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qtcurve-gtk2-1.8.1-3.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE 11.4 for x86_64

Name: qtcurve-gtk2 Distribution: openSUSE 11.4
Version: 1.8.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.1 Build date: Sat Feb 19 14:07:15 2011
Group: System/GUI/GNOME Build host: build21
Size: 524158 Source RPM: qtcurve-gtk2-1.8.1-3.1.src.rpm
Summary: QtCurve style for GTK+ 2
This package contains the QtCurve engine for GTK+ 2. QtCurve is a set
of widget styles available for Qt and GTK+.






* Wed Dec 08 2010
  - Improve summary and description.
* Tue Dec 07 2010
  - Update to version 1.8.1:
    + Alter CMake linker flags to detect undefined symbols.
    + Fix compile with older Gtk2 versions.
  - Changes from version 1.8.0:
    + Add option to not display keyboard shortcurt underline until
      'Alt' is pressed.
    + Add options to specify appearance of toolbar buttons.
    + Allow to use popup menu shade factor when colouring as per
    + Colour listview arrows on mouse-over.
    + Fix scrollbar background gradient in flat scrollbar buttons
      with firefox.
    + Use windows style scrollbars for Firefox 4
    + Fix painting of alternate listview rows in SWT apps.
    + Fix size of focus indicator in treeviews with SWT apps.
    + Use list style pop-up for non-editable combos when not using
      Gtk-style combos - matches KDE behaviour.
    + Fix buttons in chromium's menu - mouse over colour, and text
      colour when using darker colour schemes.
    + Remove QTC_CAIRO_1_10_HACK cmake option. For cairo 1.10, an
      easier fix is to just ensure there is no colour stop at 1.0.
    + Allow window drag in toolbars and other areas.
    + Implement hover and focus for scrolled windows.
    + Add support for KDE4 StartDragDist and StartDragTime config
      items to control when window drag starts.
    + Fix rounded border of combo popups when configured to not draw
      border and be square.
    + Use configure-event, and not resize-request, to detect window
      size changes.
    + Fix splitter background when highlight set to 0.
    + Fix tab mouse-over highlight when tab has a child widget.
  - Changes from version 1.7.2:
    + Allow editable combo-box popup to be rounded.
    + Fix initial treeview highlight.
    + Fix rounded popup border when using compositing.
    + Add vmware, vmplayer, and gtk to list of app to exclude from
      opacity settings. This also prevents using RGBA for rounded
      tooltips and popup menus.
    + Fix opacity setting of squared popup menus.
    + Improve group-box label positioning.
    + Fix line-style group box when text is above or below the line.
    + Fix crash when using a tiled image for background appearance,
      but not for menu appearance - was using wrong config item!
    + Fix border of hovered treeview items.
    + Allow combo popupmenus to be rounded if not using compositing.
    + Set/clear widget masks when compositing toggled.
    + Fix treeview line end detection.
    + Fix treeview selection, and line, corruption.
    + Fix treeview line dimensions.
    + Fix size of fonts in GIMPs dock.
    + Fix firefox scrollbar background when using flat buttons and
      flat background.
    + Fix clipping issues with full and filled focus types.
    + For configs older than 1.7.2, disable usage of alpha channel to
      draw rounded tooltips and popup menus. Too many issues with
      apps to enable this by default.
  - Changes from version 1.7.1:
    + Use rgba colormap to draw rounded tooltips and popup menus -
      gives nicer border. This may be disabled via KDE4 config
    + Allow 'menus' of non-editable combos to be rounded. (But *only*
      if the app can be set to use an rgba colormap)
    + Remove resize grips - kwin handles this.
    + Add mouse tracking to treeview lists.
    + Indent treeview selection as per KDE.
    + Dont use GtkStyle to draw treeview lines. Use custom code which
      matches previous KDE 'old' style.
    + When loading images for background/menus - check that image was
      loaded before attempting to ascertain its width/height.
    + Fix drawing or progressbar groove in treeview.
  - Changes from version 1.7.0:
    + Add option to use tiled pixmap as background for windows and
    + Draw line focus for items that cannot use glow focus.
    + Use popup menu gradient's border setting to determine border
      type of menus.
    + Add option to draw standard, raised, or joined toolbar buttons.
    + Add option to use thinner frames, focus, etc.
    + If not rounding, enable all 'square' options.
    + Store background colour setting in XProperty - so that this can
      be used by QtCurve kwin decoration. (At the moment, this is
      just the palette background)
    + Add position setting for background image; top left, top
      middle, top right, bottom left, bottom middle, bottom right,
      left middle, right middle, and centred.
