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pdsh-2.26-1.1.1 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 12.1 for i586

Name: pdsh Distribution: openSUSE 12.1
Version: 2.26 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1.1 Build date: Mon Nov 7 14:51:51 2011
Group: Productivity/Clustering/Computing Build host: build12
Size: 598691 Source RPM: pdsh-2.26-1.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Parallel remote shell program
Pdsh is a multithreaded remote shell client which executes commands on
multiple remote hosts in parallel.  Pdsh can use several different
remote shell services, including standard "rsh", Kerberos IV, and ssh.






* Wed Nov 02 2011
  - license update: GPL-2.0+
    SDPX format (
* Tue Nov 01 2011
  - update to version 2.26
    - - Fix issue 14: interactive mode broken with ssh
    - - Fix issue 19: missing commas in dshbak(1) header output
    - - Fix issue 20: compilation error in genders.c with non-GCC compilers
    - - Fix issue 23: compilation failure with --enable-static-modules
    - - Fix issue 24: don't arbitrarily limit usernames to 16 characters
    - - Fix issue 25: PDSH_SSH_ARGS should not require %u and %h
    - - Fix issue 26: document use of %u and %h in PDSH_SSH_ARGS
    - - Fix interactive mode with rcmd/exec.
    - - genders: do not look for genders_query(3) support at runtime,
      as this causes too many problems on some systems. Instead,
      use autoconf to include or exclude genders_query support from
      the genders module. (fixes Issue 1)
  - update to version 2.25
    - - Fix pdcp breakage with ssh (bug introduced in pdsh-2.24).
      (Resolves issue 12: pdcp executes file instead of copying.)
    - - testsuite: Skip tests dependent on PDSH_MODULE_DIR when testsuite
      run as root (Resolves issue 13: testsuite broken when run as root)
    - - testsuite: Skip dshbak -d test to non-writable directory when
      directory permissions do not seem to apply (e.g. privileged user)
      (Possibly resolves issue 11: tests fail on Mac OSX under fink)
    - - testsuite: add simple ssh teststestsuite: add simple ssh tests
  - update to version 2.24
    - - Resolve issue 7: Allow PDSH_REMOTE_PDCP_PATH to set default path
      to remote pdcp program (pdcp -e).
    - - Resolve issue 9: Fix use of PDSH_SSH_ARGS_APPEND.
    - - Resolve issue 10: dshbak: Support writing output to file-per-host.
      Adds new -d DIR and -f options to dshbak.
    - - genders: Allow relative paths to genders files with -F and
    - - genders: Don't print an error if genders file is missing, unless
      a genders optin (-F, -a, -g, -i, -X) is explicitly used.
    - - genders: Allow -g to be used with other node selection options as
      a filter. For example: pdsh -w host[0-1024] -g attr1 ...
    - - ssh: Better preservation of remote command args in ssh module.
      Previous versions of pdsh would alwas collapse all args into
      a single argument passed to ssh: "cmd arg1 arg2 ..." With this
      fix the argv list will more closely match the form passed to pdsh
    - - Refactored large portions of dshbak, improve usage output,
      and update manpage
    - - Expanded testsuite.
  - update to version 2.23
    - - Fix issue 4: List available but conflicting modules in -V and -L output
    - - Fix issue 5: dshbak -c doesn't properly coalesce hosts with different
      zero-padding in the numeric suffix.
    - - Added torque module for setting list of target hosts based on Torque/PBS
      jobs (Issue 2).
    - - Enhance syntax of -w and -x to allow preceeding arguments with:
      `-' - Exclude hosts instead of include with -w ( -w foo[1-9],-foo8)
      `^' - insert/exclude list of hosts from a file (^/path/to/file)
    `/' - filter hosts based on regex (/host.*0$/)
    - - Introduce new pdsh testsuite with many new tests. See tests/README
      for more information
* Thu Nov 18 2010
  - update to version 2.22
    - - Sort modules by name before initialization so that modules
      initialize in a reproducible order.
    - - New option -M name,... forces load of misc modules by
      name, thus allowing users to select between conflicting
    - - Fix parsing of hostlist expressions with multiple brackets
    - - Fix for coredump when no rcmd module is loaded.
    - - Fix duplicate error output from ssh module.
    - - Add -e option to pdcp to explicitly specify remote execution
* Wed May 12 2010
  - build with support for dshgroup and netgroup (bnc#477720)
* Fri Apr 11 2008
  - fix build with glibc 28, ARG_MAX no longer defined
  - update to version 2.16
  - Rewrite of the ssh module using the same framework as the existing
    "exec" module.
  - Ability to specify an ssh connect timeout.
  - Small improvements for the dshbak script.
  - Other minor fixes to the pdsh interface.
  - See the NEWS file distributed with pdsh for further information.
* Thu Apr 03 2008
  - update to 2.14
    * some build fixes
    * Enable "exec" rcmd module by default
    * Ignore blank and comment lines in WCOLL file
    * Add new "pipecmd" API for executing arbitrary commands
    * Add "-N" option to disable hostname
    * Block SIGCHLD in pdsh threads
    * Undocumented -K option to explicitly keep
      domain names in output labels
* Mon Apr 30 2007
  - added rpdcp to filelist (binary and manpage)
* Wed Apr 25 2007
  - update to version 2.12 which includes:
    o pdsh-2.10.patch
    o fix build warnings
    o fix bugs
* Thu Aug 31 2006
  - update to version 2.10 which
    o allow rcmd modules to set rcmd-specific options
    o Add test for "," in host range. Increase version number
    o Add COPYING to docs. Remove -n from %setup
    o Add support for command history in interactive mode when using
      readline (History file is placed in ~/.pdsh/history)
    o Change mini shell script so -S hack will work
* Thu Jul 13 2006
  - update to version 2.9 which
    o Remove unneeded .la and .a files in packages
    o Use io session file instead of stdout and stdin session files
    o Remove code which only loaded pdsh modules via *.la files
    o Add xcpu module support
    o Do not install pdsh/pdcp setuid root by default anymore
    o Update documentation



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