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tack-5.8-5.1.4 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 12.1 for i586

Name: tack Distribution: openSUSE 12.1
Version: 5.8 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 5.1.4 Build date: Sat Oct 29 05:33:30 2011
Group: Development/Tools/Building Build host: build19
Size: 168423 Source RPM: ncurses-5.8-5.1.4.src.rpm
Summary: Terminfo action checker
This package contains the tack utility to help to build a new terminfo
entry describing an unknown terminal. It can also be used to test the
correctness of an existing entry, and to develop the correct pad
timings needed to ensure that screen updates do not fall behind the
incoming data stream.

    Daniel Weaver <>
    Eric S. Raymond <>






* Fri Sep 30 2011
  - cross-build fixes: use %configure macro, use host's tic/tack
    for build, don't ldd tack
* Thu Sep 29 2011
  - fix build under qemu for the ARM port
* Tue Mar 08 2011
  - Add ncurses patch 5.8.20110307
    * revert changes to limit-checks from 20110122 (Debian #616711).
    * corrected a minor sign error in a field of Low_Level_Field_Type, to
    conform to form.h.
    * replaced C_Int by Curses_Bool as return type for some callbacks, see
* Mon Mar 07 2011
  - Add ncurses patch 5.8.20110305
    * fix an off-by-one error in _nc_slk_initialize() from 20100605 fixes
    for compiler warnings (report by Nicolas Boulenguez).
* Thu Mar 03 2011
  - Update to ncurses 5.8
    * change open() in _nc_read_file_entry() to fopen() for consistency
    with write_file().
    * modify misc/ to create parent directory, in case this is
    a new install of hashed database.
    * add cons25-debian entry (patch by Brian M Carlson, Debian #607662).
    * add xterm-utf8 entry as a demo of the U8 feature -TD
    * add U8 feature to denote entries for terminal emulators which do not
    support VT100 SI/SO when processing UTF-8 encoding -TD
    * improve the NCURSES_NO_UTF8_ACS feature by adding a check for an
    extended terminfo capability U8 (prompted by mailing list
    * correct limit-checks in derwin().
    * fix a missing "weak" declaration for pthread_kill (patch by Nicholas Alcock).
    * improve documentation of KEY_ENTER in curs_getch.3x manpage (prompted
    by discussion with Kevin Martin).
    * document thick- and double-line symbols in curs_add_wch.3x manpage.
    * document WACS_xxx constants in curs_add_wch.3x manpage.
    * fix typo in man/default_colors.3x (patch by Tim van der Molen).
    * fix remaining strict compiler warnings in ncurses library ABI=5,
    except those dealing with function pointers, etc.
    * modify nc_tparm.h, adding guards against repeated inclusion, and
    allowing TPARM_ARG to be overridden.
    * suppress ncv in screen entry, allowing underline (patch by Alejandro R Sedeno).
    * also suppress ncv in konsole-base -TD
    * fixes in wins_nwstr() and related functions to ensure that special
    characters, i.e., control characters are handled properly with the
    wide-character configuration.
    * correct a comparison in wins_nwstr() (Redhat #661506).
    * correct help-messages in some of the test-programs, which still
    referred to quitting with 'q'.
    * add special case to _nc_infotocap() to recognize the setaf/setab
    strings from xterm+256color and xterm+88color, and provide a reduced
    version which works with termcap.
    * fix typo in rmso for tek4106 entry -Goran Weinholt
    * repurpose "gnome" terminfo entries as "vte", retaining "gnome" items
    for compatibility, but generally deprecating those since the VTE
    library is what actually defines the behavior of "gnome", etc.,
    since 2003 -TD
    * correct parsing of relative tab-stops in tabs program (report by
    Philip Ganchev).
    * adjust configure script so that "t" is not added to library suffix
    when weak-symbols are used, allowing the pthread configuration to
    more closely match the non-thread naming (report by Werner Fink).
    * modify configure check for tic program, used for fallbacks, to a
    warning if not found.  This makes it simpler to use additonal
    scripts to bootstrap the fallbacks code using tic from the build
    tree (report by Werner Fink).