    + Use square tooltips by default.
    + Fix combo-box menu text when shading popup menus.
    + Fix reading of QtCurve supplied default kdeglobals file.
    + Fix rounding of troughs of progressbars within treeview.
    + When using glow focus, dont draw glow focus and line focus on
      button of editable combo - jsut draw line.
    + Improve background gradient performance - only re-draw on
      size-request if size is different from last time.
    + Dont overwrite user supplied CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX
    + fixes:
    - toolbar buttons when using max rounded buttons.
    - vertical scrollbar button detection
    - background of unified spin widgets and combos
* Mon Oct 04 2010
  - Update to version 1.6.4:
    + Fix Claws Mail listview headers.
    + When drawing text on an option menu, look deeper into parent
      hierarchy to determine if the label is on a GtkOptionMenu.
    + Fix menubar borders when menubars set to be coloured as per
    + Allow faded groupbox frame even when not shading background.
    + Dont draw shaded/faded background groupboxes for Mozilla, Java,
    + Improve inner 3d part of line edits, combos, spinboxes, etc.
* Mon Sep 27 2010
  - Update to version 1.6.3:
    + Apply background opacity to menubars and toolbars.
    + Always use text colours when drawing labels on a GtkOptionMenu.
    + If using background opacity, draw rings and background gradient
      under menubars and toolbars. This matches the KDE4 behaviour.
    + Disable the support for 'fix parent-less dialog' option. This
      causes too many issues with applications to be worth the fuss.
* Fri Sep 24 2010
  - Update to version 1.6.2:
    + Theme evolution's headers as headers, and not buttons.
    + Set fallback icon theme to gnome instead of hicolor. This helps
      with some missing icons in evolution.
    + If drawing a background image, ensure that this can also be
      drawn onto kwin border - if it has a bottom edge.
    + Attempt to fix light text on dark background for
    + Use same radius for all corners of progressbar.
    + Apply menu background settings to menus of non-editable combos.
      (Rounding is not applied due to clipping/shadow issues with
    + Allow borderless rounded popup menus.
    + Don't draw double focus on Gimp combos.
    + Allow rounded menus when rounding is set to slight.
* Sat Sep 18 2010
  - Update to version 1.6.1:
    + Add option to have rounded popup menus.
    + Allow rounded tooltips when not compositing.
    + Use a hack to re-enable shadows for rounded tooltips.
    + Don't map/unmap tooltips - not required?.
    + Fix kwin titlebar blending for striped backgrounds.
    + Use flat selection for items of editable combo: it matches KDE4
    + Simplify faded menu item code.
    + Do not use gtk_style_apply_default_background for resize
      widgets: it messes up translucency.
* Mon Sep 13 2010
  - Update to version 1.6.0:
    + Add 'glow' focus option - this is now the default.
    + Fix potential crash in rgbToHsv
    + Use square-ish focus for view items if using squared selection.
    + Store dialog/window opacity in an XProperty - so that kwin
      theme can use this as the titlebar opacity.
    + Don't hide focus rect on listview headers when mouse-overed.
    + Fix crash due to missing gtk_widget_get_allocation - this was
      only introduced in Gtk 2.18.0
    + Group boxes need to respect 'square frames' setting.
    + Some Java Swing fixes/workarounds:
    - always use plain slider style
    - dont depress sliders
    - slightly improve tabs
    + Added option to specify tooltip background appearance.
    + Added options to draw shaded, or faded, group boxes.
    + Added options to specify location of group box label; inside,
    + Dont use the 'no buttons' scrollbar setting for mozilla apps.
    + Draw coloured mouse over for 'checked' toggle buttons.
    + Fix look of some sunken toolbar button in firefox.
    + Use Highlight colour for default button glow.
    + When KDE4's 'Inactive selection changes colour' setting is
      enabled, dont change the selection colour - use same colour,
      but set 50% transparent.
    + Add "npviewer.bin" to list of apps that are brower plugin
      viewers - opacity settings are excluded from these.
    + Exclude opacity settings from SWT apps (e.g. eclipse), totem,
      and sonata.
    + Default sub-menu popup delay to 225 - matches Gtk2 standard
      default. The previous default of 100 seems to cause issues with
    + Extend background gradients into window decoration.
    + Fix faded menuitems when using menu background gradients.
    + If background gradient has a 'shine', then when used for
      backgrounds draw a radial gradient top centered.
    + Use arrows on pathbar buttons.
    + If using compositing then use rounded and semi-transparent
      tooltips. (Note: when using rounded tooltips, the kwin shadow
    + Add option to force square tooltips.
