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banshee-extensions-default-2.2.0-3.1.2 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 12.1 for i586

Name: banshee-extensions-default Distribution: openSUSE 12.1
Version: 2.2.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.1.2 Build date: Sun Oct 30 06:20:57 2011
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/Sound/Players Build host: build14
Size: 1384623 Source RPM: banshee-2.2.0-3.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Extra features extending the Banshee Media Player
This package provides a number of useful features for Banshee,
including a Play Queue, streaming, Audioscrobbling, and
Multimedia Key support. This package is highly recommended as it
greatly enhances the end user experience of Banshee.

Import, organize, and discover new music with Banshee through its
simple and powerful interface and wide array of innovative features.
Create your own radio stations or listen to a friends' through
integration; experience automatic cover art fetching as you listen; and
easily browse, search, and control your media collection.






* Mon Oct 03 2011
  - Add explicit shared-mime-info BuildRequires since we use the
    %mime_database_* macros.
* Mon Sep 19 2011
  - Update to version 2.2.0:
    + Update label and ids for LG phones (bgo#658699)
    + Update Hyena code.
    + Various bug fixes.
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Sep 08 2011
  - Update to version 2.1.4:
    + Bugs fixed, including:
    - bgo#601554: Don't resolve external references when parsing
      bad RSS feeds
    - bgo#633939: Fix crash in SearchEntry.FilterMenuItem
    - bgo#647917: Dap.MassStorage: decode URI before using it as
      playlist name
    - bgo#650325: MtpSource: Remove obsolete URL from error message
    - bgo#657479: Make sure empty default smart playlists are
    - libbanshee: Fix crash on g_free when looking for subtitle
* Mon Aug 29 2011
  - Update to version 2.1.3:
    + New Features:
    - New custom support for the Barnes & Noble Nook
    - Support default internet radio stations. At first start, XSPF
      playlists in $datadir/banshee/stations/ are imported
      automatically. We don't provide default radio stations
      ourselves but this allows distros or other third parties to
      do so.
    + Enhancements:
    - bgo#549173: Add "Stop when finished" option in the
      notification popup menu
    - bgo#636071: Get info from the database or the file when
      opening a URI
    - bgo#639805: Hide labels in the source pane when the group is
    - bgo#647306: Add support for the Notion Ink Adam tablet
    - bgo#651497: Motorola Atrix support
    - bgo#653255: Samsung Galaxy S2 support
    - bgo#653284: Remove keyboard shortcut for toggling scrobbling
    - bgo#653997: Samsung Galaxy Ace support
    - bgo#656526: Add "Smiley Face Curve" default equalizer
    - bgo#656670: Cache the ArtworkID in the database for faster
    - Various enhancements to our experimental GStreamer# backend,
      bringing it close to feature parity with our current C
    + Bugs fixed, including:
    - bgo#587264: Fix metadata fetching from MusicBrainz
    - bgo#647111: Put the Audio CD source label in the right place
    - bgo#647202: Fix space usage reporting for some DAP devices
    - bgo#648498: Make sure the MPRIS sends the new metadata on
      track change
    - bgo#650011: Fix items disappearing in playlists when
      re-connecting iPod
    - bgo#650184: Fix XSPF playlist importing error
    - bgo#651914: Fix "Least Favorite" smart playlist to not pick
      unrated songs
    - bgo#654524: Fix the SetPosition method in the MPRIS interface
    - bgo#656176: Don't ignore the last value of the
      .is_audio_player file
    - bgo#656246: Fix random crash while changing tracks
    - EqualizerSetting: Set the amplifier level for default
* Wed Aug 03 2011
  - Add banshee-recent-gpod.patch: fix build with recent gtkpod.
  - Remove pkgconfig(gnome-vfs-2.0) BuildRequires, since it's not
    used anymore.
* Fri Jul 15 2011
  - Remove bundleize-pkg-config.awk: no longer required.
* Fri Jul 08 2011
  - Remove '#!BuildIgnore: ndesk-dbus-glib': it is no longer required
    with patched notify-sharp that uses dbus-sharp/dbus-sharp-glib.
* Tue Jul 05 2011
  - Add  '#!BuildIgnore: ndesk-dbus-glib' to spec, otherwise it
    prevents dbus-sharp-glib from install and build breaks. From
    2.1.0 onwards Banshee requires dbus-sharp-glib and drops
* Tue May 31 2011
  - Rename source package from banshee-1 to banshee, as we're at
    version 2.x.
