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gnome-control-center-devel-2.32.1-7.10.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE 11.4 for x86_64

Name: gnome-control-center-devel Distribution: openSUSE 11.4
Version: 2.32.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 7.10.1 Build date: Mon Feb 21 23:39:35 2011
Group: System/GUI/GNOME Build host: build18
Size: 485 Source RPM: gnome-control-center-2.32.1-7.10.1.src.rpm
Summary: Header files for the GNOME Control Center
The control center is GNOME's main interface for configuration of
various aspects of your desktop.






* Mon Feb 21 2011
  - Add gnome-control-center-symlinked-background.patch: if the
    configured background is not known by the backgrourd capplet, but
    it's a symlink to another background which is known, then we only
    want to display this background once. This is useful in openSUSE,
    since the default configured background is such a symlink.
* Sun Feb 13 2011
  - Call relevant macros in %post/%postun:
    + %desktop_database_post/postun because the package ships at
      least one desktop file.
    + %icon_theme_cache_post/postun because the package ships themed
    + %mime_database_post/postun because the package ships a mime
      type definition.
  - Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang so that english documentation
    can be packaged with the program, and not in the lang subpackage.
  - Change Requires of lang subpackage to Recommends, since the
    english documentation is not there anymore.
  - Remove 2.x references in summaries and descriptions.
* Thu Jan 13 2011
  - Add gnome-control-center-mime-scheme-handler.patch: correctly
    handle default browser and mailer. Because of a change in how gio
    works, the way to register default mailer and browser has changed
    to use MIME types instead of gconf keys. The patch is based on
    cherry-picked changes from git to the gnome-2-32 branch.
  - Drop gnome-control-center-bnc436206-add-to-default.patch:
    groupwise should be updated to declare that it supports the
    x-scheme-handler/mailto mime type to be added to the list of
* Fri Nov 19 2010
  - Update to version 2.32.1:
    + Default applications:
    - Use 'midori' as icon name for Midori web browser
    + Mouse:
    - Enable 2-finger scrolling through emulation (bgo#625163)
    + Keyboard:
    - Link against libxklavier also
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Sep 27 2010
  - Update to version 2.32.0:
    + Updated translations.
* Sat Sep 18 2010
  - Update to version
    + Display:
    - Add missing include to fix build
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version 2.31.92:
    + Display:
    - Don't silently ignore errors when pkexec(1) fails
    + About Me:
    - Use translations from fprintd for finger ops
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Sep 07 2010
  - Remove unneeded librsvg-devel BuildRequires.
  - Change old-style BuildRequires to pkgconfig() style
    + old-style: evolution-data-server-devel, gnome-desktop-devel,
      gnome-menus-devel, gnome-settings-daemon-devel,
      libgnomekbd-devel, libslab-devel, libunique-devel,
      libxklavier-devel, metacity-devel, xorg-x11
    + new-style: dbus-1, dbus-glib-1, gconf-2.0, glib-2.0,
      gnome-desktop-2.0, gnome-settings-daemon, gtk+-2.0,
      libcanberra-gtk, libebook-1.2, libgnomekbd, libgnomekbdui,
      libgnome-menu, libmetacity-private, libslab, libxklavier,
      libxml-2.0, unique-1.0, xcursor, xft, xi.
  - This will make it easier to switch to GNOME 3 libraries.
* Mon Sep 06 2010
  - Add X-SuSE-ControlCenter-Personal category instead of
    X-SuSE-ControlCenter-System and AdvancedSettings to
    default-applications.desktop to make it appear where it should
    in the menu.
  - Add X-SuSE-ControlCenter-Hardware category instead of
    X-SuSE-ControlCenter-System and AdvancedSettings to
    gnome-network-properties.desktop to make it appear where it
    should in the menu.
