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autoconf-el-2.68-4.5 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE 11.4 for noarch

Name: autoconf-el Distribution: openSUSE 11.4
Version: 2.68 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 4.5 Build date: Wed Feb 23 00:45:17 2011
Group: Productivity/Editors/Emacs Build host: build17
Size: 14351 Source RPM: autoconf-el-2.68-4.5.src.rpm
Summary: Emacs mode for editing GNU Autoconf scripts
Emacs mode for editing GNU Autoconf scripts

    Martin Buchholz <>
    Akim Demaille <>






* Fri Dec 10 2010
  - update to 2.68 to include the patch
    * * AC_MSG_ERROR (and AS_ERROR) can once again be followed immediately by
    `dnl'.  Regression introduced in 2.66.
    * * AC_INIT again allows URLs with '?' for its BUG-REPORT argument.
    Regression introduced in 2.66.
    * * AC_REPLACE_FUNCS again allows a non-literal argument, such as a shell
    variable that expands to a list of functions to check.  Regression
    introduced in 2.66.
    * * AT_BANNER() with empty argument will cause visual separation from previous
    test category.
    AC_RUN_IFELSE now warn if the first argument failed to use
    AC_LANG_SOURCE or AC_LANG_PROGRAM to generate the conftest file
    contents.  A new macro AC_LANG_DEFINES_PROVIDED exists if you have
    a compelling reason why you cannot use AC_LANG_SOURCE but must
    avoid the warning.
    * * Newly obsolete macros
    The following macros have been marked obsolete.  New programs
    should use the corresponding Gnulib modules.  Gnulib not only
    detects a larger set of portability problems with these functions,
    but also provides complete workarounds.
* Sun Sep 19 2010
  - added patch autoconf-2.67-fix_dnl.patch to fix regression in
    AC_MSG_ERROR expansion (undefined macro: AS_MESSAGE_LOG_FDdnl)
* Wed Aug 18 2010
  - Update to 2.67:
    * New macro AC_FC_LINE_LENGTH to accept long Fortran source code
    * AC_PREPROC_IFELSE now keeps the preprocessed output in the
      conftest.i file for inspection by the commands in the
      ACTION-IF-TRUE argument.
    * autoreconf passes warning flags to new enough versions of
    * Running an Autotest testsuite in parallel mode no longer triggers
      a race condition that could cause the testsuite run to end early,
      fixing a sporadic failure in autoconf's own testsuite.  Bug
      present since introduction of parallel tests in 2.63b.
    Major changes in Autoconf 2.66 (2010-07-02) [stable]
    * AC_FUNC_MMAP works in C++ mode again.  Regression introduced in
    * Use of m4_divert without a named diversion now issues a syntax
      warning, since it is seldom right to change diversions behind
      autoconf's back.
    * The macros AC_TYPE_INT8_T, AC_TYPE_INT16_T, AC_TYPE_INT32_T, and
      AC_TYPE_INT64_T work again.  Regression introduced in 2.65.
    * AC_PROG_INSTALL correctly uses `shtool' again.  Regression
      introduced in 2.64.
    * Autoconf should work on EBCDIC hosts.
    * AC_CHECK_DECL and AC_CHECK_DECLS accept optional function
      argument types for overloaded C++ functions.
    * AS_SET_CATFILE accepts nonliterals in its variable name argument
    * Autotest testsuites accept an option --recheck to rerun tests
      that failed or passed unexpectedly during the last non-debug
      testsuite run.
    * AC_ARG_ENABLE and AC_ARG_WITH now also accept `+' signs in
      `--enable-*' and `--with-*' arguments, converting them to
      underscores for the variable names.
    * In configure scripts, loading CONFIG_SITE no longer searches
      PATH, and problems in loading the configuration site files are
    * Autotest testsuites may optionally provide colored test results.
    * The previously undocumented Autotest macros AT_ARG_OPTION and
      AT_ARG_OPTION_ARG have seen bug fixes and are documented now.
      AT_ARG_OPTION has been changed in that the negative of a long
      option --OPTION is now --no-OPTION rather than --noOPTION.
    * The macro AS_LITERAL_IF is slightly more conservative; text
      containing shell quotes are no longer treated as literals.
      Furthermore, a new macro, AS_LITERAL_WORD_IF, adds an additional
      level of checking that no whitespace occurs in literals.