  - Update to version 2.1.0:
    + New Features:
    - eMusic Store
    + Enhancements:
    - ArtworkManager: add --fetch-artwork argument
    - bgo#647754: Xperia X12 support
    - bgo#508713: MiniMode: Reduce height of window
    - bgo#648941: Support .spc files
    - bgo#649401: Set UserAgent when doing MusicBrainz queries
    + Notable Bugs Fixed (51 fixed since 2.0):
    - Windows installer fixes;
    - AmazonMp3.Store: Fix signed-in detection for UK store;
    - bgo#633552: AppleDevice: Ensure m4a/mp3 are supported;
    - PodcastFeedPropertiesDialog: Fix display of feed URL;
    - bgo#647059, bgo#647089, bgo#644648, bgo#642113, bgo#647144,
      bgo#634647, bgo#642140, bgo#648133, bgo#647932, bgo#646991,
      bgo#647024, bgo#636057, bgo#648458, bgo#611489, bgo#641748,
    + Packaging Changes:
    - HAL dependency dropped
    - ipod-sharp and podsleuth dependencies dropped
    - NDesk.DBus dependency dropped
    - dbus-sharp >= 0.7 and dbus-sharp-glib >= 0.5 required
      (available from
    - Gtk# >= 2.12.10 required
    - Mono >= 2.4.3 required
    - GStreamer >= 0.10.26 required
    - Various configure flags removed:
      + --disable-ipod
      + --disable-hal
      + --disable-podcasts
  - The packaging changed quite a bit. Important highlights:
    + Stop supporting a mode for upstream builds and for old versions
      of openSUSE/SLE, as this is not supported upstream anymore.
    + Update BuildRequires according to upstream changes, and move to
      pkgconfig() BuildRequires.
    + Remove .la files.
    + Drop backend-hal and dmp-ipod-devices subpackages.
    + Merge the client-classic subpackage in the main subpackage, as
      people installing the banshee package expect to have the
      classic interface.
    + Add various Provides/Obsoletes for smooth upgrades from
* Thu May 26 2011
  - Update to version 2.0.1:
    + Notable Bugs Fixed:
    - AmazonMp3.Store: Fix signed-in detection for UK store;
    - PodcastFeedPropertiesDialog: Fix display of feed URL
    - bgo#648941: Add .spc to whitelist;
    - bgo#648458: PlsPlaylistFormat: Make parsing the header
    - bgo#647754: Add USB ids for Xperia X12;
    - bgo#647024: Lastfm: Fix NRE crash;
    - bgo#646991: AlbumListView: Fix disappearing option in
    - bgo#647932: DatabaseSource: Fix NRE in SkipTrackIfRemoved;
    - bgo#642140: Close HTTP streams when finished with
    - bgo#633552: AppleDevice: Ensure m4a/mp3 are supported;
    - bgo#647144: StreamPositionLabel: Avoid unnecessary redraws;
    - bgo#647089: Daap: Bind to IPAddress.Loopback instead of Any;
    - bgo#647059: Fix Remote Daap crash;
    + Updated Translations:
    - Dutch
    - Galician
    - Greek
    - Hungarian
    - Korean
    - Russian
    - Telugu
    - Vietnamese
* Mon Apr 04 2011
  - Update to 2.0.0 release
    + Notable Bugs Fixed:
    * BansheeMetrics: Only enable collection 5% of the time
    * Dap.MassStorage: Support the LG Optimus S Android phone (bgo#646593)
    * CoverArt: If cache folder missing, clear last fetch time too
    * Dap.MassStorage: Add support for Sharp IS03 Android phone (bgo#646588)
    * Lastfm: Handle errors when fetching user data (bgo#646539)
    * libossifer: Return existing view in create-new-window
    * GnomeScreensaver: Catch errors from Inhibit calls
    * ArtworkManager: Clear art fetch info if cache dir missing
    * CoverArt: Start fetch job on startup, in case of missing imgs
    * Networking: NM 0.9 breaks DBus API; handle it
    * SearchEntry: Change cursor over search menu (bgo#644362)
    * Xspf: Handle Amazon's new cloud .amz files (bgo#646237)
    * Fix ghelp URI so that Help -> Contents works again
    * GlobalActions: Hide the Version Information menu unless debugging