* Wed Sep 01 2010
  - Update to version 2.31.91:
    + About me:
    - Fix enrolling with Upek Eikon II fingerprint reader
    + Shell:
    - Update libslab from master (bgo#612417)
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Aug 17 2010
  - Update to version 2.31.90:
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Aug 06 2010
  - Update to version 2.31.6:
    + Common:
    - Replace deprecated GTK+ symbols (bgo#572325)
    + About me:
    - Don't hang when new and old password are too similar
    - Catch "password too recent" error message (bgo#620135)
    + Font viewer:
    - Create the preview pixmap after the drawing area is realized
    + Keyboard:
    - Changing Print layout to Show layout
    + Shell:
    - Don't include both Personal and Look & Feel
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version 2.31.1:
    + Common:
    - Use only single GTK+ includes (bgo#615292)
    - Remove GTK+ deprecated symbols (bgo#572325)
    + About me:
    - Don't hang when new and old password only differ in case
    - Minor string updates (bgo#615283)
    - Use changes-prevent and changes-allow icons from the
      icon-them instead of the outdated lock-icons (bgo#408585)
    - Use accessor functions instead direct access (bgo#597888)
    + Display:
    - Add a "Make Default" button in gnome-display-properties,
      which is used to set up a systemwide default RANDR
    - Change icon name to preferences-desktop-display (bgo#614912)
    + Keyboard:
    - Added tooltips (bgo#615521)
    - Use new libgnomekbd function for default group switcher
    - Proper response id for the help button (bgo#616917)
    + Shell:
    - Fix issue with g-c-c shell and YaST shell having same unique
    + Typing break:
    - Add support for Ubuntu's app indicator
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop
    not needed anymore, since this is now handled in libgnomekbd
    (that we patched).
  - Remove libcanberra-gtk Requires: packaging of libcanberra has
    changed, and the login sound will get installed via a Supplements
* Thu Apr 29 2010
  - Update to version 2.30.1:
    + Don't hang when new and old password only differ in case
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Mar 29 2010
  - Update to version 2.30.0:
    + About me:
    - Fix global variable confusion
    - Fix remembering of data between runs
    + Appearance:
    - Mark a string for translation (bgo#612015)
    - Fix GTK+ multi-threading (bgo#610003)
    + Display:
    - Don't show a tooltip while a monitor is being dragged
    + Typing break:
    - Lock all the screens (bgo#492974)
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Mar 08 2010
  - Update to version 2.29.92:
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Feb 26 2010
  - Update to version 2.29.91:
    + Appearance:
    - Add 'span' as a style for backgrounds
    + Display Properties:
    - Now fits in 640x480 and has a better layout overall.
    - Just use "monitors" for wording, not a mixture of "monitor",
      "display", "screen".
    - Make the mouse cursor indicate when you can drag a monitor
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Feb 10 2010
  - Update to version 2.29.90:
    + About-me:
    - Fix hangs when 'passwd' outputs unexpected answers
    - Fix list of passwd error strings
    - Fix fingerprint name on 2nd page
    + At-properties:
    - Add AutostartCondition to gnome-at-session.desktop
    + Mouse:
    - Fix mnemonics conflicts on touchpad tab (bgo#608057)
    + Updated translations.
  - Fix self-obsoletion of control-center2, control-center2-devel.
* Wed Jan 27 2010
  - Update to version 2.29.6:
    + About-me:
    - Add translator comments to 'Home' string (bgo#605944)
    + Appearance:
    - Use GtkInfoBar rather than a copy of GeditMessageArea
    + Common:
    - Don't leak file descriptors when checking for colour schemes
    + Mouse:
    - Disable tapping only for touchpads without a left mouse
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Jan 20 2010
  - Added support for translation-update-upstream (FATE#301344).