    + Reduce GdkGC usage - use cairo for text layout.
    + Add a hack to work-around issues with NVIDIA and cairo 1.10.
    + Improve tab mouse-over code.
* Mon Aug 09 2010
  - Update to version 1.5.2:
    + Apply opacity settings to inactive tabs.
    + Add config option of apps that should not use menu opacity.
    + Add inkscape to list of apps to exclude opacity settings from.
    + Exclude opacity settings from browser plugins - nspluginviewer,
      plugin-container, and chrome (instance used to load plugins).
    + Exclude opacity settings for - crashes otherwise!
    + Check widget's colormap before drawing transparent.
    + Support non-integer font sizes.
  - Changes from version 1.5.1:
    + Fix drawing of square frames, when general setting set to round.
    + Dont draw thumbs on circular sliders - they dont look good!
    + Add options to set opacity for window and poup-menu
      backgrounds. The KDE SC4.5 blur-behind hint is set when the
    + If hiding via kwin buttons, emit menubar & statusbar details
      when a window is mapped.
  - Changes from version 1.5.0:
    + Add option to set progressbar colour.
    + Add options to have squared sliders and/or scrollbar sliders
      even when general setting set to round.
    + Add option to use menubar colours for popup menus.
    + Add option to set alpha values used to draw etch/shadow effect.
    + Dont draw double shadow for coloured combo buttons.
  - Changes from version 1.4.1:
    + When drawing button-like checks and radios, do not drawn sunken
      if they are in a list/tree view.
    + Fix segfault on some systems due to
      gdk_x11_get_default_xdisplay usage.
  - Changes from version 1.4.0:
    + Add striped window and menu background options.
    + Added options to not square frames and tab frames.
    + Animate faded progressbars when animation enabled.
    + Blend menubar and window titlebar gradients if:
      menubar, titlebar, and inactive titlebar gradients match AND
      not blending titlebar gradient AND
      using window titlebar colour for menubar AND
      extending window drag into menubar
    + Default titlebar colours to window colours - matches KDE4
    + If using window border colours as menubar colours, and the
      active and inactive titlebar colours are the same, then always
      use the active titlebar text colour for the menubar.
    + When shading menubars only when active, or using window border
      colours as menubar colours, track the active window using a X11
      event sent from the QtCurve kwin decoration.
    + Fix border of radio buttons when general round setting is set
      to square.
    + Always use a 1 pixel border for toolbars - as using a border of
      0 can cause items of adjoining locked toolbars to be too close.
    + Add separator to messafge dialog boxes - matches KDE.
    + Add option to act upon titlebar buttons to hide menubar and
    + Fix plain/round sliders being rotated when using a custom
      slider width.
  - Changes from version 1.3.0:
    + Add option to use kwin titlebar colours as menubar shade.
    + Add option to hide status bars via Ctrl-Alt-S
    + Add option to drag windows by menubar.
    + Better check/radio positioning.
    + Fix background painting with some toolbars.
    + Draw window frames square.
    + Fix rounding of check/radio/splitter/expander highlight.
    + Set toolbar frame width to 0 if not drawing borders.
    + When toggling menubar, or statusbar, queue a redraw of the
    + Decrease size of SWT toolbars.
    + Disable background image and gradient for SWT apps.
    + Only allow QtCurve's colours to be overridden if they come from
      QtCurveRcStyle or GtkRcStyle. Also, in the case of root,
      disallow 'ToolTip' and 'default' styles - as if app is run via
      kdesu/kdesudo, these could potentially be the user's colours.
      This should stop other theme's / user's colours from
    + If using KDE4/Qt4 colour settings, only force the colours for
      buttons that are disabled. This fixes the coloured text on
      GWave's buttons.
    + Fix shading of menubars and when using flat menubar appearance
      and background image/gradient.
    + Fix slider groove not always being painted when using
      background gradient/rings.
    + Fix drawing glitches with unified comboentries on mouse over.
    + Improve firefox menubar text colouring.
* Fri Mar 19 2010
  - Update to version 1.2.0:
    + Draw etch effect on radios if using a button effect, and not
      using button-like check/radios.
    + If drawing square non-gtk style scrollviews, use a dark/light
    + If drawing square scrollviews, set frame width to 1 if using
      thin scrollbar groove.
    + Add options to draw square progress and entry fields when
    + Add option to control whether progressbars have a border on all
      sides, or just top/bottom.
    + Add option to colour default buttons using highlight colour.
    + Expand selected check/radio colour option so as to be able to
      specift colour.
    + Add circular slider style.