    * ThickClient: Fix Source toolbar buttons hidden at first (bgo#645987)
    * Booter: don't use sgen GC on Linux
    * Album Browser: Fix border getting misdrawn (bgo#644315)
    * AppleDevice: Fix music appearing in Videos in Banshee (bgo#636448)
    * MeeGo: Pause video on window close (bgo#646048)
    * MeeGo: Add more sources to the MeeGo dropdown list (bgo#646042)
    * build: Get MeeGo .desktop path from pkgconfig (bgo#646037)
    * RhapsodyQueryJob: Fix NRE for track with no album (bgo#646028)
    * AppleDevice: Change exception type for better logging
    * MassStorage: Ignore unmounted volumes
    * Mtp: Only unmount devices that are actually mounted
    * Mtp: Ignore devices with DeviceNumber == 0
    * Hardware.Gio: Avoid NREs when getting bus number etc
    * MediaEngine: Fix tests to pass with gapless-capable Gst
    * MediaEngine: Prevent NRE, increment last played on EoS
    * GStreamer: Small fixes
* Thu Mar 24 2011
  - Update to 1.9.6 release
    + Enhancements:
    * Rename banshee-1 to banshee in preparation for 2.0
    * AmazonMp3.Store: support
    * MiroGuide: Handle Listen links from front page
    * Dap: Add support for Sharp IS01 (bgo#645361)
    * Playlists: Recognize m3u playlists without header (bgo#645351)
    * LibraryWatcher: Guard against watching incorrect dirs (bgo#633309)
    * MassStorage: Support Sirius Alpha Android phone (bgo#643960)
    * WebOSDevice: Support playlists (bgo#641486)
    * Windows: Auto-update functionality (bgo#641960)
    + Notable Bugs Fixed (26 fixed since 1.9.5):
    * MiroGuide: Properly escape search query strings
    * AmazonMp3.Store: Fix search query escaping
    * bgo#623183: DatabaseTrackInfo: Fix rating update on current track
    * bgo#637717: audio-profiles: fix duration for CBR lame profile
    * bgo#614192: GStreamer: Fix inappropriate repeating
    * bgo#643782: Mpris: Distinguish between music and video playlists
    * bgo#641515: Workaround X BadMatch crash
    * bgo#619609: Metadata: Do not fetch covers for unknown albums/artists
    * bgo#631012: Audiobook: Fix crash when switch to playlist
    * bgo#628087: Handle setting SearchEntry.Query to nullb
    * bgo#602145: InternetRadio: Clear playback errors when playing
    * bgo#635951: Fix skipping removed/deleted tracks
* Wed Mar 09 2011
  - Update to 1.9.5 release
    + Enhancements:
    * Add support for handling u1ms:// links
    * Windows: Add Win7 thumbnail toolbar playback buttons
    * OS X Build: Work with new bockbuild, add MonoMac
    + Notable Bugs Fixed (20 fixed since 1.9.4):
    * bgo#644315: Fix album browser's border on Windows
    * bgo#641608: windows: Fix notification icon menu positioning
    * bgo#643188: Help: Fix help URL to
    * bgo#643407: GStreamerSharp: Properly handle GStreamer errors
    * bgo#641674: SmartPlaylists: Fix queries with { and }
    * Hide 'Unknown Artist' in 'All Albums' browser entry
    + Enhancements from 1.9.4:
    * Various fixes and improvements to the Windows build
    * MultimediaKeys: Support Pause, FastForward, Rewind, Repeat and Shuffle
    * Advertise lastfm scheme handling in the .desktop files
    + Notable Bugs Fixed (25 fixed since 1.9.3):
    * AmazonMp3.Store: Fix the server 'Home' redirect
    * Misc theme and string fixes
    * bgo#638541: Don't try to find subtitle files for music
    * Fix the position label when the stream ends
    * TrackInfoDisplay: Don't display last track when idle
    * bgo#614530: Fixed a ListView glitch
    * bgo#642717: SoundMenu: don't call BlacklistMediaPlayer on startup
* Sun Feb 27 2011
  - Change lang package Requires to Recommends since it is not
    mandatory at runtime.