* Tue Dec 21 2010
  - Change rxvt-unicode terminfo entry (Thanks darix)
* Tue Oct 12 2010
  - Enforce the correct libraries for tic to generate the fallback.c
* Tue Oct 12 2010
  - Avoid libncursest6 by re-enabling weak symbol for pthread_kill()
  - Fix broken manual page terminfo(5) by disabling tbl during install
  - Add ncurses*-config manual pages to file list of devel package
* Mon Oct 11 2010
  - Update to test version 5.7.20101009 (bnc#644831 and bnc#540571)
    * correct comparison used for setting 16-colors in linux-16color
      entry (Novell #644831) -TD
    * improve linux-16color entry, using "dim" for color-8 which makes it
      gray rather than black like color-0 -TD
    * add checks in tic for inconsistent cursor-movement controls, and for
      inconsistent printer-controls.
    * fill in no-parameter forms of cursor-movement where a parameterized
      form is available -TD
    * fill in missing cursor controls where the form of the controls is
      ANSI -TD
    * fix inconsistent punctuation in form_variables manpage (patch by
      Sven Joachim).
    * add parameterized cursor-controls to linux-basic (report by Dae) -TD
    * add "XT" capability to entries for terminals that support both
      xterm-style mouse- and title-controls, for "screen" which
      special-cases TERM beginning with "xterm" or "rxvt" -TD
    * add configure check for pthread_kill(), needed for some old
    * modify nsterm, xnuppc and tek4115 to make sgr/sgr0 consistent -TD
    * add check in terminfo source-reader to provide more informative
      message when someone attempts to run tic on a compiled terminal
      description (prompted by Debian #593920).
    * note in infotocap and captoinfo manpages that they read terminal
      descriptions from text-files (Debian #593920).
    * improve acsc string for vt52, show arrow keys (patch by Benjamin
    * correct a typo in mk-1st.awk (patch by Gabriele Balducci)
      (cf: 20100724)
    * document tabs "-0" and "-8" options in manpage.
    * add a check in tic for missing set_tab if clear_all_tabs given.
    * add mlterm+256color entry, for mlterm 3.0.0 -TD
    * fix configure script for combining --with-pthread
      and --enable-weak-symbols options.
    * add configure option --enable-pthreads-eintr to control whether the
      new EINTR feature is enabled.
    * modify logic in pthread configuration to allow EINTR to interrupt
      a read operation in wgetch() (Novell #540571, patch by Werner Fink).
    * modify _nc_capcmp() to work with cancelled strings.
    * correct translation of "^" in _nc_infotocap(), used to transform
      terminfo to termcap strings
    * simplify logic in _nc_get_screensize() to make it easier to see how
      environment variables may override system- and terminfo-values
      (prompted by discussion with Igor Bujna).
    * add check if Gpm_Open() returns a -2, e.g., for "xterm".  This is
      normally suppressed but can be overridden using $NCURSES_GPM_TERMS.
      Ensure that Gpm_Close() is called in this case.
    * use va_copy() in _nc_printf_string() to avoid conflicting use of
      va_list value in _nc_printf_length() (report by Wim Lewis).
    * add several screen-bce.XXX entries -TD
    * update mrxvt terminfo entry -TD
    * modify win_driver.c to support mouse single-clicks.
    * correct name for termlib in ncurses*-config, e.g., if it is renamed
      to provide a single file for ncurses/ncursesw libraries (patch by
      Miroslav Lichvar).
    * for term-driver configuration, ensure that the driver pointer is
      initialized in setupterm so that terminfo/termcap programs work.
    * amend fix for Debian #542031 to ensure that wattrset() returns only
      OK or ERR, rather than the attribute value (report by Miroslav
    * reorder WINDOWLIST to put WINDOW data after SCREEN pointer, making
      _nc_screen_of() compatible between normal/wide libraries again (patch
      by Miroslav Lichvar)
    * modify win_driver.c to initialize TERMINAL struct so that programs
      such as test/lrtest.c and test/ncurses.c which test string
      capabilities can run.
* Tue Sep 07 2010
  - BuildRequire gpm-devel
* Wed Jul 14 2010
  - List authors in contribution order
* Fri Jul 02 2010
  - Use %_smp_mflags
* Fri May 07 2010
  - Ad workaround to enforce that the terminal rading thread will
    interrupted by SIGWINCH (bnc#540571)
* Fri Jan 15 2010
  - Disable experimetal term-driver API as this crash on NULL
    pointer function _nc_globals.term_driver
* Tue Jan 12 2010
  - Update to test version 5.7.20100109
    * add tiparm(), based on review of X/Open Curses Issue 7.