* Thu Dec 24 2009
  - Update to version 2.29.4:
    + General:
    - Drop obsolete check for HAL (bgo#595832)
    - Use external libslab when available
    - Add gthread-2.0 to common modules for linking (bgo#600589)
    - Enable silent build rules
    + Common:
    - Fix all the keybindings showing up when using compiz
    - Fix leak
    - Fix warning
    + About-me:
    - Fix crash when closing the window using the window button
    - Add missing PNG files
    + Appearance:
    - Remove interface tab (bgo#592756)
    - Add OnlyShowIn=GNOME to the .desktop file (bgo#594709)
    - Update the background style option labels (bgo#411048)
    - Fix tooltip in the background chooser (bgo#596369)
    - Add support for per-monitor backgrounds (bgo#147808)
    + Default applications:
    - Update the exec arg when changing terminal (bgo#597185)
    - Be sure to add the gconf directories for monitoring
    - Return an empty string for the custom web item
    + Display:
    - Don't assert when the current output doesn't have a
      resolution set yet (bgo#593866)
    - Automatically turn on outputs which support Mirror Screens
    - Sensitize 'Mirror Screens' depending on whether mirror mode
      is actually supported
    - Desensitize the on/off radio buttons if we are in Mirror
      Screens mode
    - Show 'Mirror Screens' in the monitor label, not a random
      monitor's name
    + Font Viewer:
    - Use pango_language_get_sample_string for sample text
    - Expand the Copyright display to get rid of unnecessary
    - Don't use URI notation when installing fonts (bgo#603732)
    + Keybindings:
    - Fix broken logic in keybinding tree model
    - Fix zombie bindings appearing after deleting custom shortcuts
    - Show shortcuts for the active window manager (bgo#600531)
    - Remove sleep key entry (bgo#170175)
    + Keyboard:
    - Major UI reorganization
    - Fix mnemonic conflict in mousekeys tab (bgo#586433)
    + Mouse:
    - Disable two-finger scrolling/tapping based on touchpad
    + Network:
    - Keep proxies in sync when "use same proxy" is selected
    + Typing break:
    - Increase delay for activating the postpone button to 5s
    - Reset timer after suspend (bgo#430797)
    + Windows:
    - Don't allow Ctrl+Click as window movement modifier
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gnome-control-center-default-app-xterm.patch: fixed
  - Add libslab-devel BuildRequires.
* Thu Dec 24 2009
  - Add gnome-control-center-shell-common-tasks-i18n.patch to
    translate favorite capplets, as set in gconf2-branding. This
    patch needs to be kept in sync with the branding package.
  - Add gnome-patch-translation BuildRequires, since we now have
    custom strings.
* Tue Nov 03 2009
  - updated patches to apply with fuzz=0
* Sat Oct 03 2009
  - bnc#533491 - Only show Preferred Applications in System section.
* Sat Oct 03 2009
  - Add gnome-control-center-default-app-xterm.patch to correctly set
    the exec arg gconf key when changing the preferred terminal. Fix
* Mon Sep 21 2009
  - Update to version 2.28.0:
    + Appearance:
    - bgo#323323 - Add link buttons to get more themes/backgrounds
    - bgo#592510 - Add/remove buttons should be the same size
    - bgo#591375 - Make slideshows visually distinct
    - Don't call gnome_wp_item_ensure_gnome_bg too early
    - Rename some widget ids to make GtkBuilder happy
    - Use XDG user and system data dirs to load backgrounds
    - Fix compiler warnings
    - bgo#584342 - Make the font DPI spin button work again
    - Show correct default layout
    - bgo#594718 - Update icon because the old one has been removed
      from g-i-t
    - bgo#594066 - Allow a window manager to inherit keybindings
      from another window manager
    - Force cursor slide to 100 px, in order to use it without
      changing the window width
    + Common:
    - bgo#592920 - Drop check for libgnomeui
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop libgnomeui-devel BuildRequires.
* Fri Aug 28 2009
  - Update to version 2.27.91:
    + Appearance:
    - bgo#592182 - Use unique widget IDs
    - bgo#584029 - Add workaround for glade-3 not working with vbox
    - bgo#592354 - Fix parentless modal dialogs in theme installer
    + Common:
    - Add schemas file
    - Fix distcheck
    + Display:
    - Fix dragging of rotate monitors
    + Font viewer:
    - bgo#592642 - Use preferences-desktop-font for the icon
    - Fix filename after GTKBuilder migration
    + Mouse:
    - bgo#592425 - Keep touchpad UI in sync with GConf
    + Network:
    - bgo#581472 - Update the ignored hosts list when the location
    + Shell:
    - Updated to latest libslab
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Aug 28 2009
  - Remove unneeded PolicyKit-gnome-devel BuildRequires.
