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fetchmailconf-6.3.19-2.1 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 11.4 for i586

Name: fetchmailconf Distribution: openSUSE 11.4
Version: 6.3.19 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Fri Feb 18 22:13:55 2011
Group: Productivity/Networking/Email/Utilities Build host: build21
Size: 228397 Source RPM: fetchmail-6.3.19-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Fetchmail Configuration Utility
A GUI configuration utility for generating fetchmail configuration
files (.fetchmailrc).

    Eric S. Raymond <>
    Matthias Andree <>
    Carl E. Harris <>
    George M. Sipe <>
    Sunil Shetye <>






* Mon Dec 13 2010
  - update to fetchmail-6.3.19
    - bugfix release
    * When specifying multiple local multidrop lists, do not lose
      wildcard flag.  (Affects "user foo is bar baz * is joe here")
    * In multidrop configurations, an asterisk can now appear
      anywhere in the list of local users, not just at the end.
    * In multidrop mode, header parsing is now more verbose in -vv
      mode, so that it becomes possible to see which header is used.
    * Make --antispam work from command line (these used to work in
    * Smoke test XHTML 1.1 validation, and if it fails, skip
      validating HTML documents.  Skip validating
      Mailbox-Names-UTF7.html. Several systems have broken XHTML 1.1
      DTD installations that jeopardize the build.
    * Send a NOOP only after a failed STARTTLS in IMAP.
    * GSSAPI verbose/debug syslog to INFO severity.  Do STARTTLS/STLS
      negotiation in IMAP/POP3 if it is mandatory even if the server
      capabilities do not show support for upgradation to TLS.  To
      use this, configure --sslproto tls1.
    * IMAP: Understand empty strings as FETCH response, seen on
      Yahoo.  Note that fetchmail continues to expect literals as
      FETCH response for now.
* Mon Oct 11 2010
  - update to fetchmail-6.3.18
    * Fetchmail now only accepts wildcard certificate common names
      and subject alternative names if they start with "*.". Previous
      versions would accept wildcards even if no period followed
    * Fetchmail now disallows wildcards in certificates to match
      domain literals (such as, or wildcards in domain
      literals ("*.168.23.23").  The test is overly picky and
      triggers if the pattern (after skipping the initial wildcard
      "*") or domain consists solely of digits and dots, and thus
      matches more than needed.
    * Fetchmail now disallows wildcarding top-level domains.
    * Fetchmail 6.3.15, 6.3.16, and 6.3.17 would pick up libmd5 to
      obtain MD5* functions, as an effect of an undocumented Solaris
      MD5 fix.  This caused all MD5-related functions to malfunction
      if, for instance, was installed on other operating
      systems as part of libwww on machines where long isn't
      32-bits, i. e.  usually on 64-bit computers.
    * Fetchmail 6.3.17 warned about insecure SSL/TLS connections
      even if a matching --sslfingerprint was specified. This is an
      omission from an SSL usability change made in 6.3.17.
    * Fetchmail will now apply timeouts to the authentication stage.
      This stage encompasses STARTTLS/STLS negotiation in IMAP/POP3.
      Reported missing by Thomas Jarosch.
    * Fetchmail now cancels GSSAPI authentication properly when
      encountering GSS errors, such as no or unsuitable credentials.
      It now sends an asterisk on a line by its own, as required in
      SASL.  This fixes protocol synchronization issues that cause
      Authentication failures, often observed with kerberized MS
      Exchange servers.
    * Other fixes.
* Tue Aug 17 2010
  - update to fetchmail-6.3.17
    * CVE-2010-1167: Fetchmail before release 6.3.17 did not properly
      sanitize external input (mail headers and UID).
    [#] FEATURES
    * Fetchmail now supports a --sslcertfile <file> option to
      specify a "CA bundle" file (a file that contains trusted CA
    * Fetchmail now supports a
      FETCHMAIL_INCLUDE_DEFAULT_X509_CA_CERTS environment variable
      to force loading the default SSL CA certificate locations even
      if --sslcertfile or --sslcertpath is used.  If neither option
      is in effect, fetchmail loads the default locations.