    + Add glow to mouse over of slider handles (not scrollbars).
    + Add option to draw stripes on scrollbar sliders.
    + Add a 'faded' style porgressbar stripe option.
    + Add option to draw agua shine on custom gradients.
    + Improve appearance of button style check and radio buttons.
    + Add option to control whether scrollbar groove has a border or
    + Dont use pixmaps to draw rounded slider, or radio buttons.
    + Add option to increase size of check/radios - default is now
      15pixels. (For Mozilla apps, the old 13pixel size will be used).
    + Fix calculation of alpha values for square rings.
    + Fix progressbar glow central position.
    + Draw more frames.
    + Fix image/gradient background issues with wxWidgets
      applications. (Use gtk_widget_translate_coordinates to
      translate widgets coordinates relative to window.)
* Mon Mar 01 2010
  - Update to version 1.1.1:
    + Alter alpha settings of square rings.
    + Fix progressbar glow sometimes disappearing with Firefox.
  - Changes from version 1.1.0
    + Add option to not embolden progressbar text.
    + Add option to allow coloured mouse over for toolbar buttons.
    + Add option to border selection.
    + Add option to draw square rings on background.
* Wed Feb 10 2010
  - Update to version 1.0.2:
    + Use MODULE instead of SHARED on cygwin
    + For older mozilla apps, if menuitem style is set to fade, then
      use flat
    + Map edit-select-all.png to gtk-select-all
    + Fix check, radio, expander, and splitter background
    + If using a background gradient, or cannot deternine a widget's
      parent's background colour - use a 10% alpha white as the etch
* Wed Jan 27 2010
  - Package baselibs.conf
* Fri Jan 15 2010
  - Update to version 1.0.1:
    + Fix crash when colouring selected checks and radios, shading
      sliders, and non coloured default buttons.
* Wed Jan 06 2010
  - Update to version 1.0.0:
    + Added option to colour selected check/radios.
    + Added option to use a smaller dot for radios.
    + Made check/radio and splitter highlight options a configurable
      percentage - i.e. not based on standard hightlight percentage
    + Added option to set expander highlight factor.
    + When highlighting check/radio/splitter/expander background,
      round the corners and use the selection gradient.
    + Default check/radio/splitter/expander highlight set to 3%
    + Added new splitter/handle/thumb style: single dot.
    + Don't do coloured mouse over for buttons of editable combos,
      spin buttons, or scrollbar buttons.
    + Don't do regular coloured mouse over of sliders when these are
      set to be coloured on mouse over.
    + Allow to specify strength when colouring selected tab.
    + Remove support for QtCurve styles (these appear as unique KDE
      styles in the main KDE style selection dialog).
    + Slightly lighter shade used for coloured mouse over of arrows.
    + Dont draw border around rounded selection.
    + Fix internal padding of scrolled windows where scrollbars are
      within window.
    + When drawing frames, respect shadow state (in/out).
    + Draw Inkscape and Anjuta sidebar buttons as per QtCurve's KDE
    + Improve appearance of unified spin widgets under Firefox.
    + Don't draw background of dock widgets as if they were toolbars!
    + Only draw toolbar/menubar background if shadow type is not set
      to none. (Removes toolbar gradient from Rhythmbox's search
    + Reduce thickness of menu toolbar buttons (e.g. the buttons with
      just the arrow)
    + Better match of line-edit and spinbutton heights to KDE4.
    + If user is using menubar colouring, and this would require
      changing the text colour, then need to modify the user's
      userChrome.css for this - regardless of the QTC_MODIFY_MOZILLA
      cmake option.
    + If editing/creating userChrome.css and chrome folder does not
      exist, then create it.
    + Theme icon view selections.
    + Theme entry progress.
    + Supply a default kdeglobs file (installed into QtCurve's
      gtk-2.0 folder) so as to allow easy modifications of default
    + Added option to draw Air-like background rings in windows
      and/or menus.
    + Added option to add a 'glow' to progressbars.
    + Use listview header appearance setting for background of
    + Add option to disable background gradient, or image, for a
      particular app.
    + Removed the '-DQTC_REORDER_GTK_DIALOG_BUTTONS=true' cmake
      option, and replaced with a config option.
    + Draw Preview button in GIMP file dialog as a listview header.
    + Fix crashes with 'deadbeef' (??) 0.3.1 - need to check widget
      pointer before calling GTK_WIDGET_??? macros.
    + Dont max round toggle buttons that are almost square, or GIMPs
    + gtkMenuStripe option replaced by noMenuStripeApps option.
    + Better Agua gradients for large buttons.
