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collectd-plugin-memcachec-4.10.3-4.1.2 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 12.1 for i586

Name: collectd-plugin-memcachec Distribution: openSUSE 12.1
Version: 4.10.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 4.1.2 Build date: Sun Oct 30 05:41:30 2011
Group: System/Monitoring Build host: build14
Size: 14729 Source RPM: collectd-4.10.3-4.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Memcache Daemon Monitoring Plugin for collectd
Optional collectd plugin to sample memcached statistics.




GNU General Public License (GPL)


* Mon Oct 17 2011
  - fixed build ( new yajl lib API )
* Fri Sep 16 2011
  - adding patch from jengelh to fix build
* Tue Aug 02 2011
  - notify-desktop: fix compatibility with libnotify >= 0.7.0
  - iptables plugin: use iptables library
  - ipvs plugin: disable for >= 12.1, as build fails currently
* Mon Aug 01 2011
  - df plugin: skip duplicate entries, fixes "uc_update: Value too old"
* Sat Apr 16 2011
  - downgrading in-tree iproute2 from 2.6.38 to 2.6.37, as 2.6.38 causes an
    internal error in gcc
* Fri Apr 15 2011
  - add pinba plugin (through protobuf-c support)
  - add rpmlintrc file to suppress false positives
  - add collectd-pkgconfig_libnotify_add_gtk.patch to fix building libnotify
    support on >= 11.4
* Wed Apr 13 2011
  - bump in-tree iproute2 to 2.6.38
  - update to 4.10.3:
    * collectd: Threshold subsection: Handling of NAN values in the percentage
      calculation has been fixed
    * collectd, java plugin, ntpd plugin: Several diagnostic messages have been
    * curl_json plugin: Handling of arrays has been fixed.
    * libvirt plugin: A bug in reading the virtual CPU statistics has been fixed
    * processes plugin: Potentially erroneous behavior has been fixed in an error
      handling case
    * python plugin: Fix dispatching of values from Python scripts to collectd
  - changes from 4.10.2:
    * collectd: If including one configuration file fails, continue with the rest
      of the configuration if possible
    * collectd: Fix a bug in the read function scheduling. In rare cases read
      functions may not have been called as often as requested
    * collectd: A left-over hard-coded 2 has been replaced by the configurable
      timeout value
    * curl, memcachec, tail plugins: Fix handling of "DERIVE" data sources.
      Matching the end of a string has been improved
    * curl_json plugin: Fix a problem when parsing 64bit integers. Reading JSON
      data from non-HTTP sources has been fixed
    * network plugin: Be less verbose about unchecked signatures, in order to
      prevent spamming the logs
    * notify_email plugin: Concurrency problems have been fixed
    * python plugin: Set "sys.argv", since many scripts don't expect that it may
      not be set
    * rrdtool, rrdcached plugin: Fix a too strict assertion when creating RRD
    * swap plugin: A bug which lead to incorrect I/O values has been fixed
    * value match: A minor memory leak has been fixed
* Mon Jul 12 2010
  - add curl_json plugin (libyajl)
  - fix Java plugin on 11.1
* Sun Jul 11 2010
  - update to 4.10.1:
    * the shutdown speed when terminating the read threads has been improved
    * libcollectdclient: a format error in the PUTVAL command has been removed
    * DF plugin: an error message shown when cu_mount_getlist fails has been added
    * Processes plugin: missing initialization code for IO members of a struct has been added
    * Python plugin: memory leaks in the write and notification callbacks have
      been fixed; a possible crash when the plugin was loaded but not configured
      has been fixed
    * SNMP plugin: verbosity with regard to unknown ASN types has been increased
    * PowerDNS plugin: compatibility changes for PowerDNS 2.9.22 and above have been applied
  - changes from 4.10.0:
    * JSON output now includes the dstypes and dsnames fields
    * the new Timeout option can be used to specify a timeout for missing values
    * Apache plugin: support for IdleWorkers (Apache 1.*: IdleServers) has been added
    * cURL plugin: the new ExcludeRegex allows to easily exclude certain lines
      from the match
    * cURL-XML plugin: new plugin allows to read XML files using cURL and extract
      metrics included in the files
    * FileCount plugin: the new IncludeHidden option allows to include hidden
      files and directories in the statistics
    * LogFile plugin: the new PrintSeverity option allows to include the severity
      of a message in the output
    * memcachec plugin: the new ExcludeRegex allows to easily exclude certain