* Fri Feb 18 2011
  - Fix crash in 'Now Playing' (bgo#641515)
    + Add nowplaying-crash.patch
* Wed Feb 16 2011
  - Change Gio backend to required
* Wed Feb 09 2011
  - Update to 1.9.3 release
    + Enhancements:
    * Various fixes and improvements to the Windows build
    * MPRIS: Implement the recently added PlaylistChanged signal
    * SoundMenu: Implement the new registration process
    * Daap: Keep a list of recently used remote servers
    * Add back counts for top level libraries
    + Notable Bugs Fixed (36 fixed since 1.9.2):
    * bgo#639603: Fix NRE when current track doesn't have a Uri
    * bgo#486543: Playlists: Fix parsing when started from root directory
    * bgo#640276: AmazonMp3.Store: Fix country detection for United Kingdom
    * bgo#638070: LibraryWatcher: Don't watch non-existing dirs
    * bgo#635779: Fix crash after disabling some extensions
    * bgo#636435: PlayQueueSource: Fix track prepending when not playing
    * bgo#641000: NowPlaying: Fix resizing fullscreen control bar
    * bgo#640455: PlayQueue: Additional padding for the fill controls
  - Changes in 1.9.2 release
    + Enhancements:
    * Add support for Nexus S and Xperia X10 mini pro
    * Many improvements and fixes to the F1 user guide
    * SoundMenu: Implement the proper close/quit behavior
    * MPRIS: Implement the Playlists interface
    * Improved write-metadata-to-file performance
    + Notable Bugs Fixed (33 fixed since 1.9.1):
    * bgo#637333: MeeGo: Fix NRE at start up
    * bgo#637350: Fix SimpleTable crash
    * bgo#636077: Fix Podcasts selection bug w/ DAP plugged in
    * bgo#637366: SmartPlaylistSource: Fix NRE with "selected by random"
    * bgo#637365: SmartPlaylistSource: Clear the condition when it's not enabled
    * bgo#637303: FileChooserDialog: Fix error message on first launch
    * bgo#637627: FullscreenWindow: Keep fullscreen when showing volume osd
    * bgo#634652: AppleDevice: Remove invalid tracks before syncing
    * bgo#638477: X11NotificationArea: Enhance check for RGBA visual
    * bgo#637991: SourceRowRenderer: Fix vertical alignment calculation
    * bgo#611796: [Preferences] Have source list use theme icon size
    * bgo#639044: UnknownTrackInfo: Avoid NRE if URI is null
    * bgo#639032: LastfmStreaming: Delete the Loved stations from the database
  - GIO Hardware backend requires media-player-info
* Wed Dec 15 2010
  - Update to 1.9.1 release
    + New Features Since 1.9.0:
    * Ubuntu One Music Store and SoundMenu Extensions
    * Subtitles
    + Enhancements:
    * Massively rework the podcast edit dialog
    * Let line wrap in properties table
    * Add 'Podcast Properties' to episode menu
    * Show context menu even for 'All' filters
    * Only show tabs if there is more than one
    * Make Play/Pause action tooltip only show play or pause
    * Add support for the LG Ally phone
    * Add dbus method to clear the play queue
    * Allow to clear the play queue while in Populate mode
    * Add back podcast browser
    * Add a new 'Recently Played' default smart playlist
    * Remember sources' column configuration
    * Blank track editor spin buttons when 0
    * Remove Home and Photo folder import sources
    + Notable Bugs Fixed (79 fixed since 1.9.0):
    * bgo#637202: Initialize the ipod each time we load
    * bgo#630209: Fix podcast flag for video podcasts
    * bgo#635780: Prevent GroupSources from being selected
    * bgo#540394: Don't overwrite existing files when ripping
    * bgo#635776: Ensure karma-sharp's DLLmap is copied in the build
    * bgo#634662: Make search entry in MeeGo panel correctly show query
    * bgo#634686: Fix streaming broken after first play
    * bgo#635426: Ensure track filter actions updated
    * bgo#635453: Fix regression with importing mkv
    * bgo#608778: 'Random by' skips user-selected artist/album
* Thu Nov 11 2010
  - Update to 1.9.0 release, fixing 56 bugs since 1.8.0
    + New Features Since 1.8.0:
    * Artist/Album Browser Track Actions
    * 'Play After' Queue Options
    * User Interface Improvements
    + Enhancements:
    * Album grid has tooltips for ellipsized text
    * Subscribe to Internet Archive searches as podcasts
    * MusicBrainz cover art search supports CDBaby and Jamendo
    * Support Huawei Ideos Android phones
    + Notable Bugs Fixed (51 fixed since 1.8.0):
    * Remove unused Mono.Addins.Gui dependency
    * Fix checkbox hover prelight in Fixup
    * Always grab search entry focus on ctrl+f
    * [TrackEditor] Don't try to load metadata over HTTP
    * [AppleDevice] Add a matching 'StopSync' call.  We had an unmatched StartSync call which meant that the Sync dialog would be displayed forever.