* Mon Dec 07 2009
  - Change qtcurve-kde Recommends to qtcurve-kde4 Suggests.
  - Adds a supplements to qtcurve-kde4 and gtk2.
  - Add a Requires on gtk2.
* Thu Nov 19 2009
  - Update to version 0.69.2:
    + If a scrollbar slider is maxed-out, then shade it as disabled;
      matches KDE.
    + When detecting Ctrl-Alt-M for menubar hiding, check for
      uppercase M as well as lower case. Also, ignore state of shift
      and caps-lock keys.
    + Set default contrast to 7.
  - Changes from version 0.69.1:
    + Fix glow-style mouse over for combos with coloured buttons.
    + Improve appearance of plastik style mouse-over on scrollbar
    + Changes from version 0.69.0:
    + Add option to control whether bottom tabs should have their
      gradient shades inverted.
    + Config files now stored under $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/qtcurve (e.g.
    + Fix some issue with 'flat' appearance.
    + Add an experimental option to hide/unhide menubars using
    + Respect double arrow setting for non-editable combos on more
      Gtk2 combo types. (Affects combos in pidgin.)
    + Colour arrows on mouse over of non-editable combos on more Gtk2
      combo types. (Affects combos in pidgin.)
    + Fix disabled editable combos.
    + It has been reported that under intel Xorg drivers > 2.8, that
      QtCurve's arrows are not appearing. This seems to be due to the
      fact that QtCurve is using cairo to draw non-antialised lines
      in this case. To work-around this issue QtCurve has been
      changed to use the older Gdk to draw arrows.
  - Changes from version 0.68.1:
    + Fix reading of 'dark inverted gradient' setting.
    + Allow toggle buttons to be max rounded.
    + Fix combo-box arrow position when not etched/shadowed.
    + Fix default value for 'double Gtk combo arrow' setting.
    + Fix bnc#529607.
  - Dropped QtCurve-arraysize.patch: now upstream.
* Wed Sep 02 2009
  - bnc#529607 - qtcurve-gtk2-0.67.1-1.1: badly sized array
    Fixed with patch QtCurve-arraysize.patch.
* Thu Aug 27 2009
  - Update to version 0.68.0:
    + New options:
    - Control whether icons are displayed in menus
    - Force alternate colours in listviews
    - Square selections in listviews
  - Changes from version 0.67.5:
    + Use same shade for all menu item separators.
    + Fix clipping of non-V style right arrow.
    + Dont draw 3D border around poup menus when border has been
      disabled, but shading set to 0%
    + Offset sunken slider thumbs to improve appearance.
* Fri Aug 14 2009
  - Update to version 0.67.4:
    + If drawing square scrollviews, give these a similar 3d effect
      to rounded ones.
    + Move menuitem arrows 2 pixels to the left, to match KDE4 better
    + Fix button of non-editable combos when not etching entries.
    + Fix spin buttons when not etching entries.
    + Only do mouse over for entries if combos & spin widgets are
    + If not etching/shadowing, when mouse over set to 'glow' use
      'thick coloured'
    + If not etching/shadowing, decrease thinner scrollbar groove.
    + Fix clipping of shaded button on combos when not etching/
    + Remove hard-coding of light border in progressbars - use
      gradient setting.
    + Slightly better button metrics when not etching/shadowing.
* Mon Aug 10 2009
  - Update to version 0.67.3:
    + If a buttons requested size is not a multiple of 2, then shift
      the text 1 pixel lower.
    + Fix plastik style mouse over on scrollbars.
* Wed Aug 05 2009
  - Update to version 0.67.2:
    + Fix text placement in pushbuttons.
    + Set the insensitive foreground colour to the disabled text
      colour, and not the mid colour. Fixes appearance of disabled
      items in Mozilla apps.
* Wed Jul 29 2009
  - Update to version 0.67.1:
    + Adjust Agua overlay if widget is not max rounded.
    + Fix flat/sunken/dashed splitter handles!
    + Fix check/radio position in Thunderbird2 menus.
  - Changes from version 0.67.0:
    + Add option to draw insider border of inactive tabs.
    + Add option to draw double arrows for non-editable combos.
    + Add option to colour the sorted listview header.
    + Disable scrollbar buttons when at min/max - to match spin
    + Place non-V arrows of unified spin widgets closer together.
    + Increase the amount of rounding when round set to max.
    + Match gradient width/height to KDE4.
    + Only selected tabs need to fade to 100% alpha when using
      gradient backgrounds.
    + Fix entry borders of standard entry widgets in Mozilla apps.