    * Fix string handling in rcfile scanner, which caused fetchmail
      to misparse a run control file in certain circumstances.
    [#] BUG FIXES
    * Plug memory leak when using a "defaults" entry in the run
      control file.
    * Do not print SSL certificate mismatches unless verbose or
    - -sslcertck is enabled.
    * Do not lose "set invisible" in fetchmailconf. (Michael Barnack)
  - drop fetchmail-SA-2010-02.patch (in upstream)
* Mon Apr 19 2010
  - add fetchmail-SA-2010-02.patch (bnc#597673)
* Wed Apr 14 2010
  - make it possible change default fetchmailrc location using new
    sysconfig option
  - do not change owner of fetchmailrc in post
* Wed Apr 07 2010
  - update to fetchmail-6.3.16
    [#] BUG FIX
    * Fix --interface option, broken in 6.3.15.
    [#] CHANGE
    * Call OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms(). This is needed to support
      non-mandatory algorithms in certificates.
* Mon Mar 29 2010
  - update to fetchmail-6.3.15
    [#] FEATURE
    * Fetchmail now supports a bad-header command line or rcfile
      option that takes exactly one argument, accept or reject
    [#] BUG FIXES
    * In the rcfile, recognize "local" as abbreviation for
      "localdomains", as documented.
    * Do not close stdout when using mda and "bsmtp -" at the same time.
    * Log operating system errors when BSMTP writes fail.
    * Fix verbose mode progress formatting regression from 6.3.10;
      SMTP trace lines were no longer on a line of their own. Reported
      by Melchior Franz.
    * Check seteuid() return value and abort running MDA if switch fails.
    * Set global flags in a consistent manner. Make --nosoftbounce and
    - -nobounce work from command line (these used to work in rcfiles).
      Reported and fix confirmed working by N.J. Mann. (Sunil Shetye)
* Fri Feb 05 2010
  - update to fetchmail-6.3.14
    * SSL/TLS certificate information is now also reported properly
      on computers that consider the "char" type signed. Fixes
      malloc() buffer overrun.  Workaround for older versions: do not
      use verbose mode.
    [#] BUG FIXES
    * The IMAP client no longer skips messages from several IMAP
      servers including Dovecot if fetchmail's "idle" is in use.
      Causes were that fetchmail (a) ignored some untagged responses
      when it should not (b) relied on EXISTS messages in response to
      EXPUNGE, which aren't mandated by RFC-3501 (the IMAP standard)
      and aren't sent by Dovecot either. Fix by Sunil Shetye (the fix
      also consolidates IMAP response handling, improving overall
      robustness of the IMAP client), bug report and testing by Matt
      Doran, with further hints from Timo Sirainen.
    * The SMTP client now recovers from errors (such as servers
      dropping the connection after errors) when sending an RSET
      command.  Fix by Sunil Shetye. Report by James Moe.
    * The IMAP client now uses "SEARCH UNSEEN" rather than "SEARCH
      UNSEEN NOT DELETED" again on IMAP2, to fix a regression in
      fetchmail 6.2.5 reported by Will Stringer in June 2004. (Sunil
    * The IMAP client now uses "SEARCH UNSEEN UNDELETED" on IMAP4
      and IMAP4r1 servers (Sunil Shetye).
    * Workaround: The IMAP client now falls back to "FETCH n:m
      FLAGS" if the server does not support "SEARCH". (Sunil Shetye)
    * The IMAP client now requests message numbers in batches of
      1,000 to avoid problems if there are more than 1860 unseen
      messages. (Sunil Shetye) Note that this wasn't security
      relevant because fetchmail would only read up to the maximum
      buffer size and leave the remainder of the string unread, going
      out of synch afterwards.
    * Stricter validation of IMAP responses containing byte or
      message counts.