    * bgo#587936: [AppleDevice] Sync the Sort* fields
    * bgo#631172: [AppleDevice] Fix podcast support
    * bgo#540503: Remove Jump... from context menu
    * bgo#540525: Stop when the playing track is deleted
    * bgo#545998: Sensitize and pluralize podcast actions appropriately
    * bgo#609463: Equalizer distortion
    * bgo#620010: Displaying random image for "All Albums"
    * bgo#623441: Duplicates on import due to character encoding
    * bgo#624734: Allow editing Radio stations again
    * bgo#629005: Full-screen on multi-head displays
    * bgo#629534: TaskStatusIcon missing-ctor crash
    * bgo#630039: Concatenated and untranslatable string
    * bgo#631277: Crash in when editing some tracks' metadata
    * bgo#631687: Non-local tracks added to DAP without extensions
    * bgo#631961: [Gio] Invalid cast exception
    * bgo#632114: Hang when replaying video
    * bgo#632246: Missing-ctor issue in SourceComboBox
    * bgo#632420: [Booter] Use the MeeGo client if appropriate
    * bgo#632715: [Bookmarks] UI not getting loaded
    * bgo#633579: Fixup not getting reloaded correctly
    * bgo#633764: [Dap] not transcoding some files when we should
    * bgo#633841: Recognize webm as video
    * bgo#634096: Empty track # in filename patterns
    * bnc#642505: Insecure LD_LIBRARY_PATH
* Wed Oct 20 2010
  - Fix vulnerable LD_LIBRARY_PATH (bnc#642505, CVE-2010-3998)
    + bnc642505-fix-insecure-ld-library-path.patch
* Wed Sep 29 2010
  - Update to 1.8.0 release, fixing 40 bugs since 1.7.6
    * bgo#534832 Videos not correctly handled on MTP device
    * bgo#627441 Race condition in ndesk-dbus causes hang
    * bgo#628555 Crash when receiving a VolumeRemoved event
    * bgo#628675 new ipod support doesn't sync playlists
    * bgo#629019 hangs at startup
    * bgo#629179 no longer recognizes mass storage device
    * bgo#630757 AppleDevice mounts my internal harddisk
* Thu Sep 23 2010
  - Update to 1.7.6 release, fixing 26 bugs since 1.7.5
    * Decrease the latency in changing playback volume
    * Begin editing the name of newly added playlists
    * Put all videos in the video folder on MTP devices
    * bgo#629314: [AppleDevice] Correct capacity/free values
    * bgo#628992: [AppleDevice]Bundle libgpod-sharp.dll.config fixing crash
    * bgo#628832: [MTP] Fix MTP-device memory issues breaking Playlists, Albums
    * bgo#629095: [MTP] Fix MTP devices being named '???'
    * bgo#629373: [MTP] Workaround MTP sigsegv bug
* Wed Sep 08 2010
  - On 11.3 and later, use pkgconfig(gnome-desktop-2.0) BuildRequires
    instead of gnome-desktop-devel since gnome-desktop-devel could
    (and will likely in 11.4) point to a GNOME 3 version of
* Fri Sep 03 2010
  - Fix libgpod-sharp* install location (missing Extensions
  - Add Mpris* to extension-default
* Thu Sep 02 2010
  - Update to 1.7.5 release, fixing 48 bugs since 1.7.4
    * GIO/udev-based hardware backend
    * Apple Devices backend with support for iPod/iOS devices
    * MPRIS v2 support (Ubuntu Sound Menu, etc)
    * Audiobooks and Miro Guide extensions enabled by default
    * Play menu item in track context menu
    * Amazon affiliate codes for all supported countries
    * "Amazon MP3s" Music smart playlist
    * Miro Guide teaser in Podcasts
    * Zoom support in Amazon MP3 Store and Miro Guide
    * Now Playing simplify mode that declutters the UI
    * Play Queue shuffle action
    * Podcast errors shown to user
    * Better MTP device detection
    * Default smart playlists hidden when empty, for new users
    * New and improved user documentation
    * bgo#626786: Prevent crash in search-for-artist when blank
    * bgo#628388: Fix overflow bug with MTP playlists
    * bgo#625683: Fixup checkboxes now clickable
    * bgo#626928: Fetch podcast artwork asap
    * bgo#626791: Catch crashes caused by missing extensions
    * bgo#528383: Re-enable writing video metadata to file
    * bgo#626803: Fix Ogg rating parsing in non-English locales
* Mon Aug 16 2010
  - Support WebKit on sle_version >= 11 (GA or SP1, though it may
    fail on GA, but I can't tell how to differentiate between the two)
* Thu Aug 12 2010
  - Add enable_sk.patch to fix build on SLE 11/SP1/openSUSE 11.1
* Wed Aug 11 2010
  - Update to 1.7.4 release, fixing 45 bugs since 1.7.3
    * User manual available via Help » Contents menu and F1
    * Duplicate Genre solver in Metadata Fixup extension
    * Support for Amazon MP3 purchases containing PDFs and videos
    * Improved Metadata Fixup support for non-English languages
    * bgo#588255: Fix notification icon transparency
    * bgo#619036: Fix glitchy search entry
    * bgo#625210: Better handling of non-US Amazon stores
    * bgo#624569: Fix scrolling Extensions list with keyboard