      lines from the match
    * Network plugin: new Interface option allows to set the interface to be used
      for multicast and, if supported, unicast traffic
    * OpenVPN plugin: the CollectUserCount and CollectIndividualUsers options
      allow more detailed control over how to report sessions of multiple users
    * Ping plugin: new MaxMissed allows to re-resolve a hosts address when it
      doesn't reply to a number of ping requests
    * PostgreSQL plugin: the Interval config option has been added; the plugin
      has been relicensed under the 2-clause BSD license
    * Processes plugin: support for code and data virtual memory sizes has been
    * Python plugin: support for Python 3 has been implemented
    * Swap plugin: support for Linux < 2.6 has been added
    * Tail plugin: the new ExcludeRegex allows to easily exclude certain lines
      from the match
    * Write HTTP plugin: the StoreRates option has been added
    * RegEx match: the Invert option has been added
  - bumped in-tree libnetlink_version version from 2.6.33 to 2.6.34
* Fri Apr 23 2010
  - bumped in-tree libnetlink_version version from 2.6.29-1 to 2.6.33
  - update to 4.9.2:
    * append a newline to messages written to STDERR.
    * serialization of NANs in JSON format has been fixed
    * checks whether a "sleep" returned early have been added
    * continue reading files in a directory when parsing one file fails
    * Apache plugin: collection of the number of active connections has been
      fixed for Apache 2.*
    * Exec plugin: error messages have been improved; the "running" flag is now
      cleared correctly when forking a child fails
    * IPTables plugin: fix a violation of aliasing rules
    * Java plugin: the Java API files are now packaged into a .jar file
    * Network plugin: fix a segmentation fault when receiving packets with an
      unknown data source type
    * Network plugin: a memory leak when receiving encrypted network packets has
      been fixed
    * Oracle plugin: fix checking for lost connections and reconnect in this case
    * UnixSock plugin: a memory leak in the "LISTVAL" command has been fixed
    * Write HTTP plugin: use the "any" authentication schema, used to be "digest"
* Fri Jan 15 2010
  - update to 4.9.1:
    * RRDtool plugin: fix a bug with random write timeouts: due to an
      incorrect initialization some files may be suspended basically
      indefinitely; after flushing the files they were written
      regularly again
    * documentation: some manpage fixes
    * default config: added sample configuration for missing plugins
    * apache plugin: fix a segmentation fault in the config handling
      of VerifyPeer / VerifyHost
    * processes plugin: fix handling of derive data sources
    * RouterOS plugin: use the node name for the "host" field
    * monitorus plugin: put the plugin into the "Collectd::Plugins"
    * Perl bindings: fix a warning that was printed when building
      debugging output
* Mon Dec 21 2009
  - update to 4.9.0:
    * new plugins: NetApp, Python, RouterOS, ContextSwitch, Monitorus,
    * timing information is now collected in the cURL plugin
    * the possibility to set the source address and device used has
      been added to the Ping plug-in
    * the detail provided by the DF plug-in has been enhanced
    * collection of IO-metrics has been added to the Processes plugin
* Sat Dec 19 2009
  - update to 4.8.2:
    * fixes a memory leak in the "listval" command
    * adds detection of dead connections and reconnection in the GenericJMX and
      Oracle plugins
    * fixes handling of negative values and hex strings has been corrected in the
      SNMP plugin
    * improved treatment of error messages when no log plugin was loaded
  - build memcachec and dbi plugins
* Tue Oct 06 2009
  - split out -virt plugin package to avoid depending on and
    in the main package
  - more preconfigured integration and documentation mangling for files under contrib/
  - split out spamassassin contrib files into their own package, properly preconfigured
  - fix Apache2 configuration file in -web subpackage
* Sat Oct 03 2009
  - update to 4.8.1:
    * UnixSock plugin: fix a (well hidden) race condition related to file descriptor handling
  - changes from 4.8.0:
    * collectd: two new data source types, DERIVE and ABSOLUTE, have been added:
      DERIVE can be used for counters that are reset occasionally
    * thresholds: the advanced threshold options “Percentage”, “Hits”, and
      “Hysteresis” have been added
    * cURL-JSON plugin: the new cURL-JSON plugin reads JSON files using the cURL