* Sun Aug 23 2009
  - Update to version 2.27.90
    + About-me:
    - Remove old code poking directly into the pwent
    - Port to PolicyKit-1.0
    + Appearance:
    - bgo#591392 - Fix crash when iterating through the tree model
    - bgo#591656 - Attributes tag is not supported in GtkButtons
    - Make sure the underline in "Save _As..." is interpreted
    + Common:
    - Change error message reference about Bonobo to DBus
    - bgo#590933 - Remove markup from translatable string
    - Fix compiler warnings
    - Fix requires in gnome-window-settings-2.0.pc
    + Display:
    - Don't start the outputs before creating the labeler
    - Remove dead code
    - Ensure that the output labels fit inside the monitor
    + Shell:
    - bgo#568527 - Remove libgnomeui usage
    - Do not depend on libpanel-applet
    - Use GOption in the shell
    - Fix error message with unknown option in shell
    - Use libunique in the shell to have a single-instance shell
    - Update to latest libslab, and do not install libslab on the
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gnome-control-center-libslab.patch: included upstream.
  - Replace gnome-panel-devel BuildRequires by libgnomeui-devel.
* Thu Aug 13 2009
  - Update to version 2.27.5:
    + Default applications:
    - Don't clear the custom browser command on startup
    + General:
    - Remove all libglade dependencies
    - Remove markup from translatable strings in GTKBuilder files
    + Network:
    - Fix unparsed mnemonics (bgo#590364)
    + Shell:
    - Removed deprecated dependencies from libslab
    - Adapted shell to new libslab API
    - Remove libgnome and libgnomeui dependencies
    + Updated translations.
  - Respin gnome-control-center-use-settings-menu.patch.
  - Add gnome-control-center-libslab.patch, taken from git, to fix
    some mess with the internal copy of libslab.
  - Remove gstreamer010-plugins-base-devel, libglade2-devel
  - Remove Recommends on gnome-audio: that's not true anymore (the
    capplet handling this has moved to gnome-media).
  - Split out libraries in their own packages:
    libgnome-window-settings1, libgnome-window-settings-devel.
  - Remove permissions PreReq and the call to
    run_permissions/verifyscript/verify_permissions since we don't
    ship change-passwd anymore.
  - Remove libexecdir argument from configure.
* Mon Jul 20 2009
  - Update to version
    + About me:
    - EXTRA_DIST fingerprint icons
    + Common:
    - Automatically generate .gitignore files with
    + Network:
    - Remove libglade dependency from gnome-network-properties
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version 2.27.4:
    + About me:
    - New icons for fingerprint screen
    + Appearance:
    - Migrate to GtkBuilder
    - Remove custom cell renderers
    + At-properties:
    - Remove libglade depency from at-properties capplet
    + Default applications:
    - Remove libglade dep from default-applications capplet
    + Display:
    - Remove libglade dependency from display-properties capplet
    + Keybindings:
    - Remove libglade dependency from keybindings capplet
    + Mouse:
    - Support touchpad configuration through device properties
    + Shell:
    - Fix libslab for single includes in GTK+
    + Typing break:
    - Use GtkUIManager to replace GtkItemFactory
    + Windows:
    - Strip libglade dependency from gnome-window-properties
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version 2.27.3:
    + About me:
    - Initialize GThread subsystem (bgo#583451)
    + Appearance:
    - Search GTK+ icon theme search path for icon themes
    - Only delete the theme if the user pressed OK (bgo#578694)
    - Close gtkrc files after use (bgo#578835)
    - Fix theme engine detection on non-UNIX platform (bgo#581156)
    - Don't unref NULL GConf entries
    - After removing an image set the cursor to the newly selected
      wallpaper (bgo#575075)
    + Default applications:
    - Add Arora to list of browsers
    + Display:
    - Pass a transient parent ID to the ApplyConfiguration callback
      so that it can make its confirmation dialog a child of the
      parent (bgo#576006)
    - Simplify calls to dbus-glib which cannot fail
    - Ensure that there will be a backup file before committing
    - Make the monitor heading be explicitly black (bgo#556050)
    - Fix the layout-outputs-horizontally helper
    - Use the timestamp of the Apply button to change the RANDR
    - Don't pop up a redundant error dialog
    + Font viewer:
    - Safely printf strings
    - Interrupt thumbnailing at 30 s instead of 30 msecs
    + Keybindings:
    - Make activating a section header row expand or collapse the
      section as expected instead of crashing (bgo#577474)
    - Make the custom keybinding UI smoother
    - Don't needlessly write entries back to gconf on startup
    + Keyboard:
    - Dependency on libxklavier 4.0, optional load/display of extra
    + Shell:
    - Fix libslab svn:external problem
    + Updated translations.