  - fetchmail 6.3.13 :
    * The multiline SMTP error fix in release 6.3.12 caused
      fetchmail to lose message codes 400..599 and treat all of these
      as temporary error. This would cause messages to be left on the
      server even if softbounce was turned off.  Reported by Thomas
* Fri Nov 13 2009
  - update to fetchmail-6.3.12
    * The CVS-2009-2666 fix in fetchmail release 6.3.11 caused a free() of
      unallocated memory on SSL connections, which caused crashes or program aborts
      on some systems (depending on how initialization and free() of unallocated
      memory is handled in compiler and libc).
      Workaround for older versions: run in verbose mode.
      Patch courtesy of Thomas Heinz, fixes Gentoo Bug #280760.
      This regression affected only the 6.3.11 release, but not the patch that was
      part of the security announcement fetchmail-SA-2009-01.
    [#] BUG FIXES
    * Fix error reporting for GSSAPI on Heimdal (h5l) Kerberos.
    * Look for MD5_Init in libcrypto rather than libssl, fixes Gentoo Kerberos
      builds; fixes upstream parts of Gentoo Bugs #231400 and #185652, and fixes
      BerliOS Bug #16134.
    * Report multiline SMTP errors properly, reported by Earl Chew; fixes Debian Bug
      [#569899], reported by Akihiro Terasaki.
      Note: This fix introduced a regression, fixed in 6.3.13.
    * Replace control characters in SMTP replies by '?'.
    * Fetchmailconf: Fix descriptions for smtpaddress and smtpname options;
      smtpaddress is for RCPT TO, not MAIL FROM. Found by Gerard Seibert.
  - update to fetchmail-6.3.13
    * The multiline SMTP error fix in release 6.3.12 caused fetchmail to lose
      message codes 400..599 and treat all of these as temporary error. This would
      cause messages to be left on the server even if softbounce was turned off.
      Reported by Thomas Jarosch.
  - drop fetchmail-6.3.11-fix-invalid-free.patch (fixed upstream)
* Mon Aug 10 2009
  - add fetchmail-6.3.11-fix-invalid-free.patch
    - fix
* Sun Aug 09 2009
  - use new python macros
* Thu Aug 06 2009
  - update to 6.3.11
    * CVE-2009-2666: SSL NUL prefix impersonation attack through NULs in a
      part of a X.509 certificate's CommonName and subjectAltName fields. These
      fields use opaque strings with a separate length field, so that the NUL
      character isn't a special character inside the certificate. Fetchmail, being
      written in the C language, used to treat these strings as C strings
      nonetheless, so that the domain comparison would end at the first embedded NUL
      character, rather than at the real end of the string.
      Fetchmail will now abort certificate verification as failed if NULs are
      encountered inside either of these fields regardless of their position, and
      drop the connection even if --sslcertck is not used, because NUL is not a
      valid character in legitimate DNS names.
      See fetchmail-SA-2009-01.txt for details, including a minimal patch.
    [#] BUGFIXES
    * Remove the spurious message "message delimiter found while scanning headers".
      RFC-5322 syntax states that the delimiter is part of the body, and the body is
    * Convert all non-printable characters in certificate Subject/Issuer
      Common Name or Subject Alternative Name fields to ANSI-C hex escapes (\xnn,
      where nn are hex digits).
* Fri Jul 03 2009
  - update to 6.3.10 (final version)
* Mon Jun 01 2009
  - update to 6.3.10-beta1
    * Fetchmail no longer drops permanently undelivered messages by default, to
      match historic documentation.  It does this by adding a new "softbounce"
      option, see below.
    * There is a new "softbounce" global option that prevents the deletion of
      messages that have not been forwarded. It defaults to "true" for fetchmail
      6.3.X in order to match historic documentation. This may change its default
      in the next major release.
    * For other changes, please see the package changelog
  - update fetchmail-6.3.8-smtp_errors.patch (partially upstreamed)



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