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texmaker-2.2.2-1.2.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE 11.4 for x86_64

Name: texmaker Distribution: openSUSE 11.4
Version: 2.2.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2.1 Build date: Sat Feb 19 12:55:36 2011
Group: Productivity/Publishing/TeX/Frontends Build host: build26
Size: 12590786 Source RPM: texmaker-2.2.2-1.2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Free cross-platform LaTeX editor
Texmaker is a free LaTeX editor, that integrates many tools
needed to develop documents with LaTeX, in just one application.
Texmaker runs on unix, macosx and windows systems and is released
under the GPL license .






* Mon Feb 14 2011
  - Update to version 2.2.2
    + Bug fixes and minor improvements to pdf viewer
    + History manager with 'back' and 'forward' buttons in
    + Allow opening multiple files simultaneously
    + Improvements to the "clean" command
    + Disable killing of compilation process
* Sun Jan 30 2011
  - Update to version 2.2.1
    + Bug fixes
    + Updated translations
* Wed Jan 26 2011
  - Update to version 2.2
    + Improvements to integrated pdf viewer, including continuous
      display of pages and the ability to print documents
    + New: Document selector in the main window
    + Syntax highlighter recognizes verbatim, sweave, pspicture,
      tikzpicture, and asy environments
    + Automatically compile .asy files
    + Completion is now less intrusive
    + "Options" has been added to the "includegraphics" dialog
* Fri Dec 03 2010
  - Improve handling of doc entries, making them go into standard doc
* Wed Dec 01 2010
  - Include texmaker-pdflatex-synctex-by-default.patch to enable
    source and pdf syncing into pdflatex builds
* Wed Oct 27 2010
  - Update to version 2.1
    - synctex support has been added
    - the bug about searching an empty text in the pdf viewer has been fixed
    - after a new compilation, the pdf viewer stays at the same page
    - the bug about the completion while typing "\begin{" has been fixed
    - the recent files menu can now contain 10 items
  - Install appropriate doc files: license, copying, changelog
  - Correct URL in spec file
* Tue Aug 10 2010
  - Cleanup spec file and add detailed changes to changelog file
* Sat Jul 31 2010
  - Update to upstream version 2.0
    - new: a built-in pdf viewer has been added
    - new: option to the quick build command has been added,
      which prevents texmaker from launching a new instance
      of the dvi/ps/pdf viewer if the file is already opened.
    - new: user can now directly create a new document by copying
      an existing one.
    - new: a new wizard to set the "user quick build command".
    - the "tabular" assistant has been completed :
    * option to add a vertical margin after a \hline
      (for big math formulae)
    * new options for the "p{}" column alignment
      (center and left alignment : \usepackage{array} is required)
    - the required blank space at the end of the metapost command
      is verified if the user changed manually this command
    - the "AMS align" tag has been added to the "Math" menu.
    - bug-fix: the crash when texmaker is compiled with hunspell
      and gcc 4.5 has been fixed.
* Wed Jul 14 2010
  - Spec file cleanup
  - Initial package with upstream version 1.9.9



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