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libburnia-tools-0.9.0.pl00-12.3 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 11.4 for i586

Name: libburnia-tools Distribution: openSUSE 11.4
Version: 0.9.0.pl00 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 12.3 Build date: Tue Feb 22 23:55:55 2011
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/CD/Record Build host: build33
Size: 300892 Source RPM: libburnia-0.9.0.pl00-12.3.src.rpm
Summary: Tools for Creating and Manipulating ISO 9660 Images and Writing Optical Media
Commandline tools provided by the libburnia project including cdrskin, a
cdrecord emulator, and xorriso, a tool for creating and manipulating ISO 9660
filesystem images.






* Sun Jan 30 2011
  - improved descriptions/summaries
  - more precise filelist
* Fri Dec 24 2010
  - corrected group of library subpackages
* Fri Dec 10 2010
  - updated libburn to 0.9.0.pl00
    * Regression fix: SCSI reply data logging was disabled in release 0.8.6
  - updated libisofs to 0.6.40
    * New API call iso_write_opts_set_disc_label(), new system area type 3 = SUN Disk Label for booting SUN SPARC systems.
    * New API call iso_write_opts_set_will_cancel() avoids start of write thread and is to be used to inquire the future image size.
    * New error reply code ISO_DISPLACE_ROLLOVER for external data sources with address displacement.
* Thu Dec 02 2010
  - updated libburn to 0.8.8.pl00
    * New API call burn_offst_source_new()
    * New API call burn_disc_get_bd_spare_info()
  - updated libisoburn to 0.6.4.pl00
    * New API call isoburn_libjte_req()
    * New API calls isoburn_igopt_attach_jte() and isoburn_igopt_detach_jte()
    * New API call isoburn_igopt_set_tail_blocks()
    * New API call isoburn_libjte_req()
    xorriso novelties:
    * New option -jigdo
    * New -as mkisofs options -jigdo-* and -md5-list as of genisoimage
    * New -as mkisofs options -checksum_algorithm_iso, -checksum_algorithm_template
    * New bootspecs mips_path= and mipsel_path= for Debian MIPS releases
    * New -as mkisofs options -mips-boot and -mipsel-boot
    * New option -append_partition, -as mkisofs -append_partition
  - updated libisofs to 0.6.38
    * New API calls iso_write_opts_attach_jte() and iso_write_opts_detach_jte()
      allow to use of libjte for jigdo production.
    * New API call iso_write_opts_set_tail_blocks() for tail padding inside
      ISO image.
    * New API call iso_image_generator_is_running() to learn when the write thread
      is done.
    * New API calls iso_image_add_mips_boot_file(),
      iso_image_get_mips_boot_files(), iso_image_give_up_mips_boot().
    * New API call iso_write_opts_set_partition_img() for appending e.g. a small
      empty FAT12 filesystem which may be used on USB stick.
* Fri Sep 24 2010
  - updated libburn to 0.8.6.pl00
    * Lifted test reservation on DVD-R DL media.
    * Hiding all non-API symbols from the linker by use of
    - -version-script
    * Now with history of release notes in ./ChangeLog file.
  - updated libisoburn to 0.6.2.pl00
    * New API function isoburn_igopt_set_part_offset()
    * Hiding all non-API symbols from the linker by use of
    - -version-script
    * Now with history of release notes in ./ChangeLog file.
    * Bug fix: Regression with -hardlinks and -compliance old_rr,
      0.4.2, Aug 2009
    * New option -preparer_id, -as mkisofs options -p and -preparer
    * New -boot_image specifier emul_type=none|hard_disk|floppy
    * New boot_image boot specs partition_offset,partition_hd_cyl,
    * Made behavior of -as mkisofs with unknown options more similar
      to original
    * New -as mkisofs option -hard-disk-boot, enabled -b without
    - no-emul-boot
    * New -as mkisofs option -e from Fedora genisoimage
    * New -as mkisofs options -partition_offset,-partition_hd_cyl,
    - partition_sec_hd
* Wed Sep 15 2010
  - updated libisofs to 0.6.36
    * Can produce ISO images which bear a partiton 1 with non-zero
      start address. They can be mounted from USB stick via the main
      device file (e.g. /dev/sdb) as well as via the partition device
      file (e.g. /dev/sdb1).
* Fri Jul 23 2010
  - updated libburn to 0.8.4.pl00
    * General POSIX system adapters ignore SIGWINCH and SIGURG if
    * Allowed 64 kB max output buffer size on all OSes
  - updated libisoburn to 0.6.0.pl00
    * New option -read_mkisofsrc interprets .mkisofsrc To be
      performed before -as mkisofs. Performed automatically with
      program alias name "xorrisofs".
    * Implemented -as mkisofs options -dir-mode, -file-mode,
    - abstract, -biblio, -copyright
    * Implemented -as mkisofs options -hide, -hide-joliet,
    - hide-list, -hide-joliet-list
    * New -as mkisofs option --boot-catalog-hide
    * New option -hide, -find action -hide, -find test -hidden
    * New -boot_image bootspec cat_hidden=on
    * New options -copright_file , -biblio_file , -abstract_file
    * New find test -disk_name
    * Bug fix: -check_media patch_lba0= could install wrong image
    * Bug fix: -as mkisofs option -volset was wrongly interpreted
      like -volid
  - updated libisofs to 0.6.34
    * New API call iso_image_set_boot_catalog_hidden()
    * New API call iso_node_get_hidden()
    * New IsoHideNodeFlag bit LIBISO_HIDE_BUT_WRITE
    * New error code ISO_BOOT_NO_CATALOG
    * Opportunity to reduce compile line length by including "config.h"
  - added support for zisofs, ACL and xattr
* Thu Feb 25 2010
  - updated libburn to 0.7.6
  - updated libisoburn to 0.5.0
  - updated libisofs 0.6.28
* Tue May 26 2009
  - updated libburn to 0.6.6
  - updated libisoburn to 0.3.8
  - updated libisofs to 0.6.18
* Wed Feb 25 2009
  - updated libburn to 0.6.2
  - updated libisoburn to 0.3.2
  - updated libisofs to 0.6.12



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