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openhpi-3.0.0-9.4.2 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 12.1 for i586

Name: openhpi Distribution: openSUSE 12.1
Version: 3.0.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 9.4.2 Build date: Sun Oct 30 02:27:35 2011
Group: System/Monitoring Build host: build19
Size: 2844447 Source RPM: openhpi-3.0.0-9.4.2.src.rpm
Summary: Implementation of SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface (HPI)
OpenHPI is an open source project created with the intent of providing
an implementation of the SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface (HPI).
HPI provides an abstracted interface to managing computer hardware,
typically for chassis and rack based servers. HPI includes a resource
modeling; access to and control over sensor, control, watchdog, and
inventory data associated with resources; abstracted System Event Log
interfaces; hardware events and alerts; and a managed hotswap

OpenHPI provides a modular mechanism for adding new hardware and device
support easily. Many plug-ins exist in the OpenHPI source tree to
provide access to various types of hardware. This includes, but is not
limited to, IPMI based servers, Blade Center, and machines that export
data via sysfs. For up-to-date status on these components, check out
the status page.




BSD3c(or similar)


* Wed Oct 19 2011
  - remove pid file if openhpi is unconfigured
  - output message in daemon %post to point to OPENHPI_UNCONFIGURED
* Tue Oct 18 2011
  - update to 3.0.0
    New Features
    * Documentation
    * 3411347 - Remove outdated docs/hld subdirectory
      HP c-Class Plugin
    * 3196244 - Have a field to display aggregate status of the enclosure
      OpenHPI Daemon
    * 3406760 - openhpid: report client connection address in log
    * many, see
  - update to 2.17.0
    * Refactoring
    * Windows support
    * FreeBSD support
    * IPv6 support
    * New Test Agent plug-in
    * New hpixml client
    * More bugfixes and features
  - update to 2.16.0
    * Documentation updates
    * Re-issuing HPI call in case of broken connection (can happen for
      configuration with redundant OpenHPI daemons)
  - update to 2.15.1
    * Revisited OpenHPI API (oHpiXXX functions)
    * Refactoring in marshal, utils and baselib
    * Slave - new plug-in for representing resources and instruments
      from subsidiary OpenHPI daemon
    * Bugfixes
  - update to 2.15.0
    * New power management controls for HP c-Class enclosures
    * New dynamic simulator plugin
    * Many enhancements to the OpenHPI clients
    * Bugfixes
* Tue Sep 07 2010
  - Configure uses --disable-sysfs, so remove dependency on sysfsutils.
* Wed May 19 2010
  - update to 2.14.1
    * Fixes to the OpenHPI Daemon and base library.
    * Many bug fixes to the HPI Shell.
    * Fixes for building on Solaris.
    * Fixes to the HP c-Class, HP ProLiant, IPMI Direct,
    and SNMP Client plug-ins.
    * Numerous other bug fixes.
  - fix build with c++ (openhpi-ipmi_mc_vendor_cpp.patch)
* Fri Sep 25 2009
  - update to version 2.14.0
    + Content from development releases 2.13.0 through 2.13.3
    + Many bug fixes to the HPI Shell.
    + Fixes for building on Mandrivia.
    + Numerous other bug fixes.
    all details on:
  - disable Werror patch but keep it for now
  - added openhpi-2.x_array_out_of_bounds.patch (bnc#516203)
* Tue Mar 10 2009
  - buildrequire ncurses-devel as it links against it
* Thu Sep 04 2008
  - update to version 2.12.0
    + Rollup development releases 2.11.0 through 2.11.3.
    + Add documentation for new ilo2_ribcl and oa_soap plugins HP ProLiant plugin
    + Make use of common SSL code HP c-Class Plugin.
    + Various bug fixes.
    all details on:
  - updated openhpi-2.10.x_no_Werror.patch
    new name: openhpi-2.12.0_no_Werror.patch
  - dropped patches which are included in the version update:
* Wed May 07 2008
  - Run autoreconf.
* Mon Jan 28 2008
  - update to version 2.10.1
    - saHpiGetIdByEntityPath() now returns the InstrumentId
    - OpenIPMI plugin - storing the cause of a hotswap state change
      in the proper event byte
    - hpiel, and other clients, no longer abort (possibly with a core
      dump) when the daemon is not present, but exit gracefully.
    - The spec file no longer requires libsysfs < 2 as OpenHPI now
      builds against libsysfs 2 fine.
    - Fixed the gcc version check, which now works on gcc 4.2.
  - additional changes from 2.10.0
    2.10  contains implementation and entry points for all new APIs
    added in the B.02.01 specification. Also, all APIs have been
    revised and updated according to minor return code changes and
    additions in B.02.01.
    Other featured highlights incude:
      Basic support for MicroTCA in IPMIDirect plugin (psangouard)
      Compilation problems on Solaris were reported and fixed
      Added recognition of a much larger set of manufacturer ids.
      Eliminated the need for plugins to implement/export get_event.
      Sysfs plugin now builds against libsysfs 1.x and 2.x.
      FRU resource can now report resource type failed events in
      addition to hotswap (psangouard).
  - removed openhpi-2.8.1_gcc_detection.patch:
    included in 2.10.1
  - added openhpi-2.10.x_open_calls.patch:
    fix one open call with O_CREAT without a mode,
    make all other open calls with O_CREAT use S_* macros instead of
  - added openhpi-2.10.x_array_bounds.patch:
    fix array out of bounds warnings from gcc
  - added openhpi-2.10.x_init_script_dependency.patch:
    add lsb header to the init script
  - added  openhpi-2.10.x_no_Werror.patch:
    remove Werror from the cflags as some IO calls dont use error
    handling and upstream wants to keep that as is.
  - added openhpi-2.10.x_parantheses.patch:
    fix a few warnings about using parantheses inside a complex
    boolean expression
  - added openhpi-2.10.x_wd.patch:
    fix warning about ignored type qualifiers
* Thu Jan 24 2008
  - fix open calls



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