    * bgo#625340: Fix .amz mime file conflict with official downloader
    * bgo#553433: Fix issue that could block song scrobbling
    * bgo#600340: Fix subscribing to certain podcasts (eg
    * bgo#620826: Fix URIs of tracks synced to iPods
    * bmc#1115:   Fix a pipeline deadlock evident on MeeGo
* Fri Aug 06 2010
  - Fixed a bunch of dependency bugs in the packaging
    * Remove Requires:libmtp8 from banshee-1-extensions-default
    * Remove Requires:boo from banshee-1-extensions-default
    * Do not bundle Mono.Addins.MSBuild.dll, we don't need it, and
      bundling it caused banshee-1-extensions-default to pull in
      the whole xbuild/msbuild framework
  - Bundle libwebkit on 11.2 since pulling down our version causes big
    issues with the 1click install due to changing package vendors;
    removed explicit Requires since it's bundled or the distribution
    provides the right version already
  - Added fix-ld_library_path-search-order.patch, which corrects the
    search order of the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable set in our wrapper
    script; this ensures our bundled libwebkit is loaded instead
    of the system version
* Wed Jul 21 2010
  - Update to 1.7.3 release, fixing 9 bugs since 1.7.2
    * New Amazon MP3 Store Source, supporting US, UK, FR, DE, and JP storefront
    * Support for downloading and importing Amazon MP3 purchases (.amz files)
    * New Miro Guide Podcast Directory extension integrating with
    * New extension for bulk metadata fixing to merge artists and albums that
      vary only by case, '&' vs 'and', etc.
    * Add visual separators in the source view between categories of sources
    * Culturally format the status bar item count (e.g. in en_US 1,000
      instead of the old 1000)
    * Improve the downloading and visual refreshing of new cover art
    * Tweak the grid view album artwork hover effect
    * New Banshee.WebBrowser API
    * New Hyena.Downloader API
    * Drop dependency of webkit-sharp, take dependency directly on
      libwebkit 1.2.2+ for new Banshee.WebBrowser API
    * bgo#624667: Fix cover art refreshing
    * bgo#622826: Fix a slow running query to speed things up
    * bgo#602840: Fix importing of compilation albums
    * bgo#622028: Fix loading of on some distros
    * bgo#621955: Wrap instead of elipsize titles
    * bgo#608382: Escape %20 in filenames for items without embedded metadata
    * bgo#624531: Escape Uri value in SQL query
* Fri Jun 04 2010
  - Added support for translation-update-upstream (FATE#301344).
* Sat May 29 2010
  - Update to 1.7.1 release, fixing 18 bugs since 1.7.0
    * Improvements for Audiobooks support
    * New preference to have the classic album layout instead of the grid view
    * streaming can be disabled separately from the other
    * Support for reading and writing MusicBrainz IDs
    * Show the TrackEditor fields as read-only mode when they are not editable
    * Fix Youtube playback
    * Fix deletion of Podcast metadata during modification
    * Fix a crash related to the notification deamon
    * Fix fetching cover for albums with several discs
    * Several fixes for the N800 device
* Wed May 05 2010
  - Update to 1.7.0 release, fixing 41 bugs since 1.6.0
    * Add Keybinding for Switching Sources
    * Connect to Remote DAAP Servers
    * Improved authentication experience
    * Improved Maemo device support
    * DBus API additions for showing various dialogs
    * DEXT/CLIQ and Galaxy Portal device support
    * Many MeeGo specific improvements and fixes
    * Fix for fullscreen video under Mutter
    * Fix videos playing back in a new window
    * Fix crashes related to Gtk.Widget subclassing
    * Fix crashes related to a11y
    * NotificationArea fixes
    * Cover art aspect ratio/scaling fixes
* Wed Mar 31 2010
  - Update to 1.6.0 release, fixing 30 bugs since 1.5.6
    * Fix device support on upcoming distros with DeviceKit rename
    * Restore equalizer preset correctly (bgo#614313)
    * Handle broken symlinks correctly (bgo#614065)
    * Allow overriding Android, Maemo, WebOS default settings (bgo#611991)
    * Fix crash deleting playlist on mass storage device (bgo#613734)
    * Fix issue with iTunes importer dialog sizing (bgo#613607)
    * Fix play count calculation with gapless enabled (bgo#613418)
    * Handle exceptions thrown by old plugins (Mirage, etc)
    * Use panel-specific (eg monochrome) icon in notification area
    * OS X build/bundle improvements
    * Fix Windows compilation issues
    * Fix gettext locale selection on Windows
* Mon Mar 22 2010
  - Update to 1.5.6 release, fixing 44 bugs since 1.5.5
    * Fix rendering and interaction bugs in the grid view