    * minor improvement to tic's checking of similar SGR's to allow for the
      most common case of SGR 0.
    * modify getmouse() to act as its documentation implied, returning on
      each call the preceding event until none are left.  When no more
      events remain, it will return ERR.
    * add bterm terminfo entry, based on bogl 0.1.18 -TD
    * minor fix to rxvt+pcfkeys terminfo entry -TD
    * update minix terminfo entry -TD
    * add bw (auto-left-margin) to nsterm* entries (Benjamin Sittler)
    * correct transfer of multicolumn characters in multirow
      field_buffer(), which stopped at the end of the first row due to
      filling of unused entries in a cchar_t array with nulls.
    * updated nsterm* entries (Benjamin Sittler, Emanuele Giaquinta)
    * modify _nc_viscbuf2() and _tracecchar_t2() to show wide-character nulls.
    * fix case where progs/tput is used while sp-funcs is configure; this
      requires save/restore of out-character function from _nc_prescreen
      rather than the SCREEN structure (report by Charles Wilson).
    * limit hashing for termcap-names to 2-characters (Ubuntu #481740).
    * fix a regression in _nc_ripoffline which made test/ncurses.c not show
      soft-keys, broken in 20090927 merging.
    * update nsterm entries (patch by Benjamin C W Sittler, prompted by
      discussion with Fabian Groffen in GenToo #206201).
    * add test/xterm-256color.dat
    * modify _nc_wgetch() to check for a -1 in the fifo, e.g., after a
      SIGWINCH, and discard that value, to avoid confusing application
      (patch by Eygene Ryabinkin, FreeBSD bin/136223).
    * modify handling of $PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR to use only the first item in
      a possibly colon-separated list (Debian #550716).
    * fix a sign-extension bug in unget_wch() (report by Mike Gran).
    * remove unnecessary kcan assignment to ^C from putty (Sven Joachim)
    * add ccc and initc capabilities to xterm-16color -TD
    * add linux-16color
    * correct initc capability of linux-c-nc end-of-range
    * completed integrating "sp-funcs" by Juergen Pfeifer in ncurses
      library (some work remains for forms library).
    * fix typo s/is_timeout/is_notimeout/ which made "man is_notimeout" not work.
    * add null-pointer checks to other opaque-functions.
    * add is_pad() and is_subwin() functions for opaque access to WINDOW
      (discussion with Mark Dickinson).
    * correct merge to lib_newterm.c, which broke when sp-funcs was enabled.
    * build-fix for building outside source-tree (report by Sven Joachim).
    * fix Debian lintian warning for man/tabs.1 by making section number
      agree with file-suffix (report by Sven Joachim).
    * workaround for bug in g++ 4.1-4.4 warnings for wattrset() macro on
      amd64 (Debian #542031).
    * modify wgetch() to ensure it checks SIGWINCH when it gets an error
      in non-blocking mode (patch by Clemens Ladisch).
    * fix configure script option --with-database, which was coded as an
      enable-type switch.
    * modify lib_addch.c to compensate for removal of wide-character test
      from unctrl() in 20090704 (Debian #539735).
    * modify _nc_find_type_entry() to use hashing.
    * modify length returned by getcchar() to count the trailing null
      which is documented in X/Open (cf: 20020427).
    * improve performance of tigetstr, etc., by using hashing code from tic.
    * minor fixes for memory-leak checking.
    * remove wide-character checks from unctrl() (patch by Clemens Ladisch).
    * revise wadd_wch() and wecho_wchar() to eliminate dependency on unctrl().
    * update llib-lncurses[wt] to use sp-funcs.
    * move definition for NCURSES_WRAPPED_VAR back to ncurses_dll.h, to
      make includes of term.h without curses.h work (report by "Nix").
    * fix a regression in lib_tputs.c, from ongoing merges.
    * fix an infinite recursion when adding a legacy-coding 8-bit value
      using insch() (report by Clemens Ladisch).
