distributed environments
    * Fix for nagios validation error when no services defined
    * Fix for stylesheet link
    * Fix for extinfo.cgi error message when cgi.cfg doesn't exist
    * Fix for notifications.cgi where Update button on right didn't retain
      host information when no host= was in query parameters
    * Fix for potential bug where a contactgroup with no members could cause
      parsing errors
    * Fix for W3 validation for history.cgi
    * Fix for W3 validation for extinfo.cgi
    * Fix for nagiostats to return non-zero with failures in MRTG mode
    * Added t/ directory for tests. Use make test to run. Requires perl on
      development server
    * Fix for duplicate event_id attributes in status and retention data
    * Fix for duplicate unlink() during check processing
    * Added missing check period column to host config display (CGI)
    * Fix for embedded Perl initialization under FreeBSD
    * Fix for incorrect re-initialization of mutext after program restart
    * Fix for incorrect weighting in host flap detection logic
    * Added libtap to distribution. Use ./configure --enable-libtap to compile
    * nagios.log permissions are now kept after log rotation
    * Fix for "Max concurrent service checks (X) has been reached" messages
    - will now push services 5 + random(10) seconds ahead for retry
    * Fix for removing old HTML files for web frontend that are now replaced
      with PHP equivalents (in dex/main/side.html)
    * Fix for incorrect service history link text in CGIs
    * Fix for useless code loop in netutils.c
    * Fix for potential divide by zero in event scheduling code
    * Fix for trailing backslash in plugin output causing memory corruption
      in CGIs
    * Fix for bug that could affect host/service scheduling during clock
      time skew or changes to time perod definitions between restarts
    * Leading whitespace from continuation lines in configuration files is
      now stripped out
    * Fix for bug where pipe (used by IPC) file descriptors get inherited by
      child processed (e.g. event handlers) (bug #0000026)
    * Fix for failure to daemonize - Nagios now bails (bug #0000011)
    * Fix for notifications about flapping starting not processed properly
      by retention data
    * Patch to add transparency to statusmap icons for truecolor images
    * Patch to add read-only permissions to extinfo CGI
    * Security fix for statuswml.cgi where arbitrary shell injection was
* Fri Mar 27 2009
  - added check_verbose to rcnagios to print the error messages
      directly instead of pointing to the error_log BNC #486912
* Tue Mar 03 2009
  - changed rcnagios to delete control characters from values
      BNC #480747



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