      (The Mozilla widgets need a thinner border than the Gtk ones)
* Mon Jul 20 2009
  - Update to version 0.66.0:
    + Add a new 'Dark Inverted Gradient' and use this as the default
      gradient for menu stripes.
    + New 'Agua' style gradient - looks better under KDE4 and Gtk2.
    + Add option to lighten/darken the background of tabs.
    + Make inactive tabs more consistent with active tabs.
    + Remove sunken scroll views config item, and replace with option
      to control if entries and scroll views should be etched
    + Modify defaults:
    - Scrollbars outside of scrollview (Gtk/oxygen style)
    - Thin scrollbar groove.
    + When using scrollbars outside of scrollview, reduce gap to 2
      pixels if sunken.
    + Set, and use, honors-transparent-bg-hint / transparent-bg-hint.
      Fixes corners of entry fields in Firefox 3.5
    + Remove userChrome.css settings if firefox executable name is
  - Changes from version 0.65.3:
    + When not using button-like check/radio boxes, use view text as
      the indicator colour.
    + Fix slight tab glitches when using glow tab mouse over and
      square tabs.
    + Fix background of some widgets when using "left to right"
      background gradients.
    + Fix backgrounds of entry field when etching, but not rounded.
    + Dont draw frame for entry fields within list/trees.
  - Changes from version 0.65.2:
    + If there is not enough space for large arrows in FireFox's
      menuitems, use small ones.
    + Fix incorrect scrollbar trough border.
    + Better, non-hacky, fix for Firefox's location bar.
    + Make Firefox's entry fields smaller.
  - Changes from version 0.65.1:
    + Use a border width of 1 if gradienting popupmenus.
    + When using darkened menu stripe use popupmenu background colour
      as the base colour.
    + Draw menu stripe flush with the edge of menu.
    + Match 'darken' menuStripe to KDE4.
    + When using menu stripe, adjust separators by 20 (2 for
      Mozilla/Oo.o) pixels left.
    + Increase width of menu stripe for Mozilla apps.
    + Draw menu stripe for menus associated with dialogs.
    + Match KDE4 button text position better.
    + Fix some issues with oxygen-style combo buttons. (QtCurve
      creates maps from the parent -> entry, and parent -> button -
      these maps were not being cleared when the widget was
      destroyed. Also, dont keep reference to last moused-overed
      entry after its unrealized).
    + Dont highlight background of checks/radios when this is not
      enabled, but gradient background is.
    + Disable background gradients for Java, Mozilla, OpenOffice,
      GIMP toolbox, and tooltip windows.
    + Improve background gradients when drawing parts of entries,
    + Very hackish fix to the border around the icons within
      firefox's location and search entry fields. Disabled by
      default, to enable pass -DQTC_FIX_FIREFOX_LOCATION_BAR=true to
      cmake. Note that enabling this may cause issues with other
      entry fields in firefox.
    + Adjust position of checks and radios in menus.
    + Fix memory leak by calling parent class's fianlize method in
  - Changes from version 0.65.0:
    + Add options to draw editable combos, and spin widgets, as edit
      fields with embedded arrows - oxygen style.
    + Add option to draw a light border around tab widgets, as
      opposed to 3d look.
    + Added ability to specify scrollbar width (11 -> 31, default 15)
    + Base slider dimensions off of scrollbar width, unless using
      triangular slider.
    + Add option to have thinner buttons.
    + Add option to specify gradient for background of popupmenus.
    + Enable mouse-over for entry fields.
    + For mouse-over and focus, use same colour for top and bottom
      inner parts of entry fields.
    + When using filled/full focus with coloured mouse over, then
      mouse over takes precedence.
    + Alter default settings:
    - Place arrows of spin buttons, and editable combos, in the
      edit field.
    - Draw a light border around tab widget.
    - Thinner buttons.
    - Use soft gradient for active tab.
    - Use glow style highlight for tab mouse-over (this introduces
      gaps between tabs).
    + Re-add fix for icons on GEdit tabs - but only for GeditNotebook
    + Draw entry field backgrounds.
    + Dont use KDE4's disabled background colour.
    + Experimental support for menu-stripe. (Needs menu stipe also
      enabled in KDE GUI)
    + Enable drawing of list (tree) view lines.
    + Experimental support for drawing of background gradients.
* Mon Jun 15 2009
  - Update to version 0.64.2:
    + When using shaded combo buttons, use button colours for border.
    + Disable button order userChrome.css mods for Thunderbird>=3
    + Added a verbose warning about the usage of QTC_MODIFY_MOZILLA
    + Fix spin widget entry field when widget is on a notebook - bug
      was caused by fix for GEdit tabs.