    * work around antique BSD game's manipulation of stdscr, etc., versus
      SCREEN's copy of the pointer (Debian #528411).
    * add a cast to wattrset macro to avoid compiler warning when comparing
      its result against ERR (adapted from patch by Matt Kraii, Debian #528374).
    * add vwmterm terminfo entry (patch by Bryan Christ).
    * build fix for _nc_free_and_exit() change in 20090418 (report by Christian Ebert).
    * extend ansi.sys pfkey capability from kf1-kf10 to kf1-kf48, moving
      function key definitions from emx-base for consistency -TD
    * improve install-rules for pc-files (patch by Miroslav Lichvar).
    * make it work with $DESTDIR
    * modify init_pair() to allow caller to create extra color pairs beyond
      the color_pairs limit, which use default colors (request by Emanuele Giaquinta).
    * fix typo "==" where "=" is needed in and files (Debian #512161).
    * add screen.Eterm terminfo entry (GenToo #124887) -TD
    * add case for FreeMINT to configure macro CF_XOPEN_SOURCE (patch from
      GenToo #250454).
    * add check in mouse-driver to disable connection if GPM returns a
      zero, indicating that the connection is closed (Debian #506717,
      adapted from patch by Samuel Thibault).
    * turn on _XOPEN_CURSES definition in curses.h
    * add eterm-color entry (report by Vincent Lefevre) -TD
    * add a manpage to discuss memory leaks.
    * add teraterm4.59 terminfo entry, use that as primary teraterm entry, rename
      original to teraterm2.3 -TD
    * update "gnome" terminfo to 2.22.3 -TD
    * update "konsole" terminfo to 1.6.6, needs today's fix for tic -TD
    * add "aterm" terminfo -TD
    * add "linux2.6.26" terminfo -TD
    * add logic to tic for cancelling strings in user-defined capabilities,
      overlooked til now.
    * add configure option --disable-tic-depends to make explicit whether
      tic library depends on ncurses/ncursesw library, amends change from
      20080823 (prompted by Debian #501421).
    * add environment variable NCURSES_GPM_TERMS to allow override to use
      GPM on terminals other than "linux", etc.
    * disable GPM mouse support when $TERM does not happen to contain
      "linux", since Gpm_Open() no longer limits its assertion to terminals
      that it might handle, e.g., within "screen" in xterm.
    * fix bug in mouse code for GPM from 20080920 changes (reported in
      Debian #500103, also Miroslav Lichvar).
    * fix a memory leak when failure to connect to GPM.
    * correct check for notimeout() in wgetch() (report on linux.redhat
      newsgroup by FurtiveBertie).
    * corrected fix for --enable-weak-symbols (report by Frederic L W Meunier).
    * add configure check for awk programs unable to handle big-strings,
      use that to improve the default for --enable-big-strings option.
    * makefile-fixes for --enable-weak-symbols (report by Frederic L W Meunier).
    * consistently use NCURSES_BOOL in lib_gen.c
    * filter #line's from lib_gen.c
    * use pthread_mutexattr_init() for initializing pthread_mutexattr_t,
      makes threaded code work on HPUX 11.23
    * fix a bug in demo_menus in freeing menus (cf: 20080804).
    * modify configure script for the case where tic library is used (and
      possibly renamed) to remove its dependency upon ncurses/ncursew
      library (patch by Dr Werner Fink).
    * add Eterm-256color, Eterm-88color and rxvt-88color (prompted by
      Debian #495815) -TD
    * add configure option --enable-weak-symbols to turn on new feature.
    * add configure-check for availability of weak symbols.
    * modify linkage with pthread library to use weak symbols so that
      applications not linked to that library will not use the mutexes,
      etc.  This relies on gcc, and may be platform-specific (patch by Dr Werner Fink).
    * add note to INSTALL to document limitation of renaming of tic library
      using the --with-ticlib configure option (report by Dr Werner Fink).
    * document (in manpage) why tputs does not detect I/O errors (prompted
      by comments by Samuel Thibault).
* Sat Dec 12 2009
  - add baselibs.conf as a source
* Sun Dec 06 2009
  - enable parallel building
* Sat Nov 14 2009
  - Add doc/terminfo.src.bz2 reference to /etc/termcap
  - Update patches to apply with fuzz 0



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