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RPM of Group System/Base

become-0.1-5 Utility to changes the effective, or real, user and group id linux/aarch64
chrony-4.4-1 An NTP client/server linux/aarch64
chrony-3.5-1 An NTP client/server linux/aarch64
hibernate-2.0-10 Software suspend 2 hibernate script linux/noarch
httping-2.5-1 A "ping"-like tool for HTTP requests linux/aarch64
krb5-auth-dialog-43.0-1 Kerberos 5 authentication dialog linux/aarch64
md5sha1sum-0.9.5-3 Microbrew MD5sum/SHA1sum/RIPEMD160sum linux/aarch64
networkmanager-libreswan-1.2.16-1 NetworkManager VPN integration for LibreSWAN linux/aarch64
passwd-gen-1.01a-12 Password generator linux/aarch64
shared-desktop-ontologies-0.11.0-13 Semantic web to the desktop in terms of vocabulary linux/noarch
srm-1.2.13-2 Secure rm - destroys file contents before unlinking linux/aarch64
toybox-0.7.7-1 A number of standard command line tools linux/aarch64
xsudo-0.4.0-11 Permit execute X-application with sudo linux/noarch
xsudo-sudoers-0.4.0-11 GUI for adding users to /etc/sudoers and for deleting users from /etc/sudoers linux/noarch

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