    + Disable coloured slider hack for Firefox apps. This hack
      attempts to solve the miscolured top/bottom line of sliders
      when they are at the top/bottom.
* Sat Jun 13 2009
  - Update to version 0.64.1:
    + When using shaded combo buttons, use the combo splitter setting
      to determine if there should be a border between the shaded and
      unshaded parts.
    + Make menubar items selectable right up to the top edge of the
    + Fix clipping of close icon on GEdit tabs.
* Thu Jun 11 2009
  - Update to version 0.64.0:
    + Add option to not draw border around popupmenus.
    + Add option to unify spinbuttons.
    + Add option to set sub-menu delay (default 100ms)
    + Use equal top/bottom padding on popupmenu separators.
    + Add option to colour arrow part of combobox.
    + Draw resize grip as a darkend triangle.
    + Add a 'thick colored border' mouse over type.
    + Allow to darken sliders.
    + Add new default button indicator - darken.
    + Harmonize KDE4 & Gtk2 popupmenu overlaps.
    + Slightly changed min width/height of when buttons can be max
      rounded - fixes some issues with firefox.
    + Fix scrollbar background when using thinner grooves.
    + Under KDE4 (KDE_SESSION_VERSION>=4), default hover/focus
      colours to the KDE4 defaults.
    + Fix firefox crashing when scrollbar slider move to top. This
      only occurs when not using flat scrollbar buttons, and a
      coloured scrollbar slider.
    + Dont draw frame around GEdits combos in its status bar - unless
      drawStatusBarFrames is set to true.
    + Dont attempt alter OK/Cancel button for Firefox 3.5 - seems to
      mess up preferences dialog.
    + Replace QtCurve's menubar mouse-over code with that from the
      glide engine.
* Tue Jun 09 2009
  - Update to version 0.63.0:
    + Add '3dfull' to gradient border options. This forces the dark,
      as well as the light, portion to be drawn.
    + Use a lighter shade for the dark portion of gradient border.
    + Flat dot for radio buttons.
    + Option to use button colour for listview headers.
    + Use KDE4 colors for focus and mouse-over.
    + Removal of background focus option.
    + Softer, and much nicer, colouration of selected tab.
    + Tab mouse over options; top (as before), below, or glow.
    + Modified defaults:
    - Tab mouse-over highlight drawn at the bottom
    - Plain slider style
    - Align titlebars text in center
    + Add appearance setting for background of flat scrollbar
    + Add HCY colour space.
    + Use tint and mix color routines from KDE4's KColorUtils.
    + Remove QtCurve's 'inactiveHighlight' option, and use KDE4s
      setting instead.
    + Add option to specify appearance setting of filler part of
    + Increase number of custom gradients - now matches number of
      gradient config items.
    + When using glow style mouse over, use mouse over colour for
    + Option to use a thinner groove for scrollbars (only when using
      flat, or no, buttons).
    + Option to only color sliders on mouse over.
    + Option to round all tabs.
    + Better tab highlighting.
    + Don't max/extra round progressbars.
    + Use faded lines for tab and listview header mouse-over.
    + Create icon-mapping file in a more robust manner.
    + Set "gtk-icon-theme-name" to user's theme (or the KDE default
      if not set), and set "gtk-fallback-icon-theme" to "highcolor".
    + Fix spin widget entry highlighting under Gtk 2.16
    + Don't round rulers.
    + Fix faded menuitems when not rounding.
    + Fix alternate listview colours when running under KDE3
    + Make buttons slightly thinner, matches KDE4 better.
    + Fix setting of KDE icons when QtCurve is configured by just
      having gtk-theme-name="QtCurve" in the gtkrc file.
    + Fix painting of scrollbar slider ends when sliders are shaded,
      and scrollbar buttons are not flat.
    + When not using highlight colour for menus, get OpenOffice to
      use the correct colour for selected menubar items.
    + Fix setting of custom shades, and gradients, when reading
      system config file.
    + Dont crash when /etc/qtcurvestylerc is only readable by root!
    + Use tooltip text color to draw its border, as per KDE4.
    + Dont draw border around rulers.
* Sun Apr 12 2009
  - Update to version 0.62.8:
    + Treat 'abrowser' as Firefox.
    + Disable tab-mouse over for all tabs that are of the type
      GtkNoteBook.GtkFixed.GtkWindow (this is mainly for Mozilla and
      OO.o widgets)
    + Fix OK/Cancel buttons for all Firefox3 dialogs.
