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postgrey-1.33-12.1 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 11.4 for i586

Name: postgrey Distribution: openSUSE 11.4
Version: 1.33 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 12.1 Build date: Fri Feb 18 22:04:49 2011
Group: Productivity/Networking/Email/Utilities Build host: build26
Size: 116462 Source RPM: postgrey-1.33-12.1.src.rpm
Summary: Postfix greylisting policy server
Postgrey is a Postfix policy server implementing greylisting. When a
request for delivery of a mail is received by Postfix via SMTP, the
triplet CLIENT_IP / SENDER / RECIPIENT is built. If it is the first
time that this triplet is seen, or if the triplet was first seen less
than 5 minutes, then the mail gets rejected with a temporary error.
Hopefully spammers or viruses will not try again later, as it is
however required per RFC.

The following features compared with from Postfix 2.1.1 are
new: Safe database, automatic maintenance, whitelists, lookup by
subnet, auto-whitelisting of clients, only Berkeley DB and no large
mysql nor postgresql DB needed.

    David Schweikert <>






* Mon Jan 17 2011
  - avoid owning /var/spool/postfix directory (bnc#664537)
* Sat Aug 28 2010
  - version 1.33
    - fix warning with IPv6 address (Edwin Kremer)
    - added --x-greylist-header option (Guido Leisker)
    - contrib/postgrey.init: new LSB-compliant init script by
      Adrian von Bidder (Debian)
    - contrib/postgreyreport: fix POD error (Christian Perrier)
    - contrib/postgreyreport: added --tab and --show_time options
      (Leonard den Ottolander)
    - updated whitelist
* Mon Nov 30 2009
  - refresh patches with fuzz=0
* Tue Feb 03 2009
  - postgrey_clients_dump is now in examples; otherwise manpage should
    be included
* Thu Aug 21 2008
  - fixed specfile: "Suggests:" cannot be used for SLES9
* Wed Aug 20 2008
  - update to version 1.32:
    * fixed recipients whitelisting
    * added --syslog-facility option
    * add support for BATV
    * updated whitelist
* Thu Apr 10 2008
  - added postgrey_daily_greylist.crontab script
  - added postgrey_clients_dump script
* Wed Apr 02 2008
  - fixes for init file:
    * no pid file needed
    * sysconfig variable used after sysconfig is read
  - sysconfig file:
    * fix for location of UNIX-domain socket location
  - daemon:
    * no more uid postfix needed
    * using gid postfix instead (more secure?)
  - run:
    * postfix subdirectory required for UNIX-domain socket location
  - updated README.SUSE: a working version now
* Tue Apr 01 2008
  - changed init-/sysconfig-file
  - updated README.SUSE
* Mon Mar 31 2008
  - changed system config directories to /etc/postgrey
  - using own user (postgrey) for service now
  - added small documenation file for SUSE distribution



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