  - Move the control-center help files to the lang package.
  - Disable gnome-control-center-system-proxy-configuration.patch:
    this needs rebasing.
* Mon Jun 01 2009
  - Fix bnc#436206 - add GroupWise to the defaults
* Wed May 27 2009
  - Remove gnome-passwd and enable gnome-about-me instead (which
    requires --enable-aboutme in configure).
  - Add PolicyKit-gnome-devel BuildRequires.
  - Remove gnome-patch-translation support.
  - Drop control-center-art.tar.bz2 which contains old icons.
  - Do not add DocPath to desktop files: it's not needed for yelp.
  - Rename gnome-control-center-system-proxy-configuration.diff to
* Mon May 25 2009
  - Updated and enabled gnome-control-center-system-proxy-configuration.patch
    so that it builds with this version of gnome-control-center.
* Tue Mar 17 2009
  - Update to version 2.26.0:
    + About me:
    - Fix warning when selecting a finger to enroll in the combo
      box (bgo#574974)
    + Default applications:
    - Fix mnemonic conflicts
    + Display:
    - Make the strings of the rotation dialog appear translated
    - Fix crash when refreshing RANDR configuration (bgo#574865)
    + Font viewer:
    - Stop the font thumbnailer eating all the CPU (bgo#573795)
    + Keybindings:
    - Fix mnemonics conflict on the custom shortcut window
    + Typing break:
    - Revert string freeze breaker (bgo#572325)
    + Updated translations.
  - Remove fontilus.xml: it shouldn't be needed anymore, since
    shared-mime-info contains this.
  - Don't move gnome-keybindings.pc to /usr/lib/pkgconfig: it's fine
    in /usr/share/pkgconfig
* Fri Mar 06 2009
  - Update to version 2.25.92:
    + General:
    - remove lots of deprecated GDK/GTK+ calls (bgo#572325)
    + Appearance:
    - fix message markup appearing in post-install dialog
    + Display:
    - don't block the GUI while changing RANDR configuration
    - realign outputs after a resolution change
    - use black text for enabled monitors
    - change window title and menu entry to "Display"/"Display
      Preferences" (bgo#570907)
    + Keybindings:
    - fix saving custom shortcut commands (bgo#572501)
    - always show "<Unknown Action>" for shortcuts without a
      description (bgo#572808)
    + Keyboard:
    - add visual bell settings (bgo#564998)
    - fix initial layout preview (bgo#550721)
    - restore help button in layout options (bgo#556952)
    - remove non-existing icon from sound notifications button
    + Font Viewer:
    - initialize type system to fix hang (bgo#572189)
    + Updated translations.
  - Remove -fno-strict-aliasing from CFLAGS.
  - Remove AutoReqProv: it's default now.
* Thu Mar 05 2009
  - Add libgnomeui-devel to Requires of devel package.



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