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RPM of Group Text tools

ack-3.7.0-1 Grep-like text finder for large trees of text linux/noarch
ascii-3.18-1 Interactive ASCII name and synonym chart linux/aarch64
autodia-2.100.0-5 Automatic Dia/UML generator linux/noarch
bibletime-3.0.3-1 Easy to use Bible study tool linux/aarch64
colorize-0.3.4-2 Colorized output from tail, like your log files linux/noarch
cwtmp-3.4-2 Clean up utmp & wtmp files (discard entries; fix corruption) linux/aarch64
diction-1.11-3 Text diction and style analyzer linux/aarch64
fpaste- A simple tool for pasting info onto linux/noarch
funcoeszz-21.1-1 Handy bash functions called zz* linux/noarch
igal2-2.1-3 Easy and flexible online Image GALlery generator linux/noarch
letterize-1.3-2 Generate pronounceable mnemonics from phone numbers linux/aarch64
lyx2html-0.2-11 Simple lyx to html converter linux/aarch64 A very flexible random signature generator linux/noarch
multitail-5.2.8-4 Lets you view one or multiple files like the original tail program linux/aarch64
ndiff-2.00-8 Compare putatively similar files, ignoring small numeric differences linux/aarch64
o3read-0.0.4-6 Converter for OpenOffice and OpenDocument files linux/aarch64
patchutils-0.4.2-1 Patches utilities linux/aarch64
pwgen-2.08-1 Password generator linux/aarch64
rlwrap-0.37-2 Readline wrapper linux/aarch64
toilet-0.2-3 Powerful figlet replacement linux/aarch64
unrtf-0.21.10-1 RTF to other formats converter linux/aarch64
vlna-1.5-1 Add the \nobreak by Czech typesetting conventions linux/aarch64
wdiff-1.2.2-4 Word-based diff front end linux/aarch64
xclip-0.13-1 A command line interface to the X11 clipboard linux/aarch64

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