    * The macros AS_TR_SH and AS_TR_CPP no longer expand their results.
    * The following macros are now documented:
    * New macro AC_FC_FIXEDFORM to accept fixed-form Fortran.
* Mon Jun 28 2010
  - use %_smp_mflags
* Mon May 31 2010
  - add empty install section
* Fri May 28 2010
  - split out test suite that takes 95% of the build time
* Wed Feb 17 2010
  - Update to 2.65
    * * Autoconf is now licensed under the GPLv3+.
    * * The manual is now shipped under the terms of the GNU FDL 1.3.
    * * config.status now provides a --config option to produce the configuration.
    * * Autoconf now requires GNU M4 1.4.6 or later. GNU M4 1.4.13 or
      later is recommended.
    * * Autotest testsuites accept an option --jobs[=N] for parallel testing.
      This feature is still in testing, and may not work on every
      platform, help in improving it would be appreciated.
* Sun Dec 06 2009
  - enable parallel building
* Fri Jul 17 2009
  - Add autoconf-xfail-test27.patch
    + It skips test 27 ([autom4te preselections]) as it's an
      incompatibility between autoconf 2.63 and automake 1.11
      ! This patch needs to be removed with autoconf 2.64 again !
* Wed Sep 10 2008
  - Update to autoconf 2.63.
    * * AC_C_BIGENDIAN does not mistakenly report "universal" for some
      bigendian hosts, a regression introduced with universal binary
      support in 2.62.
    * * AC_PATH_X now includes /lib64 and /usr/lib64 in its list of default
      library directories.
    * * AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS no longer conflicts with an external
      AC_DEFINE([__EXTENSIONS__]).  This fixes a regression introduced in
      2.62 when using macros such as AC_AIX that were made obsolete in
      favor of the more portable AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS.
    * * AC_CHECK_TARGET_TOOLS is usable in the non-cross-compile case.
    * * Newly obsolete macros
      The following macro has been marked obsolete, since current porting
      targets can safely assume C89 semantics that signal handlers return
      void.  We have no current plans to remove the macro.
    * * The macros m4_map and m4_map_sep now ignore any list elements
      consisting of just empty quotes, and m4_map_sep now expands its
      separator.  This fixes a regression in 2.62 when these macros were
      first documented, for the sake of clients expecting the semantics
      that these macros had prior to that time.  The new macros m4_mapall
      and m4_mapall_sep, along with extra quoting of the separator, can
      be used to get the semantics that m4_map_sep had in 2.62.
    * * Clients of m4_expand, such as AS_HELP_STRING and AT_SETUP, can now
      handle properly quoted but otherwise unbalanced parentheses (for
      some macros, this fixes a regression in 2.62).
    * * Two new quadrigraphs have been introduced: @{:@ for (, and @:}@ for ),
      allowing the output of unbalanced parentheses in more contexts.
    * * The following m4sugar macros are new:
      m4_joinall  m4_mapall  m4_mapall_sep  m4_reverse  m4_set_add
      m4_set_add_all  m4_set_contains  m4_set_contents  m4_set_delete
      m4_set_difference  m4_set_dump  m4_set_empty  m4_set_foreach
      m4_set_intersection  m4_set_list  m4_set_listc  m4_set_remove
      m4_set_size  m4_set_union
    * * The following m4sugar macros now accept multiple arguments, as is the
      case with underlying m4:
      m4_defn  m4_popdef  m4_undefine
    * * The following m4sugar macros now guarantee linear scaling; they
      previously had linear scaling with m4 1.6 but quadratic scaling
      when using m4 1.4.x.  All macros built on top of these also gain
      the scaling improvements.
      m4_bmatch  m4_bpatsubsts  m4_case  m4_cond  m4_do  m4_dquote_elt
      m4_foreach  m4_join  m4_list_cmp  m4_map  m4_map_sep  m4_max
      m4_min  m4_shiftn
    * * AT_KEYWORDS once again performs expansion on its argument, such that
      AT_KEYWORDS([m4_if([$1], [], [default])]) no longer complains about
      the possibly unexpanded m4_if [regression introduced in 2.62].
    * * Config header templates `#undef UNDEFINED /* comment */' do not lead to
      nested comments any more; regression introduced in 2.62.



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