    * Fix issue with volume getting reset on every song change
    * Handle volume changes from outside Banshee (eg PulseAudio)
    * Fix issue parsing some RSS feeds
    * Fix library importing and rescanning on all IO backends
    * Support coverart for albums without an artist (bgo#612626)
    * Don't capture 's' presses if keybindings disabled
    * Fix typing in the Wikipedia webkit view
    * Fix equalizer settings migration (bgo#612669)
    * Redraw the entire ListView when dragging columns
    * Increase podcast download timeout
    * Fix bad startup crash in PlayQueue on old Mono
    * Fix "Too many open files" bug with GIO backend
    * [Banshee.Hardware] Handle exceptions (bgo#613173)
    * [PodcastActions] Unsubscribe from an event on dispose
    * [ContextPane] Fix crash if active removed (bgo#613277)
    * [LastfmSource] Fix crash (bgo#612824)
    * [Lastfm] Fix crash using auth Refresh button (bgo#610911)
    * [Lastfm] Fix crash (bgo#613276)
    * Fix compilation error with older Mono
    * Fix compilation error with bundled notify-sharp
    * Fix --disable-youtube flag
    * Set YouTube install dir to Extensions/
    * Fix building with older GStreamer (bgo#613339)
* Wed Mar 17 2010
  - Require libmtp8, not libmtp
* Tue Mar 16 2010
  - Fix extensions-default Requires
* Thu Mar 11 2010
  - Update to 1.5.5 release
    * Minor feature and bug fix/stability release
    - Gapless Playback / Playbin2
    - Grid View
    - YouTube Extension
    * Enhancements:
    - Improve search responsiveness on large libraries
    - Add icons for Nexus One and Audiobooks
    - Play Queue item count, size, duration now ignores old tracks
    - Muinshee fixes: disable Auto-DJ, allow reordering, hide previous song
    * Notable bug fixes:
    - Fix a very common, SQL-related crash in 1.5.4
    - Fix saving equalizer settings in culture-invariant way
    - Jumping to a source's prefs via its context menu works again
    - Usage data not submitted more than every 48 hours
    - Fix repeatedly resyncing some files to a device b/c transcoded
    - Clear the redo stack on shuffle mode change
    - Accept feeds with empty title
    - Uri encode file location queries, making them work properly
    - Fixes to the OS X build
    * 26 bugs were fixed since 1.5.4
* Wed Feb 24 2010
  - Update to 1.5.4 release
    * Minor feature and bug fix/stability release
    * New features:
    - Opt-In Usage Data Collection
    - Default Equalizer Presets
    - Banshee Community Extensions
    - Extensible Shuffle Modes
    * Enhancements:
    - Wikipedia context pane extension enabled by default
    - Add support for Nokia N900 phones
    - Add tooltip to playback error column
    - On close Internet Archive item, return to Search
    - Notify user if try to sync missing file to DAP
    - Popup explanation of manual playlist ordering when appropriate
    - Simplify the default set of columns in Podcasts
    - Enable 'Delete From Drive' action in File System Queue
    - Make debuggable from within MonoDevelop
    - Coverart for unicode artist/albums now supported
    - Dropped glade-sharp dep; GNOME 3.0 ready
    - Add columns showing track sample rate and bits per sample
    - Option to sort an artist's albums by year, not title
    * Notable bug fixes:
    - Fixes to GIO backend
    - Many crash/startup fixes for OS X build
    - Enable LibraryWatcher only for Music and Video libraries
    - Do better job preserving IsCompilation metadata
    - Store some PlayQueue settings in the db (not GConf)
    - Update to's API change for scrobbling/recs
    - Bring back static FileNamePattern API used by some scripts
    - Fix several memory leaks
    * 40 bugs were fixed since 1.5.3
* Thu Jan 28 2010
  - Enable building GIO backend
* Wed Jan 27 2010
  - Fix issue with muinshee getting installed instead of
    the classic client on some versions of SUSE
* Wed Jan 27 2010
  - Update to 1.5.3 release
    * Minor feature and bug fix/stability release
    * New features
    - Sync device from playlist option
    - Type-ahead find in track, artist, and album lists
    - Optional cover art in lower-left corner
    - Cover art editable via drag-and-drop and right-click
    - Audiobooks library extension
    - Library-folder watcher extension
    - eMusic importer/downloader extension
    - GIO file backend, supports non-local files
    - Return of the Mac OS X release
    * Enhancements:
    - Improved Podcast filtering/browsing
    - Extension preferences tab reworked
    - Extension names/descriptions translated
    - Improved sqlite performance
    - Added --set-rating=RATING command line option
    - Support for Nexus One devices
    * Notable bug fixes:
    - DAPs (ipods, etc) should work on DeviceKit-using distros
    - Fix issue with DAAP authenticating
    - Podcast renaming should work well now
    - Podcast download cancelling is now fast
    - Internet Archive results paging off-by-one fixed
    - Should build with older Mono/Gtk# again (eg on openSUSE 11.0)
    - Fix issue with MTP devices on 64-bit distros
    * 75 bugs were fixed since 1.5.2
* Sat Nov 21 2009
  - Update to 1.5.2 release
    * Minor feature and bug fix/stability release
    * New features
    - The Internet Archive extension
    - The iTunes importer
    - Metadata ratings and playcount import and export
    - Add support for Pulse and Droid phones
    - Use new API
    * Enhancements
    - Many accessibility enhancements
    - When sorting by score also sort by playcount (bgo#598431)
    - Add WICD support (bgo#596918)
    - Add the USB id for the Palm Pre in developer mode
    - Improve the import media dialog (bgo#559013)
    - Allow seeking in DAAP streams
    - Tooltip for the AutoDJ source combobox (bgo#598504)
    - Improve recognition of Android devices
    - Recognize Samsung Galaxy device in debug mode
    - PlaybackError query field (bgo#590946)
    - Additional tokens for file system organization (bgo#489861)
    - Remember direction when sorting the list view (bgo#590869)
    - Cleaner track change notification popup (bgo#565453)
    - Move settings to the preferences dialog
    - Double click toggles fullscreen in Now Playing (bgo#577971)
    * Notable bug fixes
    - Fix the playcount update (bgo#563021)
    - Correct default button in message dialogs (bgo#599495)
    - Hide shuffle menu when shuffling is disabled (bgo#599465)
    - Fix bug with AutoDJ updating LastPlayed erroneously (bgo#594701)
    - Fix next playback source (bgo#599834)
    - Fix adding tracks to the play queue (bgo#600498)
    - Fix up iPod podcast support (bgo#434237)
    - Fix cover art pick up for multi-disc albums (bgo#591982)
    - Fix the play queue when StopWhenFinished is on (bgo#563021)
    - Fix race when saving track metadata (bgo#598321)
    * 49 bugs were fixed since 1.5.1
* Wed Sep 30 2009
  - Update to 1.5.1 release
    * Major feature and bug fix/stability release
    * New features
    - Play Queue Auto DJ keeps the tunes coming
    - Shuffle by album and artist
    - Shuffle by weighted rating and score mode
    - Add tooltips for ellipsized list view text
    - Keep the playing song visible in the track list
    - Add support for WebOS/Pre devices
    - Add support for the Samsung Galaxy Android Phone
    - Scores of other enhancements and minor features
    * Major bugs fixed
    - Fix MimeTypes for tracks ripped before 1.4 (bgo##536590)
    - Fix compilation metadata reading and writing (bgo#563283)
    - Work with new notification-daemon (bgo#565876)
    - Avoid needlessly syncing iPods twice
    - Fix crash in equalizer (bgo #548912)
    - Prevent endless "Searching for CD metadata..." (bgo#527788)
    - Dispose the SqliteCommand after it's executed (bgo#586498)
    - Fix crash when opening the profile conf dialog (bgo#587308)
    - Fix editor always prompting to save podcasts (bgo#584880)
    - Fix initial track score calculation (bgo#594568)
    - Many, many, many more bug fixes
    - ~130 bugs were fixed since 1.5.0
    - ~250 bugs were fixed since 1.4.3 (last packaged release)
  - Major packaging changes
    * Split Boo extension into an -extensions-boo package
    * Split Digital Media Player extensions into -dmp (core libraries
      and the generic USB mass storage support), -dmp-ipod, and
    - dmp-mtp packages (since they have extra deps)
    * Split clients into separate packages (-client-classic and
    - client-muinshee); each client provides banshee-1-client
    * Split core libraries, services, and resources into the -core
    * The root package is basically a meta package now that requires
      a client package, the GStreamer engine, the UNIX backend, and
      recommends the classic client, and some extensions
  - All patches and translation overlays removed since they are
    merged into the upstream release
* Tue Aug 25 2009
  - Add build require on mono-zeroconf-devel to fix build.
* Sat Aug 15 2009
  - fix duplicate appearance of Banshee in (KDE) start menu
* Thu Mar 05 2009
  - Update to 1.4.3 release
    * Bug-fix-only release
    * 17 bugs fixed since 1.4.2 (most of which were already applied)
    * Removed the Novell translations since I disagree with the way
      we handle them with upstream - the upstream translations are
      rather complete (~93%); kept the Korean translation since one
      does not exist upstream



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