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RPM of Group System/Servers

aiccu-20070115-2 SixXS Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client Utility linux/aarch64
apache-mod_auth_certificate-0.3-5 A client certificate authentication module for apache linux/aarch64
apache-mod_auth_msfix-0.2.1-17 A module that fix MS XP WebDAV client problem linux/aarch64
apache-mod_auth_nds-2.0-17 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_auth_pam-1.1.1-12 Pam authorisation for Apache linux/aarch64
apache-mod_authz_unixgroup-1.1.0-2 Apache Unix Group Access Control Modules linux/aarch64
apache-mod_cfg_ldap-1.2-18 Keeping apache VirtualHost configuration in a LDAP directory linux/aarch64
apache-mod_diagnostics-0.1-19 DSO module for the apache web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_domaintree-1.6-12 Mass virtual hosting module mapping host names to a directory tree linux/aarch64
apache-mod_form-0-18 DSO module for the apache web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_geoip-1.2.10-1 Module for apache (2.0.x) to use the GeoIP database linux/aarch64
apache-mod_injection-0.3.1-16 DSO module for the apache web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_load_average-0.1.0-16 DSO module for the apache web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_log_data-0.0.3-16 DSO module for the apache web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_log_rotate-1.00-14 Automatic in-process rotation of transfer log linux/aarch64
apache-mod_memcached-0.3-11 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_musicindex-1.4.1-2 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_roaming-2.0.0-15 Enables Netscape Communicator roaming profiles with apache linux/aarch64
apache-mod_scrmable-0.1-16 Apache module to scramble words linux/aarch64
apache-mod_tidy-0.5.5-17 DSO module for the apache web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_variety-0.2.1-16 Apache module to serve random files from a directory linux/aarch64
apache-mod_vdbh-1.0.3-23 A Virtual Database Hosting DSO module for the apache web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_wsgi-4.9.4-1 Python WSGI adapter module for Apache linux/aarch64
apache-mod_xslt_filter-1.5.2-8 Performs XSL transformation on the fly linux/aarch64
apolicy-0.73-6 ACL Policy Daemon for Postfix linux/noarch
archivemail-0.9.0-2 A tool for archiving and compressing old email linux/noarch
bamf-daemon-0.5.4-2 Window matching library - daemon linux/aarch64
c-icap-client-0.3.5-3 An ICAP client coded in C linux/aarch64
c-icap-modules-0.3.5-3 Modules for the c-icap-server linux/aarch64
c-icap-server-0.3.5-3 An ICAP server coded in C linux/aarch64
cacti-0.8.7i-6 Php frontend for rrdtool linux/noarch
certwatch-1.2-1 SSL certificate monitoring linux/aarch64
curl-loader-0.56-1 A HTTP(S)/FTP(S) application load stress testing tool linux/aarch64
cvsreport-0.3.5-9 Produce CVS activity reports linux/noarch
cvsspam-0.2.12-8 Emails you diffs when someone commits a change to your CVS repository linux/noarch
daemonize-1.7.8-1 Run a command as a Unix daemon linux/aarch64
dante-server-1.4.3-1 A free Socks v4/v5 server implementation linux/aarch64
dcc-2.3.168-1 Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse, anti-spam tool linux/aarch64
dcc-cgi-2.3.168-1 The cgi-scripts for managing mail delivery on a DCC enabled server linux/aarch64
dcc-sendmail-2.3.168-1 Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse Milter Interface linux/aarch64
dhcp-forwarder-0.11-1 An DHCP relay agent linux/aarch64
dnsproxy-1.17-1 Proxy for DNS queries linux/aarch64
dnssec-conf-2.02-2 DNSSEC and DLV configuration and priming tool linux/noarch
dotclear-2.24-1 Web-based blog linux/noarch
flow-capture- Manage storage of flow file archives by expiring old data linux/aarch64
fusioninventory-agent-plugin-netdiscovery-1.5-3 OCS Inventory Software deployment support for FusionInventory agent linux/noarch
g15daemon- Daemon to control logitech G15 keyboards linux/aarch64
gnump3d-3.0-14 Streaming server for MP3's linux/noarch