      library and parses the contents according to user specification; among
      other things, this allows to read statistics from a CouchDB instance
    * DF plugin: using the new “ReportByDevice” option the device rather than the
      mount point can be used to identify partitions
    * DNS plugin: the possibility to ignore numeric QTypes has been added
    * GenericJMX plugin: the new, Java-based GenericJMX plugin allows to query
      arbitrary data from a Java process using the Java Management Extensions
    * MadWifi plugin: the new MadWifi plugin collects information about Atheros
      wireless LAN chipsets from the MadWifi driver
    * network plugin: the receive- and send-buffer-sizes have been made
      configurable, allowing for bigger and smaller packets
    * olsrd plugin: the new OLSR plugin queries routing information from the
      Optimized Link State Routing daemon
    * RRDtool plugin: a new configuration option allows to define a random write
      delay when writing RRD files; this spreads the load created by writing RRD
      files more evenly
    * Swap plugin: the possibility to collect swapped in/out pages has been added
      to the Swap plugin
    * TokyoTyrant plugin: the new TokyoTyrant plugin reads the number of records
      and file size from a running Tokyo Tyrant server
    * UnixSock plugin: add the GETTHRESHOLD command: this command can be used to
      query the thresholds configured for a particular identifier
    * Write HTTP plugin: the new Write HTTP plugin sends the values collected by
      collectd to a web-server using HTTP POST requests
    * Empty Counter match: the new Empty Counter match matches value lists, where
      at least one data source is of type COUNTER and the counter value of all
      counter data sources is zero
* Fri Sep 25 2009
  - temporarily disable perl plugin for opensuse 11.2, must fix configure check
* Sun Jul 26 2009
  - update to 4.7.2:
    * several bugs in the threshold and notification subsystems have been fixed
    * portability of the “memcached” plug-in has been improved
* Tue May 12 2009
  - update the in-tree libnetlink to 2.6.29-1
  - added missing ldconfig for libcollectclient0
  - update to 4.7.0:
    * apache plugin: support to query multiple servers has been added
    * apache plugin: handling of lighttpd's scoreboard statistics has been
    * conntrack plugin: the new conntrack plugin collects the connection tracking
      table size
    * fscache plugin: the new fscache plugin collects statistics about Linux'
      file-system based caching framework
    * gmond plugin: the new gmond plugin can receive and interpret multicast
      traffic from Ganglia's gmond daemon
    * java plugin: the new java plugin exports the collectd API to Java, making
      it possible to write extensions to collectd in Java
    * memcachec plugin: the new memcachec plugin queries data from a memcached
      daemon and parses it similar to the cURL plugin
    * memcached plugin: support for connections over UNIX domain sockets has been
    * mysql plugin: support to query multiple databases has been added
    * mysql plugin: master/slave statistics have been added
    * mysql plugin: lock statistics have been added
    * network plugin: the possibility to sign or encrypt network traffic has been
    * protocols plugin: the new protocols plugin provides information about
      network protocols, such as IP, TCP and UDP
    * snmp plugin: the intervals given in the configuration of the SNMP plugin
      must no longer be a multiple of the global interval
    * table plugin: the new Table plugin provides parsing for table-like
      structured files, such as many files beneath /proc
    * ted plugin: the new TED plugin reads power consumption measurements from
      “The Energy Detective” (TED)
    * onewire plugin: the new Interval option allows collecting information from
      OneWire sensors at arbitrary intervals
    * ping plugin: support for collecting the drop rate and standard deviation of
      round-trip times has been added
    * uptime plugin: the new uptime plugin can collect the server's uptime
* Wed Mar 18 2009
  - update to 4.6.2:
    * collection of the number of cached RR-sets has been fixed in the "BIND"
    * filter chains can now be configured without a default target
    * portability fixes have been added to the "DNS" and "Oracle" plugins
    * a typo that prevented the module from being used correctly has been
      corrected in the "TimeDiff" match
    * a possible race condition during startup has been fixed in the "RRDtool"



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