    + Removed QTC_MODIFY_MOZILLA_USER_JS cmake option, this is now
      set via the QTC_MODIFY_MOZILLA option - as the KDE button order
      is affected by the instantApply setting
    + Draw Mozilla's scrolled windows square - as it seems to assume
      they are
    + When determinging lower etch colour, ignore GtkBox widgets when
      looking up parent tree
    + Set menu and toolbar fonts
    + Dont darken disabled splitter
* Mon Apr 06 2009
  - Update to version 0.62.7:
    + For right-to-left progressbars, make animation go
    + Detect seamonkey as a Mozilla app.
    + Try to determine if a Mozilla app is new, or not, by calling
      <app> --version
    + Fix OO.o scrollbars when using flat scrollbar buttons.
    + Improve Mozilla and OO.o spin widgets.
    + Fix OO.o comboboxes.
    + Shrink (by 2 pixels) size of Firefox toolbars - but only if
      '-DQTC_MODIFY_MOZILLA=true' is passed to cmake.
    + Fix KDE button order in FireFox 3 dialogs - but only if
      '-DQTC_MODIFY_MOZILLA=true' is passed to cmake.
* Sat Apr 04 2009
  - Update to version 0.62.6:
    + Alter meunbar item widths slightly to make more consistent with
    + If QTC_NEW_MOZILLA is not set, don't allow faded menuitems for
    + Make file chooser's pathbar buttons more KDE4 like.
    + Improve entry focus highlight when round>full.
    + Don't use max round for close buttons on GEdit's tabs.
* Mon Mar 23 2009
  - Update to version 0.62.5:
    + Use gradient for filled slider - unless appearance is
    + Slightly alter listview header size.
    + Fix white-on-white text of disabled listviews - noticable in
    + If a toolbar is disabled, so should the handle be.
* Mon Mar 16 2009
  - Update to version 0.62.4:
    + When drawing filled slider groove, use fill colour for border
      as well.
    + Better positioning of V arrows on secondary scrollbar buttons.
    + Improve appearance of GtkCombo edit field.
* Sun Mar 15 2009
  - Update to version 0.62.3:
    + Fix setting of custom non-default icon themes.
    + When creating icon map, check for icons in non-default style
      first, and then check default.
    + Improve appearance GtkCombo poup menu.
    + When menubars have a border, adjust the menubar items
    + When filling the used part of a slider groove, use the slider
      colour if set, otherwise use the highlight colour.
* Sat Mar 14 2009
  - Update to version 0.62.2:
    + Improve appearance of progressbars in listviews
    + Call kde-config (KDE3) / kde4-config (KDE4) to determine
      location of system icons for creating icon map.
  - Changes from version 0.62.1:
    + Use highlight colour for unselected focused view items.
    + Fix saving/reading of custom shades.
    + Fix reading of boolean values from kdeglobals.
    + Fix some slight tab drawing glitches.
    + Stop disabled menuitems from using custom menu text colour
      if custom colours have been set.
* Wed Mar 11 2009
  - Update to version 0.62.0:
    + Reduce gradient code complexity - makes predefined gradients
      work in the same vein as custom gradients.
    + Add scrollbar/slider groove and 'sunken' appearance options.
    + Added new soft and harsh gradients.
    + Change defaults style for many things.
    + Allow all bar flat and raised tabs to bol coloured.
    + Only save appearance settings if different from default.
    + If a gradient does not define the values for positions 0 and
      100, then add these.
    + Better colouring of selected tab.
    + Added new focus options - full and line.
    + Add new round options - extra and max.
    + Don't etch disabled items.
    + Use text colour for focus indicator in tree/list/etc views.
    + When specifying custom gradients, add the pssibility to have no
      internal border - options are now none, light, 3d
    + Only apply plastik style mouse-over scrollbars and sliders when
      plastik is set as the mouse-over style.
    + Only draw 1 arrow on Gtk combos.
    + Under KDE4, read palette, and font, from kdeglobals.
    + Fix Firefox issues with scrollbar slider when using flat
      scrolbar buttons.
    + Call kde-config (KDE3) / kde4-config (KDE4) to determine
      location of user's kde folder.
  - Drop return-fix.patch: it's actually not needed anymore.
  - Do not uselessly define CFLAGS and friends to the default value.
* Fri Mar 06 2009
  - Update to version 0.61.5:
    + Fix crash when drawing focus - occurs when using alt-tab in
  - Changes from version 0.61.4:
    + Make squared scrollview appearance consistent when round is set
      to none.
    + Fix missing pixels in squred progressbars with inverted
    + Fix Firefox/OO.o menu text when useHighlightForMenu is set to
    + Use faded lines for combo separator.



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