gsutil-3.0-6 A utility to save, restore and reboot Grandstream Budgetone phones linux/noarch
heimdal-server-7.5.0-2 Kerberos Server linux/aarch64
http-replicator-3.0-8 General purpose caching proxy server linux/noarch
i2pd-2.28.0-1 I2P router written in C++ linux/aarch64
icecast-2.4.4-1 Streaming Media Server linux/aarch64
ices-2.0.1-14 Source streaming for Icecast linux/aarch64
igmpproxy-0.1-6 Simple mulitcast router for Linux that only uses the IGMP protocol linux/aarch64
ldapscripts-2.0.8-1 LDAP Scripts linux/noarch
lighttpd-1.4.73-1 A fast webserver with minimal memory-footprint linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_auth-1.4.73-1 Authentification module for lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_magnet-1.4.73-1 Module to control the request handling in lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_webdav-1.4.73-1 WebDAV module for lighttpd linux/aarch64
ltsp-utils-0.25-3 Linux Terminal Server Project ( utilities linux/noarch
mate-notification-daemon-1.26.1-1 MATE Notification Daemon linux/aarch64
mate-user-share-1.26.0-2 MATE user file sharing linux/aarch64
mimetex-1.77-1 Easily embed LaTeX math in web pages linux/aarch64
msmtp-1.4.28-3 An SMTP client linux/aarch64
mysqltuner-1.9.9-1 High Performance MySQL Tuning Script linux/noarch
nsca-2.9.2-1 NSCA daemon for Nagios linux/aarch64
nulog-2.1.5-4 Firewall log analysis interface written in python linux/noarch
phpmyadmin-5.2.1-1 Handles the administration of MySQL over the web linux/noarch
phpsysinfo-2.5.4-12 Displays system status linux/noarch
pklasku-1.0.4-6 Web application to create Finnish invoices linux/noarch
polipo- Lightweight caching web proxy linux/aarch64
pop-before-smtp-1.42-3 Watch log for pop/imap auth, notify Postfix to allow relay linux/noarch
prophet-2.7-0.r83.3 A Probabilistic Routing Protocol linux/aarch64
prosody-0.8.2-3 Light Lua Jabber/XMPP server linux/aarch64
pyds-0.7.3-12 Python Desktop Server linux/aarch64
python-medusa-0.5.4-9 Framework for Python-based server linux/noarch
python-mod_wsgi-4.9.4-1 python module for mod_wsgi linux/aarch64
rails- Web-application framework with template engine, control-flow layer, and ORM linux/noarch
rdiff-2.3.2-1 Compute and apply signature-based file differences linux/aarch64
refbase-0.9.5-4 Web-based, multi-user interface for managing scientific literature & citations linux/noarch
sec-2.8.2-1 Simple Event Correlator script to filter log file entries linux/noarch
send_nsca-2.9.2-1 NSCA client linux/aarch64
snmptt-1.4-1 SNMP Trap Translator linux/noarch
spindown-0.4.0-5 Daemon that can spin idle disks down linux/aarch64
spip-2.1.1-4 CMS tool for Internet linux/noarch
sqlgrey-1.7.6-5 Postfix grey-listing policy service linux/noarch
strongswan-5.9.1-1 IPSEC implementation linux/aarch64
strongswan-charon-nm-5.9.1-1 NetworkManager plugin for Strongswan linux/aarch64
strongswan-tnc-imcvs-5.9.1-1 Trusted network connect (TNC)'s IMC/IMV functionality linux/aarch64
task-lamp-4.90-5 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl server linux/noarch
task-lamp-extras-4.90-5 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python extras linux/noarch
task-lamp-perl-4.90-5 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl server linux/noarch
task-lamp-php-4.90-5 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP server linux/noarch
task-nagios-0-6 Metapackage for Nagios(tm) linux/noarch
thttpd-2.29-2 Throttleable lightweight httpd server linux/aarch64
twiki-6.0.0-2 The Open Source Enterprise Wiki and Web 2.0 Application Platform linux/noarch
wordpress-6.4.1-1 Personal publishing platform linux/noarch
wshaperx-1.1a.x1-11 Helps maintain interactive latency on modem/ADSL/cable linux/noarch
xca-2.3.0-1 GUI for handling X509 certificates, RSA keys and PKCS#10 requests linux/aarch64
ypbind-2.7.2-1 The NIS daemon which binds NIS clients to an NIS domain linux/aarch64
ziproxy-3.3.0-6 A http compression and optimizer, non-caching, fully configurable proxy linux/aarch64

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